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2014 January 3
Souls in Earth nearness want to communicate with men, without however being heard by them.
Contact with the deceased. Souls in Earth nearness.
Countless souls are in Earth nearness, whose state of maturity is a very low one and that is why they still have the desire for Earth, because higher spheres are still not accessible for them. These souls are often still not yet aware that they no longer belong to Earth, i.e., they still do not know it that they have ended bodily life on Earth, and that is why they still stay in their old surroundings and want to communicate with men, without however being heard by them. Read more >>

2014 January 5
Inexhaustible are the favours, which are available to man, but the will of man must consciously request them.
Favour can be supplied to fellowman through intercession of man
And that is why man, who cannot pray, is a miserable, unfortunate creature, whom only can still be helped through loving intercession, that his mind may change and he may come to cognition. Favour can be supplied to fellowman through intercession of man. Read more >>

2014 January 5 (2)
Striving for perfection.
But divine spirit work can only there appear where a man strives for perfection because this is precondition that the being earnestly desires to approach the eternal divinity – who therefore consciously strives for a state, which excludes lacks and mistakes. Read more >>

2014 January 6
Vatican: A paradise for gays.
How homosexual contacts in the Vatican can be advantageous for careers
A Swiss guardsman reports about his time near the power in the Vatican. Not only priests, but also bishops and cardinals are to have molested him. Read more >>

2014 January 6 (2)
Two bursts of light before the discovery of crop circle.
Crop circle
The circle was reported by two friends who claimed on YouTube to have witnessed two bursts of light before dawn on the morning the circle was discovered. Read more >>

2014 January 7
Being able of shutting out thoughts.
Shutting out all thinking
The hearing inwards requires greatest self-overcoming because all thinking must be shut out, so that only spiritual good can be supplied from the heart to the brain. Read more >>

2014 January 8
Redshift, a stretching of light waves known as a Doppler shift.
The redshift controversy
As Dr. Arp’s colleagues lost patience with his quest, he was no longer invited to speak at major conferences, and his observing time on the mighty 200-inch telescope began to dry up. Warned in the early 1980s that his research program was unproductive, he refused to change course. Finally, he refused to submit a proposal at all on the grounds that everyone knew what he was doing. He got no time at all. Read more >>

2014 January 10
The smallest happening in Earth life has its purpose.
There are no coincidences
Merely the will of man for the spiritual reshaping of his soul is completely free, while the will of man in earthly relationship is still bound so to speak – that he indeed can also determine earthly events due to his will, but can always only himself stimulate its execution, but the effect never depends on him alone. Read more >>

2014 January 12
Bringing the spirit spark in us to the awakening.
Short guiding principle for life
You must know that your soul is to be united with the spirit in you, which, as divine spirit spark, waits for its arousal through love work. Only when this spirit spark in you has been brought to the awakening, it can become effective, i.e., it can instruct you from out of the inside, and when you remain in love, you draw the divine spirit to you, which connects itself with the spirit spark in you. Read more >>

2014 January 13
The Hereafter: The spiritual kingdom, heaven, and the still earth-bound spheres, hell.
The still earth-bound spheres in the hereafter
Everything in the spiritual kingdom just strives for the spreading of truth because the spiritual kingdom is a kingdom of light. But Earth and also the still earth-bound spheres, are places of darkness, into which light must be carried, i.e., truth must be spread because error and lie, therefore unconscious and conscious untruth, has the upper hand. B.D. NR. 2479b.

2014 January 13 (2)
What is the world and its matter?
Matter and spirit
Matter is spiritual substance.

2014 January 14
Matter serves as cover to the spiritual striving up.
Matter and spirit. Visible and invisible creations.
Matter is material formed out of spiritual substances, which have scored no course of development at all, however now start it, therefore get a task allocated by God, to be cover to the spiritual striving up, as long as it is needed. Read more >>

2014 January 15
A being that was on the level of the animal world.
Men of prehistory
It was a being, which was certainly similar to man according to the outer form, but otherwise was on the level of the animal world, which moved in accordance of the divine laws of nature and therefore did everything instinctively, without being conscious of its acting. Read more >>

2014 January 15 (2)
Sensors measure 2.5 mm by 2.5 mm and the weight is about 5 milligrams.
Scientists fit tiny sensors onto honey bees to study behavior
The sensors measure 2.5 millimetres by 2.5 mm and act like a vehicle's "e-TAG," recording when the bees pass particular checkpoints.
Each sensor weight is about five milligrams. This is about 20 per cent of what the bee can carry.
The sensors could potentially be made even smaller, so that a 1 mm sensor could be glued to a mosquito.

2014 January 15 (3)
Radio frequency hardware must be physically inserted by a spy, a manufacturer or an unwitting user.
Enter and alter data in computers even if they are not connected to the internet
The NSA has implanted software in nearly 100,000 computers around the world that allows the US to conduct surveillance on those machines and can also create a digital highway for launching cyberattacks.
While most of the software is inserted by gaining access to computer networks, the NSA has increasingly made use of a secret technology that enables it to enter and alter data in computers even if they are not connected to the internet.
The technology relies on a covert channel of radio waves that can be transmitted from tiny circuit boards and USB cards inserted surreptitiously into the computers. In some cases, they are sent to a briefcase-size relay station that intelligence agencies can set up miles away from the target.

2014 January 15 (4)
Then the Lord rained upon Sodom and upon Gomorrah brimstone and fire from the Lord out of heaven.
Westerwelle - the foreign minister of Sodom and Gomorrah
In a similar way, Sodom and Gomorrah and the surrounding towns gave themselves up to sexual immorality and perversion. They serve as an example of those who suffer the punishment of eternal fire. Read more >>

2014 January 18
South Africa slams Big Pharma in generic drugs row
Our doctors commit satanic genocide
South Africa slammed global pharmaceutical firms on Friday over a covert campaign against its planned overhaul of intellectual property laws to favour cheaper generic drugs, accusing them of a "satanic" plot to commit "genocide".
It is not the first time drugmakers have clashed with Pretoria. A decade ago the industry was forced to climb down in a bruising battle over AIDS drugs patents and access to generics.
The latest fight reflects tension between an industry that wants to protect its intellectual property and profits as it pushes further into emerging markets, and governments from India to Brazil that are determined to increase patients' access to life-saving treatments.
Comment: The South African government calls it satanic genocide and with doctors it is even worse because they tell their patients, with cancer for instance, that there is no treatment against it. Satanic genocide.
See 2013 Mar 24 – The ignorance of science and its terrible results

2014 January 18 (2)
Love towards matter banishes the spiritual far longer inside the form.
Making a serving activity possible for the spiritual in matter
But when man helps the spiritual in matter, by making a serving activity possible for it, then he shortens its course of development considerably; he helps the spiritual overcoming its outer form. Therefore matter is then not increased, but decreased, while the spiritual in it gets released, to again start the fight against matter in a new material cover. Read more >>

2014 January 19
The cause as well as the purpose of all conformity to law is to be only sought and found spiritually.
Spiritual development stipulates everything natural in its conformity to law
But men only fathom the laws of nature, they only research that it is so, but not why it is so as it is. They certainly think the natural consequence as purpose and aim of the cause, but do not know that the cause as well as the purpose of all conformity to law is to be only sought and found spiritually, that the spiritual development stipulates everything natural in its conformity to law. Read more >>

2014 January 20
Only few will also recognize him.
Visible appearing of the Lord
But he will also appear visibly to a few, whose love towards him is deep and who are ready to make sacrifices. But only few will also recognize him, because he will be among them in simple form, and only the love of the heart will recognize him, because it strongly feels drawn towards him and thereby recognizes the nearness of the Lord. Read more >>

2014 January 20 (2)
Obama and his vassal Merkel.
Germany slowly recognizes the Dictator Obama
Plainer and clearer than ever this self-understanding becomes now apparent, which is cultivated in the White House: The president is the source of all power and thus the source of all law. Read more >>

2014 January 21
Thought is the everlasting current of power.
Through thought-transference from the kingdom of light to Earth an extraordinary knowledge can be imparted to man in a way, which does not seem supernatural at all. Read more >>

2014 January 21 (2)
Investigations against the USA are considered as new form of blasphemy.
Investigations against the USA are considered as new form of blasphemy in German politics and in German judiciary
NSA affair and chancellor mobile phone
When the mobile phone of Chancellor Merkel is eavesdropped on, then that is espionage, thus punishable. And also the German public wants to know to what extent the NSA has collected data – but the reaction of federal public prosecutors makes the logic of the security state clear.
This territory is that of political criminal offences, to which agent activity and espionage is counted – thus also the tapping of the mobile phone of the chancellor through the Americans. That was of course a criminal offence; one in continuation connection; because of it one would of course have to investigate thoroughly. That will not happen.
In the next days and weeks one will hear from the federal prosecution office in Karlsruhe that this criminal offence is not a criminal offence at all – or that this criminal offence unfortunately can no longer be pursued. Investigations against the USA are considered as new form of blasphemy in German politics and in German judiciary; for that reason they are carefully avoided.

2014 January 22
Worldly-churchy organizations are just the work of man.
Religious organizations
The inner core can far more likely come to maturity without the shell, which is already just the work of men and does not favour spiritual ascent development very much. The many organizations have not shown great spiritual successes because mankind became more and more de-spiritualized, despite these human institutions. Read more >>

2014 January 23
Men are not able to fathom the forces of nature completely.
The original reason of every force of nature is to be sought in the spiritual
It remains hidden to them in which connection these powers stand with each other and what they basically actually are. And they will never be able to gain information about this because this knowledge means a penetrating into a spiritual field, which cannot be entered purely by research. Because the original ground of every force of nature is to be sought in the spiritual and for that reason not explainable as long as the spiritual way is not treaded nor faith in spiritual work exists at all. Read more >>

2014 January 24
God’s help and favour.
Important details
To stand in the favour of God means to get all means for the ascent development of the soul, therefore to find help always and everywhere, which makes the maturation of the soul possible. Read more >>

2014 January 24 (2)
Receiving the full rights of sons.
God’s adoption
A way of life on earth, corresponding to the will of God, earns the soul God’s adoption; it can reach highest perfection on earth; it can form itself to the light being, which is allowed to enjoy all wonderful things of eternal life. Read more >>

2014 January 25
Space and time exist only for the still incomplete being and especially for the most developed one, however incomplete being, for man.
Remodelling of Earth
When a redemption period has found its conclusion with the last judgement, with the final separation of the spiritual that strives towards God and that rebels against God, then the latter is bound anew in form while the first can now leave form and only through the wisdom and the will of God still keeps the outer form for a time, for the establishment of a new generation of men. Read more >>

2014 January 26
Sigmar Gabriel dominates not only publically the great coalition. Also behind the scenes he challenges Merkel.
Germany: Vice chancellor forms his counter government
Behind the pretty scenes of the great coalition Gabriel’s development of power causes a lot of worry for the Union: The vice chancellor has given instructions to all important Social Democrats to work directly to him.
The man has verves. On Wednesday Sigmar Gabriel came 30 minutes late to the first conference in private of the new cabinet in the pretty castle Meseberg. Angela Merkel hates lateness. She already reprimanded Barack Obama when he let her wait less long on the side-lines of a G 20 summit.
Gabriel knows that. But he also knows that without him nothing at all goes in the federal government. Without complaining the chancellor together with all ministers had waited for the vice chancellor and super minister for economy and energy. He came, sat down and expectantly looked around: Let’s go.
Because for the SPD there is only one number one: Sigmar Gabriel.

