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2011 January 1
Why Noah's Flood was not worldwide
The question whether the Noahic Flood was global or only regional: Was the Genesis Flood actually worldwide? Read more >>

2011 January 3
Masses of water cover an area of the largeness of Germany and France.
Australia's Outback changes into a lake
Since Saturday three people died at the severe flooding in the North East of Australia. The masses of water have changed a great part of the Outback into a lake. The flooded area is a large as Germany and France together.

2011 January 3 (2)
Churches call for renewal.
Catholic bishops to the abuse accusations
In their sermons to the new year the churches appealed to the believers for faith in God and commitment. In the sermons of the Catholic bishops the call for renewal after the abuse accusations was very important.

2011 January 4
Major disasters drain insurers.
Total economic losses rose to $130bn from $50bn the previous year
Several major natural catastrophes in 2010 led to the sixth-highest number of insurers' losses since 1980, Munich Re said yesterday. The reinsurer said in its annual review that insured losses rose to $37 billion last year from $22bn in 2009. It said total economic losses, including losses not covered by insurance, rose to $130bn from $50bn the previous year. A total of 950 natural catastrophes were recorded last year, including five "great natural catastrophes": earthquakes in Haiti, Chile and central China, a heat wave in Russia and floods in Pakistan.

2011 January 5
The supernatural way to keep warm
“Do you think this rain would wet you and make your limbs freeze when you would be completely near me in your heart?!” Read more >>

2011 January 6
75 % of Queensland's coal mines grind to a halt.
Counting cost of Australian floods
Australia's record floods were causing catastrophic damage to infrastructure in the state of Queensland and had forced 75 per cent of its coal mines, which fuel Asia's steel mills, to grind to a halt, Queensland's premier said yesterday.

2011 January 7
The Archbishop of Milwaukee, Jerome Listecki, had to announce the insolvency of his diocese.
USA - Diocese insolvent because of payments to abuse victims
The Archdiocese Milwaukee is insolvent. The compensation payments to victims of abuse through priests exceed the budget. As a result of sexual abuse through priests a further US diocese of the Catholic Church had to announce insolvency because of high compensation payments. The archdiocese in Milwaukee in the US federal state Wisconsin is with almost 700,000 of their believers no longer solvent, the archdiocese announced. The compensation payments to the victims of sexual abuse exceeded the budget of the diocese. In the past 20 years the diocese has already paid more than 29 million dollars (about 22 million Euros) compensation to abuse victims said Listecki. Since 2002 already seven other US dioceses had to announce insolvency because of abuse compensations. The scandals had then plunged the Catholics in the USA into a deep crisis.

2011 January 7 (2)
A great part of worldwide coking coal extraction stands still
Floods in Australia with global results
When there is nothing going anymore in the coal mines in Queensland then also the steel producers suffer worldwide. The century flood in the Australian member state Queensland has paralysed most of the coking coal mines. Because also the harvests are lost, the country could fall into recession. For the whole year a dwindling of the BIP is reckoned with. The flood catastrophe in the North East of Australia is not only a disaster for the people living there, but also for the economy in the affected areas. Because the production in the member state Queensland is also worldwide of great importance. Above all the great international steel producers have to prepare themselves for supply bottlenecks and higher prices in the approaching future. Different producers of coking coal, among them giants like BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto and Anglo American, have declared "force majeur" in the meantime; therefore an emergency for which one is not oneself responsible, which allows them not to fulfil agreed supply quotas without having to give compensation. Queensland's Prime Minister Anna Bligh said on Wednesday that 75% of all coal mines are closed down at present. That has massive influence on international markets as well as the international steel production, said the politician.

2011 January 7 (3)
Sexual abuse, disappointment, loss of trust: Above all the churches are themselves to be blamed for the waves of leaving the church.
Faith - A terrible year for both churches
Church flight: Several scandals drove the believers out of the houses of God this year. An avalanche of sexual abuse cases and three spectacular bishop resignations - for Catholics and Protestants in Germany 2010 is the year of crises. An "annus horribilis" (terribel year) above all for the Catholic Church. Religious sociologists speak of a virtually leaden atmosphere. Who searches for the origins of the trust crises, for the reasons of the cover-up mentality, comes across the factor that the old idea of the "societas perfecta" (perfect community) carried on having an effect. The church as an salvation institution felt with its power to be superior to all other powers, also the state powers. The wrong concern, the church is under no circumstances allowed to be stained, by misdeeds of clerics becoming known, has also led to this crises of credibility.

2011 January 7 (4)
Severe accusations against the pastor of a parish in Hamburg.
Public prosecutor's office investigates - pastor to have had sex in church
Severe accusations against the pastor of a parish in Hamburg: The cleric is supposed to have had sex with a worship visitor. Also alcohol has been involved. The parish member reported the incident to the responsible provost. The pastor is supposed to have lost his position as a result; the public prosecutor's office investigates against the suspicion of sexual abuse.

