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2015 January 1
Obama’s attack upon Russia.
The year 2014
At the end of the year 2014 the commercial difficulties of Russia were major news items. Read more >>

2015 January 3
And death will be overcome; man will not feel and taste death, he will live in eternity as I have promised it.
Importance of the work of redemption
Light is to be brought into darkness, and light bearers are to be active on behalf of me to spread my word, so that men are stimulated to follow me so that they believe in me and my work of redemption and make use of the favours of my work of redemption through this faith, so that their will is strengthened and they can cover the walk to the height with my support, with my power, which is available to everyone who desires it and has made himself worthy through love work. Read more >>

2015 January 5
You are creatures, very originally called into being in highest perfection, which I must love in eternity.
Depth of divine love
But when now my love for you is incomprehensible great and you are trying to imagine this, then peace must sink into yours hearts because nothing can happen to him who knows being seized and protected by my love. Read more >>

2015 January 5 (2)
But through whom my power flows, he achieves everything.
Obtaining strong faith
The will to be able to believe firmly and unshakeably is also guaranty to reach a strong, firm faith. Read more >>

2015 January 6
He has made body and soul of man to the bearer of his spirit and guaranteed to you its effect, when you live in love.
The spirit in man must control the intellect
He also has certainly given intellectual activity to every man, but right activity of the intellect, right thinking he makes dependent on your way of living, because it only, when it corresponds to his will, triggers the effect of his divine spirit in man. The earthly and the spiritual world are two worlds, which stand opposite to one another, just so the intellect of man and his spirit activity is contrary to one another, as long as the earthly world does not subordinate to the spiritual world. Read more >>

2015 January 7
Light beings are the executives of divine will.
Busy activity of light beings before the transformation
The time until the end is only short, thus the work of the spirit beings exceedingly busy, because in their state of light they recognize the great spiritual trouble, and they also know about the effect of it; they know what is about to happen to earth and all creations on it, and they seek to rescue what does not resist their assistance. Read more >>

2015 January 7 (2)
Merkel – the godmother of the putsch in Kiev, 2013.
Merkel – Obama’s Gauleiter for Europe - and the Ukraine
Merkel – bringing down the economy of Russia, 2014. Read more >>

2015 January 8
I myself offer to you something very delicious – myself in my original substance – love, wisdom and power.
Love, wisdom, power of God recognizable in the word
Love, wisdom and power must always be recognizable with everything, what is of divine origin, because love, wisdom and power is the epitome of my being, and what emerges out of me, must testify to my nature, otherwise divine origin could be denied to it. Read more >>

2015 January 9
Ancient Hindu sages were the pioneers of aviation and algebra.
The ancient science of India
A weekend conclave of experts and researchers, whose guests included new Hindu nationalist Prime Minister Narendra Modi, was intended to highlight some of the latest achievements by India’s scientific community. Read more >>

2015 January 9 (2)
On no account will a slave be outraged against his slave master.
Outrage against intimidation
One is outraged against intimidation when one is still free. The free man is also then still outraged against intimidation when he is no longer free. The slave is outraged against intimidation only then when no danger exists for him from it. On no account will he be outraged against his slave master. Read more >>

2015 January 12
Nato is a mere instrument for the enforcement of American interests, worldwide interventionism is its assignment.
America has started erecting a mega imperium
The United Nations are to be marginalized so far that as soon as possible Nato, dominated by the USA, can set it itself at the global place of the United Nations. Read more >>

2015 January 19
The last resistance against Merkel is now gone.
Last resistance against Merkel silenced
With reference to the possibility of a terror attack demonstrations are forbidden to everyone’s satisfaction. Read more >>

2015 January 20
Becoming world leader.
Obama’s future
This could be the fulfilment of the prophecy that states that when information reaches us about the passing away of an earthly ruler, then we have arrived at that point in time that we can call the beginning of the end. Read more >>

2015 January 27
Abuse in the Catholic Church.
Abuse: Review unwanted
The sexual abuse of children meanwhile simply continues – estimates give about 100 000 cases per year. Read more >>

2015 January 30
Royal commission into institutional responses to child sexual abuse
Australia: Child sexual abuse survivors praise commission's compensation proposal
Providing just redress to victims of child sexual abuse could cost more than the $4.3 billion estimated by the Royal Commission, victims advocates say.
In reaching its headline figures, the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse assumed an average payment of $65,000 for each victim.
Justice Peter McClellan 'gets it', victim advocates say, as the chair of the royal commission opens the conversation about compensation and other restitution.
Former prime minister Julia Gillard "chose the right man for the job"¯ when she appointed Justice Peter McClellan to chair the royal commission into institutional responses to child sexual abuse, victim advocates say.

2015 February 8
Stop the demonizing of Russia.
No peace with NATO
US number two Biden needs war whatever happens. Read more >>

2015 February 9
The Catholic Church: Oldest, biggest and worst terror organization.
Georg Kerkhoff sentenced to six years in jail
They treated us like rubbish when these allegations first came out. They were in complete denial that something like this had happened. As far as I am concerned, the Catholic Church does not exist to me. Read more >>

2015 February 13
Merkel’s role in Ukraine peace deal puts her ahead of the rest, even Barack Obama.
Merkel emerges as pre-eminent leader
German Chancellor Angela Merkel has emerged this week ever more strongly, not only as the leader of Europe but also, it seems, of the West. Read more >>

2015 February 15
From all four winds, out of all kingdoms of earth, I will fetch mine up at the end of the days.
I rapture them with the body alive from this earth, which needs a total reshaping, and bring them again to the new earth, when the work of reshaping is completed. Read more >>

2015 February 16
Give me your will and give yourselves completely me for myself, and I will give you bodily and spiritually, as it is useful your soul.
For when you ask, it will be given to you; when you call upon me in spirit and in truth, it will be sent to you what you need spiritually, and also that, what your body needs for its maintenance. Read more >>

2015 February 17
Mankind drifts towards its spiritual and bodily ruin.
Course of world events
Mankind continuously goes back in development.

2015 February 17 (2)
NSA has developed the prized technique of concealing spyware in hard drives.
Russia’s Kaspersky Lab exposes U.S. cyber espionage program
The exposure of these new spying tools could lead to greater backlash against Western technology, particularly in countries such as China. Read more >>

2015 February 18
I will never ever break the will of man by force.
Free will
I must let them romp about for the sake of themselves, when I do not want to stop the possibility as free creatures in days to come also to use the will in the right direction and to become perfect. Read more >>

2015 February 18 (2)
My spirit leads you in all truth; my spirit gives you power of cognition.
Let me take residence in the heart
I myself teach you always and constantly highest truths; I give you food and drink and take over all care about your spiritual and bodily well-being. Read more >>

2015 February 20
NSA and GCHQ are to have stolen encipher codes for cell phones SIM cards on a large scale.
Secret services infiltrate SIM and credit cards
The NSA and the British secret service GCHQ have obviously stolen the codes of SIM card producer. Read more >>

2015 February 23
A supernatural power is available to you when you make my will your own will.
Supernatural power
And you will be able to carry out what you want, because you then think and act with me and with my power. You will be able to avert suffering and trouble when love drives you to help fellow-man, and you will be able to command the elements, be able to heal the sick and work miracles of all kind, because it is only my power, which is then expressed through you, and with my power nothing is impossible for you. Read more >>

2015 February 26
Fashioning the fanciest bandages ever out of gold leaf.
Apply the gold to long-standing deep and open skin ulcers. Read more >>

2015 February 26 (2)
Wanting to reach the highest degree of perfection.
God’s adoption
In the last time before the end many light beings are incorporated on earth, because this time is particularly favourable for the ascent development, for the passing of their earth life test, because men need spiritual teachers and this office is mostly assigned to them as mission. Read more >>

2015 March 2
You will have to carry heavily on the burden of your sin in the hereafter.
Burden of sin in the hereafter
Believe in a just God who calls you to account for all your acts, and ask him for forgiveness of your guilt, ask him for strengthening of your will towards the good, for power for the execution of acts of love – summon up the will to be good, and you will be helped; you will be able to rescue yourself out of the morass of sin; you will find forgiveness already on earth and favour before my eyes. Read more >>

2015 March 4
Man is to make the divine law of love the fundamental principle of his earth walk.
Love work
Again and again the commandment of love must be put to men as divine commandment, so that they pay attention to it and live accordingly. Read more >>

2015 March 4 (2)
Respect matter and make it possible for it, to fulfil its destiny.
Reality of matter
But you are not to love matter, i.e. strive for it and aspire to make it your possession. Because it is just the outer form of the still completely immature spiritual, which you certainly should and can help through right use of matter, but which you should not strive for as spiritual standing far below you, to not endanger yourselves. Read more >>

2015 March 5
For the powerful spiritual matter is no opposition, but solvable.
The spiritual therefore experiences matter as judgment
Therefore the spiritual in matter must feel its impotency otherwise it would never ever strive towards the source of power from eternity. And as long as it is completely disobedient to God, it remains in the powerless, therefore dead state, until it slackens itself in its opposition, until it is ready to serving activity to improve its agonizing state about a small amount. Read more >>

2015 March 6
The ascent development of the spiritual stipulates countless phases.
But regard nothing as meaningless and purposeless
When the spiritual eye would be opened to you, then you would see a huge activity everywhere where the eye wanders; you would see nothing remaining in inactivity, because even apparently dead matter, the firm rocks, is enlivened by countless beings, which work eagerly and bring forth a slow change of that what appears lifeless to your eyes. Read more >>

2015 March 6 (2)
Your development course before the embodiment as man was endless long and your state agonizing and difficult.
Highest perfection possible in the short earth time
And that is why I gave man the intellect; I gave him the ability to think, which he can utilize according to his will. But when a gift is left unused, then the success must be absent, and man ends his earth life as equally imperfect being as he has started it. Read more >>

2015 March 7
Who gives with a loving heart, he will awaken counter-love.
Misery of fellowman is drive for love activity
Who gives in love will never ever have to fear that he will spend himself out because his gift will be paid back, earthly and also for ever; who shares the little he owns with a poorer, he will not have to fear misery for himself, because God shares with him, and his gift is truly more valuable a thousand times. Read more >>

2015 March 7 (2)
Everything what is dead in spirit will awaken on the last day, but not to life, but to judgement.
Raising out of the graves on the last day
But the renewed course of development on the new earth through its creations will also many souls have to go, which departed already long ago from this earth, which had exceedingly time in the spiritual kingdom to change their will and to become active, but which remained in their powerless state and gave preference to the rest of death and therefore became more and more powerless, so that the spiritual itself hardened and is ripe to renewed banishment in earthly creations. Read more >>

2015 March 7 (3)
You can always serve when you only want to serve.
Selfless serving in every life situation
Only one thing is necessary for you that you live in love – that your thinking, speaking and acting is always guided by the love of the heart and that you commend yourselves in full faith to the favour of him who gave you life for the maturing of your souls. Read more >>

2015 March 8
And I will truly give you a safe escort and whether you walk in the midst of devils.
Light bearers protected through light beings until mission completed
That is why a light bearer can fearlessly face those who want to do evil to him; he will confuse them in their plan; they will desist from it, even so under threat and curses; because they feel his superiority, although they do not want to acknowledge it earthly. Read more >>

2015 March 9
Follow me – lead a life like me in love and self-abnegation and you will make yourselves free of all sinful desires.
Life in love and self-abnegation
Every man who practises love will also summon up the power and the will to struggle against his faults and weaknesses, and he will also carry away the victory, because love itself is the power. Read more >>

2015 March 9 (2)
Your spiritual work is to be everything for you.
Placing spiritual work in front
But you, my servants on earth, must be very particularly prepared for your office in the last time before the end; you must put the spiritual before the earthly and all the time hold before the eyes that you have put yourselves into my service; that you cannot serve two lords, me and the world. Read more >>