2014 January 26 (2)
They shall be priests of God and of Christ, and shall reign with him a thousand years.
Paradisiacal state
A time of deepest peace because everything what lives there in free will is for God, therefore of a will turned towards God and hence neither suffering nor tribulation is needed as means of education. It stands in love and therefore is close to God – and the God nearness means peace and harmony and a state of happiness already on Earth. Read more >>

2014 January 27
The Diocese Hildesheim agreed to carry on employing Peter Riedel further as pastor.
Diocese Hildesheim: The Eldorado of children raping priests
After students of the college reported the encroachments to the head of the school 1981, he was first silently moved to Göttingen. When also there accusations were made known, he was passed on to Hildesheim 1989. 1994 he was discharged from the Jesuit Order, but the Diocese Hildesheim agreed to carry on employing him further as pastor. Read more >>

2014 January 28
Australian headlines:
Children locked in cages at Salvation Army home, abuse inquiry told
Salvation Army locked boys in cage, raped and beat them, royal commission hears
Boys in Salvation Army home 'locked in cage, raped'
Salvation Army abuse: Boys 'punched and locked in cages' at homes, royal commission told
Royal Commission warns Salvos abuse evidence will be 'at the severe end' with boys caged, abused and forced to eat vomit

2014 January 28 (2)
The transmission from above.
The spirit’s power
But as long as we are only letting our intellect be active and do not take up the spirit’s power, we will hardly stand in truth because truth is and will remain God’s part, which can only be supplied to Earth through God’s spirit. Read more >>

2014 January 28 (3)
In the main God does not set his will in opposition to human will.
Will of God and allowance of God
Against divine will the will of man fights in vain. This is certainly free, i.e., he can want to do something, but not always execute what he wants. Read more >>

2014 January 29
USA headlines:
Obama threatens quarrelling Congress with solo effort
US president announces to act past Congress if necessary
State of the Union address - Obama ignores Congress
Will Obama's executive 'tyranny' go unnoticed?
Obama prepared to avoid Congress, go it alone
Obama calls for action, with or without Congress
Obama vows to act without Congress in 2014
Obama promises changes, with or without Congress
Obama 'will not wait for Congress'
Congressman calls Obama 'the Socialistic dictator' on House floor

2014 January 29 (2)
Germany headlines:
Government statement - Merkel warns USA of further espionage actions
Government statement of chancellor: Merkel complains about break of trust through US secret services
Government statement of chancellor: Merkel accuses NSA of sowing mistrust
Government statement - Merkel admonishes reform courage and warns USA
Merkel's clear words in direction of USA
Government statement - Merkel's coded message to Obama
Chancellor complains about arbitrary use of power and loss of trust - Well-behaved bow before America's power
German leader criticizes U.S. over pervasive surveillance
Merkel warns USA

2014 January 30
Salvation Army boys' home in Sydney rented out boys to strangers who sexually abused them
Boys 'rented out' for abuse at Salvation Army boys' home
Boys 'rented out' for abuse at Salvation Army boys' home at Bexley in Sydney's south
Children at a Salvation Army boys' home in Sydney were rented out to strangers who sexually abused them, the royal commission has been told.

2014 January 30 (2)
The incarnation of a soul can then take place when all substances in it have gathered.
Joining together of all soul substances
All soul substances aspire to this last embodiment on earth because they, as soon as they have united to the human soul, know about that the human outer form is their last material cover and after this they can be free of every earthly fetter. Read more >>

2014 January 31
God will be the master teacher of him who wants to be taught by him.
Asking God for illumination of thinking
Men must turn towards God who himself is truth when they want to receive truth and also recognize it as such. God himself is not allowed to be ignored; the power of the spirit must be requested from him, otherwise it cannot be effective in man and the thinking of man just remains intellectual thinking. Read more >>

2014 February 2
Knowledge is the knowing man’s weapon, his power and his strength.
To the knowing man every phase of the faith struggle is intelligible
Only the knowing man knows the connexion of all things; he knows about the meaning and purpose of creation and the earth task of man. Read more >>

2014 February 2 (2)
Catholic Church: Decades of abuse through priests, nuns.
Diocese bankrupt after payments to abuse victims
The eleventh diocese in the USA got into financial difficulties after court proceedings about abuse. 15 million dollars of compensation are payable for crimes with 362 children.
The Diocese Helena in US state Montana submitted its insolvency application at court.
Abused under knowledge of offices of the church.

2014 February 3
Federal government has made itself liable to prosecution for forbidden secret service agent activity, violation of personal living and private sphere and prevention of punishment.
Chaos Computer Club institutes legal proceedings against Merkel
With a charge civil rights activists want to give a push to investigations of the general federal prosecutor against the government. It has illegally collaborated with the NSA and passed on data. General Federal Prosecutor Harald Range considers the case; but he has not yet initiated investigation proceedings.
"Every federal citizen is affected by the huge scale of secret service surveillance of his communication data. Though our laws protect him against this and threaten those with punishment who are responsible for such surveillance. The investigations of the general federal prosecutor are corresponding, actually a matter of course. It is regrettable that not already a long time ago the people responsible and the circumstances of their crimes have been investigated."
According to the charge the federal government made itself liable to prosecution for illegal secret service agent activity, violation of personal living and private sphere and prevention of punishment.

2014 February 5
Suffering on earth is to lead men to cognition.
The spiritual need must be the cause for intercession
In cognition of this spiritual need and its consequences men must pray for these misguided men; they must ask God for power and favour for those, so that they come to cognition of their serious difficulties and strive for light out of free will. Read more >>

2014 February 5 (2)
UN accuses Vatican of adopting policies that allowed priests to rape children
The terrorist organisation Catholic Church - UN: The Vatican is effectively allowing priests to continue abuse and escape prosecution.
In a series of hard-hitting observations, the Committee on the Rights of the Child said that “the Holy See has not acknowledged the extent of the crimes committed, has not taken the necessary measures to address cases of child sexual abuse and to protect children, and has adopted policies and practices which have led to the continuation of the abuse by and the impunity of the perpetrators.” Read more >>

2014 February 5 (3)
But far more beneficial is that prayer, which is only meant for the spiritual perfection, the cognition and striving for light and truth.
Power of intercession
As soon as men pray for each other, their hearts are able to love, and because love is power, this power flows over upon the man love is meant for. The prayer now has an effect, by man, for whom intercession is meant, noticeably feeling the flow of power by him now either feeling relief of his earthly troubles or being up to them through the power flowing towards him. Read more >>

2014 February 8
Since the second world war, Germany has farmed out foreign policy to America, France and Britain.
Germany trend
Germany seems to be eager again for military action, just as it was 100 years ago. Read more >>

2014 February 9
Matter in smallest reduction in size for the reception of plant matter.
Destruction of solid form - Start of development course
After endless long time the spiritual is freed out of the first cover; the form is blown up so that the spiritual is scattered in uncountable little particles; that it certainly still remains in the same matter, but to which now a serving activity is allocated, either again as matter for new creations through the hand of man or also in smallest reduction in size for the reception of plant matter, according to the nature of its property and strength of the will to serve. This is so to speak the start of the development, which now happens again and again in changed outer form. Read more >>

2014 February 10
The process of a transmission of spiritual thought material promotes only the ascent development of the soul.
Life power and spiritual power
Without interruption light beings have power out of God at their disposal, which they receive all the time and pass on, as also the dark beings receive such from their progenitor, who receives his power from God, but uses it for God-opposing work. The attitude towards God or towards his opponent is determining from where power flows towards man. Read more >>

2014 February 12
Conservative group calls for Boehner’s head.
No-one dares to attack Obama
The group, which is targeting several incumbent Republicans in primary races this year, said Mr. Boehner, Ohio Republican, has sold out small government principles on too many occasions and the last straw came this week when House GOP leaders signalled they were going to support a bill to increase the nation’s borrowing limit without attaching any strings to reduce spending. Read more >>

2014 February 12 (2)
Animals are directed by the will of God.
The animal lives in accordance with divine order
The animal can no other way than to live in accordance with this divine order, and consequently fulfils the divine law in the mandatory state. And in these pre-phases no creature will rebel against the divine order because it has before expressed its will before the respective embodiment became its. Read more >>

2014 February 16
There are many gradations in the spiritual world.
The kingdom of light
There are many gradations in the spiritual world, many degrees of happiness, which are visible as light radiations in the most different intensity and correspond to the degree of maturity of the souls. As soon as the being, the soul, has entered the kingdom of light, happiness and blessedness is its part because it can receive the power radiation of God, what always means bliss, even so the soul can only be given little according to its maturity. Read more >>

2014 February 17
Even among researchers only few followers of the theory of evolution are found.
Theory of evolution: 90 per cent of US Americans believe in a creator
Bible or Darwin? According to a new study only every tenth US American believes in the scientific theory of evolution. Even among researchers only few followers are found.
According to the statement, of the just under 600 scientists among the questioned, after all about every fifth believes that God had nothing to do with the coming into being of the universe.

2014 February 18
The kingdom of light is closed for them.
The hereafter
Uncountable souls go in an immature state at their decease into the spiritual kingdom, and that is why their lot is little enviable. The kingdom of light is closed for them. Read more >>

2014 February 22
Systematic cover-ups of priests’ crimes.
USA: The terror organization Catholic Church
Los Angeles’s costly lesson for the Vatican
A decade of shameful denial has cost the archdiocese more than $740 million in monetary damages.
A decade of litigation, shameful denial and fierce resistance to civil authority has cost the archdiocese more than $740 million in monetary damages, with the spiritual toll far from tallied. Church lawyers said this was an end to litigation that saw more than 500 victims receive compensation, with the archdiocese taking out costly loans, selling property and even tapping into cemetery perpetual care funds to pay for it. In the process, the archdiocese was forced by the courts to release secret records that confirmed systematic cover-ups of priests’ crimes.

2014 March 2
What have neutrinos to do with prayer?
Blessing of prayer - Power out of God – Neutrinos
Neutrinos are quite neutral particles, which only then give up their neutrality when we want it. When we employ our will, when we intend that they become effective for us, then they will. We open our heart for the reception of power. Read more >>

2014 March 2 (2)
A man can be imprisoned by teachings, which are not completely in accordance with truth.
The false doctrines of Kenneth Hagin
But a man can now be deeply believing and fully convinced to stand in truth, also his life walk is in accordance with the will of God – but he is not able to spread pure truth as servant of God because he does not own it himself – because he does not ask and desires answers and expects them, but thinks himself to be the bearer of truth, and therefore erroneous thinking cannot be corrected. Read more >>

2014 March 3
Ms Merkel was on the side of the opposition to the government of the Ukraine who now had become criminals.
Ms Merkel, the more independent vassal of Obama
The development in the Ukraine has clarified Merkel’s position. She, or rather Germany, belongs to the G7 group of nations and they side with Obama. Read more >>

2014 March 4
The winners of the Kiev dispute ignored the will of millions of citizens of the South East Ukraine.
Putin: Ukraine has undergone unconstitutional putsch
The winners of the Kiev dispute immediately started with extensive political reforms, which went far beyond the framework stipulated by the agreement. But at the same time they ignored the fundamental will of millions of citizens of the South East Ukraine. They not only contravened against the agreement of the 21st of February several times, but also against the constitution. Read more >>

2014 March 7
The possibility of execution is completely independent of will itself.
Freedom of will
God’s will is certainly decisive but God never determines the course of development of the individual being, as God also never pushes its will into a certain direction and consequently restricts the freedom of thinking but the decision is left to man himself, and as his decision is, so is also his state of maturity. Read more >>

2014 March 8
Darwinian evolution does not even get past the first hurdle.
Theory of evolution is statistically impossible
It is obvious that naturalistic evolution of first life is statistically impossible and it then follows that it required an “intelligent designer”; Darwinian evolution does not even get past the first hurdle. Read more >>

2014 March 9
Germany is now fully integrated in the Obama Empire.
The Obama Empire
The end times do not seem to have really started and Obama has already control over much of the world and resistance against him seems to be negligible. Read more >>

2014 March 13
NSA posed as Facebook in effort to infect 'millions' of computers with malware as part of its 'Owning the Net' program.
Documents say NSA pretends to be Facebook in surveillance
The new document dump includes a minute-long video purportedly produced by the NSA and marked "top secret"¯ that details the way the agency can manipulate computers into thinking they are contacting Facebook's servers, when they are in fact being directed to servers controlled by the NSA. According to the article, the deception involving Facebook was one of several techniques used by the NSA to conduct surveillance on millions of computers.
The video depicts a man using Facebook on a laptop computer. When he attempts to access a Facebook page, an NSA computer detects the request and sends the man data from its own servers disguised as Facebook traffic, a so-called man-on-the-side attack. The man thinks he is downloading his Facebook page, but is in fact also downloading what amounts to a computer virus that siphons information from his computer and sends it to the U.S. government.