2011 January 7 (5)
The record of an abuse: He is allowed to remain a priest.
Abuse - The bad memories of priest Ulrich
Then, on a Wednesday evening, before the traditional weekly mess, the pastor from the neighbouring parish reads a message from the bishop. The public prosecutor's office is investigating against the priest because of the suspicion of sexual abuse. Daily new reports about the investigations are in the papers. The woman from the parish and her family break off their contact with the priest. Too deeply they feel lied to. The court does not believe him. Ten cases of serious abuse the judge will consider in the end as proven and sentence the priest to three years detention. The church with the white tent roof, which nestles in the middle of a small park of a central German small town, has a peaceful effect as always. Rome has imposed a panel decree with many orders over him. When he is free, he is no longer allowed to work with youth. Every journey he has to announce in advance and leave the room immediately when minors are in it. He is no longer allowed to have contact with his parish. Like the boy he has lost his old life for ever. But he was spared the highest punishment: He is allowed to remain priest.

2011 January 7 (6)
The abuse scandal in the Catholic Church has triggered a wave of resignations.
Wave of withdrawals - abuse cases drive Catholics out of the church
In many dioceses more people quit the church 2010 than the year before. In Augsburg and Trier it is especially dramatic. Empty pews in a church in Bavaria: Clearly more Catholics have left the Catholic Church this year. The abuse scandal in the Catholic Church has obviously triggered a wave of withdrawals this year.

2011 January 8
The price of rebuilding, coupled with economic losses, could be as much as Aus$5 billion.
Australia: The flooding shut about 40 coal mines
Australia's worst flooding in about 50 years was caused by tropical rains that fell for days, starting just before Christmas. About 1 200 homes in 40 communities were inundated and almost 11 000 more have water damage. Nearly 4 000 people were evacuated, and police have reported 10 flood-related deaths in Queensland since late November. The flooding shut about 40 coal mines in the state, pushing up global prices, and has hurt wheat, mango, sugarcane and other crops. State premier Anna Bligh has said the price of rebuilding homes, business and infrastructure, coupled with economic losses, could be as much as Aus$5 billion.

2011 January 14
Deadly mud in Brazil
Floods leave up to 250 dead in Brazil. 464 dead in Brazil mudslide. Brazil's flash floods and mudslides leave at least 470 dead. Brazil experiences one of the greatest natural disasters of its history. Whole quarters were flushed away by rivers of mud and rocks.

2011 January 14 (2)
Sri Lanka
More than 1 Million Cut Off in Sri Lanka's Deluge
This year, the nightmare of the Asian tsunami has returned to eastern Sri Lanka, where 27 have died and over one million are cut off in heavy rains. Sri Lanka flooding forces more than 300,000 to flee homes. Mudslides bring death toll to 21 as government says more than 1 million people affected by rains.

2011 January 14 (3)
Hesbollah reaches for more power in Lebanon.
Lebanon reels as Hezbollah topples government
Alarm among neighbours and US after opposition pulls out of coalition and UN prepares to name suspects in 2005 killing. Hezbollah was trying to "rule Lebanon" and annex it for Iran.

2011 January 14 (4)
Air crash Smolensk
Poland gives Russia share of the blame with Kaczynski accident
Warsaw gives Russian air-traffic controller a share of the blame with the tragedy with 96 dead.

2011 January 18
All celestial bodies are inhabited and their laws of nature are all different
The earth is a star, which is completely isolated from the other world bodies or the other celestial bodies, with laws of nature especially determined for earth. For all inhabitants of earth the laws of earth are valid – which however deviate from the laws of the other celestial bodies. So also every celestial body is totally different from each other. Read more >>

2011 January 19
Stars: Place of residence of souls
And that is the purpose of each star - to offer innumerable beings a space, which is appropriate to their spiritual state, where the work of the spirit beings is to take its progress. Read more >>

2011 January 20
God's blessings - earthly and spiritually
Only when man is able to separate earthly activity from the spiritual, will he know to value the difference, which lies in the blessing from the heavenly father. No matter how small the event is on which the blessing from above is pleaded and which is started with it, it brings its fruit both on earth as well as also in eternity. Read more >>

2011 January 20 (2)
Vatican told bishops to keep quiet. Abuse: letter is smoking gun.
The concerted cover-up that went all the way to the top. The protection of paedophile priests from criminal investigation was not only sanctioned by Vatican leaders but also ordered by them. The Vatican’s intention is to prevent reporting of abuse to criminal authorities. Vatican’s pressure on a group of bishops thwarting any kind of justice for victims. The Vatican deliberately intervened to order bishops not to turn paedophile priests over to law enforcement. Read more >>

2011 January 22
Organized care
The practice of altar boys in the Catholic Church comes probably from pagan practices to keep boys as sexual playthings. With organizations everything is geared to set up wonderful manipulations, which rather have the purpose to be obviously and generally admired and acknowledged, and which combine with the apparent main purpose far more other interests, but which are supposed to remain hidden to the public world. Read more >>

2011 January 22 (2)
Abuse accusations
Judiciary accuses monk from Monastery Ettal
The Munich public prosecutor's office has brought charges against a monk of the Bavarian Benedictine Monastery Ettal. According to a newspaper report the man is accused of sexual abuse of children.

2011 January 25
A senior Roman Catholic priest has been arrested for raping a 20-year-old man.
South Africa: Priest accused of raping man
A senior Roman Catholic priest in Mthatha has been arrested for allegedly raping a 20-year-old man, the National Prosecution Authority said. The priest, 68, was arrested on Sunday and applied for bail in the Mthatha Magistrate's Court yesterday, said NPA regional spokesman Luxolo Tyali. "The magistrate reserved his ruling because he wants to apply his mind because [the priest] is a foreigner. He has to be sure that [the priest] won't leave the country if he is granted bail." The alleged rape took place at a home for street children in 2009.