2015 March 10
Such pictures indicate that the Germans feel directly or indirectly to live now in a dictatorship.
Germany, Obama‘s vassal state
The direct slave master is Obama’s Gauleiter for Europe, Ms Merkel. And the connection between Obama’s America and Merkel’s Germany is also very nicely expressed in these pictures. Read more >>

2015 March 11
Also my servants must practise strictest criticism with their thoughts.
Strictest self-criticism whether spiritual or earthly thought material is desired
Every wanting to penetrate into earthly knowledge, every question, which answering is without use for the soul, forces the spirit out of me to inactivity, i.e., the voice of the world drowns his fine voice. Read more >>

2015 March 11 (2)
Strive towards me, and let your thoughts continuously wander into the spiritual kingdom.
Comforting father words
Believe in me, firmly and unshakeably, and every trouble remains far from you, but weakness of faith still stipulates trouble, so that it gets strengthened through my obvious help. Read more >>

2015 March 12
Earth life as man is spiritual death when it is led without love.
Love building-up principle – unkindness destructive principle
Divine order cannot remain in existence where the law of love it not regarded, and therefore this results in inevitable spiritual and earthly chaos, spiritual and earthly decay, which finally leads to dissolving. Read more >>

2015 March 12 (2)
A team of researchers at Nasa has discovered a planet with four suns.
This planet has four suns
We have even already found fivefold systems. It is astonishing how nature assembles these things. Read more >>

2015 March 13
Frontline Ukraine.
The fault with the escalation in the Ukraine is to be sought in Washington and Brussels
The dominance of a completely united Western view of the things is the most disturbing aspect of the entire crisis. It is alarming to see how the Western public and the elites have joined this false view. It is always easy to blame Russia for everything. Russia is certainly far away from being perfect. But it is certainly not the evil power as what the West describes it. For me it is shocking to see how easy the leaders of the Western economy were taken in by this wrong interpretation. Read more >>

2015 March 14
He will also be recognizable as relative of Satan.
Tough struggle for life
Men, who do not want to separate from the earthly, will indeed strive for continuous build-up; they will seek to replace again everything lost; they will create and work earthly to put themselves into the possession of goods, but I will again and again ruin their striving so that they recognize the uselessness of it, apart from it and earnestly think about their souls, the everlasting, as it is purpose and aim of every individual man. Read more >>

2015 March 15
My power radiation streams uninterruptedly into infinity.
Power influx
A thought towards me also automatically attracts my power, because I open my heart to every one of my creatures, which does not resist me. Read more >>

2015 March 16
And the voice of God will instruct him always and continuously.
Task of those who hear God’s voice
He is led always there where he is needed, where spiritual work is possible, where souls are, which just need one help to be guided on the right way. Read more >>

2015 March 17
A Roman Catholic archbishop in Australia was charged Tuesday with covering up for a pedophile priest during the 1970s.
Australian archbishop charged with concealing child abuse
Catholic Archbishop of Adelaide Philip Wilson charged with concealing child sex abuse.
Archbishop Wilson is thought to be the most senior Catholic official in the world to face charges of this nature and if sentenced, could face up to two years behind bars, News Corp Australia reports.
Police said a 64-year-old man was charged after allegedly concealing "a serious offence regarding child sexual abuse" in the Hunter region.
The charge is the result of an investigation by Strike Force Lantle, which since 2010 has probed allegations of concealment of child abuse by former and current clergy attached to the Maitland-Newcastle Diocese of the Catholic Church.

2015 March 17 (2)
The immediacy of the return of the Christ – as taught in all the world religions.
The advent of Christ
The Christian looks forward to the advent of Christ, the Jew is still expectant of the coming of the Messiah, the Buddhist is waiting for the coming of the Boddhisattva, the Hindu for the coming Avatar and the Mohammedan for the appearance of the Imam Mahdi. Read more >>

2015 March 17 (3)
And so my uninterrupted work in the universe and in the spiritual kingdom is an uninterrupted love work for the created spiritual.
No separation from God
I myself never ever push my creatures away, but when they remove themselves from me in free will, then they rob themselves of the power and of the light, by them fleeing from my love power radiation, by them putting themselves outside of the love current circuit and therefore are little or not at all touched by my power radiation. Read more >>

2015 March 18
The hidden powers within ourselves.
This unknown quality of the mind is really our own self on the next level. It knows far more than we do because it does not have to use a brain to filter out everything, except such parts of its experience as are suitable to life on earth. Read more >>

2015 March 19
Modern prosperity teaching is dangerous.
Power of divine word
This is one of the many dangers when people preach prosperity but do not emphasise that it is spiritual prosperity that we are to seek. When such teaching leads the hearer to seek physical prosperity because he is not warned of the dangers of seeking material things then he is gravely misled. Read more >>

2015 March 20
But one of my promises is: Who receives the least of my brothers, he receives me.
Who receives the least of my brothers
For to be received by me, to be presented with everything by me, what man needs, is indeed the greatest counter-gift, which can be offered to you, and so this promise includes everything; it is exceedingly consoling for poor, oppressed and weak men, when they only always act with their fellowmen like brothers, when they help where their help is requested spiritually or bodily. Read more >>

2015 March 22
He did the paedophile priest's "dirty work", tearing up letters from victims detailing abuse, and was present when molestation took place.
Chile's Bishop Juan Barros, linked to sex abuse priest, faces Catholic fury
"This contradicts everything the Pope has said. He was aware of the situation but named [Juan Barros as bishop] anyway," Mr Cruz said "We were accustomed to getting slapped in the face by the Catholic Church [in Chile], but getting slapped by the Pope himself is the saddest part." Read more >>

2015 March 26
Iran says it will make "all efforts to control the crisis in Yemen".
Iran demands immediate halt to Saudi-led strikes on Yemen
Iran demanded an immediate halt to Saudi-led military operations in Yemen on Thursday, after warplanes from Saudi Arabia and a coalition of Arab allies including Egypt, Jordan and Sudan began conducting strikes against the Iran-allied Houthi forces fighting to oust the country's Western-backed president. Read more >>

2015 March 26 (2)
The Marist Brothers order has been the subject of more sexual abuse complaints than any in Australia except the Christian Brothers.
Marist brother jailed for sex abuse
A Marist brother who subjected a boy to years of sexual abuse at an exclusive Sydney school has been jailed for at least one year and nine months. Read more >>

2015 March 30
Then he will be strong who has made himself receptive for the truth out of God through love work.
Union of different schools of thought in faith struggle
And therefore out of every school of thought the teaching of Christ will be sifted out, and its followers will have to be counted to the communion of God, to his church, which he has founded himself. Read more >>

2015 March 31
Opinion poll: Americans think Obama to be almost as dangerous as Putin
An opinion poll in the USA showed that the Americans think their own president to be almost as dangerous as Vladimir Putin. The Republicans even find that Obama is a greater threat to their country than the Russian president,
The rates for Putin are in the face of the aggressive US politics against Russia actually astonishingly low.
The Republican voters even think Obama to be more dangerous than Putin: More than one third – 34 per cent – feel threatened by Obama.

2015 March 31 (2)
US diplomacy.
"Obama‘s problem is that he hates Netanyahu so"
US journalist Jeffrey Goldberg about Barack Obama:
Obama‘s problem is that he hates Netanyahu so. He imparts the impression that he hates him more than Assad or Khamenei.

2015 April 1
Prepare yourselves for the coming time, which will bring great changes to your life situation.
Natural disaster
But be afraid of nothing whatever may come because I protect those who are mine so that they become strong supports for me on earth in the last time before the end, who are to help me to spread my word so that those souls are still rescued which are of a good will. Read more >>

2015 April 1 (2)
Some have seen the event as deeply significant — the tetrad could be a sign from God, some Christian pastors have said, and may even be a message that judgment is coming.
The moon shall be turned into blood, before the great and the terrible day of the Lord come
Pastor John Hagee is of the firm conviction, the blood moon at the Easter weekend is a sign that something dramatic is happening and the world changes. Read more >>

2015 April 2
Iran and world powers reached an agreement.
Iran, global powers reach agreement for historic nuclear deal
Iran and world powers reached an agreement on "key parameters" of a potentially historic deal aimed at preventing Iran from building nuclear bombs.

2015 April 5
Easter marches.
For peace - and against Nato
Above all they threw their weight behind a peaceful dialogue with Russia in the Ukraine crisis and called upon Nato to refrain from a deployment in the crisis region. Read more >>

2015 April 10
To prove the predictions of GUT - the Grand Unified-field Theory - scientists will need an accelerator as big as the solar system.
CERN a waste of money
High-energy research has created an endless cycle in which research physicists manufacture problems for theoretical physicists to solve and they, in turn, predict yet more problems to research. Whilst this elaborate game ensures employment for scientists and their army of technicians, it produces information which is of little relevance or value to the tax payers who have to foot the enormous bill. Read more >>

2015 April 12
The eternal master teacher himself will instruct you.
Sounding word
And my disciples on earth heard this sounding word, and therefore I could instruct them in all silence and give them answer to every question also after my ascension into heaven. Read more >>

2015 April 13
Matter is hardened power.
Judged matter
That is why the untiring activity of men is of greatest importance, because man means for unredeemed matter and for the entity bound in it that increased power expression, through which the unused power is incited to activity, so that redemption of that which is bound can begin. Read more >>

2015 April 15
Geopolitics: Evo Morales settles accounts
Bolivia‘s president to Obama: Stop changing the world into a battlefield!
At the summit of the Latin American states in Panama the Bolivian President Morales has sharply attacked the US government. He accused Washington of destabilizing the world, not to respect the sovereignty of other nations, and to behave with imperialistic attitude against other states in the world.
"We are no longer submissive. It is no longer possible to carry out putsches in our countries."
"We call upon the USA to end the destruction of complete civilizations."

2015 April 16
But the opponent of God has no power over the visible creations on earth.
Visible creation kingdom of the opponent of God but who has no power over this
And that is why the spiritual bound in creation can unhindered continue its spiritual ascent once it has started; it will in no way be able to be disturbed by the opponent of God in its course of development, because he has not the slightest power over the visible works of creation. Read more >>

2015 April 16 (2)
The research of neutrinos could explain the existence of the cosmos.
Theoretically neutrinos explain existence itself
When the youngest hypotheses in elementary particle physics go in the right direction, neutrinos could even provide a still far greater surprise and solve an old puzzle: They could be responsible that there is mass in the universe. Read more >>

2015 April 20
Putin accused Washington of treating other states as "vassals"¯ rather than potential allies, in an echo of his own country's past.
Vladimir Putin: the US is trying to impose its will on other states - just like the Soviet Union
Russian president complains during phone-in that Washington wants 'vassals, not allies'
Vladimir Putin admitted on Thursday that the Soviet Union sought to force its will on Eastern Europe after the Second World War - but charged the United States with trying to do the same worldwide today.
Russia's president put the allegation during his annual televised phone-in with citizens across the country, in which he urged national unity and predicted a recovery from economic crisis within two years.
He defended the Kremlin's recent decision to lift a ban on the sale of air defence missiles to Iran and accused Kiev of creating a "tragedy"¯ in eastern Ukraine with an economic blockade of pro-Moscow separatist areas.
But he accused Washington of treating other states as "vassals"¯ rather than potential allies, in an echo of his own country's past.

2015 April 24
God himself even dwells visibly among his as a sign that the end is near.
God himself appears
Where God himself has once appeared there the opponent of God no longer has a target because their faith is no longer shakeable. Read more >>

2015 April 27
The brother of Pope Benedict XVI, Georg Ratzinger, as cathedral band-leader
Five years after the first abuse cases at the Regensburg Domspatzen have become known, an independent expert is now to cause clarification.
72 Domspatzen are to have been abused
The Regensburg Domspatzen belong to the best known German boys choirs and the oldest boys choirs of the world. From 1964 to 1994 and therewith a great part of the years now to be investigated, the brother of Pope Benedict XVI, Georg Ratzinger, accounted for the choir as cathedral band-leader.
In February the diocese announced that 72 former Domspatzen have described considerable bodily violence and are to be compensated with 2500 Euros.
There were indeed persistent covering accusations against the diocese Regensburg.