2014 March 14
Federal president's office: Daniela Schadt, the companion of Joachim Gauck
The Germans have practically ignored the oppression in the DDR before their front door
Earlier she was political journalist. As youth, that the 54-years-old occasionally hints at, she was a wild girl, but not stupid.
When many of her friends demonstrated against Runway West - Schadt comes from Hanau and studied politics in Frankfurt -, she started to ponder: Don't we need it? One political youthful folly though still torments her.
"We became involved in all kind of things: Nicaragua, South Africa, but that we have practically ignored the oppression in the DDR before our front door - for this I still feel embarrassed until today."

2014 March 15
Remembering back.
Engage in loving activity in the hereafter
In thoughts we are to hold up in front of the souls that they must occupy themselves lovingly also in the hereafter. Because the spiritual full of light can only then assist these souls when they declare themselves willing to help other souls. Read more >>

2014 March 17
Researchers lose authority.
Why science does not have all the answers
Science thinks to be the more influential the more it masks methodical doubt. Read more >>

2014 March 18
Merkel has become the person in Obama’s system who is now responsible for agitation and propaganda.
The continued ascent of Ms Merkel
Germany is governed by a woman who started her political career as secretary of agitation and propaganda with Free German Youth in the GDR and who is now in the Obama-System also responsible for agitation and propaganda. Read more >>

2014 March 19
Wagenknecht talks that way, but Merkel acts that way.
Who is the better Stalinist, Wagenknecht or Merkel?
In the year 2013 Wagenknecht got confused and lost her purpose, but something like this would never happen to Merkel, she permanently kept the vision of the picture of Stalin in front of her eyes and never lost track of her purpose in life. Read more >>

2014 March 19 (2)
You are to pray only for the wellbeing of your soul and leave the wellbeing of your body to the will of God.
Prayer of the resurrected
Who stands in understanding his prayer is to be a request only for rescue out of spiritual misery – nevertheless he can also bring all earthy needs to the heart of the heavenly father by handing himself completely over to his guidance, by him believing that as his child he is lovingly protected by him. Read more >>

2014 March 21
The voice of God.
Aiming at God
God announces his directions through your heart. As soon as you feel pushed in a proposal, as soon as it drives you from out of the inside, it is always the voice of God, which gives you directions, provided that you make an effort to live in the will of God, therefore aim at him and put your trust in his guidance. Read more >>

2014 March 21 (2)
Spheres, which are far away and outside of the earthly-material world.
Different spheres in the spiritual kingdom
Directly after the death of the body the soul leaves the body and disappears into the spiritual kingdom, which according to the state of maturity can be close or far off from earth. Read more >>

2014 March 25
High-level contact.
Reunion in spheres of light
And that is why between the mature and the immature spiritual, therefore between the souls departed from earth, which enter the hereafter in a different state of maturity, there can also be no reunion so long until the immature has reached a certain degree of maturity, which opens the spheres of light to it. Read more >>

2014 March 27
The more the body joins the desire of the soul the more it spiritualizes itself.
Spiritualizing the substances of the body
The body is to help the soul to spiritual maturity by giving itself up, by suppressing every desire and only letting the desire of the soul come into play, which, when the body releases it, devotes itself completely to the spirit in it, therefore yields to its desire and pushing. Read more >>

2014 March 27 (2)
You will thank me and praise me that you were allowed to live through this time of favour.
Love work and favour in the time of the end
Approach the coming times undauntedly; let me rule and do not be afraid because my love and omnipotence will end the time and lead you, my loyal ones, through to eternal happiness, and you will thank me and praise me that you were allowed to live through this time of favour because it earns those who remain loyal to me increased blessings – a paradise on earth and a blissful life in days to come in eternity. Read more >>

2014 March 27 (3)
Merkel, Obama’s secretary of agitation and propaganda.
Forcing into line
Merkel has won all along the line. The forcing into line took place in no time. Read more >>

2014 March 29
Defending their right for self determination.
The people of Crimea obviously want to be part of Russia
Dana Rohrabacher again breaks from most House colleagues on Putin
Once again, there was Rep. Dana Rohrabacher breaking from most of his congressional colleagues, including fellow Orange County conservatives, to oppose an aid package for Ukraine and sanctions against Russia.
"We should not permit ourselves to reignite a Cold War," said Rohrabacher (R-Huntington Beach), who was on the short end of the bipartisan 319-19 roll call Thursday. He was the lone Californian to oppose the measure, urging colleagues not to demonize Russian President Vladimir Putin.
Rohrabacher told colleagues from the House floor that the people of Crimea "obviously want to be part of Russia. This is not a power grab. This is defending their right for self determination."

2014 April 1
The soul can have - before its embodiment - chosen a particular difficult earth life.
When man still clings to matter
To win God’s adoption on earth man must form himself to love and make himself able to establish the union with God already on earth so that he can enter the light spheres on the other side completely matured, when he departs from earth. Read more >>

2014 April 1 (2)
Merkel, Obama’s secretary of agitation and propaganda.
Merkel - Russian withdrawal of troops at Ukraine border is not enough
Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel has described the announced withdrawal of troops from the border area of the Ukraine as not sufficient. "With certainty it has also not been the last step, which will be necessary ..."

2014 April 3
The unlimited is the mark of perfection.
Progress - standstill - retrogression in the spiritual world
This is the activity of the light beings in the spiritual kingdom, to break through darkness, to bring light to beings without light. Innumerable creations are needed where the spiritual can mature, and also these creations are products of spiritual love work. Read more >>

2014 April 5
Spiritual power is different from life power.
Life power
Life power ceases with the bodily death of man, but spiritual power remains the being’s own also in the spiritual kingdom when he has made it his own on earth. Read more >>

2014 April 6
God’s intervention.
Earth upheaval
God ends the struggle of the nations.

2014 April 6 (2)
Merkel and Nazi tradition.
The three Ös of Ms Merkel
The propaganda chief and the Führer’s deputy and the rival. Read more >>

2014 April 7
Priest exploited, manipulated and humiliated while he hid behind the veil of the church.
Catholic Church abused children
One of Australia's worst child sex predators, pedophile priest Gerald Francis Ridsdale, is expected to die in prison. Read more >>

2014 April 7 (2)
With his clever strategy Obama has achieved that large parts of the world follow him today and that with quite little power out of rifle barrels and military expense.
The ultimate communist of all times and his deputy
With the putsch against the government of the Ukraine, Ms Merkel has now clearly worked herself out as the person who has the European part of the Obama-Reich under her. Read more >>

2014 April 9
Obama and his vassal Merkel.
Angela Merkel on her way to the abyss
Merkel, Obama’s secretary of agitation and propaganda.

2014 April 11
Obama provokes unrest and Merkel, his puppet, agitation.
Telephone conversation with Merkel: Obama gets West in the right mood for further sanctions because of Ukraine
US President Barack Obama gets western partners in the right mood for further sanctions in connection with the Russian Ukraine politics.
And a letter about this from a reader:
when an Obama call arrives simply push it away. First he must apologize for the tapping affair and see to it that such as this does no longer happen in future. If he would take care of his wretched country he would have enough to do and does not need to provoke unrest in corners of the world far away from America.
And an extract from a another:
Well, I no longer want to have to read in future that Obama pulls at the strings of his puppets, ...

2014 April 12
The spiritual in solid matter is still completely turned away from God.
The spiritual in solid matter and in the living being
It is a sign of spiritual regression when a man strives for solid matter, therefore seeks to increase earthly goods and hangs his heart on things, which still hold completely immature spiritual in it. Read more >>

2014 April 13
NSA investigation committee.
The illusion that Germany is a democracy
The parties of the German parliament are parties for the prevention of democracy. Read more >>

2014 April 13 (2)
The originally created spiritual stood in highest perfection.
The originally created spiritual and its fall
God’s love let something come into being what he wanted to make happy; and unsurpassable wisdom and power was expressed in the created spiritual. Read more >>

2014 April 14
Merkel, Obama's secretary for agitation and propaganda.
Merkel blames Russia for unrest
The federal government reproaches Kremlin: The armed groups in the East-Ukraine would be supported by Russia said a Merkel spokeswoman.

2014 April 14 (2)
It is evident now that the entire population of eastern Ukraine also claims it does not accept this new government.
EU aggravated Ukrainian crisis by legitimizing regime change
One should draw the line between the EU policy and the one of President Obama, because his policy runs counter to European interests. Read more >>

2014 April 16
And they will press men hard who make the commandments of God their guideline.
Resist the devil
You must resist the devil, even if you are severely pressed and have to fear for your bodily well-being, because through this you save your soul before the downfall and through your example also those of your fellowmen when you practise love, even so the world wants to hinder you of it. Read more >>

2014 April 17
Spiritual knowledge carries the obligation to pass it on.
Today is Maundy Thursday
Continually you are instructed so that your knowledge increases, and continually you receive power, which you must use again in spiritual work. And for that reason use this power, by you contributing to the spreading of that what is send to you through spiritual instruction; use it by passing on what you have received yourselves. Read more >>

2014 April 18
Sigmar Gabriel, the deputy of Germany’s Chancellor Merkel, called Obama a thief last year and this year he appears on a television show and pays tribute to Obama.
Sigmar Gabriel - the hypocrite
The vice-chancellor of the German republic can or will not guarantee the safety of a witness who has done Germany more than a gigantic service. Read more >>

2014 April 20
Summon the will to listen to the instructions through the divine spirit.
Receiving the divine word act of greatest willpower
There are only few people in the possession of the direct word because only few are so strong-willed that they consciously listen to the inside and therefore also have the faith in the work of God in man through his spirit. Read more >>

2014 April 20 (2)
Obama’s politics have something to do with everyone who opposes him.
The Obama strategy
If someone does not do what Obama wants, then this person has to be eliminated. Read more >>

2014 April 21
A culmination, which lets the depravity of men really become recognizable.
God’s intervention
God will ruin the plans of men and let his will go into action. But before that a hard examination is still necessary; the fight must still first reach a culmination, which seems almost impossible, but which is of a complete short duration, lets, however, the depravity of men really become recognizable. Read more >>

2014 April 21 (2)
Obama’s system of intimidation.
The autocratic rule of Obama
The autocratic rule of Obama has now really started and every resistance against his system will be severely punished. Read more >>

2014 April 22
Cutting off economic and political ties – The twentieth of April is again celebrated.
John prophesied it and Obama does it
And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Read more >>

2014 April 24
A thick wall of protection surrounds them, which is formed by good spiritual beings.
Suffering – means of favour
And that is why in the middle of the greatest misery also a quiet island of peace can be; in the middle of human devils also men joined to God can live, who the former cannot harm, because a thick wall of protection surrounds them, which is formed by good spiritual beings. Read more >>

2014 April 25
Obama’s final solution of the Russian question.
On his 125th birthday Adolf Hitler fully exists again
The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly. Read more >>

2014 April 26
New sanctions against Russia: Obama and Merkel build up threatening backdrop
Ukraine: Merkel and Obama threaten Russia with new sanctions
US President Obama: Having an effect on Putin with specific sanctions
The situation in the East Ukraine is extremely critical; Russian troop exercises near the border. The USA and big EU states plan a common counter strategy and threaten Moscow with new sanctions.

2014 April 27
Obama wants to avoid the perception that the U.S. is trying to wrest Ukraine from Moscow
Obama: World must unite to disapprove of Russian actions in Ukraine
The world must unite to show Russia its disapproval of its actions in Ukraine, U.S. President Barack Obama said Sunday.
Rather than going with sanctions alone and making it a United States vs. Russia issue, "it's important for us to make sure that we're part of an international coalition in sending that message and Russia is isolated, rather than (the perception that) the U.S. is trying to pull Ukraine out of his orbit," he said speaking from Malaysia, where he is on a diplomatic visit.