2011 January 25 (2)
In the Roman Catholic Church in Belgium no congregation escapes sexual abuse.
475 child sex abuse cases in Belgian Catholic church
A Belgian Catholic Church-backed commission: "We can say that no congregation escapes sexual abuse of minors by one or several of its members," the report's authors wrote.

2011 January 28
Catholic Church - One year abuse scandal
So the whore Babylon gets abolished, and the word whore has something to do with sexual immorality and so has the abuse scandal and both is spiritual immorality and unfaithfulness against God. Revelation 17:5: And upon her forehead was a name written, mystery, Babylon the great, the mother of harlots and abominations of the earth. Read more >>

2011 January 31
Beauty of nature
So the heavenly father lays to all of you the sense for beauty into the heart – the more you cultivate this by learning to consider everything around you spiritually, the easier you will be able to grasp that the feeling for beauty also triggers the feeling of happiness in you. Read more >>

2011 February 3
Protestant State Church Hof disciplinary chamber sentences two ministers.
Church condemns two clergymen for abuse
Protestants: The disciplinary chamber of the Lutheran state church in Bavaria removed two clergymen from church positions for sexual abuse of children. Affected are according to a statement of the state church office from Wednesday a 55-year-old ...

2011 February 4
The Arab revolt
The Islamist movements, led by Iran and Syria, are increasingly on the ascent as unrest seethes in the Middle East. Read more >>

2011 February 6
The souls in the hereafter
When such a light being would approach an immature soul in the hereafter to help on this poor soul, and when this light being would not hide itself under a cover, then the fullness of light of this light being would cause that the immature soul would have to die. Read more >>

2011 February 6 (2)
President Jacob Zuma: When you don't vote for the ANC you are choosing that man who carries a fork ... who cooks people.
South Africa: God is on the ANC's side, Zuma tells crowd
President Jacob Zuma has upped the ante in the local government election campaign, telling supporters that they were "blessed" and warning that a vote for the opposition was a vote for the devil.
In a speech likely to infuriate Christians and opposition parties alike, Zuma told hundreds of supporters in Mthatha in the Eastern Cape that only an ANC membership card would guarantee an automatic pass to heaven.
He was addressing an impromptu rally in the town's city centre on Friday. "When you vote for the ANC, you are also choosing to go to heaven. When you don't vote for the ANC you should know that you are choosing that man who carries a fork ... who cooks people," Zuma said.
"When you are carrying an ANC membership card, you are blessed. When you get up there, there are different cards used but when you have an ANC card, you will be let through to go to heaven," he said to wild applause.
"When (Jesus) fetches us we will find (those in the beyond) wearing black, green and gold ... the holy ones belong to the ANC."

2011 February 8
In the excitement of man immediately ill-disposed powers seize hold of this and try to fan the flames of all hate and of all bitterness to throw the soul of man as far as possible off the previous course. Read more >>

2011 February 9
Forcing Mubarak out risks instability
Israel, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates have pressed the United States not to cut Egypt’s president loose too hastily. Read more >>

2011 February 11
The Munich Archbishop Cardinal Marx has covered-up a suspicion of sexual abuse for three months
Catholic Church abuse in Germany
Ettal parents criticise Munich Archdiocese
Monastery boarding school: Indications of abuse were not reported to school authority for months. Accusations against Cardinal Marx. Parents are shocked: For three months an educator of the boarding school Ettal carried on with children and youth …
Abuse cases: Cardinal Marx in necessity of explanation
The Munich Archbishop Cardinal Marx has covered-up a suspicion of sexual abuse for three months.
Marx has held back a possible abuse case – and informed the monastery Ettal only three month later about it.

2011 February 11 (2)
Dutch cardinal protected paedophile priest
Catholic Church abuse in the Netherlands
Man to have abused dozens of children
Cardinal admits appointing paedophile priest
A Netherland cardinal has admitted appointing a condemned paedophile as priest. The archdiocese Utrecht had been informed about the past of the minister when he was sent 1991 to the parish of Amersfoort, explained Cardinal Ad Simonis in a letter sent to the media on Thursday.
News reports say cardinal protected an abuser
The reports said that the retired archbishop of Utrecht, Adrianus Simonis, was told of an abusive priest whom he then allowed to remain in the church.
Dutch cardinal protected paedophile priest
While he was Archbishop of Utrecht, Cardinal Ad Simonis shielded a paedophile priest. The cardinal knew about the man’s paedophile past when he transferred him to a parish in Amersfoort, where the priest again sexually abused children. The cardinal kept the Amersfoort parish in the dark about the priest’s paedophile behaviour and convictions. Parents who complained about the priest to Cardinal Simonis were given no assistance. Hanneke Brunt, whose altar-boy son was abused: “Simonis told me – ‘This doesn’t go on in the Roman Catholic Church. We don’t do that.’”
Dutch bishops destroy child sex evidence
Catholic child abuse – nuns also accused
Child sex abuse: Catholic church leader admits he knew
Dutch priest accused of sex abuse in Sri Lanka
Dutch panel says 2,000 have cited church abuse

2011 February 11 (3)
Sex-abuse scandals involving priest have shaken Ireland
Catholic Church abuse in Ireland
The Irish affliction
Sex-abuse scandals involving priest have shaken Ireland but is that enough to break the grip of the Catholic Church? Can the Catholic Church atone for its sins?