2015 April 30
Obama‘s Gauleiter in Europe
Political culture. Who lies once
Spying out friends in Brussels and Paris: Angela Merkel doesn’t not have much room for manoeuvre
In the service of the USA the BND has spied out the EU commission and the French government. Now the friends ask: What did Angela Merkel know about this remarkable disloyalty?
In the service of the NSA the BND is to have spied out not only European companies but also the French government and the EU Commission. For the first time politicians accuse the federal government of lying. The neighbours and allies have to ask themselves: On which side stood Angela Merkel? The most powerful woman of the world is silent and hopes that the storm passes by – and does not grow into a melodramatic twilight of the chancellor.
BND scandal: Government rocks through the affair
The office of the chancellor and the minister of the interior rock through the BND affair. The more questions are raised the more wavering the federal government acts. The economy gets restless – where are the answers?

2015 May 1
A truth the Germans are ashamed of.
The deception and self-deception of Germans
In the past they enthusiastically rushed along with Hitler and Stalin, and now they do the same with Obama. Read more >>

2015 May 3
One need not speculate how information can travel from point A to point B if that information is already at point B.
The primary level of reality - a higher dimensional reality
Individual brains are bits of the greater hologram. They have access under certain circumstances to all the information in the total system. Read more >>

2015 May 6
The end of civil rights: The French Premier Manuel Valls as outrider of a repressive politics in Europe.
France as outrider
The end of freedom: The police state comes back to Europe
The French National Assembly agreed with a surprising great majority upon a law, with which the civil rights will be dramatically restricted. The secret services receive far-reaching rights of control of citizens. Judicial decisions for surveillance are still hardly necessary. The development could be exemplary for the whole of Europe.

2015 May 6 (2)
Civil rights
List with NSA search terms
Merkel must ask USA for permission whether she is allowed to inform Bundestag
Chancellor Angela Merkel and Federal Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel are of different opinion in the issuing of the NSA list.
The SPD and the opposition demand the immediate issue of the list with the rejected search terms. Whereas Chancellor Merkel wants to first ask the USA for permission.

2015 May 7
Angela Merkel must decide: Does she follow the wishes of Barack Obama or does she listen to the voice of the people in Germany?
Merkel must ask the USA for permission, whether she is allowed to inform the Bundestag
Surprising negative opinion poll
Dependent on the USA: Merkel loses her instinct for opinion of people
In the spy affair Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel, because of the dependence on the USA, seems to lose her instinct for what the citizens think. An opinion poll shows that the majority of Germans believe that the affair harms the chancellor personally.

2015 May 7 (2)
Edward Snowden
N.S.A. Phone Program Is Illegal, Appeals Court Rules
A three-judge panel for the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit ruled that the USA Patriot Act cannot be legitimately interpreted to permit the systematic gathering of domestic calling records.

2015 May 8
Listen to my voice, and the voice of the world will only still touch you faintly.
God’s word
I myself come to them in the word. Again and again I tell you this that you must love me on earth to be again loved by me and be showered with my gift of favour, which guarantees eternal life for you. Read more >>

2015 May 8 (2)
BND affair
Merkel loses position as most popular politician
The BND affair makes Germans furious: Minister of the interior de Maizière and Chancellor Merkel lose approval, Vice Chancellor Gabriel increases. The citizens expect more protection form the government.

2015 May 8 (3)
German politics
Wolfgang Kubicki
"We are no vassal state of the Americans"
In the BND affair FDP vice Wolfgang Kubicki takes to task the minister of the interior: The trust in Thomas de Maizière is shaken. The liberal even compares the case with Guttenberg and Schavan.

2015 May 9
Russia celebrates victory over Germany
In speech before state guests Putin is nasty about USA
In his speech on the occasion of the annual parade to the victory anniversary in Moscow the Russian President Vladimir Putin has obviously dealt out against the USA. The head of state said on Saturday, basic principles of international cooperation are increasingly ignored.

2015 May 9 (2)
S.P.O.N. - The Columnists
End of war 8th May 1945: It was the Germans, not the Nazis
Helmut Schmidt says that he was no Nazi, and the republic breathes a sigh of relief. In doing so the past-chancellor just demonstrates how many out of the generation of perpetrators still want to save themselves after all.

2015 May 10
Helpless to subservient
Disgrace for Merkel: US government exposes chancellor with embarrassing emails
The publicly taking apart of Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel gathers speed. Emails became now known which show how the Americans bodychecked the chancellor brutally. The documents throw a remarkable light on the obvious rather helpless German foreign policy. The Germans were treated by the US government like little school boys - and did not react angrily but with surprising subservience.

2015 May 10 (2)
Secret service affair: USA were never interested in a "no-spy agreement" with Germany
After the NSA affair the government had announced a "no-spy agreement" with the USA. Now documents obviously show that there was never an assent from the US side.

2015 May 10 (3)
Military objectors in the Ukraine: Everything - but not in the army
Bad tidings call-up: Alone in Kiev 95 per cent of the fit for military service avoid the service. Companies make false declarations to protect their co-workers. Many men even go further.

2015 May 10 (4)
Planned agreement: Chief of chancellor's office is to have varnish over of prospects of no-spy agreement
The chances of a no-spy agreement between Germany and the USA are to have been minimal according to investigations of German media.

2015 May 10 (5)
NSA surveillance
NSA affair: Federal government deceived citizens over no-spy agreement
Internal emails to the NSA affair: Federal government deceived citizens over no-spy agreement
Since summer 2013 the federal government claims the USA had offered a no-spy agreement. Internal emails now prove: The US government has never given such assent.

2015 May 10 (6)
NSA surveillance
No-spy agreement: SPD deputy accuses office of the chancellor of deception
Lie over no-spy agreement: SPD demands explanation from office of the chancellor
Internal emails prove that there was never an offer of the US government for a no-spy agreement. The SPD raises severe reproach against Merkel: Her then boss of the office of the chancellor has seized untruth for election tactics.

2015 May 12
About turn of the Americans
Isolating Russia does not work: Kerry surprisingly goes to see Putin
Russia's President Vladimir Putin can book a small diplomatic success. US Foreign Minister Kerry will visit Moscow.
US Foreign Minister John Kerry meets President Putin on Tuesday unexpectedly in Moscow. It is probably also about a military deployment of Nato in the Mediterranean. The unexpected meeting shows that the Americans need the cooperation with Russia and cannot simply discredit Putin as leader of a regional power.

2015 May 12 (2)
About 3 000 People took part according to police and the student group "Durchgezählt" on Monday evening with the Pegida demonstration - about as many as in the previous week.
Counter demonstrations did not take place on Monday.

2015 May 15
Militarisation of politics
More influence for the USA: EU wants to move closer to Nato
The USA could hope to expand its influence in Europe. The EU foreign-policy representative Mogherini said, a close coordination with Nato on all levels is important for the EU. Therefore a militarisation of EU politics begins to emerge - under the overall control of the US supreme command of Nato.

2015 Mai 16
Euro visions
Draconian laws
End of freedom: Police state in Europe takes on eerie form
The English queen will soon announce the introduction of Draconian laws. In Great Britain citizens are no longer to be judged according to whether they keep the law but whether they correspond to a certain canon of values. Press products are therefore in future only permitted after the approval through the police. With the new laws a dangerous development in the EU continues.

2015 May 17
Foreign policy
SPD Secretary General Yasmin Fahimi does not want that Germany has to beg with the Americans for information.
Fahimi attacks Merkel
SPD: "We cannot make ourselves to vassals of the USA"
The SPD further attacks Federal Chancellor Merkel because of her role in the NSA spy affair. Merkel cannot be subject to the USA criticises Secretary General Fahimi. The coalition partner CDU warns on the contrary against "excessive anti American emphasis".

2015 May 18
Gabriel lifts the arm for striking against Merkel
BND spy affair: Pressure on Chancellor Merkel grows
SPD boss Sigmar Gabriel has intensified the emphasis against Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) in the spy affair about the US secret service NSA and the BDN. He demands from the federal government backbone in the relation with the lists of US spy aims.
Gabriel increases pressure on Merkel in the spy affair
The Left: SPD must call the coalition into question
Gabriel lifts the arm for striking against Merkel:
In the BND affair SPD boss Gabriel thinks of having found his miracle weapon against the chancellor so difficult to grasp. In the counter-move Merkel tries to split the SPD.
Gabriel shouts, the Union is angry
Gabriel and Steinmeier fight about NSA search list

2015 May 18 (2)
Geo politics
Duopol of the world powers
USA against Russia: Europeans lose control over their continent
US special representative Victoria Nuland travels from Kiev to Moscow. The USA sentenced the EU to be observers on their own continent; Russia thankfully receives the forward kick.
Europe falls between the fronts. The USA and Russia expand their spheres of influence on the continent. The principle: First let them fight, then partition. After the Ukraine Macedonia sinks into chaos. The EU is powerless because Nato dictates the foreign policy to it. „Fuck the EU“ becomes the common motto of the super powers.

2015 May 20
Opinion poll: BND affair costs Merkel trust of voters
The Union now also gets under pressure from the sides of the voters. According to a poll 37 per cent of the citizens of the federation feel deceived by the chancellor. Her party falls to the lowest result of the year.

2015 May 22
Because the misery of the body will decrease the more eagerly work is done on the soul.
Redeeming activity greatest work of brotherly love
When you men stop and think about it that a totally weakened soul urgently needs help then your heart must decide to supply this help when you just feel a spark of love in you, because this weakness of the soul is no passing state, but lasts for eternities, until help is brought to it from outside. Read more >>

2015 May 22 (2)
Particle crash in LHC
Big bang machine with new energy record
In the particle accelerator LHC of the European research centre Cern hydrogen nuclei collide with record energies. With the experiment the machine is to be thoroughly tested for the coming experiments.
Six weeks after the new start the "Large Hadron Collider" (LHC) rays of hydrogen nuclei have collided with up to now unreached energy in the worldwide most productive particle accelerator. In the night to Thursday (21.5.) the LHC at the European research centre Cern near Geneva reached the collision energy of 13 tera-electron-volt (TeV). The previous energy record was near eight TeV and comes from the year 2012.
Applied to our everyday life one tera-electron-volt corresponds to around the moving energy of a flying mosquito. In the LHC this energy however concentrates on a tiny space area which has just a trillionth of the size of a mosquito.

2015 May 24
Oettinger rushes ahead
EU commission demands from Merkel information of spy affair
The EU commission intensifies the tone against the federal government and wants information on the spy affair. The criticism of Angela Merkel comes from her party friend Günther Oettinger of all people.

2015 May 24 (2)
Geo politics
The Americans want a reliable alliance and now increase the pressure on the German federal chancellor.
No cooperation from the BND?
USA secret service increases pressure on Merkel and threaten with love withdrawal
Allegedly the USA secret service wants to test the cooperation with the BND. That is of course just a thread because the secret services are already too much entwined. But the announcement aims at the federal chancellor Angela Merkel as public signal, whose behaviour seems to trigger growing discontent in Washington.

2015 May 24 (3)
Spy affair: The SPD will not give in: Office of the chancellor is to supply
Pressure on the office of the chancellor, but conciliatory words in direction of Washington: That is the strategy with which the SPD makes an effort to get to grips with the explosive NSA/BND spy affair.

2015 May 27
Russia's president Putin wants to form one axis with China's Xi Jingping, which keeps the USA foreign policy in check. Russia sees that the intervention of the West in the Middle East has not made the world safer.
Harsh criticism of the West
Putin: USA politics has led to the spread of terrorism in the world
Russia's President Vladimir Putin finds unusual harsh words against the USA foreign politics. He wants an alliance with China and the BRICS states to close the security gaps which result from the USA foreign politics: The illegal intervention of the West in the Middle East has made the Islamic State strong. The BRICKS are to protect themselves mutually against such developments.