2014 April 27 (2)
Obama admits defeat.
Obama: The U.S. is not trying to pull Ukraine out of his orbit
Obama seems to be of the opinion that he cannot win the entire Ukraine and that a military confrontation with Russia is too risky and so he gives in. Read more >>

2014 April 27 (3)
It cannot be that Merkel in an independent initiative draws Germany into a war.
Germany: Pro-Russian attitude of the Left Group
Different Left deputies have criticised the policy of the federal government and demanded more understanding for Russian positions. Read more >>

2014 April 28
Masquerade of the year on the Roman St. Peter’s Square.
Masquerade and sorcery
So there we have it: A Church order with priesthood, theology, cult, sacrament; short, all that what Jesus of Nazareth has fought. Read more >>

2014 April 29
The believing man fetches his power out of God.
Right faith
Right faith is able to put you in the deepest inner peace because then you leave everything carefree to the Lord and creator of heaven and earth who is your father from the beginning. Read more >>

2014 April 29 (2)
But just like the angels, when bad comes to worse, they ask God to intervene.
Ancestors and guardian angels
They say the ancestors, like the guardian angels, will act on your prayers, intercede in your life, forewarn of what is to come. Read more >>

2014 April 30
Merkel did not resist the devil and now is his slave. She has sold her soul and her country.
Merkel‘s Ukraine shambles
Instead of encouraging the Ukraine to freely decide whether this country wanted to turn more towards Russia or accept the offer of the EU, Merkel acted as godmother of a putsch and caused a shambles, which now lies at her feet. Read more >>

2014 May 1
Germany does not want to upset Obama.
The Obamafication of Germany
Obama shows the world who is really in charge in Germany. Read more >>

2014 May 2
A work of destruction, which can only still be ended through God's intervention.
Terrible events
Because now disaster overtakes those men whose hearts are ruled by Satan, who sacrifice the life of innumerable men for their shameful plans and execute a work of destruction without mercy, which can only still be ended through my intervention. Read more >>

2014 May 2 (2)
The western powers are aggressors.
The Neue Zürcher Zeitung has become the first address for American propaganda in Switzerland
The only escalation driver is the USA.

2014 May 4
The parallels between Hitler’s Gauleiter Erich Koch and Obama’s Gauleiter Angela Merkel are quite remarkable.
Merkel, Obama’s Gauleiter for the East
Angela Merkel was highly furious about the inability of the Soviet Führers in keeping their Soviet empire together and had to experience and observed the reasons for this highly personally and knows exactly where all the mistakes were made, and this will not happen to her. Read more >>

2014 May 4 (2)
What has emerged out of God will always remain the same in its substance – spiritual.
Divine power of creation and will to form
What has emerged out of God will therefore again and again adopt another form as soon as it is visible to the human eye, however always remain the same in its substance – spiritual, therefore power out of God, which, standing in different degrees of maturity, is always unconscious of itself, but can be free or unfree. Read more >>

2014 May 5
Prayer is a favour of God through which he makes himself reachable for every man.
All light beings are ministering spirits of God – they are the executers of divine will; they are the messengers who deliver power and light to men on earth, as well as to the still immature souls in the spiritual kingdom. Read more >>

2014 May 6
He who pays attention to world events and tries to explain them to himself spiritually – to him the language of God will be comprehensible.
God’s intervention
The greatness and omnipotence of God will be revealed at a time when men are completely without hope and bankrupt. Read more >>

2014 May 6 (2)
The Messiah strategy.
Why is the concept of Obama so successful?
Obama promises heaven on earth for the people without requesting anything the people would have to give up. Read more >>

2014 May 7
In Jesus Christ the eternal divinity has become visible to men.
Personification of God
God fills everything with his spirit, the entire universe, the entire spiritual kingdom – and therefore he is not imaginable as person, which is spatially limited according to human idea. Read more >>

2014 May 8
Souls lose their life power with bodily death.
Intercession for poor souls
The prayer for the erring souls in the hereafter is so extremely important when these souls are to get help, and men are to use every opportunity for these poor souls because men still have power at their disposal, which the souls suffering deprivation in the spiritual kingdom lack. Read more >>

2014 May 10
Where are your European and American values when mass murders happened in Odessa and Kiev under the eyes of millions of TV viewers?
German head of government put in one line with Adolf Hitler
Odessa, where in the best traditions of Auschwitz the spiritual successors of Ms Merkel’s countrymen from the past century have burnt people. Or Sloviansk where the Kiev gangs prepare a humanitarian disaster with the blessing of the EU and Germany. Read more >>

2014 May 10 (2)
Consciously presenting men with error to repress faith in a kingdom of light.
Contact with the spiritual world
Every contact with the spiritual world is useful for the soul when it takes place in purest, spiritual striving, therefore man desiring truth and knowledge, when he strives to win advantage for his soul and not thinks of earthly aims or desires. Read more >>

2014 May 12
Germans courageously fight past dictatorships.
The third German dictatorship
German people are very brave when it comes to fight dictatorships. But this of course only applies to dictatorships of the past. Read more >>

2014 May 13
Buchanan: America is in the process of cultural decline.
Obama‘s America is the centre of evil in the world
This former KGB officer is no godless communist but a believing Christian who fights against western decadence. President Reagan once called the Soviet Union a centre of evil in the world. President Putin indicated that Obama’s America could earn this title in the 21st century. Read more >>

2014 May 13 (2)
Fight between light and darkness.
The power of the originally created spirit being
To the opponent of God, as originally created spirit being, unlimited power was available and it is also not reduced by God. Read more >>

2014 May 14
Innumerable worlds exist in God’s creation whose purpose is the ascent development of the spiritual, which is to find back to God.
Spiritual and material creations
The spiritual creations are only then visible to the spiritual eye when the being stands in a certain degree of maturity. Before it is in worlds – provided it has left earth immature – in which it can recognize no creations at all because it is completely dark around the being. Read more >>

2014 May 15
The new study shows that gamma waves are a cause of the lucidity, and not just a consequence of it.
Lucid dreaming can be induced by zapping brains with gamma waves
Recent experiment conducted at the University of Frankfurt by Ursula Voss.
By administering mild electric currents to the brain, neuroscientists from Frankfurt University have successfully induced self-awareness in sleeping volunteers.
Amazingly, the technique could be used to help people take better control of their dreams. But it's also a discovery that's offering critical insights into the very nature of consciousness itself.
Gamma waves have been linked to consciousness before - a process called gamma coherence - but this is the first time scientists have used it to coax self-awareness during the dream cycle.
Gamma waves are a neural oscillation pattern with frequencies between 25 and 100 Hz, with 40 Hz being the sweet spot.
Lucid dreaming constitutes a hybrid state of consciousness with definable and measurable differences from waking and from REM sleep, particularly in frontal areas.

2014 May 15 (2)
Consciously changing the state of consciousness.
The existence of telepathy has now been proven
Gamma waves are a cause of the lucidity, and not just a consequence of it. Read more >>

2014 May 20
China accuses the USA.
China summons US envoy over cyber-spying accusations
Charge for cyber espionage: China accuses the USA of hypocrisy. Read more >>

2014 May 20 (2)
How matter could come into being out of light.
Physicists cannot produce matter
Although all physicists accept Breit and Wheeler‘s theory as true, they do not expect that it could ever be proven in the lab. Read more >>

2014 May 20 (3)
Wi-Fi is in as Australians turn away from mobile data plans.
Australians ditch tablet plans in favour of Wi-Fi, tethering
Aussies are turning away from tablet data plans and dedicated mobile broadband devices, instead opting to using Wi-Fi or smartphone tethering to stay connected.
According to new research from telecommunications analyst firm Telsyte, this shift in data usage has left telcos out in the cold, as consumers shy away from buying dedicated tablet data plans and opt to piggyback off Wi-Fi connections.
The research also shows demand for mobile broadband devices in the Australian market grew by just 3 per cent in the 2013 calendar year. While mobile data usage is increasing, the smartphone has become the device of choice for data access according to Telsyte senior analyst for Mobility, Alvin Lee.
"The opportunity for dedicated mobile broadband is diminishing even as mobile traffic continues to grow."
"[Wi-Fi hotspots are] sprouting like mushrooms and are now widely supported by local councils, shopping centres, local businesses and increasingly our transport networks."
Consumers are also driving a shift in the way telcos sell data - as more and more Australians use their tablets at home, in WiFi range.

2014 May 21
The origin of man was by fiat of God.
Christ above all
Adam and Eve are historical persons created by God in a special formative act, and not from previously existing life-forms. Read more >>

2014 May 25
The exact mechanisms of the information digestion with the brain are unclear in detail.
Scientists do not know what is actually meant with consciousness
Scientists do not even to some extent understand according to which rules the brain works. Read more >>

2014 May 26
Catholic priest's conduct plummets the depths of evil hypocrisy.
Frank Klep, former Victorian Catholic priest and teacher at Salesian College, sentenced to 10 years in prison
Paedophile Victorian priest Frank Klep has been sentenced to 10 and a half years in prison for sex offences. Klep taught at Salesian College Rupertswood in Sunbury, north of Melbourne, in the 1970s and '80s. He pleaded guilty to 15 sex offences involving many boys, including siblings at the school aged between 11 and 15.
Judge Frank Gucciardo described the 70-year-old's conduct as appalling, predatory and vile, and said it had created devastating lifelong consequences for Klep's victims and their families.
"There is no doubt your conduct plummets the depths of evil hypocrisy."
He often targeted boys who had been sent to the school's infirmary, and once pinned a boy down on a bed and raped him.
Klep, 70, pleaded guilty to 15 counts of indecent assault, buggery, attempted buggery and rape.

2014 May 27
The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse has heard from more than 1,500 witnesses
Australia: More than 40 people a week are approaching the commission
Janette Dines resignation: Chief executive of royal commission into child sexual abuse steps down
The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse began hearing evidence from victims of child sexual abuse early last year and has heard from more than 1,500 witnesses, with more than 150 cases of abuse being referred to police for investigation.
In April, Justice McClellan said that more than 40 people a week were approaching the commission to give evidence and that the commission did not have the resources to listen to all of them.

2014 May 27 (2)
The secretive program, financed in part with millions of dollars in classified Pentagon spending.
U.S. trains African commandos to fight terrorism
United States Special Operations troops are forming elite units in Libya, Niger, Mauritania and Mali in the war against Al Qaeda’s affiliates in Africa.
United States Special Operations troops are forming elite counterterrorism units in four countries in North and West Africa that American officials say are pivotal in the widening war against Al Qaeda’s affiliates and associates on the continent, even as they acknowledge the difficulties of working with weak allies.
The secretive program, financed in part with millions of dollars in classified Pentagon spending and carried out by trainers, including members of the Army’s Green Berets and Delta Force, was begun last year to instruct and equip hundreds of handpicked commandos in Libya, Niger, Mauritania and Mali.
As the United States military seeks to extend its counterterrorism reach in Africa, President Obama is expected to appear at West Point on Wednesday to emphasize a foreign policy that would avoid large land wars, like those in Afghanistan and Iraq, and instead stress the training of allied and partner nations to battle militants on their own soil.
Under the new Africa plan, the Pentagon is spending nearly $70 million on training, intelligence-gathering equipment and other support to build a counterterrorism battalion in Niger and a similar unit in nearby Mauritania that are in their “formative stages,” a senior Defense Department official said.

2014 May 27 (3)
Thought controlled flying.
Pilots of the future can control planes per thoughts
Researchers report successes with flight simulators - But till technical maturity it will still take time
Alone through thought commandos pilots could in future control planes: Researchers at the TU Munich and the TU Berlin have shown for the first time that thought control flying at the simulator works - and that is with surprising exactness. Electric potentials are then transformed into control commands. “It is not so that direct thoughts are read, but the pilot imagines the movements of his hands in the experiment. When he does not do it then the plane carries on flying straight ahead in the ideal case.”
With the joint project with the TU Berlin brain currents are measured, which are responsible for the control. So that men and machine can communicate, the brain currents of the pilot are measured with the help of electroenzephalograph electrodes (EEG) , which are connected with a cap. An algorithm enables the program to decipher the electric potential and to transform it into to a control command. In the brain computer interface only very clearly defined electric impulses of the brain can be recognized, which are needed for the control.

