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2012 January 5
Bar chart end-time, Rev 8
Bar chart end-time: Displays different sections of the times of the end. Looking forward and listing of events that seem to lie ahead. Read more >>

2012 January 9
Gaia theory
A theory that Earth itself – its atmosphere, the geology and the organisms that inhabit it - is a self-regulating system in which living organisms help to regulate the terrestrial and atmospheric conditions that make the planet habitable. Read more >>

2012 January 9 (2)
Living in tunnels on the Moon
Volunteers could be set task of spotting evidence of mining and rubbish heaps in moon images. Read more >>

2012 January 9 (3)
Irish priest behind clerical abuse settlement extradited from Brazil
The priest raped the boy after coming to his family's home to perform the last rites for his father, who was dying of cancer at the time. Read more >>

2012 January 16
Germany: Start of trial in Braunschweig - Minister confesses sexual abuse in 280 cases
In handcuffs the Catholic minister Andreas L. is brought into the trial hall of the state court in Braunschweig on Thursday. He concedes all charges at the start of the trial. Read more >>

2012 January 17
The problems of the physicists
Super symmetric particles evade, against all hopes, until now persistently their discovery. Therefore the question arises as from which point in time the experimental facts speak to strongly against Susy that despite of all the advantages one has look for something else. Read more >>

2012 January 25
Germany: Abuse before mass
The next day she reported him. The minister was arrested. Read more >>

2012 January 25 (2)
Astronomy - Satellites observe end of a comet
More than 2000 comets have been observed, which came very close to the Sun in the past 15 years. Read more >>

2012 January 25 (3)
The basic universe
The laws of our universe do not apply to the spiritual universe. They do not even apply to other material planes. However, the laws of the spiritual universe apply to all material universes, and all consciousnesses on any plane must follow the basic laws of the spiritual universe. Read more >>

2012 January 27
Pressure builds to tax church in Italy
The Catholic Church owns about 100 000 properties in Italy, a third of which are commercial. Read more >>

2012 January 28
Two years Catholic abuse scandal
Careful studies have indicated that child molesters commit an average of sixty offenses for every incident that comes to public attention. Read more >>

2012 January 29
Units of consciousness
The framework is so woven that each particle [of consciousness] is dependent upon every other. The strength of one adds to the strength of all. The weakness of one weakens the whole. The energy of one recreates the whole. The striving of one increases the potentiality of everything that is, and this places great responsibility upon every consciousness. Read more >>

2012 January 30
German priest jailed for 6 years for child abuse
A German court has convicted a Roman Catholic priest of some 250 counts of sexually abusing children. Read more >>

2012 January 31
How scientists should work
Your so-called scientific, so-called objective experiments can continue for an eternity, but they only probe further and further with camouflage instruments into a camouflage universe. Read more >>

2012 February 1
Asteroid defence
Europe, Russia and the USA find out how mankind can protect itself from an asteroid racing towards it. Read more >>

2012 February 2
The nature and construction of matter
So much for the big bang: The big bang did not happen at the beginning, it happens several times every second, and that right inside of you. Read more >>

2012 February 6
The science delusion, in these terms, consists in the faith that we already understand the nature of reality, in principle, and that all that is left to do is to fill in the details. Read more >>

2012 February 10
Scientists and clerics
Scientists and clerics have in common that both of them have a belief in a religion. The scientists in their scientific religion and that is the religion of materialism and the clerics in their religious religion and that is the religion of worldliness and that is basically also a belief in the material world and therefore also in materialism. Read more >>

2012 February 14
“Barren” planets
There are indeed other intelligences alive even within your own solar system. You will never meet them in your exterior reality, however, for you are not focused in the time period of their existence. You may physically visit the “very same planet” on which they reside, but to you the planet will appear barren, or not able to support life. In the same way, others can visit your planet with the same results. Read more >>

2012 February 17
Difference of heavenly bodies
I have so many kinds of homes in which the further development of beings takes place, which are on the way back to me; my creations are countless and always more creations come into being. Read more >>

2012 February 18
Creating physical matter on a subconscious basis
We create physical matter on a subconscious basis, without knowing egotistically that we do so. We create physical matter as effortlessly and as smoothly and as automatically, and as unknowingly as we create our own dreams. Read more >>

2012 February 20
World explanation theory
When the Higgs does not exist, there must be another mechanism. The non-existence of the prophesied Higgs particle could lead to new dimensions in space and time. Read more >>

2012 February 22
We will strike first: Iranian general
Iran would pre-emptively strike anyone who threatens it. Read more >>

2012 February 22 (2)
Jesus the Christ
Information about the fate of clerics in the hereafter. Read more >>

2012 February 23
The times of the end
It will be known as a great medium because it is it who will teach man the use of those inner senses which only make a genuine spirituality possible. Read more >>

2012 February 25
Hamas speaks out against President Bashar al-Assad of Syria.
In break, Hamas supports Syrian opposition
Marking the first public rift with its longtime patron, a leader of Hamas spoke out against President Bashar al-Assad of Syria.

2012 February 25 (2)
Parlamentary elections in Iran completly in the sign of the conflict between revolutionary leader and president.
Iran: Power struggle within the regime
Once allies, now bitter opponents: Iran's revolutionary leader Khamenei and president Ahmedinejad.
On 2nd of March a new parliament gets elected in Iran. There is no longer a conflict between orthodoxs and reformers, but only a power struggle within the ruling leadership of the islamic republic.

2012 February 25 (3)
Catholic institutions are to give up tax privileges.
Italy: Monti cuts tax advantages of Catholic Church
Not even the church is anymore holy for Italy's head of government with his program of austerity measures. Catholic institutions are to give up tax privileges.

2012 February 25 (4)
All particles with mass must travel slower than light.
Einstein's relativity
Einstein's relativity predicts that all particles without a mass travel exactly at the speed of light, and all particles with mass must travel slower than light. Neutrinos do have a mass, so they can never travel faster than light according to relativity.

2012 February 25 (5)
These dangerous comedians
The multiverse, a nearly infinite assemblage of universes, each with its own randomly determined rules, particles and forces, that represent solutions to the basic equations of string theory - the alleged theory of everything, or perhaps, as wags say, anything. Read more >>

2012 February 25 (6)
Zombie-making explained by experts
The ideas of materialists are completely unreal and would completely collapse when they would start to consider the really important side of life as well, the spiritual side. Read more >>

2012 February 27
Multiple universes
The multiverse and quantum physics.

2012 February 29
Iran: Report details repression in Iran ahead of vote
Power struggle within the regime
More and more executions in Iran
According to Amnesty International the number of executions in Iran has quadrupled.
Amnesty reports of "downright arrest wave"
According to a report of Amnesty International there are to be four times as much public executions in Iran than still a year ago. Persons critical of the regime are also to be persecuted systematically it says further in the paper.

2012 March 1
Earthly worry. Lack of faith and trust.
It is so irrelevant how the body spends its life on this earth, important however what progress the soul makes. Read more >>

2012 March 2
Danger of war in Iran - Conflict as real as never before
The danger of a war against Iran is as real as never before. Ahmadinejad himself has an interest in an escalation of the conflict. With the president’s elections 2013 he is no longer allowed to take up office. Ahmadinejad can decide the power dispute only over the escalation of the international conflict. Read more >>

2012 March 3
Divine order
When the human will consciously faces up to the divine will then it is not prevented from it, but must bear the consequences of the wrong will. Read more >>

2012 March 4
From spirit to matter
Each individual has his part to play in projecting these EE units into physical actuality. Therefore physical matter can be legitimately described as an extension of the self, as much as the physical body is a projection of the inner self. Read more >>

2012 March 7
Research with and without God’s help
The only possibility of a complete enlightenment the intellectual researcher rejects with the explanation that for solutions achieved by such ways no guarantee for truth could be offered to him. And still there is no other way to come closer to pure truth than through spiritual research. Read more >>

2012 March 8
Iran elections
With the parliamentary elections at the beginning of the month the conservative opponents of Ahmadinejad achieved a landslide victory. Read more >>

2012 March 8 (2)
Hunt for Higgs boson still on
They have found a bump in their data that might be the long-sought Higgs boson. Read more >>

2012 March 8 (3)
Scientists - Something is desperately wrong
Until the scientists realize that something is desperately wrong. Read more >>

2012 March 9
People education stupefying campaign
Modern sciences buoy us up with false promises, to be progress, but reality is the opposite, they are guilty of a lot of the problems, and the area of healing, or rather the lack of healing, caused by modern sciences, is just one example of many. Read more >>

2012 March 11
Process of imparting
An unchanging love causes God to approach men again and again and to impart to them his word because this love does not allow that man walks in error who carries the will for truth in himself. Read more >>

2012 March 12
2011 Record year with disasters
Never before in the history of mankind have natural disasters caused such high damage to property like 2011. Read more >>

2012 March 12 (2)
Rob Roser: No Higgs particle
No place no longer for the Higgs particle
"I believe there is no more a place where the Higgs particle could still hide", says Rob Roser of US research centre Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory near Chicago.
See 2012 Feb 20 - World explanation theory

2012 March 12 (3)
Catholic Church has to put up with the designation “Children F…er Sect”
Before the county court Berlin Tiergarten the Catholic Church had to suffer a defeat. The church brought action against the operator of the internet site „Schockwellenreiter”, Jörg Kantel. He designated the Catholic Church in a report as „Kinderficker-Sekte“ (Children F...er Sect). Read more >>

2012 March 12 (4)
The mentally disturbed - the mad
Most scientists simply ignore issues like quantum physics as well as spiritual aspects of life like their inner self. Read more >>

2012 March 14
Norwegian family finds a meteorite had crashed through the roof.
Meteorite crashes in
A Norwegian family was flabbergasted to find that what appeared to be a piece of a meteorite had crashed through the roof of their allotment garden hut in the middle of Oslo, Norwegian media reported yesterday.
The rock, weighing 585g, which split in two, probably detached from a meteorite seen over Norway on March 1, experts said.