2011 February 12
Priest accused of abuse suspended
Catholic Church abuse in Switzerland
A Roman Catholic diocese in Switzerland has suspended two priests after allegations that they sexually abused minors.
The Diocese of Lausanne, Geneva and Fribourg says details in the case in Geneva have been submitted to prosecutors. In the case in Vaud, the allegations had passed the status of limitations.

2011 February 12 (2)
Monastery Ettal: New abuse allegations. United in intimate guerrilla warfare.
Catholic Church abuse in Germany: Indignation in Ettal about Cardinal Marx
Tinder in inner church quarrel: New abuse accusations fuel the conflict between Ettal and diocese Munich.
And again a scandal or also just an apparent one shakes the Catholic Church. An educator of the monastery Ettal is to have molested a child in another monastery 25 years ago. The accusation: When Munich archdiocese last year heard about it it is supposed to have hesitated for three months to inform the monastery and the prosecution authorities - although the suspect worked with children.
This time the monastery feels to be morally right; has the archdiocese kept secret the indication of a paedophile educator?

2011 February 12 (3)
Egypt crisis: Hosni Mubarak steps down
Egypt crisis: Hosni Mubarak steps down
Joy in Arab world over Egypt as people ask who is next
Jubilant crowds remain as Egypt looks toward future
Jubilation as Mubarak is forced from power
Egyptians wake up to the dawn of a new era without Mubarak
Egyptians all over the world celebrate Mubarak's ouster
Egypt protests: the resignation of Mubarak as it happened (day 18)
Egypt's army must now continue down Mubarak's path
The upsides of Egypt's revolution
Switzerland to freeze Mubarak's assets
Hosni Mubarak resigns: Switzerland to freeze assets of ousted ruler
Protesters rejoice at the fall of Hosni Mubarak
Egypt: transition to democracy will be tough
Hosni Mubarak resigns: testing American power
Oil: Egypt crisis barometer. Past crises and how Egypt's unrest shook the oil markets
Arab leaders, facing calls for reform, consider next move
US: Like Egyptians, Iran must allow its people to protest
Ahmadinejad says Egypt, Tunisia were inspired by Iran's anti-Western protests
Ahmadinejad cheers exit of Mubarak
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad hails 'a new Middle East'
Egypt has taken a leap of faith
U.S. dispatches military chief to reassure Israel, Jordan after Mubarak's ouster
Israel hopes Mubarak resignation won't affect bilateral peace accord
Security officials: Israel faces period of instability
Algeria police try to stifle Egypt-inspired protest

2011 February 14
Mideast Unrest Spreads
Fall of Mubarak shakes Middle East
Turmoil in Egypt
The Egyptian military leadership suspended the constitution, dissolved parliament and promised elections, demands for similar political reform swept across the Arab world
Uncertainty lingers in Egypt as region scrambles to contain unrest
Officials removed a portrait of ousted Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak at the Cabinet building
Traffic returned to Tahrir Square Sunday
People prayed at a memorial for those killed during the revolt
Iran isolates opposition leader as police deploy
Activists turn focus to Gadhafi
Bahrain tightens security ahead of protest
Palestinian authority dismisses cabinet
Protests expand across Arab nations
China cracks down on uprising shatter

2011 February 16
The wave of protests that swept through the Arab world, rocking regimes that have long seemed unmovable
Libya hit by anti-regime protest: media
Riots break out in Libya city of Benghazi
Violent protests break out in Libya
Iran: Clashes during protestor's funeral
Iran president dismisses protests
Iran's leader derides protests; lawmakers urge death for opposition leaders
Bahrain protesters camp overnight
Middle East protesters occupy Bahrain square
Bahrain protesters urge more pressure on rulers
Syria: 'A kingdom of silence'
Analysts say popular president, dreaded security forces and religious diversity make Syrian revolution unlikely.
For Obama, less leverage, more caution. President Obama cautiously criticized the Iranian government Tuesday for carrying out a deadly crackdown on street demonstrations, as hard-line legislators in Tehran called for the execution of several prominent ...
US follows two paths on unrest in Iran and Bahrain
Obama sees 'right Egypt signals'
Tunisian migrants head for Europe's shores
Refugees from Tunisia cause European angst
Italy warns Europe over migrants

2011 February 16 (2)
Ten cases concern the headmaster of Bonn Aloisius College.
Catholic Church abuse in Germany: Jesuits
Final report incriminates school headmaster of Jesuit college.
Final report about the abuse cases at Bonn Aloisius College incriminates former headmaster and further personnel. In the report of the Cologne law professor Julia Zinsmeister altogether 23 employees at the Bonn Jesuit College are accused.
Ten cases concern also the former headmaster, who worked and lived at the Aloisius College from 1968 until 2008.