2015 May 28
Forgiveness and acceptance also go a long way to bring about change and healing.
Holding on long term to the negative emotional toxin called ‘resentment’ is the cancer ‘trigger’
It’s a process that requires equal measure of self-honesty and self-love – in order to remove the long term held resentments in one’s current life. Read more >>

2015 May 29
Embarrassing for Merkel
Germany has also spied on Belgium and the Netherlands for the USA
Federal chancellor Angela Merkel gets further under pressure in the EU. Belgium and the Netherlands have ordered formal investigations after it became known that the BND has also passed on data of its state citizens to USA secret services.

2015 May 30
German US base Ramstein
USA military base: Federal prosecutor checks Ramstein's role in USA drone war
The German USA base Ramstein plays a central role in the drone war of the Americans. Now the federal prosecution authorities investigate whether activities on the base violate international law.

2015 May 30 (2)
Euro visions
Bread and games: Politics in Europe has lost its aim out of the eyes, namely the service for democracy.
States like in ancient Rome
Bread, games and lies: The EU reels in direction of ruin
Europe experiences phenomena of disintegration, which remind one of the downfall of the republic in ancient Rome. The EU and the national states break the law. Bread and games are offered to the citizens. Rome has been broken by this development. The EU could, when it carries on trampling on democracy, meet a similar fate.

2015 May 31
Love shall be on the wane and go completely cold.
Jesus’ prophecy about the time of the end
But until then another thousand and not quite a second thousand years shall elapse! Read more >>

2015 June 3
Reform of the NSA
The late victory of Edward Snowden
Out of his Russian exile the NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden observes how the America senate decided a comprehensive reform of the secret services. Many see in the new law a turning point of the surveillance debate - but many questions remain open.
The new law marks a "cultural turning point for the nation" writes "New York Times".
"It is a first and important step," said Snowden.
The new law sets no limits however to the controversial surveillance activities of the American secret services in foreign countries.

2015 June 3 (2)
Of the 33 boys pictured, 12 had committed suicide.
Top Vatican cardinal trailed by old child abuse scandal from Australia
“To me it’s absolutely outrageous, and it demonstrates once again the callousness, the cold-heartedness and the contempt that George Pell appears to display for this whole issue and particularly for the victims of these dreadful crimes,” Saunders, the Vatican victims advocate, told 60 Minutes. Read more >>

2015 June 4
Cold war
SPD for return to G8
Merkel remains on USA course and wants to carry on isolating Russia
Angela Merkel stops attempt of Steinmeier, to again fetch Russia to the table
Federal chancellor Angela Merkel snubs her own coalition partner: While the SPD is of the opinion that Russia should again take part at G8, Merkel continues to follow the guidelines from Washington. Russia should therefore remain to be isolated.

2015 June 4 (2)
The USA secret service NSA bugs the mobile phone of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel and German universities research for the USA secret services. Nevertheless the EU and the federal government want to intensify the security cooperation with the USA.
"A wrong signal"
EU wants to make NSA to be guard of European security
The minsters of the interior of the EU want to give the NSA a raised role with the inner security in Europe. For it a stronger data exchange is to exist.

2015 June 7
Geo politics
Obama with the natives
Summit in Elmau: Merkel makes the total kotow before the USA
The summit in Elmau starts with a number of embarrassments: Angela Merkel throws herself into the dust rhetorically before US President Obama. He makes awkward jokes about the native Bavarians and the lederhosen. The Polish ex-president threatens with more severe sanctions against Russia. The whole business will be financed by the German taxpayer with 360 million Euro.

2015 June 7 (2)
The New York Times:
The Secret History of SEAL Team 6
The unit best known for killing Osama bin Laden has been converted into a global manhunting machine with limited outside oversight.
Once a small group reserved for specialized but rare missions, the unit best known for killing Osama bin Laden has been transformed by more than a decade of combat into a global manhunting machine.
But an examination of Team 6’s evolution, drawn from dozens of interviews with current and former team members, other military officials and reviews of government documents, reveals a far more complex, provocative tale.
Team 6 has successfully carried out thousands of dangerous raids that military leaders credit with weakening militant networks, but its activities have also spurred recurring concerns about excessive killing and civilian deaths.
Afghan villagers and a British commander accused SEALs of indiscriminately killing men in one hamlet; in 2009, team members joined C.I.A. and Afghan paramilitary forces in a raid that left a group of youths dead and inflamed tensions between Afghan and NATO officials. Even an American hostage freed in a dramatic rescue has questioned why the SEALs killed all his captors.
At times, the troops carried out the grisliest of tasks: cutting off fingers or small patches of scalp for DNA analysis from militants they had just killed.
Another former Team 6 member, an officer, was even more dismissive of some of the operations. “By 2010, guys were going after street thugs,” he said. “The most highly trained force in the world, chasing after street thugs.”

2015 June 8
Quantum mechanics: We indeed know how we can use it, but we still do not understand it completely.
Scientist: At present we do not know what "real" or "causal" means
Neither cosmology nor quantum mechanics nor another theory, with which we work at present, has a chance to be the ultimate theory. Read more >>

2015 June 10
To credit man with being the septenary symbol, on the terrestrial plane, of the One Great UNIT (the Logos).
Primeval radiations from unity
It is useless to attempt to explain the mystery in full. Materialists and the men of modern Science will never understand it, since, in order to obtain clear perception of it, one has first of all to admit the postulate of a universally diffused, omnipresent, eternal Deity in Nature. Read more >>

2015 June 11
As citizens you have failed.
The Germans, a people of helpless slaves
The federal government messes you around at this moment; not only with the introduction of the useless, dangerous reasonless mass surveillance with the name of Vorratsdatenspeicherung, data storage. Against her own promise Angela Merkel prevents in exactly the same way that the BND selection list of the NSA is submitted to parliament. Read more >>

2015 June 23
He calls the American Defence Minister Carter "war minister."
US imperialism
The Leftist politician Oskar Lafontaine has criticised the Ukraine politics of the USA with harsh words. "Fuck the US imperialism" he wrote on Tuesday on the Europe visit of US Minister Ashton Carter on his Facebook site. Carter, as US defence minister, is also as war minister in Berlin. Read more >>

2015 June 25
Last year mobile devices overtook computer-based media for the first time.
Latest internet trends give businesses reason to worry
The annual trends tornado from "internet whisperer" Mary Meeker hit the ground last week, and it makes for terrifying reading. If you’re in business, that is, and have to face the consumer masses every day.
Internet Trends 2015, presented at the Code Conference in California last week, kicked off the fear factor with a summary of time spent per day on digital media in the US, which presages where the rest of the world will follow in the next few years.
The average adult has consistently spent about 2.4 hours a day on desktop or laptop computers from 2008 through to 2015, but the time spent on mobile devices has shot up from less than half an hour in 2010 to more than two hours a day since 2013.
Last year, it reached 2.6 hours, overtaking computer-based media for the first time.

2015 June 28
Light is the first begotten and the first emanation of the Supreme.
The rays of the primordial light
The sun is not the cause of either light or heat, but merely the focus, or, as we might say, the lens, by which the rays of the primordial light become materialized, are concentrate upon our solar System, and produce all the correlations of forces. Read more >>

2015 June 29
A completed man on this earth is, as child of God, in everything equal to God.
Obtaining the adoption as children of God
In no other heavenly sphere do men have to form themselves, for they are so of God, or what amounts to the same, are so through His children. But here men have to develop completely by themselves, in accordance with revealed order, or they could not possibly become children of God. And thus a perfected man on earth, as a child of God, is fully identical with God, although an undeveloped one, in contrast, is below the kingdom of animals. Read more >>

2015 July 6
Submit the gospel to them.
Praying for souls
Because the prayer of a soul who is filled with love and compassion and in full trusting love in Me has a good influence on such truly poor souls in the beyond, for it forms a certain element of life’s ether around them in which they can see as in a mirror their faults and shortcomings, are improving themselves and by that they can come more easily to the light of life. Read more >>

2015 July 7
About infinite space and eternity.
The scientists and their Big Bang
With this you can see that the space of creation was out of necessity eternally endless in all directions and can never have known a beginning. And since God, space and eternity are identical – just like I already have told you – then God, who unites all these concepts in Himself, is also without beginning, for a beginning of God is quite as inconceivable as the beginning of the existence of the endless space and at the same time of the eternal time. I believe that this is now made clear enough, so that everyone can understand this. Read more >>

2015 July 9
Arrest Sudanese leader Omar al-Bashir while he is in South Africa.
The difference between al-Bashir and Obama
Now if these same people would really be so eager to pursue justice then they should have arrested Obama when he came to South Africa. Read more >>

2015 July 10
The nicest example of the stupidity of our scientists is their expression "visible light".
The "visible light" of our scientists
Actually quite an amount of stupidity is really needed to again and again repeat such a description of a thing, like "visible light", and consequently make again and again fools of themselves and demonstrate one’s simple-mindedness. Read more >>

2015 July 11
All other worlds will become completely spiritual worlds carrying and harboring the blessed spirits.
The future transformation of the material worlds into spiritual worlds
But where, then, will these find their final disintegration? In the fire of My will, and out of this final disintegration all the planets will then revert, though spiritually, to their previous order and service and then spiritually continue to exist in all their splendor and greatness and delight. Read more >>

2015 July 12
They saw the planet (Mallona) floating between Mars and Jupiter and its 4 moons circling around it.
The end of a planet
All of them looked at the planet that broke up now into many big pieces. Only the 4 moons remained complete, but because they lost their central celestial body, their order was disrupted and they separated from each other more and more, also because they received a forceful push by the bursting of the central planet. Read more >>

2015 July 17
Debt crisis
Vote in Bundestag
A fifth of CDU/CSU parliamentary party votes against Greece credits
Bundestag vote
65 CDU/CSU members refuse to accept Merkel! Bundestag votes for Greece negotiations.
Bundestag vote to Greece
More deviationists than ever
65 CDU/CSU members do not go with Merkel
First requiem for Mißfelder, then Greece vote
Merkel's most moving day
The chancellor is 61 years old today

2015 July 17 (2)
German bishop's conference
Catholic Church resignations on record level
It is a shock for the Catholic Church: Never before have so many believers resigned as in the last year.
218,000 people have left the church in the year 2014, 22 per cent more than the previous year and therefore as many as never before.

2015 July 18
The god of this world.
The soul of Satana
Lucifer’s dwelling is merely limited to this Earth, which is inhabited by you. The other entire world bodies, although parts of this former soul, are free of this inhabitation; but that is why also men of those world bodies, although normally better in their nature than here on Earth, nevertheless never arrive at that perfect height similar to God, like the children out of this Earth, which certainly is the most distant from God and the very last, but that is exactly why in the case of reformation can become the highest and most similar to God. Read more >>

2015 July 23
It is an octagonal star in a crop circle – and it sets a puzzle.
Crop circle in Bavaria
Since the first crop circles were seen in the seventieth in England, they are worldwide fascination – especially at harvest time they emerge. Read more >>

2015 July 24
The wall of separation.
Why animals know so much more than we do
Souls of animals and plants however are not severely separated from the universal godly life in space. Read more >>

2015 July 26
The process of repulsion.
Preparation for take off
And all the Saints who live at the end of this redemption period will also leave this Earth this way, and that is called the rapture, the only thing is that they will return to the new Earth, the refurbished one, but it is quite possible that they, when they finally leave the Earth, will also leave no body behind. Read more >>

2015 July 27
Consciousness – not matter – is the true foundation of being.
Not all scientists are stupid
The only way to resolve the quantum paradox was to break away completely from the current materialist paradigm, already irreparably damaged by quantum mechanics. Read more >>

2015 August 1
To be fed by energy and not by physical foodstuffs.
The feeding of the body through energy
Your physical body more and more prepares itself to be fed by energy and not by physical foodstuffs, which are in a cellular cover. Read more >>

2015 August 3
Secret services
What Angela Merkel and Mario Draghi discuss, the US secret services want best of all to know before.
The art of manipulation
US government collects data to control Euro politicians
The collection of date through the NSA is just a small part of the tasks of the secret services: The former boss of the Austrian defence of the constitution, Gerd Polli, says in an interview, the heart business of the US services is to control the politicians and managers in Europe. So US interests are to be asserted.