2012 March 17
Having dominion over the creatures upon the earth
And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth. Read more >>

2012 March 17 (2)
Hinduism and Buddhism
There is indeed a writing with us which is supposed to come from the patriarchs of this earth. The makers of it are supposed, according to the command of the highest God, whose right name is known by the high priest only, to be a certain Kienan, Jared and Henoch. There also exist extended reports from Nohai and Mihihal in the great world book of books. Read more >>

2012 March 18
The Blacks of Africa
My noble, black-skinned friend, you and your entire people are to be happy that you are black, and that you still live in the innocent huts of spring of the true life; because exactly through this you are still that what the right man is to be according to the order of the most high spirit of God! But therefore also remain continually that what you are now, also in your latest descendants, then you will never have to complain about the trouble and misery of human life! Read more >>

2012 March 19
Trier bishop employs seven paedophile ministers.
Germany: Catholic abuse representative looks after paedophiles
The Trier Bishop Stephan Ackermann employs seven as paedophile noticed ministers in his diocese.
The Trier Bishop Stephan Ackermann is the abuse representative of the German Bishop Conference and has demanded in this position a "zero tolerance line" towards sexual offenders. In practice however he acts differently and employs paedophiles as pastors.

2012 March 19 (2)
Catholic Church: Boy abused and then castrated.
Netherlands: Catholic Church is to have ordered castration of boy
According to a report of the newspaper "NRC Handelsblad" the Catholic Church in the Netherlands has had several boys castrated in the fifties "to heal" their alleged homosexuality.
According to this, a case of a boy has become known who was abused in the middle of the fifties in a catholic boarding school. As he defended himself he was put in a psychiatric clinic run by the church with the aim to "free him from his homosexual inclinations".

2012 March 20
Sodom and Gomorrah imposed upon Africa
The head of government of Great Britain and the foreign minister of the United States of America and the secretary general of the United Nations want to force Sodom and Gomorrah upon Africa. Read more >>

2012 March 22
The seers in Africa
They can see the souls of the deceased, at times also such which according to their own confession have still never born a body. Read more >>

2012 March 23
Insects and worms
“Reball”, the shortened form of resonant energy balloon, an energy field around the body for shielding and for protection. Read more >>

2012 March 25
Pyramids and the Sphinx in Egypt
The great pyramid with the two obelisks was a "man, recognize yourself!" schoolhouse. It had in its interior great chambers and for a long way passages in all directions, in which all kinds of strange establishments were found for self-knowledge and from it for the knowledge of the highest spirit of God. Read more >>

2012 March 28
USA Philadelphia: Catholic sex abuse trial starts
Priest Edward Avery admitted that he sexually assaulted a 10-year-old altar boy in a church sacristy. Read more >>

2012 March 29
The schools of Egypt
The schools of Egypt have ceased and no longer exist already since quite a long time in this way; because at the time of Moses there started to be something wrong with them. Already then they started to just give an external instruction, and a Plato and a Socrates were already practically the last ones who had a faint idea of the inner school of life. Read more >>

2012 April 1
Units of consciousness – units of love
Also about a continuation of life in the spiritual kingdom they want to know nothing, because their love is a wrong one and is only aimed at themselves and the increased life of pleasure on earth. When this is in some way represented to them as being worthless then this hits their self-love, which they however do not want to give up, and that is why they reject everything what could point to a life outside of earth life. Read more >>

2012 April 4
Transfiguration of Jesus
The body of Jesus became the overcomer of all matter through the disdain of all earthly pleasures and strict self-discipline and consequently needed no further course of development. All spiritual substances which were deformed in him could join the soul and leave with it the earth valley at the same time to enter heights of light. Read more >>

2012 April 6
Desire for earthly goods
Everything is there what he desires, however no longer available, but only in his imagination, so that his inordinate desire rises to the highest and still remains always unfulfilled. These are true torments of Tantalus. Read more >>

2012 April 7
Heavenly bodies and earthly bodies
There is one glory of the sun, and another glory of the moon, and another glory of the stars: for one star differeth from another star in glory. Read more >>

2012 April 9
My job
And you are to help these souls; offer to them the drink of refreshment and use every opportunity to distribute the delicious gift of God because great need is eliminated in that way; truth is spread; light shines and radiates bright shine, and this shine again attracts souls which would like to flee darkness. Read more >>

2012 April 10
The future of the Large Hadron Collider
Physicists believe that the Higgs is there. If it turns out not to be there, or to have wildly different properties to what the theories say, the equations will have to be torn up – a prospect that fills physicists with dread and nervous anticipation in equal measure. Read more >>

2012 April 12
How pigeons navigate
Scientists have sent robot scouts into deep space and unravelled the genome, yet yesterday they were forced to admit they were still baffled by how homing pigeons navigate. Read more >>

2012 April 12 (2)
USA: Paedophile priest kept on for years
Lynn is the first Roman Catholic official in the US charged with endangering children by allegedly keeping paedophile priests in parish work around children to protect the church’s reputation. Read more >>

2012 April 13
Physics and psychology
Quantum entanglement: the bizarre relationship that arises between two particles like electrons or photons that have interacted with each other. Even when the particles are separated by great distances, the act of measuring the properties of one - spin, for instance, if the particle is an electron – immediately impacts the properties of the other. Read more >>

2012 April 15
How to make spiritual things tangible
Although this influence may well be Jung’s psyche, it seems unlikely that it is unconscious. In fact it appears to be very much awake and much more knowledgeable than the brain. It seems to be informed about matters which have not yet taken place, and what goes on beneath the blanket of soil. Read more >>

2012 April 20
The human electro-magnetic field
The fields of objects may be cones, or they may be rays of considerable complexity; but, invisible and intangible as they are, we can make contact with them by employing our sixth sense and using a pendulum as an indicator. Read more >>

2012 April 23
We have evidence produced by the pendulum for an unimaginable number of double cones, terminating as rays, proceeding up into space. Read more >>

2012 April 28
Astrophysics: Where does the cosmic radiation come from?
Perhaps the physical processes are also completely different? “Basically we do not know what really happens – at least we have now learned what does not happen there.” Read more >>

2012 May 2
Cosmic radiation
Cosmic rays mystery deepens at South Pole. The search did not find a single neutrino, a result that challenges the idea that cosmic rays originate from gamma ray bursts (GRBs). Read more >>

2012 May 9
Tom Lethbridge about science and religion
The Church believes in body, soul and spirit. However I have asked quite a number of churchmen what they mean by soul and spirit. They simply do not know the answer. Read more >>

2012 May 12
Catholic order: Legionaries of Christ under abuse suspicion.
Legionaries of Christ concede cases of suspicion of sexual abuse
It is about at least seven cases of suspicion of sexual abuse of minors: The Legionaries of Christ have reported several suspected offences of their priests to the Vatican. The late founder Marcial Maciel Degollado brought the order into disrpute because he had assaulted children indecently.
The Mexican Marcial Maciel Degollado presented the Vatican with one of the greatest scandales of the 20th century. The founder and former head of the conservative order Legionaries of Christ, who died four years ago, preached chastity, poverty and obedience - and for decades assaulted seminarians. In addition he fathered several children, which he is to have abused sexually likewise.