2011 February 17
Will Iran push westward?
This month Iran seems to have won quite a victory by the removal of Mubarak from power and by all the unrest in the region. Things happened there which were exactly what Iran was striving for. Read more >>

2011 February 17 (2)
The control of the internet
The freedom of the internet depends completely on governments. When they want this freedom then it exists, and when they do not want this freedom then they have sufficient means to limit it or to switch it off completely. Read more >>

2011 February 22
Catholic Church: Endangering the welfare of children.
USA: Catholic Church endangers children by putting two known paedophiles in posts where they had contact with youngsters.
A former top Roman Catholic Church official has been placed on administrative leave after charges of endangering children by putting two known paedophiles in posts where they had contact with youngsters.
Parishioners at St Joseph parish in Downingtown, Philadelphia, were informed at weekend masses that Monsignore William Lynn had been placed on leave as of Friday, the Archdiocese of Philadelphia said.
Prosecutors in the city filed felony charges of endangering the welfare of children against the 60-year-old Lynn, who also was named in a civil lawsuit.

2011 February 22 (2)
Iranian warships transit Suez Canal towards the Mediterranean.
Egypt lets Iranian warships pass
Iranian warships for the first time for years have passes Suez Canal towards Syria. Egyptian authorities gave the two military ships under the Iranian flag permission for the way through. This became known today from security circles in Cairo. According to the statements the ships are heading for Syria. Before the way through was repeatedly refused to the Iranians. In Israel the announcement of the passage had already caused agitation.

2011 February 23
Will Iran attack its neighbours?
I saw the ram pushing westward, and northward, and southward; so that no beasts might stand before him, neither was there any that could deliver out of his hand; but he did according to his will, and became great. Read more >>

2011 February 25
The deleting of data
Data on a modern storage medium, like an USB stick, cannot get erased, but can only be overwritten, exactly like a conventional hard disc. Read more >>

2011 February 26
To know about everything that was
An unimaginable happy state to be able to stay everywhere and to know about everything that was, that is and still will be. Read more >>

2011 February 27
Power from below - black magic
Then you can be mighty on earth; then you will succeed in everything; then you can dumbfound your fellow human beings with works of supernatural kind - but always by forfeiting of freedom because then you are bound and completely under his, Satan's, control. Read more >>

2011 February 28
Flight from the church. Archdiocese Munich and Freising: Resignations. The church crumbles.
Catholics give notice
Thousands of members resign
After preliminary numbers from six of the seven dioceses 53,663 Catholics turned their back on the church in the past year - 48.5 per cent more than 2009. Projected on entire Bavaria this means about 65,000 resignations, almost one per cent of the Catholics in ...

2011 March 4
Abuse scandal
Germany: Church offers 5000 Euro to abuse victims
Catholic Church wants to supply "quick help" to affected people when they no longer can carry through their claims in court.

2011 March 4 (2)
Abuse in church
Germany: Church angers abuse victims
The Catholic Church wants to pay abuse victims a compensation of up to 5000 Euro. Affected people feel being fobbed off and speak of "impudence".
To be mean in Catholic

2011 March 5
Italian court sentences priest to 15 years for abusing boys
In his testimony, the bishop admitted he knew of rumours the priest had abused boys but didn’t remove him or report him to police. Read more >>

2011 March 7
Mexican church takes a closer look at donors.
Mexico: Church ties to drug traffickers and their gifts
The Roman Catholic Church in Mexico has been trying to confront its historic ties to drug traffickers and their gifts. Mass at a Pachuca church whose major donor was a Zetas leader, Heriberto Lazcano Lazcano. Longtime government restrictions made the Catholic Church in Mexico reliant on the wealthy.

2011 March 10
Internet access blocked in Libya and Egypt
"What is happening in Egypt just goes to show the leverage that governments have over telecom providers. They can get these companies to do what they want because of the number of employees in the country and the amount of infrastructure in place." Read more >>

2011 March 14
Earthquake in Japan
This quake lasts not like usually one minute or one and a half, but terrible three minutes. An eternity. Read more >>

2011 March 14 (2)
Thousands in Lebanon demand Hezbollah be disarmed
Hezbollah, which is supported by Syria and Iran, is using its weapons for intimidation and political leverage. Read more >>

2011 March 15
The walk of repentance of German bishops
The public loss of reputation of the church before the background of the shameful abuse cases through priests and members of orders. The increase of people leaving the Church and the noticeable fall of service visitor numbers are clear signs for this. Read more >>

2011 March 15 (2)
Iran objects to foreign troops in Bahrain
Iran opposes Saudi 'meddling' in Bahrain after troop deployment. Read more >>

2011 March 17
The Americas: Charge against Catholic priest.
Chile: Priest sex abuse case re-opened
An appeals court voted unanimously on Monday to reopen a criminal case into charges of the sexual abuse of minors by the Rev. Fernando Karadima, a Roman Catholic priest. A Vatican investigation found Father Karadima guilty last month of abusing minors and ordered him to retire to a "life of prayer and penitence." A judge in Santiago closed a criminal case late last year, ruling there was not enough evidence to charge him. The appeals court ruled that the case should be reopened because the "events, time and circumstances of the punishable acts had not been sufficiently investigated."