2014 May 27 (4)
Boring: When the earth would be an apple we would not even have broken through the skin
The knowledge about the earth interior is extremely sketchy
Deep in the interior of the earth, at the border towards the core of our planet, old sea bed is obviously collecting. Rock analyses show that the deep underground looks very differently than assumed.
Knowledge about the earth interior is extremely sketchy. The interior of the sun is better researched than the centre of the earth. Electromagnetic signals come out of the sun, which portray the secrets of its interior. Borings into our home planet however have up to now only succeeded up to a depth of twelve kilometres. Would the earth be an apple we would not even approximately have broken through the skin.
The knowledge out of the interior of the earth comes above all from volcano eruptions and from the analysis of earthquake waves.
A further experiment in a high pressure press now also still shakes one of the few assumptions about the earth interior, which was considered comparatively save – the world of the lower earth mantle proves to be completely different than expected
“The lower earth mantel consists of an up to now not identified structure”, write the researchers. It is as if one had just recognized that the Sahara is not a meadow but a desert.
“This provocative finding will probably still cause excitement.”
It raises the decisive question: Why was the principle component of the lower mantel up to now ignored?

2014 May 28
Snowden says US violating rights of all Germans.
The German nation has been betrayed and sold
Germany has employed the same surveillance methods as Washington. Germany's foreign intelligence agency, the BND, uses the same spying techniques as the NSA. The constitutional rights of every German citizen had been violated. Read more >>

2014 May 28 (2)
Relations with BRICS states.
The BRICS countries plan to meet at a summit in Brazil’s Fortaleza in July, where Argentina’s candidacy could be discussed.
The question of expanding the BRICS group of five major emerging economies – Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa – has not been raised so far, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Wednesday.
Argentina's foreign minister said Buenos Aires planned to develop its relations with BRICS states, but said there were no discussions on joining the group.

2014 May 29
Scientists override Albert Einstein’s objection to the implications of quantum mechanics.
Scientists report finding reliable way to teleport data
Scientists are now closer to proving Einstein wrong in his early disbelief in the notion of entanglement, in which particles separated by light-years can still instantaneously appear to remain connected, with the state of one particle affecting the state of another. Read more >>

2014 May 31
Emerging countries form an anti-western alliance
Five big countries, the so-called BRICS, bring an own development bank into being - and invite further states to join. The institution can be a counterbalance to IMF and World Bank.
So the start draws closer of a common development bank of the big emerging countries Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, which are often summarized with the abbreviation BRICS.
Such a bank was already planned as project for a long time but the states did not really come together. But the difficult economic situation now obviously led them move closer together, and so, according to information of the news agency Reuters on Friday, the five states agreed to give each an equal share of the bank.

2014 June 1
The signs of the times.
But can ye not discern the signs of the times?
Pay attention to the signs that will increase and which announce the near end and you will recognize in what phase of the last days you are in. You should not let worldly events cloud your spiritual vision but should establish a connection between them and the spiritual low, which marks the behaviour of men in the latter days. Read more >>

2014 June 1 (2)
Facial recognition.
NSA collecting millions of faces
With the help of the technology NSA wants to revolutionize the finding of target persons all around the world. Read more >>

2014 June 1 (3)
Ghosts of animals, plants, and minerals.
They believed in ghosts
They believed in ghosts. Not simple ghosts, but living animations of animals, plants, and minerals. Read more >>

2014 June 2
Movement profiles are drawn up by means of the vehicle data.
The modern car: Manufacturers, insurance companies and police have access to all data
The car transmits technical data to the manufacturer in regular intervals. Read more >>

2014 June 4
Brazil, China, India, South Africa and Russia.
President of Malawi seeks new friends in China, Russia
Malawi, traditionally dependent on Western aid donors, will look for "new friends" in countries such as China and Russia, newly elected Peter Mutharika said at his inauguration.
"We will continue with traditional relationships, but we are now looking for new friends in emerging economies such as Brazil, China, India, South Africa and Russia."

2014 June 5
The continued, radical and anti-democratic destruction of basic rights.
Total surveillance of all citizens
The federal government refuses protection of the citizens from spying out in the internet. Even more: It is eagerly involved in the business of mass surveillance. Read more >>

2014 June 6
And when man is still bound by matter, he lacks every understanding for the spiritual gift.
Why scientists are fools
But their knowledge is ignorance; it lacks all truth; it is work of men and human thought material, which misleads fellowmen and clouds their power of recognition. Truth only comes out of the spiritual kingdom, and it is only imparted by spiritual guides sent by God. But their work depends on the will of men themselves. Read more >>

2014 June 7
Clerical deadly terror of the Catholic Church shakes Ireland.
The terror organization Catholic Church
Children abused with systematic terror. About 30,000 children were systematically beaten up, raped and humiliated between 1940 and 1970 in state subsidized Catholic children homes and so-called work schools. In a closed waste water tank the nuns obviously had disposed of the victims of their regime over decades. Skulls, one on top of the others, two, three meter deep. The St. Mary’s Home was no isolated case. Read more >>

2014 June 8
Fact-finding mission into the deaths of 796 babies believed to be buried in a mass grave in Tuam.
Another religious scandal hits the international headlines
Reports that almost 800 children were buried near a disused septic tank at a mother and babies home that was run by the Bon Secours nuns. Read more >>

2014 June 8 (2)
Who desires to hear God he consciously strives towards him.
For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.
Who desires God’s word he desires God himself, and God will be in the word with him until the end of the world and in eternity. Read more >>

2014 June 8 (3)
Merkel is the new centre of world politics.
Merkel’s ascent
Angela Merkel’s foreign-policy influence has increased so much as never before. Read more >>

2014 June 10
Chute was allowed to continue teaching.
Catholic Church - Systematic terror
He admitted following a complaint to sexually abusing a student at the school and the then provincial of Marist Brothers, Othmar Weldon, considered it a "good idea" to move Chute to another school. Read more >>

2014 June 10 (2)
Obama expands his interest into south-east Asia.
Obama’s Gauleiter in Asia
Obama administration is intrigued by Tony Abbott and his work in Asia. Read more >>

2014 June 11
The world must be overcome to be able to fully appreciate the value of spiritual gifts.
Overcoming of the world
The tendency towards the world decreases the flow of spiritual goods, and that is why worldly minded people will come less in contact with spiritual gifts; they stand too far from the spiritual kingdom and do not recognize its envoys when they approach them. Read more >>

2014 June 11 (2)
Georg Kerkhoff – German predator priest sent to South Africa to also abuse children there.
Georg Kerkhoff - Catholic Church - International terror
Georg Kerkhoff – a priest sent from Germany to South Africa – was taken away in handcuffs from the Brits Magistrate’s Court yesterday by Interpol. He is facing 23 charges of child abuse in Germany. Read more >>

2014 June 12
The secret of a modern dictatorship is information control.
What is the secret of a modern dictatorship?
The Germans had the Stasi. They had the Nazis. They know what surveillance can mean and how important a free press is and protected sources which supply information to them. Read more >>

2014 June 14
Water deposits
Oceans in earth mantle
American researchers want to have tracked down the largest water reservoir of the planet.
In March 2014 a study pointed out for the first time there could be large amounts of water in the earth mantle. As a clue for this served a tiny grain of the mineral Ringwoodit, which had once been transported by a volcano out of the depth to the surface. The Ringwoodit contained 1.5 weight per cent of water, bound as hydroxyl molecule. As this mineral occurs in larger amounts in the transition zone of the upper to the lower earth mantle in 410 to 660 kilometres, this could mean that the earth mantle there is very much richer in water than assumed. Three times as much water as in all world oceans together could be stored there.

2014 June 14 (2)
Tony Abbott, Australia’s Prime Minister, Obama’s Gauleiter for Asia/Australia.
He that winketh with the eyes worketh evil
The Führer Obama has officially installed Tony Abbott as Gauleiter for Asia/Australia. So the situation is now a complete one. Gauleiter Merkel is responsible for Europe/Africa and Abbott for the western part of the Pacific Rim. Read more >>

2014 June 14 (3)
Edward Snowden had four laptops with him.
Edward Snowden
When he arrived in the Mira hotel he had four laptops with him, but most of the documents were already copied on sticks. This thing with the four laptops amazed me then. Now I work myself with three. One was never in the internet. One for coded chats. And one normal one. Read more >>

2014 June 16
The beginning and the end of a redemption period lies far apart.
Development of earth before men
So an epoch of development of the earth preceded the era of men, which only formed creation so that the living conditions were created for man on earth because this was precondition that man could now start his spiritual ascent development. Read more >>

2014 June 16 (2)
Putin’s approval rating rises to 80% – poll
Russian President Vladimir Putin's approval rating has reached 80 percent, with a majority of Russians saying the country is heading in the right direction, an independent pollster said Wednesday.
A poll by the Levada Center said public support for the Russian leader rose by 8 percent since Putin delivered an address to parliament on Crimea before the predominantly Russian-speaking region rejoined Russia last week.
Levada said Putin's approval rating peaked at 85 percent in spring 2008, when Dmitry Medvedev, now prime minister, succeeded him as president.

2014 June 16 (3)
Android mobile phone delivered with malware
Bug from factory
Not for the first time have experts discovered Trojans on factory new Android mobile phones. In this case it is about a copy of the Samsung Galaxy S4, about the Star N9500 .
For not even 200 Franken one gets a Samsung Galaxy S4 in several online shops, one could think. Because it is about the Star N9500, a copy of the success model from South Korea. Though some specimens of the China smartphone are a security risk, as the IT security supplier G Data has found out. It has discovered the Trojan Uupay.D on one device, which is well hidden as part of the company ware. The malware cannot only steal user data, but also makes the device to a bug on demand, therefore listens to calls.
That Android smartphones are equipped with malware is not new. The security company Kaspersky Lab so warned in March of devices with the Trojan Uupay.A, which should be a forerunner of Uupay.D. In October heise.de had discovered the worm Rimecud.B or Palevo, on the supplied storage card of the Android smartphone Base Varia, sold by E-Plus. Who connected the Base smartphone via USB with a computer and executed the file, lost control over the system. In all cases the responsible companies did not comment.

2014 June 19
US slaps sanctions on Uganda over anti-gay laws
Obama forces Sodom and Gomorrah upon Africa
The United States on Thursday slapped sanctions on Uganda including cancelling a military air exercise, visa bans and freezing some aid after Ugandan leaders brought in tough anti-gay laws.

2014 June 20
Tokoloshe crawls into Eric’s bed and chases women away.
Tokoloshe sucks my 4-5!
Eric Mahasha claims a female tokoloshe with a whip molests him at night. Read more >>

2014 June 20 (2)
Present - Headline of today:
Ex-Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle got leukaemia
Looking back - Headline dated 15th of January 2014:
Guido Westerwelle: "Before I die, being gay will be a naturalness"

2014 June 21
The departing from earth puts the still immature souls from a state of power to a state of complete powerlessness.
Influence of immature souls who died early
Countless souls stay near earth, which departed without recognition of the eternal divinity, which entered the other kingdom blind in spirit and, still unaware of their miserable state, stay near men, who were in their surroundings on earth. Read more >>

2014 June 22
Browser finger printing.
Identification of users
A quite new technology for the identification of users is the browser finger printing. There the browser gets identified with the help of information, which the browser hands out. Installed add-ons can belong to this. This configuration is alarmingly clear. Read more >>

2014 June 22 (2)
An anti-riot drone equipped with pepper spray, strobe lighting and deafening audio to disperse unruly crowds has gone on the market.
South African company sells armed drones for crowd control
The drone is also capable of identifying and recording individuals in the crowd using FLIR thermal infrared and HD colour cameras, and controllers on the ground can use microphones to remotely broadcast instructions and warnings. Read more >>

2014 June 25
Vatican always sided with priests in abuse cases, archbishop says.
Vatican – The head office of terror
Catholic Archbishop Philip Wilson has told the abuse royal commission the Congregation for the Clergy always came down on the side of the priests involved. Read more >>

2014 June 26
Believe and trust; keep to God, and his father hand leads you carefully out of every danger.
God’s guidance
You can cheerfully walk by God’s hand; the love of the father protects you and does not let you fall. Read more >>

2014 June 28
Out of the connection with God we constantly draw power and favour.
Inner contemplation
When we are able to hold intimate dialogue with God then we are also of a strong heart because we do not feel to be alone but constantly surrounded by his protection. Read more >>

2014 June 29
Catholic bishop charged with a child sex offence.
One of the most senior members of the Catholic Church has been charged with a child sex offence, the Church has confirmed
Bishop Max Davis, who was made a Member of the Order of Australia in 1998, has stood aside from his post as bishop of the Australian Defence Force while the matter is before a Western Australian court.
He has been charged with abusing a student at St Benedict's College in New Norcia, Western Australia, in 1969 when he was a teacher at the school.
It is believed Bishop Davis, who was elected Military Ordinary Bishop of Australia in 2003, is the first bishop in Australia to be charged with child sexual assault.