2012 May 12 (2)
John Wheeler about parapsychology and creation
Every item of the physical world has at bottom an immaterial source and explanation; that which we call reality arises in the last analysis from the posing of yes - no questions and the registering of equipment-evoked responses; in short, that all things physical are information-theoretic in origin and that this is a participatory universe. Read more >>

2012 May 14
Dalai Lama about science and religion
Money and power fail to bring inner peace. One poor person, in the material field may be poor but mentally a very, very happy person. The power of sympathy can be used for the solution of fundamental problems of the world. Read more >>

2012 May 14 (2)
Obama's gay marriage endorsement not popular in Africa
Barack Obama = Sodom and Gomorrah
American President Barack Obama's public support for same-sex marriage has sparked criticism in sub-Saharan Africa and condemnation in many sub-Saharan African countries.
The president's immense popularity on the continent is taking a hit, even in his father's native Kenya.
"President Obama, I just can't imagine that he supports gay marriage. Why do I say so? In fact, I'm very much bitter with him, the president of the USA supporting gay marriage? Lesbian? No, it can't happen."
Homosexual acts are illegal in many sub-Saharan African countries like Kenya.
Many Senegalese reject homosexuality as being "imported from the West." Indeed, pressure from the United States, the United Nations and other international powers to protect gay rights has only further entrenched homophobia among many in Africa. Threats to withdraw foreign aid have been met with defiance.
2012 Mar 20 – Sodom and Gomorrah imposed upon Africa

2012 May 15
Who can forgive gets much out of it: Psychic health improves, bodily troubles become rarer and heartbeat and blood pressure remain on a healthy level. Read more >>

2012 May 15 (2)
Hearing God’s voice
Hearing the divine word at every hour, at every place and in every situation. Read more >>

2012 May 16
The Penrose Hameroff model
Micro tubuli are tiny protein tubes which are found in all cell nuclei and function as molecular computers. The decisive: They show the typical scale for quantum effects like coherence. Coherence means that quantum objects – electrons, photons, atoms or exactly also micro tubuli – are connected in a way for which the classic physics has no description. Read more >>

2012 May 18
In a few months the search for the Higgs boson will be ended
Cern researchers about the Higgs particle: Search for the God particle shortly before the end. Read more >>

2012 May 19
60 years in prison for ex-priest in plot to kill abuse accuser
The man Fiala met with and instructed to kill his accuser for $5,000 was actually an undercover police officer. Their entire conversation was recorded on video and played for the jury on Wednesday. Read more >>

2012 May 21
Not Church
The number of people who say they have no religious affiliation – called “nones” by some – has more than doubled in the U.S. since 1990, to 16% on the population. Read more >>

2012 May 22
Duty to spread divine revelation
God announces his word to everyone who desires it, not only always externally visible, but in form of mental transmission. Read more >>

2012 May 22 (2)
Intelligent design
To get our universe, with all of its potential for complexities or any kind of potential for any kind of life-form, everything has to be precisely defined on this knife edge of improbability. You have to see the hands of a creator who set the parameters to be just so because the creator was interested in something a little more complicated than random particles. Read more >>

2012 May 22 (3)
Hour of death
The more mature man is, the less the thought of death touches him, and this has its explanation in the recognition that actual life only starts after bodily death. Read more >>

2012 May 23
Does death exist?
One well-known aspect of quantum physics is that certain observations cannot be predicted absolutely. Instead, there is a range of possible observations each with a different probability. There are an infinite number of universes, and everything that could possibly happen occurs in some universe. Death does not exist in any real sense in these scenarios. Read more >>

2012 May 23 (2)
Consciousness forms physical matter
Everything we perceive is actively and repeatedly being reconstructed inside our heads in an organized whirl of information. Read more >>

2012 May 26
String theory and quantum mechanics
The effects of electromagnetism are described in great detail by physicists and widely used in daily life by engineers, but the real origins and true nature of electricity and magnetism are undiscovered. Read more >>

2012 May 27
The Sun’s energy-producing fusion reactions
Quantum mechanics is about the producing of material things, and that is about material things coming into being out of spiritual things. Read more >>

2012 May 28
Japan’s former leader condemns nuclear power
“It is impossible to ensure safety sufficiently to prevent the risk of a national collapse. Experiencing the accident convinced me that the best way to make nuclear plants safe is not to rely on them, but rather to get rid of them.” Read more >>

2012 May 29
Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau
Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau was more than just a singer. He was man of the word, for him everything was at stake. Read more >>

2012 May 29 (2)
Merkel most successful leader personality.
Chancellor Angela Merkel "further regarded as most successful national leader personality in Europe's economic crisis".
Only still every third EU citizen believes the economic integration is a blessing for his homeland. But while Germany forces a hard austerity dictation upon the continent and is unpopular with the Greeks more than ever, a survey shows someting surprising.
"Germany is the most admired nation in the EU", says a result of an extensive study of the American opinion research institut Pew Research Center to the mood in Europe. The Germans are valued by their neighbours as "hard working" and "the least corrupt", and chancellor Angela Merkel is "further regarded as most successful national leader personality in Europe's economic crisis". Anti-German feelings, so the analysis of the famous sozial researchers, remain restricted "to Greece – at least until now".
2012 May 27 – The Sun’s energy-producing fusion reactions
2012 May 28 – Japan's former leader condemns nuclear power

2012 May 30
New accusations against education minister.
Germany: Schavan to have plagiarized herself
Education minister Schavan has to devend herself against new accusations. She is to have cribbed more pages of her thesis than known until now. With it she is to not only to have plagiarized others - but also herself.
Federal education minister Annette Schavan has to defend herself against new plagiarism accusations with her thesis. The founder of the internet platform VroniPlag, Martin Heidingsfelder, accuses the CDU politician to have clearly more places cribbed than known up to now. "On more than 33 per cent of the pages plagiarisms are found with Mrs Schavan", said the Erlangen plagiarism expert after an examination of the 32 years old thesis.
2012 May 27 – The Sun’s energy-producing fusion reactions

2012 May 30 (2)
The Science Delusion
The science delusion is the belief that science already understands the nature of reality. The fundamental questions are answered, leaving only the details to be filled in. Read more >>

2012 May 30 (3)
The government now simply collects everything.

2012 May 31
Vatican: A nest of vipers.
The children of them which killed the prophets. Fill ye up then the measure of your fathers. Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell? Read more >>

2012 June 3
The LHC is to be switched off at the end of the year.
CERN director says LHC will find God Particel by end of the year
The Large Hadron Collider is to be switched off at the end of the year to undergo a major upgrade, but scientists hope to have achieved one of the machine's major goals by the time it does - proving the existence of the so called God Particle.
Rolf-Dieter Heuer, director of CERN where the LHC is based, said he was confident that by the end of the year it will be possible to say whether the Higgs Boson, the particle which is esponsible for giving mass to the universe, exists.
Dr Heuer said the LHC is scheduled to be closed down at the end of this year for up to two years in order to carry out upgrades that will increase its power and allow it to continue with more experiments.
2012 May 18 – In a few months the search for the Higgs boson will be ended

2012 June 4
The world’s next big physics machine
The world’s next big physics machine, the International Linear Collider, which would be the successor to CERN’s giant collider. Read more >>

2012 June 4 (2)
Dark energy
Dark energy is the most mysterious fact in all of physical science, the fact with the greatest potential to rock the foundations. Read more >>

2012 June 5
New postal codes for the Internet
On Wednesday the net gets new addresses. Instead of 4 billion now 340 undecillion addresses are possible. Read more >>

2012 June 6
The relationship between Azerbaijan and Iran has deteriorated amid deep unease in Tehran over expanding military cooperation between Azerbaijan and Israel. Read more >>

2012 June 6 (2)
Digital information, growing at a rate of 5x1012 bits a second.
The world’s digital information, growing at a rate of roughly five trillion bits a second
The world’s bank of digital information, growing at a rate of roughly five trillion bits a second, constitutes a parallel universe of numbers and codes and viruses with its own “physics” and “biology.”
There are things going on inside that universe that we don’t know about.

2012 June 7
Obama portrays himself as a tough guy
Barack Obama has been trying too hard to paint himself as a tough guy. Read more >>

2012 June 8
Vatican sex parties
Emanuela Orlandi was kidnapped for Vatican sex parties, claims Father Gabriele Amorth. Read more >>

2012 June 9
Physics is conceptually unsettled
They either think Einstein and relativity or they think quantum mechanics, but they can’t think both. Read more >>

2012 June 10
The destructive principle: Growing budget deficits
The decision not to recall the governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker, shows President Obama as the man of the destructive principle. Read more >>

2012 June 12
Big Bang Theory – Begin of worlds
The second main proposition of thermodynamics says that disorder in a system always increases more when no energy is expended to maintain order. Read more >>

2012 June 13
Obama's "Targeted Killing":
Drone attacks of the peace Nobel prizewinner
Every week US President Obama draws up a "death list" with his closest advisers.
Every Tuesday the US president sits together with his advisers for the "Tuesday Terror Briefing". At the end of the meeting they have agreed on the actualized list in each case of those men who, in view of the government of the United States, no longer have the right to live - and that is why they will be killed in the foreseeable future by remote-controlled drones.

2012 June 14
Neutrinos generate matter?
Neutrinos are possibly responsible that there is matter in the universe at all
Neutrinos are after all not faster than light.
Nevertheless the neutrino provided at present bright eyes of physicists. The reason: In China researchers have registered measurements which support a spectecular hypothesis. Neutrinos are possibly responsible that there is matter in the universe at all - and therefore stars, planets and life.

2012 June 15
Tracking electronic conversations of every UK resident
UK authorities are revealing new details of an ambitious bill which would track electronic conversations of every UK resident. Read more >>

2012 June 16
Germany: Particle accelerator in Darmstadt to solve the last secrets of the universe
In the particle accelerator Fair in Darmstadt researchers want to generate especially precise and intensive rays of anti-protons and ions as from 2018, to solve the last secrets of the universe. Read more >>

2012 June 16 (2)
Mobile phone surveillance: Authorities get a fix on mobile phones a thousand times a day
Sending silent surveillance SMSs to mobile telephones. With these “silent” SMSs it can be found out over which radio cell a mobile phone just sends and with it locate the mobile phone user at any time. Read more >>

2012 June 17
Scientists continue their hunt for the Higgs particle
The scientists working on two of these detectors have made it their immediate priority to find the much vaunted Higgs particle and, towards the end of last year, the first, tentative, evidence of the particle's existence was made public. Next month, at an international conference in Australia, we can expect to hear the latest news on the hunt. Read more >>

2012 June 17 (2)
Ahmadinejad announces his retreat from politics.
Farewell from politics: Ahmadinejad wants back to university
Iran's ruler Ahmadinejad wants to again return back to university after the end of his second period in office. More than two periods in office are not planned; he does not want to imitate Putin.
In coming spring he wants to completely withdraw from politics. "Eight years are enough", he said.
"I will found no political party or group."