2011 March 17 (2)
Empty batteries
This disaster in Japan should cause us to very urgently establish this connecting link to God and make an effort to improve it and maintain it all the time. It is the only way to cope with such kind of life and it is the only way at all to cope with life the right way. Read more >>

2011 March 18
Obama strengthens the influence of America's biggest nemesis, Iran.
Interests of Saudi Arabia and Iran collide, with the U.S. in the Middle
The brutal crackdown in Bahrain poses the greatest Middle East democracy dilemma yet to the Obama administration, deepening a rift with its most important Arab ally, Saudi Arabia, while potentially strengthening the influence of its biggest nemesis, Iran.
Saudi officials, still angry that President Obama abandoned President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt in the face of demonstrations, ignored American requests not to send troops into Bahrain to help crush Shiite-led protests there.
But "there's not too much listening going on," a senior administration official said, noting that Secretary of Defence Robert M. Gates and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton were forced to cancel visits to Saudi Arabia in recent days because the king was not willing to host them. (The official reason given was that he was ill.)

2011 March 22
Sexual abuse through priest.
Diocese Fulda gives leave to minister for abuse suspicion
For presumed sexual abuse the diocese Fulda has released Father Michael W., who belongs to the German Order, from his duty as minister in Marburg-Schröck. The diocese announced this on Monday.

2011 March 24
The great earthquake
The sea quake before the east coast of Japan and the following tsunami were a shock seen pure scientifically. Seismologists had not reckoned with such strong quake in this region. With a magnitude of 9.0 on the Richter scale it was the strongest quake of Japanese historical time. According to information of the power station operating authority the tsunami broke there with a height of 14 metre, so that the embankments designed for 5.70 metre hardly stopped it. Read more >>

2011 March 28
Atheist Christopher Hitchens could be 'saved' by evangelical Christian.
Christian treats atheist Hitchens
Christopher Hitchens, one of the world's best known atheists, is receiving a revolutionary new treatment for his cancer pioneered by an evangelical Christian scientist, he has revealed in an interview. The author of God is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything said that he is a "guinea pig" for a new personalised medicine partly developed by Dr Francis Collins, a geneticist with very strong religious views. The two had often met in the past as adversaries in the debate about whether God exists. Dr Collins is a former director of the National Human Genome Research Project and is now the director of America's National Institutes of Health. He is the author of a bestselling book, The Language of God: A Scientist Presents Evidence for Belief.
Since the publication of his [Hitchens'] book he has become a hero of so-called New Atheism movement. His pre-eminence has been enhanced by his steadfast refusal to change his views even after he was diagnosed with cancer of the oesophagus last year.
2010 Jul 2 (2) – To undergo chemotherapy

2011 March 28 (2)
Berlin Reinickendorf
Pastor to have abused youth
A pastor from the parish St. Marien in Berlin Reinickendorf is suspected of having abused a 16 year old in the 90th. The public prosecutor's office investigates against the minister.

2011 March 29
Fight against Christianity
But what man believes to recognize as individual remains up to him – but who, full of conviction, wants to also talk fellow man into his own opinion is a great sinner before God and men. Read more >>

2011 March 30
Cost of disasters rises threefold
The economic cost of natural and man-made disasters jumped threefold to $218 billion in 2010 from $68bn the year before, according to insurance firm Swiss Reinsurance. The number of death rose sharply to 304 000 from 15 000 in 2009. Haiti's earthquake claimed 222 000 lives, almost 56 000 people were killed by Russia's heat wave and more than 6 200 people died in floods in China and Pakistan. Swiss Re said the earthquakes in Chile and New Zealand had insured losses exceeding $12bn.

2011 March 30 (2)
The beginning of the wrestling of peoples
The beginning of the wrestling of peoples was on Friday, the 17th of December 2010. Read more >>

2011 March 31
Cost of disaster in Japan
Insurers: 'Japan could be one of the costliest in world history.'

2011 March 31 (2)
Taliban cut cellphone service
"The Afghan government is not capable of securing the cellphone towers and installations," said Ahmad Shah Lemar, head of the regional office of the Afghan Wireless Communications Company, one of the country's major cellphone carriers. "We have been receiving threats from the Taliban repeatedly to shut down our services, and if not our employees would be killed and our towers would be burnt."

2011 March 31 (3)
The game of co-operation
Virtues preached by Jesus versus evolution
. . . he (Martin Nowak) is, in essence, making a scientific argument that the virtues preached by Jesus - compassion, concern, love for your neighbour - are encoded into the laws of biology. "The mathematical analysis shows that winning strategies in the game of co-operation have to be hopeful, generous and forgiving."
SuperCooperators: The Mathematics of Evolution, Altruism and Human Behaviour (Or Why We Need Each Other to Succeed)' by Martin Nowak and Roger Highfield is published by Canongate.
The next few years will see the central argument played out on the world stage: are we selfish creatures, whose innate self-interest will make things far worse for the species, or will the spirit of co-operation inspire us to face the challenges?