2014 June 29 (2)
Star N9500
Chinese mobile phone secretly spies out its owner
Switching on the microphone unnoticed, sending expensive SMS, listening in on calls: With a mobile phone ordered via Amazon is a very dangerous back door in the operation system.

2014 June 30
God requires hunger and thirst of the souls.
Seek ye first the kingdom of God
To the soul God gives the bread of heaven, and when it accepts this and gratefully refreshes itself with it, he also takes over the care for the body, to offer to it at its time that what it needs for life on earth. He feeds the hungry – who carry desire for food for the soul. Read more >>

2014 July 3
The gathering of data of seven billions men of our planet.
The control of men
They want to have information about everything. That is really a totalitarian beginnings, which one has found up to now only with dictators. Read more >>

2014 July 4
Prime Minister offends Aboriginal Australians.
Obama’s Gauleiter for the East
Prime Minister Tony Abbott is in hot water after he said Australia was unsettled before British colonisation. Read more >>

2014 July 5
United States foreign policy is the main cause of international instability.
US policy world’s main destabilizing factor
US foreign policy is the main cause of instability in the world, Russia’s lower house speaker Sergei Naryshkin said Friday. Read more >>

2014 July 5 (2)
Catholic Church is treating the Australian public with contempt.
Child sexual abuse royal commission: Vatican declines request to provide all documents relating to Australian priests
The Vatican has declined a royal commission request to hand over documents about child sexual abuse committed by Catholic priests in Australia.
The head of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, Justice Peter McClellan, revealed last month that he had personally written to the Vatican, seeking copies of all documents relating to complaints about abuse involving priests in Australia.

2014 July 7
A health asset that combines the physical/natural world with the spiritual/supernatural worlds, which western medicine is unable to do.
Benefits of African muti
The social history of Africans has been one that is indispensably connected to a total integration of life that connects the physical and the spiritual. Read more >>

2014 July 10
The opponent of God has no power at all over works of creation.
The power of the opponent of God
But the area of power of my opponent is the earth in the stage of development of the entity where it must pass the last test of will embodied as man. Therefore he has power over the will of man in this time, and he seeks to use it in every way. Read more >>

2014 July 11
US dictatorial behavior toward other countries.
Putin is well aware of threats US dictatorship poses to entire world
President Putin's address to the Russian diplomatic corps reveals Putin to be a person well aware of the threats that US unilateralism poses to the entire world. Washington's belief that the US is exceptional and indispensable results in dictatorial behavior toward other countries and the overriding of their legitimate national interests. From such arrogance, wars are launched. Putin's remarks show him to be a leader of restraint who responds to provocations with reason and not with anger and who is working to avoid conflict and war. Putin is well aware that he is getting no help from Washington or EU leaders. Putin's address shows that he is, without question, the most important leader on the world scene at this time.

2014 July 12
It is God’s aim to guide man to recognize him.
God reveals himself through creation
Divine will of shaping lets works come into being, which are visible to the human eye to reveal God in the works of creation. Read more >>

2014 July 13
Scientists are far from a comprehensive explanation of how the brain works.
The trouble with science
In spite of the many remarkable advances in neuroscience, you might get the sinking feeling that we are not always going about brain science in the best possible way. Read more >>

2014 July 14
Complete spiritual blindness marks the last time before the end.
The last phase
Men are in fullest ignorance about their earth life purpose and their task; they foster no spiritual connection at all; they stand far from God through lack of care and their complete wrong thinking; their care is meant for the world, the achieving of earthly goods, and the spiritual life is totally disregarded. Read more >>

2014 July 16
Refrain from the pleasures of the world.
Faith struggle
It is the time of the end, which lasts as long until the spirits have separated – until also the lukewarm, undecided have decided for up or down. Read more >>

2014 July 19
To achieve the supernatural.
Christ in me
Man must be prepared to give everything when he wants to receive the power of God completely, when he wants to let it flow into him in all fullness and through this be able to achieve the supernatural. Read more >>

2014 July 20
The voice of the spirit expresses itself in man.
Gaining of wisdom
The voice of the spirit expresses itself in man as soon as he shuts himself off from the world and attentively listens inwards until it expresses itself. Read more >>

2014 July 20 (2)
God alone knows the day.
The day of the Lord
God alone knows the day, men are always to expect it and prepare themselves for it so that they belong to those who God raptures first so that they do not belong to those who are getting damned on the day of judgement as it is announced in word and scripture. Read more >>

2014 July 20 (3)
Before God the mightiest is small and insignificant.
Powerlessness of the strong against natural disaster
The power of him who is powerful on this earth will accomplish nothing against the raving of the elements when God will speak through them. Read more >>

2014 July 22
Without God there is nothing, and without God nothing can exist what is.
I am who I am
God is the power which flows through the entire universe, the will which rules everything, and the love which sustains everything what has emerged from God’s power. Read more >>

2014 July 23
Irrevocable is the decision of God to reshape the earth.
The spirits will finally be separated from each other
And since eternity also the time has been fixed when this reshaping, that is preceded by the dissolving of the old earth, is to take place. Read more >>

2014 July 24
Deepest hell and the powers of the underworld.
Dead matter
Obama as Antichrist is the counterpart to Christ and so he will also take Christ as his model in the continuation of his rule and plan a death and a resurrection. Read more >>

2014 July 25
The return to God is first and last aim of man on earth.
The love and the favour of God is inexhaustible, and therefore nothing can get lost because God is always prepared to help that that finds back to him, which lost its way. Read more >>

2014 July 26
Moral terror: How critics of Obama are bullied into silence.
Obama’s moral terror
Just blatantly defaming Putin with no shred of evidence or even the slightest investigation into the facts of the Malaysian airline being downed in the war zone in Ukraine. Read more >>

2014 July 27
Every means of help, which promotes man in the development of his soul, is favour.
Effectiveness of favour
A gift of favour offered to man without his will to receive would promote his development, without that his will would be changed, which is purpose and aim of his walk on earth. Read more >>

2014 July 29
God has given man the gift of the intellect so that he makes use of it, so that he thinks about all spiritual goods that are offered to him by his fellow human beings.
Hardness of the fight against faith
Men are making too little use of the gift of the intellect by neglecting to think about faith teachings that have been given to them from outside. And such faith teachings have not yet become intellectual property, they have not been seriously verified and their truthfulness has not been examined and they therefore cannot be defended convincingly, on the contrary, man will be strongly shaken and he himself will be in danger to throw away his faith and that is his own fault. Read more >>

2014 July 29 (2)
Only through mental activity become spiritual goods the spiritual property of man.
Establishing the connection with the spiritual kingdom
Spiritual gifts are not to be handed out like material things, which are visible and tangible for men, but are goods, which are solely to be mentioned as thought goods and which therefore can only be transferred as mental transmissions, therefore require thought activity of a man to be able to be taken into possession. Read more >>

2014 July 30
In the Bavarian place Raisting south of Munich balloon drivers have discovered a gigantic circle in a grain field.
Crop circle
For many visitors it is definite that the crop circle has not come into being in a natural way. Read more >>

2014 July 30 (2)
Voices in the head: Aggressive in the USA, divine in Africa.
Hearing voices
What schizophrenics hear in their head depends on the culture in which they live. In the western world voices are mostly threatening and evil, in India and Africa friendly to divine. Read more >>

2014 July 31
Catholic Priest Georg Kerkhoff abuses children in Germany and in South Africa.
Catholic Church - International children ravishers ring
A German priest accused of sexual abuse of children in his native country and in South Africa, has been extradited to Germany, police said yesterday. Read more >>

2014 July 31 (2)
House votes to sue Obama for overstepping powers
House approves lawsuit against Obama over alleged abuse of executive power
The House on Wednesday approved a highly contentious lawsuit against President Obama over his alleged abuse of execute power.
For the first time in the history of the USA an organ of the constitution institutes proceedings against an incumbent president.

2014 July 31 (3)
Source tells award winning reporter Washington lying about responsibility for tragedy
MH17 is to have been shot down by Ukrainian military
US expert: Ukrainian military have shot down Boeing
The pictures, which were shot by an US satellite, show how Ukrainian military people shoot down the Malaysian plane.
Whistleblower: U.S. satellite images show Ukrainian troops shooting down MH17

2014 August 2
NSA spy affair
Greenwald cancels statement in NSA committee
Snowden confidant Glenn Greenwald is not available as witness to the NSA committee. He does not want to be present at a ritual that has the appearance of an investigation.
The US journalist and confidant of Edward Snowden, Glenn Greenwald, will not testify before the NSA investigation committee of the Bundestag. Via email he announced to those responsible he is not available as witness. Greenwald severely reproaches the German parliament.
He likes to support the Bundestag when it is about earnest investigations about the investigation of Germans through the NSA, Greenwald writes. Because they refuse to hear the key witness Snowden, German politicians have however shown that it is more important to them not to annoy the USA instead of earnestly wanting to clear up the NSA espionage.
It further says in the writing, Greenwald is not prepared to collaborate in a ritual, which is supposed to awaken the appearance of an investigation. In fact a real investigation is to be avoided, he criticised. It is just empty symbolic.

2014 August 3
Pure truth will enlighten man like lightning.
Examining the origin of spiritual knowledge
Spiritual influx of right knowledge will always be recognizable by the representatives themselves because right knowledge will only be there where a right life of love is led according to the commandments of God who demands unselfish neighbourly love from men which always results in the penetration of divine wisdom. Read more >>

2014 August 4
The supremacy that Obama is striving for.
Inaugural US-Africa Leaders’ Summit taking place in Washington, DC, this week
And they all will acknowledge Obama; he will make use of this preferential position for measures of all kinds. Read more >>

2014 August 5
Just mere 28.9 per cent of Germans still belong to the Protestants. 1950 half of the citizens of the federation were Protestant.
A Protestant Church which hardly dares to speak about faith
Just mere 30.3 per cent of Germans are still Roman-Catholic. Almost 180,000 women and men have left the Catholic Church 2013 – 50 per cent more than the year before. Read more >>

2014 August 7
The disputed question from which spirits the transmission of thoughts comes from answers itself through the content of it.
Explanation of the process of writing
Where love is taught, where God’s work of redemption is dealt with in detail, only God himself can be the starting point, and the mental transmissions must be acknowledged as God’s word. Read more >>

2014 August 8
Men, who represent no official school of thought.
The mystery of divine revelations
God reveals his identity in an obvious way to men, who represent no official school of thought but prove to be followers of the church of Christ only through their way of life – who therefore live as Christ taught men on earth, and through this are filled with the spirit of God like him. Read more >>

2014 August 9
People believe to produce thoughts themselves through activity of the intellect.
Responsibility for thought direction
The will of man himself determines, which direction his thoughts take, and that is why he is also responsible for his thinking. Read more >>

2014 August 10
The separation of the spirits will finally take place.
Last decision
God demands a clear decision and is not satisfied with the appearance of faith but man must openly declare his support for God, and only the deeply believing will be able to do it, who does not fear the world in full conviction of God’s support and courageously stands up for him. Read more >>