2012 June 18
The United Nation's internet power grab
Authoritarian regimes are busy lobbying a majority of the U.N. members to vote their way. Read more >>

2012 June 19
Connections from Earth to the hereafter
Only the spiritual advanced man can establish the connection with powers on the other side with success, that divine wisdom and unlimited knowledge is imparted to him. Read more >>

2012 June 19 (2)
Higgs boson: rumours about discovery of God particle at LHC
There are strong indications of the Higgs boson in the mass area of 125 giga electron volt (GeV). Read more >>

2012 June 20
Higgs boson’s last stand
Physicists are crunching new data in the search for the Higgs boson; this is the boson’s last stand. Failure to find the Higgs would require physicists to go back to their blackboards for another method of imputing mass to particles. Read more >>

2012 June 20 (2)
Is information a fundamental quantity?
What we really perceive is nothing but that what our senses give us. Everything what we identify in the outer world actually takes place in our “inner world.” Read more >>

2012 June 20 (3)
Can it be that we live in a holographic universe?
Holography, the process by which a three-dimensional image can be recorded and later reproduced, was invented in 1947 by physicist Dennis Gabor. Read more >>

2012 June 22
What the people at Cern have to say
If it turns out that we cannot find the Higgs boson, this will leave the field wide open for physicists to develop a completely new theory to explain the origin of particle mass. Read more >>

2012 June 22 (2)
Weizsäcker was always dead wrong
1937 Weizsäcker deciphered the nuclear processes, which supply the energy to our Sun. Read more >>

2012 June 23
Measures of earthly power against the faith in Jesus Christ
Those men who confess Jesus Christ, their faith now endures the most severe tests; they no longer give up what they possess because Jesus Christ means far more to them than what earthly power can ever offer them. Read more >>

2012 June 23 (2)
Archdiocese of Philadelphia: conspiracy and endangerment.
USA: Cardinal’s aide is found guilty in abuse case
Msgr. William J. Lynn, a former cardinal’s aide, was found guilty Friday of endangering children, becoming the first senior official of the Roman Catholic Church in the United States convicted of covering up sexual abuses by priests under his supervision.
The 12-member jury acquitted Monsignor Lynn, of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, of conspiracy and a second count of endangerment after a trial that prosecutors and victims rights groups called a turning point in the abuse scandals that have shaken the Catholic Church.
Monsignor William Lynn helped the archdiocese keep predators in ministry, and the public in the dark, by telling parishes their priest was being removed for health reasons and then sending the men to unsuspecting churches, prosecutors said.

2012 June 24
Teaching of Christ. Fulfilling of Ten Commandments. Commandment of love.
God has stipulated everything in his commandments what is necessary for men to heed, and he has summarized these commandments in his commandment of love: to love God above all and the neighbour like oneself. Read more >>

2012 June 25
Higgsteria was intense.
Higgs rumours
The CERN seminar is at the start of the International Conference on High Energy Physics (ICHEP). There is one of these every two years. In 2008 in Philadelphia the LHC was about to turn on for the first time and the Tevatron had just ruled out their first mass point for the Higgs. Two years ago in Paris, first LHC data were shown and Higgsteria was intense.

2012 June 25 (2)
The US president should rather attend to the own debts.
Germany: Federal Finance Minister Schäuble dismisses Obama critic on German euro course
The US president should rather attend to the own debts instead of rebuking the federal government, so the finance minister.
Federal Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble has dismissed US President Barack Obama's critic on the course of the federal government in the euro crisis. "Mr Obama should first of all attend to the reduction of the American deficit. That is higher than that in the euro zone", said the CDU politician on Sunday in ZDF. One can very fast give others advice. Obema had again and again called upon the Europeans lately to do everything to restrain the state debt crisis in the euro area.
2012 Jun 10 – The destructive principle: Growing budget deficits

2012 June 25 (3)
Barack Obama is prosecutor and judge
The president decides personally who is to be killed, mostly by means of unmanned aircrafts (“drones”). Read more >>

2012 June 25 (4)
Obama critics.
Disappointed US Left seeks happy home life with occupy
Their messiah craze for Barack Obama is today embarassing for many US Lefts. That without him everything could have come worse hardly comforts. The new enthusiasm is meant for the occupy movement.
The unsaid agreement of the event is to talk about the name Obama as seldom as possible.

2012 June 26
Causality, the relationship of cause and effect, the principle that everything has a cause, is a mistake
Heisenberg has proved the philosopher Immanuel Kant wrong and discovered processes which go off without causality. Read more >>

2012 June 26 (2)
Angela Merkel
Angela Merkel and Barack Obama represent the most visible persons of a polarizing which has developed. The American president is the symbol of destructiveness and Angela Merkel the exact opposite. Read more >>

2012 June 27
Budged deficits: US and Great Britain 8%, the eurozone 3%.
It is rather hyprocritical when the Americans and the British try to lecture the Europeans
In an editorial comment this week on the G20 summit, the German financial daily Handelsblatt put it like this: "It is rather hyprocritical when the Americans and the British, whose own mountain of debt have reached a high point, try to lecture the Europeans . . . At a time when the budged deficits of the US and Great Britain are about 8%, the eurozone members have almost managed to bring their deficit down to 3%."

2012 June 27 (2)
Consequences of quantum theory
For a science of experience like physics the old distinction of subject and independent reality has to be given up. Read more >>

2012 June 29
Germany to underwrite their broken economic models
Obama's team has driven American deficits and debt to such levels that their nation's debt has been downgraded while Germany's remains triple-A. France, Italy and Spain clearly believe it will be easier to persuade Germany to underwrite their broken economic models with euro-zone bonds than to persuade their electorates to accept change. Read more >>

2012 June 30
The Weizsäckers – the grand master deceivers
Richard von Weizsäcker comes very close to a type of Antichrist. Read more >>

2012 July 2
Higgs almost certainly does exist
Scientists at CERN plan to make an announcement on July 4, 2012 about their hunt for the elusive sub-atomic particle. Read more >>

2012 July 3
Higgs 1 of 3
Scientists edge closer to proving existence of elusive particle. Read more >>

2012 July 3 (2)
Higgs 2 of 3
Hints of the Higgs boson detected last year by a US "atom smasher" have become even stronger, scientists have said. Read more >>

2012 July 3 (3)
Higgs 3 of 3
Cern announcement: after 50 years, the Higgs hunt could be over. Read more >>

2012 July 3 (4)
Obama’s obligingness and Angela Merkel
But the one who is coming will blind men through the keenness of his intellect, his extensive knowledge, through his obligingness towards other rulers and all will grant him the right to organizational activity with the final aim of suppression of all spiritual schools of thought. Because he will try to make out spiritual striving to be wrongly applied vitality that should be used for the building up and improvement of earthly needs. Read more >>

2012 July 4
Higgs headings
Physicists say they have found a new subatomic particle consistent with the “God particle” Higgs boson. Read more >>

2012 July 5
Higgs? An explanation where mass comes from
The process of hardening of spiritual substance is synonymous with the emergence of matter which became form through my will. The whole creation is basically such hardened substance, formerly spiritual power that started out from me, but that started out from me as something of utmost perfect beingness. Read more >>

2012 July 7
Example of the stupidity of scientists and science writers
The physicist who was of the opinion that the old distinction of subject and independent reality has to be given up and that this different thinking would for instance question the financing of particle accelerators for nuclear physicists costing billions. Read more >>

2012 July 7 (2)
Dust around star disappeared
The sun like star was for decades surrounded by dust. Now not only the dust disc is missing but also a convincing explanation. Read more >>

2012 July 8
Servants of Satan
Where you meet such prophets there think of my words - prick your ears when they address you and do not reject them because their love drives them to do it and that is why I sent them among men that they announce to them the nearby end so that they do not become a victim of it. You are therefore not to reject everyone who announces the nearby end to you because he only wants to rescue you but not only to frighten you. But many also seek in such an office to gain a source of income. They combine an earthly purpose with it and these are not servants of God but servants of Satan. Read more >>

2012 July 11
Scientific matters
Man starts out from laws of nature which are certainly all the same everywhere on earth, but no longer control all creations outside of earth. Read more >>

2012 July 13
Germany: For the first time diocese dismisses priest for abuse
The priest loses all rights connected with his office. His retirement income was also lessened. Read more >>

2012 July 14
The first experiment to entangle at a long distance
While other experiments have successfully entangled atoms, photons and diamond crystals, this was the first to do so at a long distance and include a signal, or herald, to let scientists know that entanglement had been achieved. Read more >>