2011 March 31 (4)
Jesuits pay $166m compensation to sexual abuse victims
"This settlement recognises that the Jesuits betrayed the trust of hundreds of young children in their care, and inflicted terrible atrocities upon them," said Blaine Tamaki, a lawyer for the order. "These religious figures should have been responsible for protecting children, but instead raped and molested them," he said. Read more >>

2011 April 1
120 Years Bertha Dudde
Bertha Dudde was born 120 years ago and her life and her work seem to gain daily in importance. Read more >>

2011 April 2
Communication in quake areas
Even younger Japanese, who prefer to go online, say weeks of being cut off from the Internet have made them realize how reliant they had become on new technologies that could be so easily disrupted. Read more >>

2011 April 4
Obama election campaign
USA president. Elections. Obama starts supposedly president election campaign. Read more >>

2011 April 6
Get well, Sai Baba.
Around the world devotees of spiritual leader Shri Sathya Sai Baba prayed for his good health. Read more >>

2011 April 8
Japan’s warning system
The earthquake reporting of Japan’s television station NHK is worldwide unique. On the 11th of March millions of viewers saw the life pictures of NHK and followed the disaster in real time on the screen. Read more >>

2011 April 10
The beginning of the end time and its first year
Did the time of the end begin one year ago – on the 10th of April 2010 – when the Polish president became the victim of an air crash? Read more >>

2011 April 10 (2)
Capture of the servants of God
Who now always hangs on to God’s name and stands up for it, so many proofs of God’s favour and love will reach him that his faith will become stronger and stronger and his eagerness greater and greater, and so a complete army of God’s fighters will take up the struggle with full conviction and with glowing hearts. Read more >>

2011 April 11
Looking back
A list of events of the times of the end which have already taken place. Read more >>

2011 April 11 (2)
All matter is life in itself
But without the outer form its state, the state of the spiritual substance, is constant, while the being does not come to activity until it is in the form. Read more >>

2011 April 13
Most of the allegations, 574, were against priests.
Past clergy sex abuse allegations soar in US
Allegations of sexual abuse involving the Roman Catholic clergy in the US rose last year to nearly 700 from around 400 in 2009.

2011 April 13 (2)
Pleasures of the world
The earth with all the splendour and all externals is given to you as bone of contention – as temptation – so that you are to test yourselves in it and learn to resist this temptation out of free will. Read more >>

2011 April 14
Thoughts about God
Man starts the actual work on the soul when he just concerns himself with the divine being in thoughts. Read more >>

2011 April 15
The Lord’s avenging hand in the sky
But not long, then guidelines will be given to you on which your thinking is to move. It will be the effort of the world and its representatives to stop all knowledge about the teaching of Christ. What still exists of documents and writings will be called in most severely, and men who do not give up my word will come into bad inner trouble. Read more >>

2011 April 16
Outrage in Belgium over interview of ex-bishop
“Last June, Pope Benedict was quick to criticize the raiding of church property by the Belgian police as ‘deplorable’ and his failure to condemn Bishop Vangheluwe was baffling and morally inexcusable. His failure to defrock the bishop - an obvious and minimal step - suggests that corrupt clerics continue to get preferential treatment from Rome.” Read more >>

2011 April 16 (2)
Belgium's acting Prime Minister demanded that the Vatican immediately punish bishop.
Belgium asks Vatican to punish bishop for abuse
Belgium's acting Prime Minister Yves Leterme demanded that the Vatican immediately punish Bishop Roger Vangheluwe, who this week gave a television interview defending his sexual abuse of two nephews in the 1970s and 1980s.
Bishop Vangheluwe, 74, acknowledged in April 2010 that he sexually abused one of his nephews, in a revelation that rocked this small, predominantly Catholic country and saddled the Vatican with a public-relations nightmare.
In the interview broadcast Thursday on Belgian television, the bishop spoke about abusing two nephews, one of whom was six years old at the time. He said the rape was "not brutal sex," ...

2011 April 17
Liberation from matter with the gift of reason, intellect and free will
Spirit is free and unattached and stays where it likes. Read more >>

2011 April 18
Paedophile bishop gone underground.
Paedophile Belgian ex-bishop clears off
The bishop of the Belgian city of Brugge, Roger Vangheluwe, who resigned a year ago for child abuse, has cleared off from the French church parish after a further abuse confession, into which the Vatican ...

2011 April 21
New accusations against former Bishop Vangheluwe.
Belgium: Further abuse accusations against Vangheluwe
New accusations against the former Bishop Roger Vangheluwe: Judiciary now investigates in two further suspicion cases. According to media reports on Wednesday the public prosecutor's office has already started the investigation. But interference with two acolytes in the 1960th comes probably under the statute of limitations. The paper "De Morgen" writes on Wednesday one of the two presumed victims has committed suicide later. Last week in a television interview Vangheluwe had conceded the abuse of a nephew, initially five years old, between 1973 and 1986 as well as the abuse of a second nephew. He expressly disputed that there had been further interference. The interview had triggered a wave of indignation; the Belgian bishops distanced themselves.