2015 August 3 (2)
This way of thinking, which is applied today in physics, is basically a product of this Catholic tendency.
The materialistic Catholic tendency
The Jesuits wanted to consider nature purely materialistically, so that there is no risk approaching nature with the spirit, and in many respects it is exactly the Jesuits who are the first nurses of those materialistic opinions, which today are particularly prevailing. Read more >>

2015 August 5
Obama and his vassal Merkel.
Angela Merkel on her way to the abyss
Merkel, Obama’s secretary of agitation and propaganda.

2015 September 1
Geo politics
Air force base near Damascus
Disgrace for Obama: Russia intervenes in Syria
Russia surprisingly starts an offensive in Syria to fight IS. The Russians operate purposefully militarily and politically. Succeeds the initiative, it would be a severe defeat for the USA: They would lose influence in the Middle East and in world politics.

2015 September 3
God does not force the will of man.
Spiritual progress
Man himself increases or decreases the receipt of power through his will, and he must therefore always work on himself, when he wants to ascend. Read more >>

2015 September 7
The USA have caused that millions of people are exposed to brutal wars and civil wars.
Germany: Sahra Wagenknecht holds the USA responsible for the refugee crisis.
Western states under the leadership of the USA have destabilized whole regions.
The deputy leaders of the Left parliamentary party Sahra Wagenknecht and Dietmar Bartsch blame a great part of the refugee crisis on the USA. In a position paper it says: "Western states under the leadership of the USA have destabilized whole regions by, among other things, having made terror organizations possible and instrumentalized them."
Gangs of murderers as for example the Islamic State have been supported directly and have also been supplied with money and weapons unhindered by countries allied with Germany: "Millions of people were so exposed to brutal wars and civil wars."

2015 September 9
Agony and darkness.
Spiritual death
Help and mercy of God.

2015 September 11
PC becomes "tapping plant".
Comprehensive prying out.
Consumer centre criticises Windows 10
Consumer protector admonishes to be cautious in the dealing with the new Microsoft operation system Windows 10. It changes the computer "into a kind of private tapping plant", criticises the consumer centre Rhineland Palatinate on Monday.
Who accepts the data protection regulations, agrees to "a comprehensive prying out" of the use. Microsoft not only analyses names, addresses, age, sex and telephone number, but also the location of the device, the internet sites called up in the services owned by the company, the used search terms, contacts to other people and bought items.

2015 September 12
Windows 10 upgrade: Microsoft downloads data under Windows 7
Microsoft update: Users get angry over automatic Windows 10 download
Update without permission: Microsoft forces users of Windows 7 and 8 to Windows 10 download
Now Microsoft overdoes it. Because the company forces users of Windows 7 and Windows 8 to simply download Windows 10.
Particularly annoying is the forced download for users with volume limited internet tariffs.
Microsoft update: Users moan about automatic Windows 10 download
With a regular Windows update many users have obviously received gigabyte wise installation files for Windows 10. But many of the affected do not plan a change at all. Besides the download causes further problems.
With internet tariffs with data volume the upper limit has been reached through the update.
Secret Windows 10 download
Forced innovation for Microsoft users

2015 September 18
50 years Bertha Dudde.
Bertha Dudde died 50 years ago
Bertha Dudde’s work is so impressive since it again summarizes all fundamental points of view of all world religions in a contemporary form and consequently enables all men of Earth to find again back to the one God. Read more >>

2015 September 18 (2)
Pope Francis, the patron saint of Sodom and Gomorrah.
Pope helps gays
The Vatican: The pope is set to discuss plans for Roman Catholic priests to give a blessing to gay couples.
Pope Francis has already shown his liberal approach towards divorce, by making it easier for divorcees to get annulment.
Now reforms to help gay couples will be discussed at the Vatican next month.
The pope said of gay people in 2013 that "we must be brothers".
2013 Dec 28 – The Catholic Church – the community of gays
2014 Oct 18 – Catholic Church – Sodom and Gomorra

2015 September 19
Middle East
Alliance against IS
Success for Russia: USA gives up plans for the overthrow of Assad
USA and Russia have taken up concrete talks about cooperation in Syria. Most important item: Washington gives up the demand for an immediate overthrow of the Syrian President Baschar al-Assad. This suggests that a diplomatic solution could be endeavoured.

2015 September 19 (2)
Nato Merkel
The changing world
Germany between all stools

2015 September 24
Middle East
Moscow welcomes Merkel's Syria advance
Russia has welcomed the suggestion of Chancellor Merkel to also talk to ruler Assad to the solution of the conflict in Syria. Nato appears to be worried because of the increased military presence of Russia in Syria.
The attitude of Chancellor Angela Merkel corresponds to the position of Moscow, said Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov according to a report of the agency Interfax. It is "unrealistic" to exclude the "legitimate president" of Syria with the search for a solution for the conflict.

2015 September 25
Two light particles are entangled.
Teleportation of quantum
One of the photons is then sent to the receiver, the other is superimposed in the sender with the information to be teleported. Thereby the state of the remote photon also changes automatically. In this way the information is transferred. Read more >>

2015 September 30
"The people that want to come in and replace Assad, nobody knows who they are, and they could end up being worse."
Trump backs Russia on Mideast
Leading Republican US presidential candidate Donald Trump said yesterday he supported Russian efforts to fight Islamic State militants in the Middle East, including Syria.
"The people that want to come in and replace Assad, nobody knows who they are, and they could end up being worse," he said. "We’re constantly siding with people, and they turn out to be worse than the people who were there before."

2015 October 2
World, Russia, Syria
Assad allies, including Iranians, prepare ground attack in Syria: sources
Hundreds of Iranian troops have arrived in Syria in the last 10 days and will soon join government forces and their Lebanese Hezbollah allies in a major ground offensive backed by Russian air strikes, two Lebanese sources told Reuters.
"The (Russian) air strikes will in the near future be accompanied by ground advances by the Syrian army and its allies," said one of the sources familiar with political and military developments in the conflict.
"It is possible that the coming land operations will be focused in the Idlib and Hama countryside," the source added.
The two sources said the operation would be aimed at recapturing territory lost by President Bashar al-Assad's government to rebels.

2015 October 3
Ezekiel and Daniel.
Have two great prophecies now started simultaneously?
Russia and Iran.

2015 October 5
Gay priest
Senior co-worker of Vatican comes out.
"Clergy is predominantly homosexual"
One day before the family synod in the Vatican the Polish priest Krzysztof Charamsa confesses that he loves men. And immediately loses his most important office.
Monsignore Krysztof Charamsa (left) with his partner Edouard
Krzysztof Olaf Charamsa has enough. He no longer wants to hide. He no longer wants to lie. He loves a man, he is called Eduard. "I am happy to be gay", he says. That is one thing. The other thing is that he is a priest. And that is not just anybody.
"I am happy to be gay": Krysztof Charamsa, second secretary of the International Theological Commission of the Vatican, during a press conference in Rome on the 3rd of October 2015, on which he speaks about his homosexuality and his demands against the church.
Having been born in Poland, he is a senior co-worker of the Vatican. Since 2003 he is a member of the Congregation for Faith Teaching. He is deputy secretary of the International Theological Commission of the Vatican and theology professor at the Papal University Gregoriana in Rome. Never before has a minister in this position confessed in such an offensive way his homosexuality.
He knows that he probably has to resign from his office in the church. But he also knows, so Charamsa in the Polish "Newsweek", that the clergy is "predominantly homosexual".
2013 Dec 28 – The Catholic Church – the community of gays
2014 Oct 18 – Catholic Church: Sodom and Gomorra

2015 October 16
Take photographs and listen to conversations.
Spies can take over your phone
British spies could tap into a device by sending it an encrypted text message and using it to take photographs and listen to conversations. Read more >>

2015 October 17
Man must listen to the inside.
The thinking and wanting of the soul
First therefore the thinking and the wanting of man must be directed towards his inner life; he must want to give to the soul and not to the body. Read more >>

2015 October 18
You do not know when the last hour has come for you.
Prediction for the speedy end
You do not know what time still remains for you until the end, and therefore you are to live as if every day is the last for you. Read more >>

2015 October 18 (2)
The divine origin of knowledge is recognizable at any time.
Erroneous faith teachings
Who is deemed worthy of truth out of the kingdom of light, he will also be able to give information to all questions. Read more >>

2015 October 18 (3)
The spiritual decline must be ended.
And yet is the dissolving, the destruction of the great work of creation Earth, an act of greatest compassion and love of God and at the same time a just compensation for the evil doings of men, who leave the last possibility of maturation completely unused and abuse their will to acts of most glaring lovelessness. Read more >>

2015 October 20
And the test of faith will be hard, but inevitable. Only few will pass it.
Faith struggle last phase
And this last fight is of greatest importance, because it is a signal for the overthrow of my opponent, for the binding of him for a long time. Read more >>

2015 October 20 (2)
Vatican scandals.
The spectacle
Clergy is predominantly homosexual.

2015 October 21
Your will alone determines your acting and your most inner thoughts.
Contemplation inwards
Who wants to seek and find me, he must first turn away his will from matter, and because he nevertheless dwells in the middle of matter, because he himself has a material cover, he must withdraw himself into his innermost. Read more >>

2015 October 22
You must desire spiritual goods, when you want to be happy in future.
Matter false love
That is why God takes pity on them, and he obviously shows them, which value earthly matter has, by him allowing that it gets lost to men, by taking from them again and again what they possess and on what they hang their heart, without being aware that it is a wrong love, which slumbers in them. Read more >>

2015 October 22 (2)
A completely new creation will arise.
Growing and passing
The occurrence of the new creation will therefore be accomplished in the shortest of time. Read more >>

2015 October 22 (3)
Then the heart has become the temple where God dwells.
Heart – God’s temple
And as soon as man himself has got himself ready to a temple of God, he needs no other places for the receiving of my word, then he calls me to himself through an inner thought, and I am present, wherever he dwells. Read more >>

2015 October 23
The experiment knocks the last nail into the coffin of local realism.
Local realism
A central principle of physics: the local realism. It is violated by so-called entangled particles: The change of state of one particle influences the entangled partner – also when it is far away. Read more >>

2015 October 23 (2)
And there is now in the spiritual realm only an upward development.
Struggle of Light with Darkness
And also this battle will find its end with the day of judgement, also in the sphere of the spirits a time of peace will replace the previous time of warfare because also their a separation of spirits will be executed by a likewise renewed banishment of that what is completely far from God for the purpose of the redemption to-be. Read more >>

2015 October 24
Power lies in love and in deep, undoubted faith.
Representatives of genuine Christianity in the end-time
Only who is in possession of pure truth out of God, he can resist; only he is able to instruct the wrong-thinker and to impart power to the one, who still is a weak believer, so that also he remains loyal to God. Read more >>

2015 October 24 (2)
When you on earth could have a look into that kingdom of unredeemed souls.
Prayer for poor souls
And that is why your prayer must come out of the heart; it is not allowed to just be a lip prayer, but love towards the weak, helpless must urge you, to intimately ask God for favour and help for these souls; you must yourselves be urged by the feeling to make their lot easier and on many occasions you must turn your thoughts towards them, who feel this already as relief and feel every loving prayer as supply of power. Read more >>