2012 July 15
But those who deny me will be paralyzed with horror and want to flee from me. But judgement will overtake them wherever it may be; because so the day has arrived which I have determined for judgement, everyone will be called to account and not be able to escape judgement. Read more >>

2012 July 16
Difference between man and animal
Every work of creation except man is in divine order because it stands in bound will, i.e. has to do all that what divine will is and also agrees with the laws, which God gave from eternity. Only man is able to overturn these laws, i.e., to offend against these laws because his will is free and this can also be used in a way, which contradicts divine will, divine order. Read more >>

2012 July 16 (2)
New particle discovered?
Heuer’s speech had caused big jubilation among physicists; technical less experienced observers understood however in fact that it was here about something very big, but were irritated at the same time. Read more >>

2012 July 18
An independent spirit who distrusted Hitler early
The reasons for Heinrich Count zu Dohna’s resistance against Hitler were of personal nature: He was independent just as he had a strong power of judgement. Read more >>

2012 July 19
Joining together with God
To be allowed to take part in divine power means to be able to shape and create like God, to be able to give and hand out, to act and think in divine will and therefore to lead a life, which corresponds to all wishes, because the union with God is the final aim of each being. And men can reach this blissed state already on earth when they shape themselves towards love. Through the hearing of the sounding word in the heart they can receive this incomprehensible favour still at the time of their walk on earth. Read more >>

2012 July 20
The sounding word
But such an intimate connection is also only to be established in deepest faith because when man does not believe that with God no thing is impossible, he will also not listen so diligently into himself to hear the divine voice. Read more >>

2012 July 20 (2)
Death of a German in Pakistan
Federal public prosecutor's office investigates against Obama's drones
For killing of a German citizen in Pakistan the federal public prosecutor's office investigates against the employment of American drones. Even so officially the investigation is against "unknown", the USA and its drone war is being pilloried. Obama could soon have to tackle a charge for violation against international law.
2012 Jun 25 (3) – Barack Obama is prosecutor and judge

2012 July 21
For we are the circumcision, which worship God in the spirit, and rejoice in Christ Jesus, and have no confidence in the flesh. Read more >>

2012 July 22
The time after the Higgs boson
Great hopes that finally the signs of new physics are detected, they put in the year 2015 at Cern. Then the protons in the LHC will collide with the maximum collision energy of 14 000 GeV. Read more >>

2012 July 22 (2)
Crop circle sightings in different countries of Europe.
Once again mysterious crop circles in many parts of Europe
In the last days and weeks it again came to renewed crop circle sightings in different countries of Europe, among them also Germany.
This one was found near Wewelsburg in NRW. With this one a model is clearly recognizable as a crop circle found near Stonehenge in 2002. In the surroundings of the Swiss Canton Schaffhausen just several sightings were reported.
Further affected countries are in the last days among others England, Poland, the Netherlands and also Italy.
2010 Sep 04 (2) – Crop circles

2012 July 23
Workers in the vineyard of the Lord
Who makes it his assignment to preach the Gospel to fellow men, who uses every opportunity to canvass for the kingdom of God, who always only makes himself aware of the great suffering in the hereafter which souls face which did not find to God in earth life, and therefore want to help men as far as it is in his power, he does the greatest work of neighbourly love and in days to come will reap great award in eternity. Read more >>

2012 July 24
Free will: Can a robot have free will?
The questions of the freedom of will are not sparked off by which option is available, but by how one balances between the options. Read more >>

2012 July 24 (2)
The smear merchant
The current attacks and innuendos against Mitt Romney can ultimately be traced to Barack Obama’s closest advisor, David Axelrod. Read more >>

2012 July 24 (3)
US church official jailed for sexual abuse cover-up
Monsignor William Lynn, former Archdiocese of Philadelphia secretary for clergy, handled priest assignments and child sexual assault complaints from 1992 to 2004. He was accused of transferring problem priests in one of the country's largest parishes and keeping complaints out of the public eye. Read more >>

2012 July 28
Free will and mandatory state
The time of the earth walk in free will is indeed a great danger for man when he misuses it; it can however also earn him highest soul maturity when free will is used right. Read more >>

2012 July 28 (2)
FAIR: New accelerator
Shortly after physicists at the Geneva particle accelerator LHC celebrated the discovery of the Higgs boson, the go-ahead was given for the building of a further large accelerator. Read more >>

2012 July 28 (3)
Circumcision: evil for a girl but good for a boy
This present scandal in the Catholic Church and the discussion about circumcision is something quite positive because it is a witness to the coming of the Lord. Read more >>

2012 August 3
The spin of the Higgs particle
Which are the properties of the Higgs particle? First of all the spin. When we find the value zero it is the Higgs particle. Read more >>

2012 August 5
Obama’s drone war: licence to kill
The assignment of Washington’s ambassadors as representatives of America exists mainly in killing people. Read more >>

2012 August 5 (2)
Data purchase: Tax lawyer threatens German tax men with criminal charge
The question for criminal responsibility, up to the NRW Finance Minister Walter Borjan, is hardly asked. Read more >>

2012 August 7
The remote establishment of quantum states is possible without entanglement
The remote establishment of quantum states is even possible without entanglement provided quantum discord is in the system. Read more >>

2012 August 7 (2)
Science and the end of the era
In the end all superstition will be cleared away from the ground of earth with the weapons of sciences. Read more >>

2012 August 7 (3)
Burkhard Heim
The Heim theory builds up upon the general theory of relativity and produces a connection between the theory of relativity and quantum theory and it is able to give out of how many smallest particles matter is constituted and which weight these particles have. Read more >>

2012 August 17
Germany: Charge brought against the finance minister of NRW
Many politicians speak of receiving stolen goods.

2012 August 22
That is how thoroughly we will be spied out
In the desert of Utah the US Secret Service NSA erects a gigantic spying centre: there the contents of worldwide all emails, telephone calls, Google search enquiries as well as travel routes are to be analysed. Read more >>

2012 August 25
Believing prayer and intercession
Who full of faith entrusts himself to God, his prayer he hears. Read more >>

2012 August 25 (2)
String theory and SuSy
It can be that there are neither ten nor eleven dimensions but that it is about a completely different kind of physics. Read more >>

2012 August 26
Quantum communication
Entangled particles: a particle feels it when its partner is subject to a manipulation – independent of how far it is away. Read more >>

2012 August 27
Do not consult the dead
The contact with the world on the other side is a bone of contention for many people because they are not able to separate the pure spiritual contacts and the pure earthly desire to hear something about life after death. Read more >>

2012 August 28
Germany/Switzerland: The eight crimes of the finance minister
A Swiss lawyer has instituted legal proceedings against the finance minister of NRW because he wants to carry on buying tax data. In the legal proceedings it is about receiving of stolen goods and business espionage. Read more >>

2012 August 29
Free will
That is divine will that man decides freely which way he walks – that it is left to him to go both ways, up or down, and that he now decides himself, without any force. Read more >>

2012 August 30
Bad thoughts
The conscious rejection of bad thoughts is the most secure means to lift the frame of mind. Read more >>

2012 September 1
Germany: Minister wants to make purchase of tax CDs punishable
Federal Justice Minister Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger (FDP) wants to prevent future purchase and exploitation of tax CDs through a law against receiving of stolen goods data.
"I support my Hesse colleague Jörg-Uwe Hahn who wants to put a law initiative in the way against receiving of stolen goods data. He pleads for a punishability of the purchase and acquisition of illegal ascertained data", said the minister.
2012 Aug 28 – Germany/Switzerland: The eight crimes of the finance minister

2012 September 1 (2)
Germany: Justice
Tax lawyer against NRW finance minister: Further criminal charge against Walter-Borjans
In the controversy about the purchase of tax CDs also a German tax lawyer has now brought a criminal charge against the North Rhine Westphalia Finance Minister Norbert Walter-Borjans (SPD). The tax lawyer professor Thomas Koblenzer brought a criminal charge against the minister as well as co-workers of the Wuppertal public prosecutor's office and the Oberfinanzdirektion Rheinland.
Koblenzer accuses them immediately of several offences: unauthorized procuring of business and trade secrets, misleading to betrayal of persons who receive stolen goods data, contravention against data protection law, money laundering facts for veiled payments to data suppliers, misleading of subordinate tax officials and public prosecutors to criminal offences per service instruction and misappropriation of budgetary means for the purchase of tax CDs. At present the public prosecutor's office checks whether it takes up investigations.
2012 Aug 28 – Germany/Switzerland: The eight crimes of the finance minister

2012 September 2
Masses of water push upwards
The earth will therefore show increased masses of water in places, which look for drainage and can find it nowhere. Consequently they push upwards and with elementary violence create for themselves a draining off. Read more >>

2012 September 3
Celestial bodies
The celestial bodies have the same missions as the earth – to give further development possibilities to spiritual beings, but they are so different and deviating from earth in their kind, however serve all the same purpose, to place the immature beings in a higher state of maturity. And this task is always determining for the nature and form of every world body. Every celestial body is therefore first inhabited, and that is of such beings, which still need visible works of creation, because they still lack soul maturity. Read more >>

2012 September 4
Every worry is lack of faith
But because wisdom and the love of God are now determining, men are not allowed to worry at all, whatever life may bring. Because God knows about everything; he intimately loves his creatures and will always provide for them so, as the state of the soul needs it. Read more >>