2014 August 11
Under God’s protection you are very secure.
God’s guidance and support
You never ever need to worry about the preservation of earthly life. Read more >>

2014 August 12
The greater earthly misery is, the more perceptible will also be the presence of God.
Do not fear the threats through worldly rulers
Do not comply with the request of the world when it contradicts divine commandments, when it is directed against the divine will or endangers the faith in Him. Read more >>

2014 August 12 (2)
The earthly world is a world of appearance only.
World of being - World of appearance
The life of appearance will again and again approach the soul in all severity; God himself wants to show it what the earthly world actually is by him letting the body often be caught in trouble by taking from it what it desires as valuable, by him letting collapse what man has built up for himself to show him the unsteadiness of what he makes to be his goal of his eager striving and his work on earth. Read more >>

2014 August 13
Redemption through other beings can never take place; the soul must redeem itself through love.
Only love redeems on earth and in the hereafter
The greatest commandment on earth is to be active in love, otherwise earth life is lived in vain and the soul enters the hereafter in the same distance from God, as it stood before its embodiment as man. Read more >>

2014 August 14
In confessing the name of Jesus and his love teaching man decides.
Without Jesus Christ there is no redemption
And no-one needs to fear not to pass the last fight because when he believes in Jesus Christ and wants to fight for his name, he belongs to the small troop whose courage of confession will grow the more severe earthly trouble approaches him. Read more >>

2014 August 14 (2)
An unusual roaring will fill the air when the day of judgement is on the advance.
Suddenly they watch the band of believers rise from the ground and float upwards. And at the same time terrible thunders sound and men seized with horror become aware that something awe-inspiring is happening to them. Read more >>

2014 August 14 (3)
The spirit in you will steer your thoughts.
How to be led by the spirit
Whether your prayer is right, that the spirit in you will announce to you, when you give it the possibility for it by you withdrawing into solitude and listen to it. Read more >>

2014 August 14 (4)
What has formed itself to love is one with God.
Divine order
Because the unification with God is the aim of man on earth and of all spiritual in the hereafter, love work not only on earth but also in the hereafter must be divine law, which must be fulfilled. Read more >>

2014 August 15
Permanently preparing oneself for the end.
Knowledge about the time of the end
Motivating men to live according to a quickly approaching end. Read more >>

2014 August 16
Man is weak and helplessly exposed to the powers of darkness when he does not call upon God for help.
When the body is supplied with power from below
But this weakness only has an effect on his soul, why he can be strong and mighty on earth and seemingly does not need help. It is his body, which is supplied with power from below, when he does not pay attention to God and as a result confesses his belonging to his opponent. Read more >>

2014 August 16 (2)
Charismatic Inkatha Freedom Party MP Mario Oriani-Ambrosini has died after publicly battling lung cancer.
South Africa - Mario Oriani-Ambrosini dies
Ambrosini wouldn’t undergo chemotherapy, saying that it would only buy him a few more months of life with severe side effects. Read more >>

2014 August 16 (3)
Convert movement sensor into a microphone.
Hackers convert smartphone gyroscope into permanent active microphone
Researchers have succeeded to record minimal vibrations of the air with the movement sensor, which are produced through sound and therefore to convert it into a rough microphone. Read more >>

2014 August 17
With an intimate heartfelt groan man can achieve far more than a long prayer is able to do.
Intercession through fellow man
Loving intercession is only useful in this respect that power is supplied to fellow man, which lifts his weakened will – that he therefore receives power through the intercession to turn to God himself. Read more >>

2014 August 17 (2)
With their explanations scientists break the spell on the world, runs the frequent reproach. The exact opposite is the case.
The secret of light
Modern physics can do a lot with light: It can bend it, break it and focus it, and polarise it or use it as laser beam. For all this it can always predict accurately and in detail what happens. A physicist can therefore exactly find out how light acts, what it does and how it appears. That’ll be it. Even with all results scientists cannot with the best will in the world say what light is.
As it is known at the latest since the days of Albert Einstein light is entitled to a dual nature. It can appear as a particle – and also as wave. But when now something, which is really found by men and existing in the world, exhibits not only a wave length but also a certain place, when something unites the two contrary and contradictory properties of wave and particle at one point in time, then it remains even for people like Einstein closed what light actually is. They simply do not know how something real can be wave and particle at the same time. That means in plain language: Light remains mysterious for us men.
See Waves.

2014 August 18
But God also stays among people on earth visibly.
God expresses himself obviously in the end-times
There where he himself appears all unbelieving doubt, all weaknesses of faith will disappear and nothing will anymore be able to shake the faith of those who are his. Read more >>

2014 August 18 (2)
Out of own power man is able to do nothing.
Without favour no work in love
Man can only again come into the possession of power when he has become perfect, therefore stands in closest union with God. Read more >>

2014 August 18 (3)
The spiritual is to strive towards God in free will.
Last test of will
The spiritual must pass this last test of will, and for that earth life is given to it, so that it finally gets free from the counter power of God and again reaches its original state – that as light being it is intimately connected with God, from which it once went out. Read more >>

2014 August 19
All works of creation hold spiritual, which is in bound will.
Without activity no ascent development
But every activity serves the building up and sustaining of my creation, will therefore only then have a destroying effect when the destruction of one results into the coming into being of other works of creation. Read more >>

2014 August 19 (2)
The IFP MP died at his home in Cape Town during the early hours of Saturday morning.
Ambrosini took his own life - family
In a statement on Monday evening, the family of Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) Member of Parliament Mario Oriani-Ambrosini said that "he decided to end his long battle" with cancer at the weekend.
When asked whether Ambrosini took his own life, the family responded with "he decided to end his suffering", not providing any further details.
South Africa - Mario Oriani-Ambrosini dies

2014 August 20
God’s presence excludes all error or all ignorance.
Not only hearer but doer of the word
When man does not get active, then he can continuously absorb knowledge intellectually; this does not promote his spiritual development but it remains dead spiritual material because it is not utilized correspondingly. Read more >>

2014 August 20 (2)
Digital data are worldwide exchanged via fibre-optic cables – at the speed of light.
Data transmission
Fibre-optic cables have a solid core with a high index of refraction, which is wrapped by a glass with smaller index of refraction. At the transition between the glasses occurs the so-called total reflection. That means that a light beam in the core is there again and again refracted to the inside, without losing energy and with it light intensity in this process. Read more >>

2014 August 21
The day of judgement, the rapture and the destruction of the old earth.
Period of the creation of the new earth
And because men have lost every sense of time during the rapture from the old earth until the transferring back to the new earth they are able to appreciate the wonderful creation but not the great miracle of its sudden emergence. Read more >>

2014 August 22
God stays visibly among men.
God will also stay visibly among his, in a way still unimaginable to men of the present time. Read more >>

2014 August 22 (2)
Man can strive to God and be seized by God’s love in earliest youth.
Right instruction of children
Man must be instructed so that the time is not going to be lost until man reaches recognition of the eternal divinity through own thought. To think over and to check the imparted knowledge is certainly also necessary but the thought must already be steered to the spiritual field in earliest youth, and this happens through instruction about God as creator and shaper of all things – about his will and the relationship of man to God. Read more >>

2014 August 23
Jakob Lorber 22.7.1800 to 23.8. 1864.
Jakob Lorber died 150 years ago
Jakob Lorber has really left a knowledge to the world that he can certainly be called the greatest seer and prophet. Read more >>

2014 August 28
The souls, which still stand in complete spiritual darkness, feel the darkness as great agony.
Process of purification of souls in the hereafter
The lot of immature souls is unfortunate so that not enough help can be brought to the soul by human side through loving intercession or mental instruction and admonition to love activity. Read more >>

2014 August 29
In that way it is also possible to photograph pictures in wavelength ranges for which one has no detectors at all.
Entanglement and photography
One can photograph an object by illuminating it with light, which reaches from ultraviolett via the infrared perhaps even up to tera Hertz radiation, while the picture is recorded with a freely chosen wave length, for which there are efficient detectors. Read more >>

2014 August 30
The characteristics of the spiritual correspond exactly to those characteristics, which the extreme mysterious and strange appearances of the world of the quanta distinguish.
The entanglement principle
What we call this world is basically the slag, matter, therefore that what is tangible. The hereafter is all the rest, the comprehensive reality, the much greater. That, into which this world is embedded. Read more >>

2014 August 31
What happens with this process beyond time and space.
Quantum teleportation
When two particles, for example two photons, come into contact, it can happen that they remain lastingly in contact with each other. Whatever happens with one particle from now on – it seems to influence the other directly in an almost telepathic way. Read more >>

2014 September 2
Presidential wrong choice of first order
Speech in Danzig: Left boss attacks Gauck because of Russian criticism
Left boss Bernd Riexinger accuses Federal President Joachim Gauck of having poured oil into the fire of a European conflict with his Russia criticism. Parts of Gauck’s speech in Danzig he calls a "presidential wrong choice of first order."
Comment: Gauck is a typical German; very courageously he fights dictatorships, which no longer exist, the one of Hitler and the one of Stalin, und the present one, the one of Obama, he supports completely.

2014 September 2 (2)
Turn in the abusers.
Australia’s Royal Commission extended
The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse has been extended for another two years by the Abbott government. Read more >>

2014 September 2 (3)
The Sisters of Nazareth order of Catholic nuns was responsible - boosting 'Catholicisation'.
Belfast inquiry told nuns exported 111 children like 'baby convicts'
Children in institutions in Northern Ireland were exported to Australia like "baby convicts", a witness has told a public inquiry into historical abuse.
The Sisters of Nazareth order of Catholic nuns was responsible for the removal of 111 child migrants aged as young as five before and after World War II, some of whom faced grave sexual and physical violence after arrival.

2014 September 3
This eruption of the spiritual will take a heavy toll on human life and these souls will arrive in the spiritual realm in a more or less mature state.
The powerful natural event
Everything that happens in the universe, also every cosmic change, is dependent on the development of the spiritual and even though men do not understand it due to their ignorance they still have to be affected by the work of the beings that are still bound in the interior of the earth and strive for freedom for the purpose of further development. Read more >>

2014 September 7
And all spiritual in the universe, all spiritual, which is bound in earthly creations, was redeemed from an enormous pressure.
Universal importance of the work of redemption
It was a work of redemption, which was not just meant for men of that time, who lived with him on earth, but in which the spiritual in the entire universe shared. Read more >>

2014 September 8
When the soul now loves God again, it will also give to God – itself.
Constant longing for God
There is no happier feeling than that of love; love draws one to another and joins together; love gives always and constantly; it seeks to make happy and finds its happiness by it. Read more >>

2014 September 9
The imperfect spiritual was cause to God’s creation.
Earthly and spiritual creations
But all creations bear something in themselves what does not yet correspond to my will – they hold the spiritual, which has changed itself against my will, which has left the state of perfection in free will and has sunk into a state, which is inadequate, therefore contradicts completely my order from eternity. Read more >>

2014 September 9 (2)
The power of God also affects the world where his law is not observed.
Two worlds
They are two worlds where God and his opponent rule, which will always remain separate as long as the law of love is not getting fulfilled and unites both worlds. Read more >>

2014 September 11
God speaks to us through creation.
Language of creation
The being, which is a possibility as originator of the power of creation, must therefore be able to think and able to let its thoughts become form by virtue of its will and its power. Read more >>

2014 September 12
Make an effort to live in love.
Love: wisdom - Self-love: error and darkness
And that is why on earth only that man can stand in truth and recognize God who is himself active in love and who is led to wisdom out of his love. Read more >>

2014 September 12 (2)
Every man earnestly striving for spiritual goods will make an effort to also live in love.
Handing out of spiritual goods
When man wants to form himself according to my pleasure, when he wants to win spiritual advantages for himself, then also the power for the execution of his will will always be given to him by me, and my supply of power also means increased work of love, because it is the radiation of love of myself. Read more >>