2015 October 24 (3)
Who lets matter become his master will also never overcome matter.
He who sells his soul for the sake of an earthly life
The uncaring one will only want to arrange anew his own life, he will do everything to gain again prosperity and he will stop at nothing to achieve this at the expense of the neighbour. And soon it will be obvious from whom he receives his support and who gives him strength for worldly work and who has in return taken possession of his soul. Read more >>

2015 October 25
The visible matter keeps the spiritual life in it hidden from the bodily eye.
Activity of the spiritual in matter
And man, who is able to see spiritually, will hardly be able to see the activity of the spiritual in hard matter, but only in such creations, which mean a less hard cover for the spiritual – in the world of plants and animals, where life is already recognizable also for the bodily eye, but offers to the spiritual eye a far more extensive activity. Read more >>

2015 October 25 (2)
Make your way to me, and all misery will stay away from you.
Physical upkeep
The hardship will be so great that you can recognize every help as extraordinary because your earthly situation is not enviable and yet can be bearable for every individual who just full of faith leaves himself to me and trustingly puts his fate into my hands. Read more >>

2015 October 25 (3)
State of perfection.
Light and power fullness
Power and light go out from God.

2015 October 26
Then he will only draw intellectual benefit from the difficult time for him.
Reason for suffering and misery in the latter days
And because the last days necessitate an increased struggle for the soul to still reach its goal every opportunity must be taken from it to become lukewarm and sluggish in its upward striving. And that is why again and again the soul will be approached by suffering and misery and every man is to be thankful for this because they are the last means that prevent too deep a relapse. Read more >>

2015 October 26 (2)
My word is the reconciliation for all difficulties, which men of the end-time cannot be spared.
Presenting the divine word of greatest importance
And all worldly events should make you think, because it comes as it is written – it fulfils itself what through prophets and seers has been announced again and again to men – the end is coming. Read more >>

2015 October 27
The failures of scientists.
Interstellar matter and Jakob Lorber
Our scientists have indeed many illusions, especially the astrophysicists, and the nicest is their idea that the sun receives its energy from its interior - The Sun’s energy-producing fusion reactions - on which almost all assumptions are based, which they use to explain their research results about the universe. Read more >>

2015 October 28
But no man on earth needs to do without the help and love of the light beings.
Light beings look spiritually after men
But also these light beings do not touch the freedom of the will, so that despite greatest and most loving care also a sinking back into darkness is not impossible if the being itself resists the will and the care of the light beings, when it therefore does not acknowledge me myself and neither desires power nor light. Read more >>

2015 October 29
But it will always be right when you ask God for his aid.
Cause of different schools of thought
Their way of life is decisive, how far they are in truth, because from the way of life alone it depends how far God, as giver of truth, takes part in his mental work. Read more >>

2015 October 30
For where spiritual questions are discussed there I stay with great joy.
Presence of God during spiritual conversations
And that is why spiritual conversations always find my approval, even when they are held in combat mood, when different opinions are represented. Read more >>

2015 November 1
Error must be fought and pure truth offered instead.
Fighting error
Men vegetate without earnestly thinking about the forming of their soul, and still many stand in the belief to comply with their earth task through fulfilment of certain duties and customs, but which increases the maturity of their soul not in the slightest. Read more >>

2015 November 2
You become knowing through my word.
Value and effect of the divine word
But countless souls stand on earth in lower knowledge despite eager love activity, which however stand in fullest insight like lightning as soon as the soul leaves the body, so that they now can be active in the hereafter in accordance with their purpose. Read more >>

2015 November 3
I hand out according to the work-willingness of my hearers.
Increased knowledge requires responsibility
When you now want to be active for me, by you being prepared to let my power flow over upon fellowmen – by you imparting your knowledge to them, which you have received from me, then certainly no limit is imposed on you from my side, but you will be able to penetrate into all fields, which are otherwise closed to you. Read more >>

2015 November 4
The spirit in man turns away from the world.
God as instructor
Then the connection with the world is still too great and this is the hindrance, which must first be removed when man wants to find me and hear my voice. Read more >>

2015 November 4 (2)
You know, when you believe, to always be safe in my protection.
God’s word greatest gift of favour
You can, when you are still weak in faith, just give full expression to my word and therefore put it to the test, and you will recognize that my word is truth, that it is my word, which is offered to you from above. Read more >>

2015 November 4 (3)
Bring a deep unshakable faith in you to maturity.
Strong faith and trust in God’s help
Strong faith is your own strength, for then you also know that you are never without help and that you can overcome everything with my support, with my power, which you can yourselves acquire through faith. Read more >>

2015 November 4 (4)
And God accomplishes the miracle work in a moment.
Emergence of the new earth in a moment.
And these creations will come into being in a moment - but not before the eyes of those men who still stay at the place of peace whereto they will be raptured before the collapse of the old earth. Read more >>

2015 November 5
Love must always be fundamental principle of your thinking and acting.
Fulfilment of divine will - Fulfilment of love-commandment
When he therefore shows love towards his neighbour, he will also love me. Read more >>

2015 November 5 (2)
And free will expresses itself in prayer.
Right prayer
The more aware this connection with me is now cultivated the more powerful the man will be able to work on earth, and he then also no longer feels weak, because my nearness teaches him differently; my nearness gives him the awareness of power and favour, which starts from me. Read more >>

2015 November 6
Decreased material possession will always drive to busier activity.
Reshaping matter
The process of redemption of all spiritual can only take its progress, when serving is made possible for it. Read more >>

2015 November 6 (2)
Gravity overcome.
Sound waves let objects hover
British researchers have developed a machine, which lets objects hover on sound waves. Read more >>

2015 November 6 (3)
Like the vibrations of sound, but faster than electricity.
Quantum theory and Jakob Lorber
There are effects and movements of the soul, whose vibrations are more similar to that of sound and can travel in all conceivable directions, as also in all conceivable curvatures with more than electric swiftness. Read more >>

2015 November 7
Heinrich Maria Janssen, from 1957 to 1982 Hildesheim Bishop, to have abused boy.
Hildesheim - Stronghold of perversity
The bishop has abused him regularly between 1958 and 1963 through masturbation, oral sex and anal intercourse. Read more >>

2015 November 8
You pay more attention to ceremonies and humanly enacted commands than my word.
Light from above
And who stands in truth, he will never ever lose it; he will take it over with him as spiritual good into the kingdom, which is his true home, and he will live in eternity. Read more >>

2015 November 9
The Western World has never challenged the right of the church.
Hildesheim and the cover-up
Nobody dares to declare the church to be a system of wrongdoing. Read more >>

2015 November 12
It would be a world full of monotony.
But as soon as men want to create an evening out of the living conditions through expropriation of one and giving to another, as soon as the striving of men goes to abolishing all differences, the urge to busy creation is also stopped, but as also just acting and thinking is called into question. Read more >>

2015 November 12 (2)
Truth will also always displace error when men themselves do not put up a fight and prefer error to truth.
Besieging of the bearers of truth by the opponents of God
This fight will particularly then become evident when truth is obviously supplied from above to earth. Read more >>

2015 November 13
You men on earth, escape from darkness.
Defection from God and way of return
Take this call seriously, because you will never feel well in darkness, because after your decease you feel it as indescribable agony, and only light will give you happiness, but then it will be far more difficult for you to reach the light. Read more >>

2015 November 13 (2)
And do not let God speak to you in vain.
Admonition for the spreading of the announcements
All property will be taken from men who cling to the earthly, so that they recognize the worthlessness of matter and the will of God who can give and take and does it, so as it is healthy for the soul of man, which he wants to rescue from eternal ruin. Read more >>

2015 November 14
I uncover all secrets for you.
Word of God - Flesh and blood
The unification with me can consequently only then take place when man feels love towards me and expresses this love through active neighbourly love. Read more >>

2015 November 15
Explanation of Jesus about the records.
Content of Bible is love teaching
Because as soon as his spirit is put into action, man can receive knowledge unmeasured, because he himself determines the degree of wisdom in which he wants to walk. Read more >>

2015 November 15 (2)
The spiritual low calls for a halt.
Last Phase
Into this last phase mankind is entering now soon and world affairs will let the initiated that has spiritual knowledge know when it begins. Read more >>

2015 November 16
When you seek me at any the time, you will always win.
Admonition to spiritual work
Only the spiritual work retains its value; only spiritual striving has eternal success, while all earthly activity is invalid with the moment of decease from earth. Read more >>

2015 November 16 (2)
For God gives back thousand fold what man gives to him.
Error and truth
And that man always walks in error who stands far from God through a walk of life lacking love, contradicting divine will. Read more >>

2015 November 16 (3)
The power out of God is love, and love will always awaken the desire for unification.
Permanent unification
How the process of ascent development happens, can only be comprehended by that man whose spirit is awakened, who has already established the unification of the spirit spark, which slumbers in him, with the father spirit from eternity or makes constantly the effort to establish it, who consciously strives towards God and thus also matures in recognition. Read more >>

2015 November 17
A state of highest happiness.
Blissful dying
Suffering will never be condemned because it can be removed any time, because it reduces itself to the same measure as man urges love in himself to highest development. Read more >>

2015 November 17 (2)
Spiritual knowledge is imperishable.
Limits of knowledge
On the other hand the soul of him stands poor and ignorant in the hereafter, who on earth, devoid of all love, only let his mind become active and wanted to penetrate with it alone into spiritual knowledge. Read more >>

2015 November 18
But as far as God is concerned full freedom is left to the human will.
Extraordinary supply of favour depending on free will
But when man completely gives up his own will, he only lets God rule and he receives everything devotedly out of God’s hand, then he will truly not suffer. Read more >>

2015 November 18 (2)
Perfection has no boundaries.
Jesus Christ’s becoming one with God
This is the becoming one with God, which also Jesus Christ has achieved on earth and which all men can achieve when they strive for it in fullest earnestness. Read more >>

2015 November 19
And when they think about their sins and omissions.
God lenient but just judge
But without the admission of his guilt man cannot find forgiveness because God is certainly a lenient, but just judge. Read more >>

2015 November 19 (2)
Always and constantly strengthen yourselves with my word.
God’s word substitute for earthly loss
Your faith is able to change suffering into rest and peace. Read more >>

2015 November 19 (3)
Drone war is a terrorist recruiting program.
Drone pilots raise accusations against Obama
With it we have experienced massive wastefulness, the abuse of power – and also how the leaders of our country have lied in public about the effectiveness of the drone program. Read more >>

2015 November 19 (4)
But the believers know which hour has come.
Human determining of time of end
Because who does not expect the end soon, he will also never seriously set about the soul work, and this is the purpose of such announcements that men make an effort to change and can do this only when they continuously work on themselves and keep the near end before the eyes. Read more >>

2015 November 20
The true followers of His church.
Confessing Christ
The living Christian faith does not consist of a belonging to a Christian church, but in the right following of Christ. Read more >>

2015 November 20 (2)
Up to a certain degree it has now given up its resistance against me.
Will of entity in mandatory state
The being cannot otherwise than to use the power according to the law of order, which it gets from me for the purpose of ascent development, until it comes into the last stage of its development on earth, until it embodies itself as man and now the free will is again given back to it, which it has once possessed, but has abused. Read more >>

2015 November 21
The inhabitants of the earth have forfeited the right for a long, peaceful earth life.
Omen of complete dissolving
It will mean a breaking off of the development for the whole spiritual on earth and just as well a new ascent, because nothing is damned for ever, but has again and again the possibility to again approach God, when it has gone too far away from him. Read more >>

2015 November 21 (2)
The food which secures the life of the soul.
Divine revelation greatest source of favour
You are to hunger for the word of God; then you will also feel power, which flows towards you through reception of the food of heaven. Read more >>

2015 November 21 (3)
I come myself to you in the word.
I knock and you do not receive me
And that is why I must impart the word to you in a way that you certainly can believe the divine origin, but not prove it, because a proof of it would be a forced faith, which I never apply. Read more >>