2012 September 6
Allowance of evil
Even what men do to each other would not be executable when divine will would prevent this. The more man strives for spiritual maturity the more ineffective all actions will be, which evil human will has intended for fellow man. Therefore he must correspondingly suffer more who has no spiritual striving at all, but little impressed remains that man to whom the salvation of his soul is important. Read more >>

2012 September 8
Highest-ranking US Catholic Church official convicted in clergy sex abuse.
US bishop guilty
Bishop Robert Finn was found guilty yesterday of failing to report suspected child abuse, becoming the highest-ranking US Catholic Church official convicted in clerge sex abuse scandals.
2012 Jul 24 (3) – US church official jailed for sexual abuse cover-up

2012 September 8 (2)
State of light and darkness after demise: Robert Blum
When the soul is still immature, its spiritual eye is still closed. And therefore it is still dark and lightless around such a soul. It sees everything like shadows and it now wanders about in a despairing state trying to find the way, like a man robbed of his eyesight, who nowhere finds his way. Read more >>

2012 September 8 (3)
FBI begins installation of face recognition system across America
The government is now going ahead with linking a database of images and personally identifiable information of anyone in their records with departments around the world thanks to technology that makes fingerprint tracking seem like kids' stuff. Read more >>

2012 September 11
Faith and trust in God’s help - End of sufferings
And when you are full of faith and entrust all your sufferings to God, he will also take these away from you and lead you through every danger; because his love does not want that you suffer. Read more >>

2012 September 12
Overcoming of matter in the hereafter
But when the soul takes the desire for earthly good over to the hereafter, then the walk on earth was in vain. It stands there where it stood at the start of its embodiment as man, and to now purify the soul from the last dross, painful means form part of it, and life on the other side is first a state of unspeakable agony. Read more >>

2012 September 16
How God’s protection works
Only when man gives his will completely to God, when he has become quiet in God – then he no longer needs such means of education, and then suffering and affliction passes him, and the events in the world he hardly notices. Read more >>

2012 September 18
The cure against any addiction
Love is the most effective antidote to vices and bad habits of all kind – it banishes bad thoughts and wishes and is victorious over every influence of the adversary. And that is why an end will be set for his work always then when love becomes active in man. Read more >>

2012 September 20
Origin of thought
And as soon as attention is paid to the picture through the will of man, it is seized, i.e., it is impressed upon finest retinas particularly intended for this and is therefore visible to man at any time; he therefore will be able to imagine it when he wants to. This is the so called memory. Read more >>

2012 September 20 (2)
Fight against the spiritual
What man before only believed has now become irrefutable certainty for him. Read more >>

2012 September 22
Powerless state in the hereafter
On earth the will towards God and intimate prayer is enough that power is imparted to the soul, because the power is unlimitedly available to it, while in the beyond the being is powerless in the state of imperfection, so that it can do nothing more out of its own will. Read more >>

2012 September 23
Australian Roman Catholic Church admits child sex abuse
Continuing revelations about widespread sexual abuse and cover-ups by Catholic clergy. Read more >>

2012 September 23 (2)
Spiritual progress – scientific progress
The spiritual kingdom is for an intellectual like researcher an unenlightened area, an area that is unrecognizable for him in his darkness and he therefore also does not seek to research it as not being in existence. Read more >>

2012 September 26
Celestial bodies - Spiritual and earthly substances
In the hypnagogic state a human being can consciously change from one state of consciousness into another. And that can happen immediately. And it can be done as an act of will. Read more >>

2012 September 26 (2)
Intellectual property - copyright
When a reader reads a book today, in a time when a book could be available free in the internet, and he reads it because he bought it, then he reads a commercial product. The author was more interested in financial gain than in really providing something to the reader that helps the reader to advance in life. Read more >>

2012 September 28
Germany: Catholic Church before the end
A church, which increasingly views itself as soulless collection business. Every year far more than 100,000 turn their backs on it. Read more >>

2012 September 30
Comet fifteen times brighter than the moon
Astronomers have discovered a new supercomet that will be fifteen times brighter than the moon when it crosses the night sky next year. Read more >>

2012 October 2
Reorganization of the outer form after bodily death
To be spiritually dead is the most terrible thing, because the last favour, which is at the disposal of the being, is been left unused – because the life current, which God supplies to this being, is not used for serving activity and the being remains on the same level of development on which it stood at the start of the embodiment as man. Read more >>

2012 October 4
Fear of death. Moment of decease pain or happiness.
Man can live and still be dead in spirit, and he can equally lose his bodily life and awaken out of the sleep of death to eternal life. And both are left to him; he decides himself about death or life of his soul and still attaches so little importance to this privilege of a free decision during his earth life. Read more >>

2012 October 4 (2)
Facial recognition
Cameras are storing all the images they recorded and the capability is there to run your image against a database of wanted people. Read more >>

2012 October 5
Faith in God’s help
That is man’s strength because who goes with God to a fight, he conquers every resistance; he will be strong where others become weak; he will speak where others are silent; he will work even if it is forbidden, and he will know that he acts right and he cannot act otherwise because the inner voice tells him what he has to do and to leave. Read more >>

2012 October 6
Prayer for souls in the hereafter which have acquired no love on earth
As soon as a loving thought touches such lonely souls, they pay attention and turn to the starting place of that thought; they come near the person who thought of them mercifully, and observe him and his nature, his acting and his train of thought. Read more >>

2012 October 7
The centre of our galaxy
The gigantic black hole in the centre of our galaxy, the Milky Way, has about four million times the mass of our sun. Read more >>

2012 October 8
Loosening of solid form through God’s will
Although the outer form as man also means a compulsion, it is still to be called little with regards to that of the many outer forms before. Read more >>

2012 October 9
Quantum states - entangled partners
To force a kind of cross existence on a simple loaded beryllium ion was successful, in which it was in two quantum states at the same time. Read more >>

2012 October 11
Intercession for men far from God
Intercession is able to do very much, and the greatest part of mankind would be redeemed when one would ask God for love and favour for the other. Read more >>

2012 October 11 (2)
Intervention of God necessary for the more mature and undeveloped spiritual
For innumerable beings, which are still undeveloped, i.e. stand in the beginning of their earth career, the possibility of an ascent development is given through the work of destruction, and that is why this intervention of God is greeted joyfully by them, because they are redeemed out of endless long imprisonment in solid form. Read more >>

2012 October 12
Gratitude of the souls redeemed through prayer in the hereafter
The more willing man remembers to help the souls in the hereafter the more intimately these souls join again the man. Read more >>

2012 October 13
Quantum physics: our classical picture is wrong
The world is not made up of particles and waves and beams of light with a definite existence. The world works in a much more exploratory way. It is aware of all the possibilities at once and trying them out all the time. That is a hard thing to picture. Read more >>

2012 October 14
Germany: Plagiarism affair about education minister
Thesis of Annette Schavan: Expert recognizes intention of deception. Read more >>

2012 October 14 (2)
The political oppression in China
Only an end of the "dictatorial Chinese main empire" brings freedom and democracy to the people in China and the oppressed minorities in the country like the Tibetans or Uighurs. "Under the cover of free trade western consortia make common cause with the executioners, and hoard dirt." Read more >>

2012 October 14 (3)
87 Per cent of Germans are for Obama
Spectacular 87 per cent of the federal citizens would vote for the Democrat according to an Emnid poll published on the weekend when they would be allowed to vote in America, on the other hand only five per cent for Romney. Read more >>

2012 October 15
Eruptions are acts of liberation for the spiritual in solid form
Every violent dissolving of former solid form is an act of liberation for the spiritual banished in it, but at the same time also such creations are subject to change, which hold already more mature spiritual in it. Because a violent dissolving of the hard substance is a process, which is noticeable for all spiritual in furthest surroundings. Read more >>

2012 October 15 (2)
The influence of Antichrist today
The founders of the Federal Republic of Germany had, among other things, very much one thing in mind, to avoid that something like the seizure of power of the National Socialists, 1933, would repeat itself. But at the moment it looks as if the Germans are subject to a much more skilful and much more dangerous demagogue. Read more >>

2012 October 15 (3)
Planet with four suns discovered
The planet orbits one pair of stars and is in turn circled by a second pair, meaning four stars light up its skies. Read more >>

2012 October 18
Parliamentary elections in the Ukraine on the 28th of October
Prospect of a possible alteration of the balance of power in the Ukraine. Read more >>

2012 October 19
Answers of question through knowing beings on the other side
Thoughts spring towards man, and because he is not yet informed about the nature of the thought, he sees himself as the originator of this thought and the result as the product of his own intellect. Read more >>

2012 October 19 (2)
Soul energy, individual particles, faster-than-light
Quantum Reversal of Soul Energy. The Hypothesis about the Absence of Individual Particles. Is Faster-Than-Light Communication Possible? The NOE Hypothesis and the Unification of General Relativity, Quantum Mechanics and Consciousness. Consciousness, the Laws of Physics, the Big Bang, and the Structure of the Universe. Read more >>