2014 September 13
But I now send for the sake of your fellowmen and also of yourselves for the test of faith again and again earthly troubles over you.
Help in every trouble
What is therefore absolutely necessary for entire mankind, what is considered by it as trouble and misery, can completely unimpressively pass by him who fully trusts me; he does not need to be touched by it, although he stands in the middle of the events, which are recognized as disastrous by entire mankind, because he goes by my hand, and it leads him secure and undamaged through. Read more >>

2014 September 14
Because every weakness, every mistake, every bad habit, has its cause in unkindness, in self-love.
Soul work
Gentleness, peaceableness, humility, patience, mercy, are signs of love towards the neighbour, and so you lack these signs, you are not filled with love and must therefore work on you busily. Read more >>

2014 September 14 (2)
Announcement of the death of an earthy ruler.
The beginning of the time of the end
When you receive the announcement of the death of an earthly ruler then you have reached that point in time, which you can call the beginning of the end. Read more >>

2014 September 15
Satan himself will work on earth in human outer form.
And he will find many followers on earth and that is the sign of the end, because men do not resist this but almost unanimously stand by him whom they celebrate as hero and victor and whose objective they approve and therefore support. Read more >>

2014 September 17
Serve me by you serving your neighbour.
Sacrifice everything for the sake of my presence. Read more >>

2014 September 18
Turn yourselves with all your thoughts completely to me.
Earthly precautions are useless for catastrophe
And you yourselves cannot ward off anything what I allow to come upon you and so all efforts are fruitless that you undergo for the sake of your bodily well-being. Read more >>

2014 September 18 (2)
But the brain of man is never ever the origin of thought.
Origin of thoughts
And when he believes that such stay in the spiritual kingdom is a product of his own phantasy then the explanation for this is that man can think and imagine nothing what does not exists – that everything whatever man imagines is also in existence somewhere and thoughts are as it were a reflection of that what man seeks to discover by virtue of his will. Read more >>

2014 September 19
Still covered from their physical eyes by clouds.
Coming in the clouds
And there will be rejoicing among the ones who are mine when they see me in all my glory, but still covered from their physical eyes by clouds that subdue the power of my light so that my followers that are still belonging to the earth can bear me. Read more >>

2014 September 20
Such a spiritual turning point implies therefore the destruction of visible creations.
Spiritual change
The mental state on earth has reached a low at the moment as never before in this period of development and is therefore the reason for a total reshaping of the earth. Read more >>

2014 September 20 (2)
The AMS analyses cosmic radiation.
On the track of the mysterious neutralino
The indications for a possible neutralino come from the detector AMS on board of the International Space Station ISS. Read more >>

2014 September 23
I apply violence – I draw him to me and take from him what he does not want to give up by himself.
The kingdom of heaven suffereth violence
He must fight against his desires; he must learn to despise everything worldly and therefore sacrifice what is dear to him – and when his power and his will it not enough for it, I apply violence – I draw him to me and take from him what he does not want to give up by himself. Read more >>

2014 September 23 (2)
But what voluntarily subordinates itself to my will, receives my power unmeasured and can work like me in perfection.
Strength of will - Power and might
Man on earth will be exceedingly mighty and powerful and be able to make use of his power to accomplish the unusual when he completely adapts himself to my will, therefore completely subordinates his will to mine. Read more >>

2014 September 24
Because if a miracle aims at worldly splendour and advantage then it is not wanted by me and also not worked by me.
Miracle work during end-times
Therefore direct your attention to check if the miracles you see are works of love, carried out for suffering fellow human beings in need or if they are works for the increase of worldly goods - if they are pure material works from where no love towards the fellow human being emerges. Read more >>

2014 September 24 (2)
Who eats my flesh and drinks my blood, he has eternal life.
Whoso eateth my flesh
Only one thing is necessary for you, that you feed the soul, that you supply it with food which guarantees life to it because a dead soul in a body no matter how much joy of living is in it is your ruin when you have to give up earthly life. Read more >>

2014 September 24 (3)
The will of men under the cover of Christian faith.
The church of Christ
But where worldly organizations lay claim to be the church of Christ on earth, which was mentioned by Jesus Christ, they only represent the outer form in most cases, but not the heart. Read more >>

2014 September 25
Let yourselves be driven by your spirit.
Teaching activity
The content of God’s word, which is sent to you from above, out of the kingdom of light where truth starts. Read more >>

2014 September 26
Consciously getting into contact with this highly perfect being – God.
Practice for the hearing of the voice of the spirit
You clearly hear the voice of the spirit in you when you bear desire for it and mentally announce yourselves this desire to God. Read more >>

2014 October 6
"There is today a great scourge - and that is the USA and its demand for leadership."
Gorbachev: USA and its demand for leadership is a scourge
„Father of German unity“: Gorbachev warns of Cold War: USA and its demand for leadership is a scourge
Now Mikhail Gorbachev changes his tone. He praises Putin's action in the Ukraine conflict and shoots sharp against the USA. Because of its demand for leadership a new Cold War threatens.
"There is today a great scourge - and that is the USA and its demand for leadership", thinks the ex-Kremlin boss theses days in a radio interview.
The Russian, admired in the West, accuses though the USA for the first time what otherwise is actually Kremlin line: It uses the Ukraine and other countries just as pretext to further strive for supremacy.

2014 October 6 (2)
They have an adaptability which by far surpasses that on earth.
However spiritually again there are no boundaries, which separate one world body from the other. Wide space between two world bodies is no obstacle that spiritual beings can communicate with each other and give one another information about the world they inhabit and its composition. Read more >>

2014 October 9
US President Obama: In the election campaign the president becomes a burden for the Democrats
Election campaign in the USA: Democrats hide Obama
The Democrats are terrified at the Congress elections on 4th November about their majority in the US Senate. Most of the candidates do without election campaign appearance with Barack Obama. The US president is too unpopular.
On 4th November Congress elections take place in the USA. All 435 members of US House of Representatives and 36 of 100 senators are elected new. The Democrats are worried at the so-called midterm elections about their majority in the senate.
The approval rates of the president are so low as never before - only about 40 per cent of the voters are satisfied with his work.
In his home state Illinois Obama had at a speech before students said that with the elections also his politics are put to the vote. The Republicans jumped on this statement and built it into their election advertisements. Obama's advisor of many years' standing, David Axelrod, had to admit that this remark is a mistake.

2014 October 9 (2)
Technique called stimulated emission depletion microscopy developed by Stefan W. Hell.
Nobel Laureates Pushed Limits of Microscopes
For centuries, optical microscopes — those that magnify ordinary visible light — have allowed biologists to study organisms too small to be seen with the naked eye. But a fundamental law of optics known as the diffraction limit, first described in 1873, states that the resolution can never be better than half the wavelength of light being looked at.
For visible light, that limit is about 0.2 millionths of a meter, or one-127,000th of an inch. A human hair is 500 times as wide.
But a bacterium is not much larger than the size of the diffraction limit, and there was little hope of seeing details within the cell like the interaction of individual proteins.
Dr. Hell’s insight was that by using lasers, he could restrict the glow to a very small section. That way, for structures smaller than the diffraction limit, “You can tell them apart just by making sure that one of them is off when the other is on,” he said in an interview.

2014 October 14
Police encouraged the cover-up of child sexual abuse by the Catholic Church.
Police encouraged cover-up of child abuse by Catholic Church
The police allowed the clergy to withhold information from officers. Read more >>

2014 October 18
But also then the ultra-conservative minority will resist in vain the shown way by the pope.
Catholic Church: Sodom and Gomarrah
Pope Francis softens the Church's stance on homosexuality. Read more >>

2014 October 22
The doughnut-shaped laser is also reversible - so it can either repel or attract objects.
The momentum of light particles (or photons) used to impart motion
Scientists have created a tractor beam that can drag objects for distances of up to 20cm - around 100 times further than in previous experiments. Read more >>

2014 October 24
Catholic archbishop and former Holy See ambassador was defrocked.
The rotting of the Catholic Church
A Catholic archbishop and former Holy See ambassador was defrocked after being convicted of sexually abusing teenage boys, making him the most senior Vatican figure to be punished for such a crime. Read more >>

2014 October 28
Democratic Party will lose Congress election.
Obama's Democratic Party will lose majority in Senate.
In one week's time Barack Obama will become a "Lame Duck". His Democratic Party will lose the Congress election, be the minority in the House of Representatives as already since 2010 und perhaps in addition lose the majority in the Senate. Then Obama would have the party-political majority in both chambers against him in the last two years of his period of office.

2014 October 29
Action for homosexuals.
Pope Francis - the hero of the perverts
Elton John chooses Pope Francis as his hero.
Elton John describes Pope Francis as his hero. The pope shows sympathy and supports the acceptance of homosexuals in the Catholic Church, said the pop singer on Tuesday evening at his annual aids charity event in New York.
Francis is expanding the borders of his church. «Make this man a saint immediately, okay?», shouted John to his listeners. The pope is courageous and fearless.

2014 November 3
Congress elections – Barack Obama’s last chance.
The Obama disaster
Obama before the US Congress election in the current of unpopularity. Read more >>

2014 November 12
Prosecution authorities had demanded ten years in prison.
Influential priest in Chile sentenced for child abuse
For his acts O'Reilly used his position as chaplain and spiritual director in an expensive school run by ministers of Santiago de Chile, the Colegio Cumbres. Read more >>

2014 November 15
One is Barack Obama, the other is his decoy. Which one is your guess?
Obama’s double
The US President has arrived in Brisbane for the G20 - but you might be forgiven if you think you see two of him motoring around the CBD near the Marriott Hotel. Read more >>

2014 November 23
Ukraine crisis
Putin accuses West of "hypocrisy"
Moscow is only accepted by the USA and the EU as partner when it is "good" and pursues no own interests, said Wladimir Putin in an interview.
In the Ukraine conflict Kremlin boss Wladimir Putin has accused the West in sharp tone of "hypocrisy" against Russia. "When Russia takes the right to protect its own interest then the relationship changes immediately", he said.
For years the Kremlin boss has not been so popular because of his confrontation with the West according to opinion polls.

2014 November 25
The loss of structures in which you have placed your faith.
The manifestation of many great catastrophes
There is a force at work within your reality, unleashed by the unconscious choices of humans, which will result in the manifestation of many great catastrophes, the loss of many whom you have loved, the loss of structures in which you have placed your faith. These experiences will shake you to your very foundations. They will necessitate a turning inward so that your eyes will be opened to the eternal truth of who you really are. Read more >>

2014 November 27
South Africa: President called for divine intervention.
Zuma: Jesus must come again to deal with us & cleanse us
President Jacob Zuma says the country has lost its moral compass and society has more sinners now compared to decades ago when he was still a young man.
The president called for divine intervention, saying pastors must ask Jesus to "change his plan" and come down to earth once again to deal with the high number of sinners. "We don't know when Jesus is coming to fetch us. When he was still on earth the sinners were not as many as they are now. He must come again to deal with us and cleanse us."

2014 November 27 (2)
Take responsibility for what your thought creates.
At other levels of existence, the time between the thought and the manifestation of that thought is virtually instantaneous
Because of the slowed vibrational rate in your world there is a longer time between the thought and the manifestation of that thought. Read more >>

2014 December 3
Out of Russia comes again the hope of the world.
Edgar Cayce’s twice fulfilled prophecy about Russia
In Russia there comes the hope of the world, not as that sometimes termed of the Communistic, of the Bolshevistic; no. But freedom, freedom! that each man will live for his fellow-man! Read more >>

2014 December 11
Personal identity chip to go under the skin.
Barcode bead implant, the size of a rice grain, which is intended to replace cash and credit/debit cards, passports and ID cards. Read more >>

2014 December 13
An Obama caricature.
The torturer
The symbol of death.

2014 December 25
Peace with Russia.
Away with the warmonger government! Germany out of NATO! Read more >>

2014 December 28
In those days aeroplanes were huge in size.
Planes were discovered in Vedic age
Captain Anand J Bodas is one of the speakers. He told Mumbai Mirror that aeroplane was a vehicle that was discovered back in the Vedic era. That time it was so advanced that it could not just move from one country to another, but also from one planet to another. Read more >>


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