2015 November 22
Faith teaching must be thought through.
What is faith?
Through intellectual activity the connection is first established to the spiritual kingdom, and the light beings can then take action and start their actual enlightening activity, but what is impossible when man believes blindly. Read more >>

2015 November 23
For I speak to all through the mouth of man who need my word.
Bringing together for the purpose of instruction
I know who needs spiritual help, and do not bring men together arbitrarily, but only for the purpose that they are to complement and instruct each other. Read more >>

2015 November 24
The servant of God will not let up.
Opposing the adversary of God with of a strong will
Only where the servant of God sets a strong will against the opponent of God, where he is not to let himself be put off through resistances of all kind, there success will also to be noted. Read more >>

2015 November 25
I want to reveal myself to them as Lord of creation whom no human will can resist.
Doubting God’s revelations
Countless men will certainly lose their life and enter the hereafter in imperfect state, but I want to be a lenient judge to them and rate the last sacrifice they bring to me through their early death by me offering to them the greatest possibilities to mature in the spiritual kingdom and grant support to them in every way. Read more >>

2015 November 26
I announce to them into which spiritual fight they will get shortly before the end.
Undoubted faith of the servants of God
I want to help men to win faith in me, who live along without faith, and I want to help those to the power of faith who are weak and undecided, and that is why I announce my intervention, which consists of an extremely great natural disaster, which consequences are incalculable. Read more >>

2015 November 26 (2)
And therefore man can certainly obtain earthly happiness, but then he sells his soul for it.
Intellectual emotions - trials
My opponent certainly likewise wrestles for this soul, and he seeks to bring it to defection; he seeks to stimulate it with earthly fulfilments, also has the power to grant earthly fulfilment, which is then applied when the soul gives me up, when the desire for earthly happiness and wellbeing predominates and the world seems to be more stimulating to man than the supply of my love and favour, which man does not feel pure bodily. Read more >>

2015 November 28
We know that these fantastic objects are out there, but we do not know what they are.
IceCube-Question: Who is the great accelerator?
We know that there are natural particle accelerators in the universe. We have seen such energy rich cosmic radiation that we, with the technique of the LHC in Cern, would have to build a particle accelerator of the size of the orbit of Mercury to reach this level. Read more >>

2015 November 30
The Syrian village Dabiq.
Jihadist mythology
Dabiq is an important part of the Jihadist mythology and the IS propaganda. The reason for it is the prophecy of an apocalypse. The final battle is to take place in Dabiq. Read more >>

2015 November 30 (2)
Appearing before the child abuse royal commission on Monday, Melbourne Archbishop Denis Hart laid the blame at the feet of top church officials.
Covering up child sex abuse cases and moving paedophile priests between parishes
Archbishop Little, who has been accused of covering up child sex abuse cases and moving paedophile priests between parishes, did not want to have on his conscience any action that would force clergy from the priesthood. Read more >>

2015 December 1
The apocalyptic riders are preparing themselves.
Apocalyptic riders
And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet. For they are the spirits of devils, working miracles, which go forth unto the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty. Read more >>

2015 December 1 (2)
Sexual abuse.
Hildesheim again
The diocese Hildesheim is to have delayed the explanation in a case of sexual abuse of a girl. That is shown by the WDR in its documentation "Richter Gottes" (Judges of God).
According to the investigations of the WDR the diocese has passed on an abuse accusation too late to the prosecution authorities. The minister Peter R. is to have been the culprit. He stood 2010 in the centre of the abuse scandal at the Berlin Canisius-Kolleg with more than hundred victims.
Matthias Katsch, spokesman of the Canisius-Kolleg, had demanded the resignation of Trelle. "He and the Hildesheim diocese have acted contrary to the promises of the church and protected the series culprit without caring for the victim."

2015 December 3
"Diocese hides behind the victim"
New round in abuse scandal
The victim initiative "Eckiger Tisch" (Square Table) expands their accusations against those responsible of the diocese. "It is perfidious to hide behind the victim", says a spokesman to the conduct of Bishop Norbert Trelle.

2015 December 3 (2)
Church 'completely failed' on child abuse
Melbourne's Catholic leaders completely failed to deal with pedophile priests as they tried to protect the church, the archdiocese's former second-in-charge admits.
Former vicar-general Bishop Peter Connors says he has no excuse for why he failed to protect children from Fr Wilfred Baker, who abused 21 children between 1960 and 1985.
"There was a complete failure of the archbishop and his advisers to deal with these issues," Bishop Connors told the child abuse royal commission.
Commission chair Justice Peter McClellan said the failings were often said to be motivated by a desire to protect the church.
Bishop Connors agreed it was a fundamentally damning allegation of the church.

2015 December 3 (3)
Syria - “mad prophecy”
There would be a global confrontation between a coalition of “80 armies against an army of Muslims coming from all over the world”
Former Isis hostage says airstrikes on Syria are a trap
French journalist Nicolas Hénin, who was held by Mohammed Emwazi, begs international community not to bomb Islamic State
He said the jihadis lived in a parallel world and a “different matrix”. They believed in a “mad prophecy” that there would be a global confrontation between a coalition of “80 armies against an army of Muslims coming from all over the world” and were “a bit out of their mind”.

2015 December 3 (4)
A personality, an extraordinary talented man.
Obama or Merkel?
The antichrist that is to be expected is a personality that steps out of the limits of the natural; he is an extraordinary talented man whose special strength is his worldly confidence, how he comes across men who are responsible for the welfare of the people. Read more >>

2015 December 4
God has to intervene.
This war will be a war that men’s will can’t stop
From a worldly point of view the time for the end does not seem to have arrived because the world leaders go to great efforts to stabilize peaceful situations and they are seeking peaceful solutions to conflicts but they will not succeed because these solutions will be sabotaged by the one who is a servant of Satan on earth. It is the spiritual situation that will be the cause for the end. Read more >>

2015 December 4 (2)
Abuse in Catholic Church
The Father, the girl and a secret protocol
Credibility - Hildesheim Bishop Norbert Trelle
In March 2010 a 14 year old girl raises abuse accusations against a Father in the diocese Hildesheim. For months nothing happens. The bishop today defends the action of the church – and gets more and more under pressure.
For the Hildesheim Bishop Norbert Trelle his credibility is at stake these days.
Internally there were already for years concrete accusations, but Peter R. was just moved by the diocese Hildesheim to Wolfsburg and Hannover.

2015 December 6
The breaking of the law is, as long as it is possible, formally validly decided.
The results of the wars.
Tyranny: The states are destroyed, chaos takes their place
The war in the Middle East destroys the classic states – in the region, and also in Europe: The refugee crisis has brutally disclosed that many states are already no longer able to function. The parliaments have lost their self-respect – and the population their legitimate claim for protection and involvement. Namely no new, better order has replaced the old one: Chaos and arbitrary use of power, and those who push destruction profit from it.
Federal Chancellor Helmut Kohl mistrusted the people in principle: He said himself later that he has consciously ignored the will of the Germans at the introduction and has carried through the abolition of the Deutsche Mark like a dictator.
Angela Merkel, as federal chancellor, has continued this tradition. She has however extended it by a facet, which she has perhaps learned in the DDR and finally made it perfect in the age of mass communication: The breaking of the law is, as long as it works, formally decided as valid.

2015 December 8
But the greatest favour is the supply of my word.
Favour - God’s word greatest favour
Because my word is the most effective aid, and it securely leads to the destination, when you let it become effective in you. Read more >>

2015 December 8 (2)
Most clearly God’s help is recognizable when he expresses himself through the elements of nature.
Powerful natural event – God’s language
But who knows about the eternal plan of salvation of God, he is not surprised, because he recognizes the necessity of the divine intervention for the salvation of the souls, which are threatened to get lost. Read more >>

2015 December 8 (3)
And that is the surest sign that God is his guide when man is able to hear his voice.
Obtaining soul maturity
But the fullness of favour man himself can increase or decrease, according to his attitude towards God, his desire for God’s help and the opening of his heart to all supply of favour. Read more >>

2015 December 8 (4)
Third survivor says George Pell rejected them after clergy abuse claims
Cardinal George Pell has been accused of ignoring victims of sexual abuse
A third survivor has accused Cardinal George Pell of rejecting them after they told him of children who were abused by Catholic clergy.
The man, referred to as BWF, told the child abuse royal commission on Tuesday he had sought out then-Father George Pell in 1973 when he was 14, after learning his little brother, known as BWG, had been physically and sexually abused by former Christian Brother Ted Dowlan at St Patrick's College in Ballarat.
BWF had discovered that his brother had been sent to a doctor because an attack from Dowlan had left his legs and buttocks severely bruised. He assumed at the time that he had also been sexually assaulted because Dowlan's abusive behaviour was then common knowledge among students.
Dowlan is currently serving a minimum of three years in jail for abusing 20 young boys.

2015 December 8 (5)
The 44th US president will be the last president of the USA.
Islamic State and the Doomsday scenario
Already in 1996 a blind prophetess from Bulgaria predicted that an Islamic terror militia will overrun Europe in the year 2016. Baba Vanga spoke of a "great Muslim war". Read more >>

2015 December 9
God’s will to shape has no limits.
Beings of the heavenly bodies of light
God’s thoughts become action, form, uninterruptedly, and his love power enlivens uninterruptedly these forms, which are just through his will consolidated thoughts. Read more >>

2015 December 10
Person of the year - TIME
Angela Merkel, chancellor of the free world
According to Time Angela Merkel is the chancellor of the free world
„Chancellor of the free world“
Time magazine choose Merkel to be the person of the year
The US news magazine Time has chosen Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel to be the person of the year. As reason the paper declares Merkel demands much of the German people and also of the Americans. The USA wants to receive 10,000 refugees per end of 2016 (perhaps). In Germany the mark of one million was reached on Tuesday.

2015 December 10 (2)
The desire for absolute truth characterize my fighters.
Sure sign of end small troop of fighters for God
And this is a sure sign of the end that those who are mine are only a small herd but to whom I am a good shepherd, who keeps his little sheep together, who keeps watch over them that none loses its way or gets lost. Read more >>

2015 December 11
Is the teacher’s life according to the Lord’s commands?
Worldly organizations
Who stands in truth, he knows that no organization, which men have formed, is to be understood by that, but that my church contains all men who have established the right relationship with me through their will and love towards me and to the neighbour. Read more >>

2015 December 11 (2)
Measures against everything spiritual.
Antichrist – bringer of salvation?
The antichrist that is to be expected is a personality that steps out of the limits of the natural; he is an extraordinary talented man whose special strength is his worldly confidence, how he comes across men who are responsible for the welfare of the people. Read more >>

2015 December 11 (3)
And what now still takes place are already the harbingers.
Surprisingly quick coming of world judgment
Very quickly the events will follow each other, which approach the end, i.e., the spiritual low will soon be reached and visible to all who direct their sight spiritually. Read more >>

2015 December 12
The will certainly belongs to the soul, but the will is decisive for the acting of the body.
Unification of the soul and the body with the spirit
If the will is now strong enough then it determines the body to actions, which are beneficial for the soul, then the soul so to speak draws the body with it into the spiritual kingdom; it is so longer materially-minded, i.e., earthly desires no longer have predominance, although man still lives on earth and again and again has to pass the fight with it. Read more >>

2015 December 12 (2)
The course of ascent development consequently happens so that all form must be seen as cover of spiritual substance.
All matter spiritually enlivened
There are therefore so to speak two courses of development to be covered in the mandatory state – once as matter, but then also as entity bound in matter, only that this second course of development goes considerably quicker, because matter is faster destroyed than totally dissolved, and as long as it is useful – therefore can be made to things, which have a useful purpose - the spiritual in it also does not escape; it only is often for a long time without activity and therefore suffers. Read more >>

2015 December 14
But you do not know it, how your end is, and for that reason ask God for mercy.
Hour of death - Explanation for suffering
Ask God for his favour and for power, if God still needs suffering for you, and you will also bear the hour of death; only the body will suffer, but the soul will separate from the body full of joy and rise into the spheres of light. Read more >>