2012 October 21
Entropy and the second law of thermodynamics
One way of stating the second law of thermodynamics is to say that in any change in an isolated system the entropy increases. This applies to the material world. There disorder increases – because there are changes. But the material world cannot be seen as isolated system; it exists together with the spiritual world, and in this complete world disorder decreases and spiritual progress is achieved. Read more >>

2012 October 23
World judgement and rapture
The world judgement will descend upon men suddenly and unexpectedly. And it will snatch away from earth every creature because earth will change in itself. Through a glowing current of fire everything will be destroyed what can be called living, and earth will receive a different appearance, inconceivable for men who inhabit earth now. Read more >>

2012 October 23 (2)
Tokoloshes and how Zombies are made
In Zulu mythology, some practitioners of bad medicine will raid the graveyard and exhume a freshly buried corpse. They then drag the corpse to a secluded area, where they work their medicine on it. The process involves a long nail or sharpened stake being driven into the skull of the corpse. In a few hours, the corpse will come to life. Except it won’t be a real person, but a zombie, which will then perform whatever chores are assigned to him – usually of a nefarious nature. Read more >>

2012 October 25
A landslide for Obama - If the world got to vote
Global public opinion appears to be firmly behind Barack Obama’s re-election. Read more >>

2012 October 25 (2)
Spiritual decline
An upward development can only then happen when man gets in touch with the spiritual and leaves the world unnoticed. Read more >>

2012 October 26
Fearless Fighters
Every thought which touches God, connects a man with God, and where God is present, there certainly no defeat is to be feared. Read more >>

2012 October 27
500 Years Reformation
A lot mounted up there. But that evening there was never talk of Luther’s central and all deciding matter of concern – the question for the justification of man through God’s favour. Hardly once was the word "God" heard at all. And "Jesus Christ" occurred, when memory is not wrong, not one single time. Read more >>

2012 October 27 (2)
Biometric recognition algorithms - face measurement
Fastness and efficiency of biometric recognition algorithms, but above all reliability: The researchers used a webcam to take photos of bypassing students on the campus and matched them with Facebook profile photos. There every third student was recognized algorithmically within three seconds. Read more >>

2012 October 28
The simulation hypothesis
Plato said that reality may be no more than shadows in a cave but the cave dweller, having never left the cave, may not be aware of it. Read more >>

2012 October 29
Earthly surroundings, abilities and knowledge inconsequential for the maturing of the soul
It is without importance for the upward development of the soul in which surroundings it goes through its embodiment on earth. It is also completely inconsequential which earthly abilities man has and on which level he stands in earthly knowledge. Read more >>

2012 October 30
Plane crash - Was Lech Kaczynski’ s death an assassination after all?
In the wreckage of the plane in which Polish President Lech Kaczynski died 2010, experts are to have found traces of TNT and nitro-glycerine. Read more >>

2012 October 31
The battery of the mobile phone is soon empty
"Here in the home in New York we probably know less than the people in Germany." Also yesterday evening power was still off. "No telly, no internet, we know nothing. And the battery of the mobile phone is soon empty." Read more >>

2012 November 1
Tokoloshes, the power of language and paradise
These creatures took away from men their great abilities: The power to only speak through the spirit, the power to move things through the spirit only, the power to see the future and the past and the power to travel spiritually in different worlds. Read more >>

2012 November 2
A pact with the Devil
An impressive confirmation of the prophecies from Bertha Dudde: It will be assumed that drastic changes for the best of the general public are to be expected to come through him. And they all will acknowledge him; he will make use of this preferential position for measures of all kinds. Read more >>

2012 November 2 (2)
A second confirmation of the prophecies
Stars may burn out and die, but their light goes on forever. Read more >>

2012 November 4
Necessity of suffering
There are only few men to whom suffering can be spared because they consciously work on themselves. Read more >>

2012 November 5
Higgs: How "science" is made
You now therefore know that you have discovered the Higgs boson? Read more >>

2012 November 5 (2)
Intellectual opinion to faith teachings
Everything what is demanded to be believed must be seriously thought over. Read more >>

2012 November 5 (3)
If rest of the world could vote in US elections
"Obama's struggles on the domestic scene have gone largely unreported over here compared with his dignified and well-timed overseas visits." Read more >>

2012 November 5 (4)
Angela Merkel believes in God
"We should above all also not be afraid as Christians to stand up for our faith." Read more >>

2012 November 7
Struggle for existence
The being will stand so long in the struggle with the stronger until it turns into its last shaping as man. But then its struggle is no longer a pure external one, i.e., one man is not allowed to destroy or defeat the other by virtue of his strength, so that in the end only the strong on earth could assert itself, but the strong has to use its strength in another way – it must support the weak; the strong must help to defeat resistances so that it serves the weak. Read more >>

2012 November 8
The word of God is blessed with his power
God has blessed his word with his power – men will feel that and receive his word full of desire because with it the power out of God flows to them. And they will need this power; they will get together also at hidden places to receive food and drink out of heaven because on earth it is no longer allowed to be offered. Read more >>

2012 November 8 (2)
Last Judgement
These are the living and the dead – which are now judged, which receive their award and their punishment from God according to his words, because God is just, and he gives out according to merit. Read more >>

2012 November 10
Phenomena of quantum physics
Generating and verifying entanglement between two photons. Entangled particles behave so as if they can influence each other, although they are separated spatially from each other. Read more >>

2012 November 11
How to talk to monkeys
There were monkeys of all sizes.

2012 November 11 (2)
After the storm
On a website the places are listed where the islanders can get hot food and water, where they can charge their mobile phones at so-called Charge Tables. Read more >>

2012 November 11 (3)
Petraeus and Canaris
As CIA boss he has of course the best possibilities to inform himself what Obama is up to. Read more >>

2012 November 11 (4)
Poland: Was there a Russian interest in Kaczynski’s death?
Fact however is that Lech Kaczynski, then in the EU the sharpest critic of the foreign policy of Vladimir Putin, has overstepped a red line out of the view of Moscow. Read more >>

2012 November 12
Many people also know nothing about the whereabouts of the people close to them; many will remain behind completely alone and deserted, and affliction and grief will be found everywhere, and there will hardly be a house which does not hold sad people, and in that country, where the voice of God has spoken, no city, which has to show no ruins. Read more >>

2012 November 12 (2)
Scientist proves mankind’s decline
Human intelligence peaked several thousand years ago and we've been on an intellectual and emotional decline ever since. Read more >>

2012 November 12 (3)
Politicians have church in sight
Police officer accused the church to hush up child abuse in their own ranks, to silence victims and to hinder police with their investigations. So culprits have been given advance warnings, evidence has been destroyed and priests were transferred to other parishes. Read more >>

2012 November 14
Higgs: Fresh data released at a conference in Kyoto today
Scientists working at the Large Hadron Collider have found no evidence that the new particle discovered earlier this year is anything but the simplest - and most boring - variety of Higgs boson. Read more >>

2012 November 15
Australia: Catholic Church avoids reporting abuse
Explosive claims late last week by a senior Australian police officer that the Catholic Church covered up evidence of paedophilia by priests. Read more >>

2012 November 16
The rocks
The beings, which give up their resistance against God faster, inhabit mainly such kinds of rock which reach dissolving faster, i.e., which are again and again blown to pieces as a result of natural disasters or earth eruptions and therefore release the spiritual, which is held in them, in shorter time. Read more >>

2012 November 16 (2)
No systematic transferring of faith teachings should occur
Spiritual ties among men are of greatest advantage for the soul of the individual because man gets stimulated to spiritual activity, to thinking about things and to work on his soul. Read more >>

2012 November 16 (3)
Wiping out all faith
And therefore the world, i.e. those men who are devoted to the world and only strive for worldly wealth and consumption, wants to wipe out all faith, and for this every means is right for them. They take away all food from the believers and refuse them legal advisers; they fight crueller against them as an enemy against another and through this seek them to defect from the faith. Read more >>

2012 November 17
Ruling power in accordance with the people
The people who are no longer able to take divine laws as guiding principle. Read more >>

2012 November 18
Only little news from Higgs particle
In the last few days at a particle physics conference in Kyoto researchers have presented further clues for a Higgs-kind of the new particle. But these are still not really convincing. Read more >>

2012 November 18 (2)
The assembled South wants to leave the USA
In every single one of the 50 federal states citizens have formed who demand per petition the release of their state from the union. Read more >>

2012 November 19
Victims to be able to sue church
Victims of sexual abuse to give evidence if they so wish, including possibly those who have been paid hush money. Read more >>

2012 November 20
Rejecting the word of God is turning towards the opponent of God
The opposite pole is striven for when man shuts himself off from the divine word, because then he defends himself against the flow of power out of God, and that already is a turning towards the opponent of God. Read more >>

2012 November 20 (2)
Quantum mechanics is notorious
Physicists speak of an entanglement when two quantum objects are so intimately weaved into each other in their properties that a measurement at one of the two immediately also fixes the state of the other. Read more >>

2012 November 21
Refuting opposing opinions
Every opposing opinion stimulates to thought and therefore can be of advantage for the serious researcher because only thought creates spiritual ownership, while only now a mental result sticks and man, when he has once expressed his opinion, can now also talk about it. Read more >>

2012 November 22
Australia: Catholic Church harboured known paedophiles and shielded them from police scrutiny
Murrin was shifted to a total of 11 schools by the Marist Brothers and continued teaching until 2002, when he was placed in the Encompass Australasia program and then sent to Rome. Read more >>

2012 November 22 (2)
The destruction of the credibility of Catholicism
Apart from the damage to individuals, what does this crisis mean for Catholicism and other faiths? Will it destroy the credibility of Catholicism? Can the reputational damage be limited to Catholicism? Read more >>

2012 November 23
Australia's most senior Catholic was present when rape allegation was made
Pedophile Catholic brother Robert Best was convicted last year of 27 offences against 11 schoolboys, including two rapes, and was jailed for 14 years and nine months. Read more >>

2012 November 24
Different schools of thought - Truth depends on degree of love
In every school of thought a grain of truth is hidden, assumed that it has the striving for God as a condition. Read more >>

2012 November 24 (2)
Italy: Cleric held for demanding sex in jail
Catholic chaplain for one of Italy’s biggest prison has been arrested on charges of demanding sexual favours from inmates. Read more >>

2012 November 24 (3)
McGrath was extradited from Australia and convicted over assaults on boys in the 1960s at the order's New Zealand home.
Hundreds of former Kendall Grange pupils in Australia and New Zealand who say they were abused by St John of God brothers. Read more >>

2012 November 24 (4)
Australia: Helplines flooded after church probe announced
So someone's had to live with a secret, be blackmailed, threatened, cajoled into not telling and all those kinds of things. Read more >>

2012 November 24 (5)
Australia: Clergy abuse victim wins $20,000 payout
One of at least 12 students who allege they were sexually abused by a priest at a New South Wales Catholic school has been awarded compensation by the state government. Read more >>

2012 November 25
The most important thing is the deep connection to God
The fight will be fought with the sword of the mouth, and the Lord himself will be the leader of the army, and his fighters will follow him wherever he leads them. Read more >>

2012 November 25 (2)
About 40 per cent of prison inmates have a background of child abuse
Australia: Submissions from individuals and organisations are due by the close of business on Monday as the government hurries to get the royal commission running by early next year. Read more >>

2012 November 25 (3)
In some states calls for secession from the USA are made known
In numerous federal states – particularly in the deep South of the USA – calls for a secession from the United States are becoming louder and louder. In the radical secession they see the only escape from the "Obama apocalypse". Read more >>

2012 November 26
China’s Christians
When Mao 1949 proclaimed the People’s Republic, about one million Christians lived in the country; in unofficial estimates it is at present assumed that there are more than 100 million. Read more >>

2012 November 26 (2)
South Africa: Zuma calls on ancestors
President Jacob Zuma has turned to his ancestors for help. Traditional incense was burnt, a symbol of communicating with the ancestors. Read more >>

2012 November 29
An intervention of enormous consequences
In no way do earthly possessions need to be an obstacle when they are used the right way on earth. On the contrary, they can still help the soul to be liberated when it overcomes the desire for them and makes use of earthly possessions in the service of neighbourly love. Read more >>

2012 November 30
The end-time researcher
29 per cent of the Republicans believe that Barack Obama will hand over the USA to a world government. Read more >>

2012 December 1
Nasa, the prophet
The idea of the world ending is absurd, says Nasa. Read more >>

2012 December 1 (2)
A further billion grave like Cern
Energy according to the model of the Sun, the energy production through nuclear fusion. Read more >>

2012 December 1 (3)
Australia: Rabbi to face sex charges
Detectives have arrested and charged Rabbi Kramer with 10 counts of indecent assault and two counts of indecent acts with a child under the age of 16. Read more >>

2012 December 3
US secret services: Pentagon wants to send hundreds of spies to foreign countries.
The US military reacts to "new threads" and massively builds up its secret service. So a network of US espionage of quite unprecedented extent is to come into being. Read more >>

2012 December 3 (2)
Australia: Catholic brother raped, molested and abused dozens of young boys
Police laid 252 charges alleging Mr McGrath repeatedly raped, molested and abused dozens of young boys at church-run institutions in the Newcastle-Maitland diocese over several decades. Read more >>

2012 December 5
Higgs news
Cern Managing Director Rolf-Dieter Heuer definitely reckons that the new particle is identified in April at the latest. Read more >>

2012 December 6
Germany: Diocese Trier investigates against two priests in Saarland
One Minister is to have committed indecent assault on a girl under age in the area of Freiburg around the year 1990. In addition he is accused of a further sexual encroachment. The second minister is to have abused a boy under age in Saarbrücken in the middle 1980s. Read more >>

2012 December 6 (2)
Merkel and Obama
Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) plays on top in the league of the most powerful men of the world. Merkel lands on place two; only US President Barack Obama was before her. Read more >>

2012 December 7
Fight for spiritual sovereignty
Without reason and cause sharpest measures will be taken and to seek to make life unbearable for those who still carry the belief in God and the divine redeemer in the heart. Because these are superior to the unbelievers and mockers and can refute every objection. Read more >>

2012 December 8
Archdiocese of Los Angeles: make public the confidential personnel records of all priests accused of molesting children
Victims said the release of the files would provide accountability for church leaders who let pedophiles remain in ministry, and law enforcement officials suggested that the documents could lead to criminal cases against those in charge. Read more >>

2012 December 8 (2)
Germany: Expert reports recommended a further parish employment of criminal priests
More than 80 per cent of the expert reports recommended a further parish employment of the respective priests. The Catholic reform movement "Wir sind Kirche" (We Are Church) shows itself to be particularly shocked by this result. Read more >>

2012 December 9
People who do not have a specific religious affiliation
The "nones" – that is shorthand for the growing number of Americans who do not have a specific religious affiliation. They now make up nearly 20 per cent of the country's population. Read more >>

2012 December 9 (2)
He does not believe in the end of the world this year.
Prime Minister of Russia and the end of the world
Speaking in a live interview to five television channels on Friday, Prime Minister Dimtry Medvedev seized on a chance reference to the Mayan prediction to express his scepticism. "I don't believe in the end of the world," he said, before adding mysteriously: "At least, not this year."

2012 December 11
A radical growth critic
The decline of mankind, especially the spiritual decline, is continuing and only a completely new beginning, which includes a refurbishment of the surface of the earth, will bring revival. Read more >>

2012 December 13
Northern Ireland: A victim of a paedophile priest has received a five-figure sum
Disgraced Catholic priest Daniel Curran abused more than a dozen boys over a period of up to 17 years. In March he was jailed for four years for assaulting a number of children at his family home in Tyrella, Co Down, between 1989 and 1994. Read more >>

2012 December 13 (2)
Heart and intellectual thinking
Intellectual thinking is merely a function of bodily organs. God reserves himself truth for himself, and he only distributes it to those who acknowledge him, desire him and express this through work in love. Read more >>

2012 December 14
This was Obama’s last election; now he has more flexibility
Obama has been re-elected und can now govern with no regard for a coming election. Read more >>

2012 December 18
Asteroid whistled within a whisker of the Earth one week ago
An asteroid whistled within a whisker of the Earth last week, only two days after it was first detected. Read more >>

2012 December 18 (2)
Laptop may soon tell what it smells
Computers will "smell" within five years by sensing the presence of certain molecules. Read more >>

2012 December 18 (3)
Germany: University pushes plagiarism proceedings against Schavan
The University of Düsseldorf is opening proceedings for the revocation of the doctor title. Read more >>

2012 December 19
Cern review of 2012
How Mr Heuer manages Cern.

2012 December 21
Australia: Child sex abuse Royal Commission
A decision on the terms of reference for the child sex abuse Royal Commission has been delayed until next year. Read more >>

2012 December 21 (2)
The credibility of Nasa is gone
So from now on everything that comes from Nasa is suspicious. Read more >>

2012 December 22
Germany: Schavan to consider resignation
Plagiarism in thesis: Schavan allegedly entertains thoughts of resignation. Read more >>

2012 December 23
Germany: Schavan rejects plagiarism accusations, research minister wants to stay in office
Schavan wants to carry on after election.

2012 December 24
What has Nemesis to do with Orion and Canis Major?
A star stands already in the east, which will break the course for Orion, and the fire of the Canis Major will consume them all; and I want to hurl the stars in huge amounts from heaven upon Earth, so that all villains get killed and my light shines everywhere. Read more >>

2012 December 24 (2)
The Australian Top Catholic
Catholic Cardinal George Pell has used his Christmas message to apologise to those who have been sexually abused by Christians. Read more >>

2012 December 28
What Higgs has to say about the atheist Dawkins
Celebrated Scottish scientist Peter Higgs has made an outspoken attack on fellow academic heavyweight Richard Dawkins, branding him a "fundamentalist" and "embarrassing". Read more >>

2012 December 29
What does the resurrection of the flesh mean?
The resurrection of all flesh is the works of true love through the wisdom of the holy spirit. Read more >>

2012 December 29 (2)
Comet Ison, C/2012 S1, will have a starring role in 2013
The comet was discovered by chance only on September 20th this year by two Russian astronomers. Read more >>

2012 December 30
You are to eat all the time very moderately and always in great fear of the Lord, after you have always thanked him before and afterwards, so that the food is blessed and death is taken from it through this. Read more >>


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