2015 December 15
Direct all your thoughts spiritually.
Announcements through seers and prophets
Believe my word; believe it that no longer much time is left until the end, so that you set about your soul work very seriously, so that still much favour accrues to you, because the time is deep serious, and it is urgently necessary that you seek to imagine it, that the end surprises you and you have no longer time for your actual earth task. Read more >>

2015 December 15 (2)
Because my look is further than yours.
Mission of the servants of God
How now this my care expresses itself, that will become clear to you, you who want to serve me, only after the finished mission, when you will recognize how your walk of life, your earth fate, had to pass off, because your mission was connected to it. Read more >>

2015 December 15 (3)
And nevertheless the day and the hour of the end remains hidden to man.
Spiritual turning point
And that is why God ends this state – he dissolves the old earth and ends the life of all creatures on it – he creates a new earth, new creations and embodies all spiritual appropriately to its degree of development, and that means for the spiritual embodied as man on the old earth, a transferring back into hardest form, into matter, because he has failed in his last earth life test, because it no longer recognizes and acknowledges God and is therefore lightless. Read more >>

2015 December 15 (4)
Spreading error under the cloak of piety.
Camouflage of Satan - Personality of light
That is why you have to pay attention to how these light personalities express themselves, observe if they point to God himself, if they favour the direct contact with God or dismiss God, wanting to see worldly acts carried out which are not contributing to the attainment of soul maturity; pay attention to this and you will recognize and reject all spirit beings that do not come from the sphere of light because those who have the will for truth will really recognize everything that is directed against the truth and his sight will become bright and sharp so that he offers resistance and can also guide the fellow human beings towards the pure truth as long as they are still willing. Read more >>

2015 December 15 (5)
Be satisfied with the bread of heaven, with soul nourishment: my word.
Bread of heaven
Do not let the soul live in want; give it what it urgently needs – spiritual nourishment, food and drink out of heaven; give it my word. Read more >>

2015 December 17
God will also be a lenient judge for the weak who love him.
Weakness of men
Man will have to pay attention to himself and his thoughts. He is to constantly check himself; he is not to make himself a slave of his carnality; he is to educate himself to love because everything what testifies to love is noble and good, and what is lacking in love, can easily become sin. Read more >>

2015 December 18
And he redeemed the whole of mankind at the same time out of the fetters of death.
Redemption epoch with Jesus Christ
And the man Jesus mustered this will – he freed himself and sought and found the complete union with God already on earth. And he redeemed the whole of mankind at the same time out of the fetters of death, because God accepted the sacrifice, which a weak man gave to him for the whole of mankind. Read more >>

2015 December 18 (2)
Military deployment in Syria
"Until we have reached the Euphrates."
Russian defence minister: "We will march to the Euphrates"
Russia puzzles about a sentence of its defence minister Sergej Shoigu: Asked how long the military deployment in Syria will still last, he answered: Until the Euphrates is reached. The River flows however not only through Syria, but also through Turkey and Iraq. Does that mean that Russian military still has greater plans for the region?
The 2000 kilometre long river rises in Turkey, flows through Syria and ends at the Persian Gulf in Iraq. Especially in Turkey this statement could cause irritation in the face of the anyway tense relationship of the two states.
But instead of a declaration of war towards Turkey Shoigu presumably just wanted to say that the deployments in Syria would last so long until the Syrian town Rakka has been reached, a stronghold of the terror militia IS. Because it also lies on the Euphrates.

2015 December 19
But man must again go back into long since conquered matter.
Renewal of the World
Man has become the most unsuitable work of creation through his own will; he does not use either the power of life nor his will to execute that what is the actual purpose during his stay on earth; he lives from day to day, does not observe my commandments, does not observe his duty as man, and does not observe his creator and sustainer in eternity. Read more >>

2015 December 19 (2)
The spirit in a loving man wants to be active.
A loving man does not get lost
A loving man can never get lost, because love protects him from it, because through love he is connected to God and he will not deny him. Read more >>

2015 December 19 (3)
Do let yourselves be captivated through a pretence happiness, which is without continued existence, but removes you from me.
Self-sacrifice to God
Keep your heart clean, and prepare it for the reception of me, who want to move in with you, to take up my rule as king. Read more >>

2015 December 19 (4)
You only have to believe in my great love for you.
Thorny way
A level way never leads you upwards, and every ascent is laborious as long as you are without power; but if the power out of me fills you then you can also take every obstacle effortlessly. Read more >>

2015 December 20
Faith must be obtained with difficulty.
In the deepest inside you must win the conviction of the correctness of that what is demanded of you to believe, only then can you say: I believe. Read more >>

2015 December 20 (2)
And to spread this divine word is the duty of him who wants to serve God on earth.
Will guarantees power
But he who wants to serve God, over him the world has lost its power, and he withstands their temptations, because God no longer lets him fall, who has offered himself to him for service, because his task is so enormously important in the last time before the end. Read more >>

2015 December 20 (3)
And this neighbourly love is to be practised always and constantly.
Fulfilment of love command demanded by all
The more man makes my will to the guiding principle of his way of life, the more he brings himself into line with my nature, while the fulfilment of humanly imposed commands results in no change of his nature. Read more >>

2015 December 21
Also his appearance is an exceptional blessing.
Forerunner of the Lord
But the world is worth nothing to him anymore and he willingly exchanges the earthly life against the eternal life, and therefore he does not fear the world since he knows how near the end is and what lies ahead of men who do not believe in it. Read more >>

2015 December 21 (2)
The work of the spirit depends on the will of man himself.
Pouring out of the spirit
Mankind certainly knows about the pouring out of the spirit over my disciples, but it no longer knows that I want to make all men happy with this and that only the will of the individual is decisive whether my spirit can be effective in him. Read more >>

2015 December 22
Man must only offer himself to God for this task.
Workers in the vineyard
But God will always bless his servants and allocate to them the field of work, according to their soul maturity, according to their will and according to their love. Read more >>

2015 December 22 (2)
I will give you rest.
Cross bearer Jesus
Who like him forms himself to love, him the cross will not press all too much, because the following of Jesus also secures to man the presence of God at the same time, who is present in every work of love – following of Jesus. Read more >>

2015 December 23
And from such dark powers men are constantly besieged.
Misleading of thoughts
The dark forces are extremely busy in the misleading of the thoughts of him who wants to give himself to belong to God. Read more >>

2015 December 24
It is a special favour when my word is imparted to man.
Sin against the spirit
And whom I once approached without having found reception, he will have to wrestle a very long time before the favour is again given to him; he will not be invited again easily by me to communion because he did not accept my first invitation. Read more >>

2015 December 24 (2)
To these I send my word directly and indirectly.
Transmission of the Divine Word on the New Earth
My word contains the teaching that Jesus Christ preached on earth as he was permeated by my spirit of love since the man Jesus had found the unification with me already on earth and so that also men on the new earth are to achieve this complete union with me, they have to be taught the teaching of Christ, so the pure truth, that is now offered to you men from heaven, must be passed over as my word to the new earth where it will be recognized in all its depth and wisdom as the message from above, as God’s direct instruction. Read more >>

2015 December 24 (3)
Go your way carefree, and do not forget that I always walk with you.
Father words to his servants on earth
And that is why you must fall into line with every change of your life situation; you must recognize my will in everything that is granted to you and know that my love is especially directed towards you and it determines me to intervene when the world wants to push itself forward and seeks to cast its spell over those who are mine. Read more >>

2015 December 25
You are to be prepared to help and fear no lack of power.
Cooperation for the kingdom of God
You will recognize my work and rule, which is only meant for the redemption of the unfree spiritual, to which also you men belong, which I want to rescue from destruction, before the end has come. Read more >>

2015 December 25 (2)
But how the power out of God expresses itself that depends on the will of man.
Effect of the power out of God
He no longer can have another thought than that to reach his aim on earth and to fulfil God’s will, and his striving is directed towards God and leaves all earthly unnoticed, as far as it does not belong in his circle of duty, into which God himself has put him. Read more >>

2015 December 25 (3)
Put the power of belief to the test.
Difficult living conditions
This is the time where men who have strong faith will testify to the unbelievers of the ability of a man who trusts in the help of God, who in strong faith leaves himself to God and takes the greatest tribulation in prayer to God. Read more >>

2015 December 25 (4)
Russia sees Angela Merkel as too strongly under US influence.
Hard attitude with sanctions
Russia: Merkel stands under the influence of the USA
The head of the Russian committee for foreign affairs believes that Angela Merkel has managed to force through the extension of the EU sanctions. He advised her to support European interests.

2015 December 26
Place the spiritual work in front of all other work.
Call for activity for the kingdom of God at night
But the spiritual work cannot be carried out by every man, but spiritually prepared men belong thereto, who therefore also have the duty to use the knowledge received from God, otherwise they would have to answer to God some day. Read more >>

2015 December 26 (2)
Accept my love teaching and act accordingly.
Conditions to the work of the spirit
The right attitude towards me, towards my commands, is basic condition to stand in truthful knowledge, no matter in which way and in which form it is offered. Read more >>

2015 December 26 (3)
My church is no worldly organization.
Work of the servants of God with the form-believers
But they will find no mercy in my eyes, because the opportunity is offered to them on many occasions to penetrate into faith truths and acquire for themselves a living faith, but they accept no instruction and also do not appear in public with counter-opinions, but they always just leave fellowman in the belief to belong themselves to that church, which I as man founded on earth. Read more >>

2015 December 27
Creations, which hold that spiritual in them, which is damned to hell.
Hell - Judged matter
And this is a pitiable state; it is a state, which can be called hell; which becomes eternity for the being and only then improves when the being strives towards the light, i.e., when a support offered to it is no longer declined. Read more >>

2015 December 28
Because his love is boundless.
Power and magnificence of God
And therefore the love of God let creations come into being, whose only purpose it is, to receive the imperfect entity and to develop it according to its purpose to beings, who recognize God and learn to love him and now consciously strive towards him. Read more >>

2015 December 28 (2)
The inviolability of free will.
Activity of the light beings
And that is why light beings can only work there where in man himself the will stirs to receive spiritual knowledge, divine truth. Read more >>

2015 December 28 (3)
You will one day also thank me for the difficult hours and days.
Journey through life set – destiny according to will
But men can change nothing about their course of life and must therefore humbly accept everything, if they want to gain advantage for the soul. Read more >>

2015 218
2015 December 28 (4)
God wants to shorten their time of suffering.
End of an era no further development in the hereafter, but banishment
But it is different with the expiration of a redemption period. Then there is no further development in the spiritual realm but only a development upwards that starts on the lowest level that requires again the walk through the entire creation of the earth. Read more >>

2015 219
2015 December 29
And this is the coming into being of matter.
Electrons – Part A
And the spiritual enlivening these electrons is that imperfect spiritual, which begins the course of development on earth, which becomes bound in form. Read more >>

2015 220
2015 December 29 (2)
Electrons are the original components of matter.
Electrons – Part B
Electrons are purest power out of God and therefore indestructible; they are so to speak the boundary crossing out of the spiritual into the earthly kingdom, a radiation of God, which assumes form with the entry into the earthly kingdom, just as one can speak of form in the incomprehensible smallest extent. Read more >>

2015 221
2015 December 30
Work for me joyfully.
God’s care for his servants
You will have quietness and peace and also radiate it upon your surroundings. Read more >>

2015 222
2015 December 30 (2)
The proof that I am.
Doubting the existence of God in the time of the end
I bring the truth close to them already before, and who applies himself to this truth, who makes himself worthy to receive it, and strives towards it in free will, he will outdo the intellectual sharpness of the world-wise; he will become knowing; he will receive power of judgement; his spirit will become enlightened, and nothing will be able to take his faith, his conviction, because he is taught by myself, and he has the proof that I am. Read more >>


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