2011 April 23
Bar chart end-time
Bar chart end-time: Displays different sections of the times of the end. Looking forward and listing of events that seem to lie ahead. Read more >>

2011 April 26
Sai Baba died
Millions mourn over death of Hindu holy man. Read more >>

2011 April 27
The abomination of desolation
There is a possibility, as the event at the time of Judas Maccabeus is a type of the real thing, that also the real thing will happen on that day and that also the time between and the desecration and the dedication of the altar will last exactly three years. Read more >>

2011 April 28
Farewell to Sai Baba
Millions mourn as avatar laid to rest.

2011 April 28 (2)
Seti project - Search for aliens aborted
For more than half a century researchers are now already looking for extra-terrestrials – up to now without success. Read more >>

2011 April 28 (3)
Syria is the only ally of Iran.
Syria is geopolitically considerably more important than Libya
Damascus is a wasp's nest - and whoever pricks into it could cause reactions of undreamt-of proportions. For Syria is geopolitically considerably more important than Libya. Syria is the only ally of Iran - and who would like to attack the regime of Baschar al-Assad, would have to take potentially painful counter reaction of Tehran into account. Besides Syria is frontline state to Israel.
For this also two weighty allies would be at its side: First the Shiite-Lebanese Hesbollah militia, which has a filled arsenal of missiles at its disposal and could cause a war with Israel at any time. And on the other hand the Hamas movement which controls the whole of the Gaza Strip and could also start a diversionary tactic against Israel when Syria so wanted. The political leadership of Hamas is guest of the government in Damascus.
Finally Syria is something like a self declared protecting power of Lebanon. Until a few years ago Damascus de facto kept the small neighbour state occupied. It still has a massive influence in the cedar state. Lebanon is domestically in an unstable position - chaos in Syria could promote chaos in Lebanon.

2011 April 29
Earthquake detectors triggered an automatic shutdown of bullet trains in Japan.
Japanese bullet-train operator gets back on track after earthquake stalled service
The massive earthquake damaged 1 200 places on the JR East line, including stations, bridges, tunnels and overhead wire.
JR East resumed partial service on the bullet-train line as repairs were completed. It re-opened service from Tokyo to Fukishima, where the disaster triggered the world's worst nuclear accident since 1986, earlier this month and extended it to Sendai this week.
The final leg opening today will allow passengers to ride all 714km between Tokyo and Shin-Aomori, and access the Akita bullet-train line.
On March 11, a network of 97 earthquake detectors triggered an automatic shutdown of bullet trains about 15 seconds before the quake hit. Automatic brakes stopped the 27 trains operating with no fatalities.

2011 April 29 (2)
Syria: Iran’s fear of the loss of an ally
Fundamental changes in Damascus would cause radical changes to the balance of power of the whole region. Read more >>

2011 April 29 (3)
Syrians to chant for freedom.
Syria's Muslim Brotherhood called on Syrians to demand freedom today.
Syria's banned Muslim Brotherhood yesterday called on Syrians to take to the streets to demand freedom today.
"Chant with one voice for freedom and dignity," said its declaration.
It was the first time that the brotherhood had called for demonstrations since demonstrations erupted six weeks ago.

2011 April 30
Bar chart end-time, Rev 1
Bar chart end-time: Displays different sections of the times of the end. Looking forward and listing of events that seem to lie ahead. Read more >>

2011 May 3
Bar chart end-time, Rev 2
Bar chart end-time: Displays different sections of the times of the end. Looking forward and listing of events that seem to lie ahead. Read more >>

2011 May 3 (2)
The Iranian revolutionary leader is silent about the "Islamic Awakening" in Syria.
Iran's enthusiasm for the Arabic spring ends in Syria
The Iranian revolutionary leader Khamenei does not tire of praising the alleged "Islamic Awakening" in Tunisia and Egypt, in Libya and in Yemen, above all in Bahrain. About Syria however he remains silent; the Iranian media as well, obviously according to instruction from the top.
Because in Syria ends the enthusiasm for the Arabic spring.

2011 May 5
Iran today
The goings-on in Persia at the time of Esther and the behaviour in Iran at the time of today. Read more >>

2011 May 7
Earth bends space-time like the ball a sheet
Once again Einstein was right: With its mass Earth bends space-time.
Two predictions of Albert Einstein's general theory of relativity were now confirmed with until now unattainable exactness. The US space authority in Washington spoke of a "historic result".
According to the general theory of relativity huge masses dent space-time - for instance like a basketball presses a hollow in a stretched sheet or like a sitting person into the jumping sheet of a trampoline. In addition earth pulls space-time with it while it turns around itself - like a turning spoon in a glass of syrup. "Imagine earth would be dipped in honey. While the planet is turning the honey around, it would whirl with it - and with space and time it is the same."

2011 May 7 (2)
Iran's Foreign Ministry
Iran supports Syrian government
Iran's Foreign Ministry said the wave of unrest in Syria was a plot by the United States to drive a wedge between the Syrian people and their government.
The ministry warned Syrians against U.S. and Israeli plots to undermine the country's national solidarity and sovereignty and denounced Washington's double-standard stance on Syria.

2011 May 8
Natural disasters
The whole stupidity and bigotry of most of our scientists und also of those people who have a blind faith in science is described in the following with quite polite words. Read more >>

2011 May 10
Space: Giant asteroid heading close to Earth
Giant rock heading close to Earth
A giant asteroid weighing 55 million tonnes will just miss the Earth later this year, Nasa experts have predicted.
Asteroid YU55 will pass close to earth later this year.
The rock, which is quarter of a mile across, will pass between our planet and the moon in November and will be visible with small telescopes.
If it were to hit the earth, the asteroid, named YU55, would have an impact equivalent to 65,000 atom bombs and would leave a crater more than six miles wide and 2,000ft deep.
Passing by at a distance of just 201,000 miles, the asteroid will be the largest object ever to approach the earth so close.

2011 May 10 (2)
Iran: Iran's push for regional domination gets Arab Spring boost.
Tehran uses Cairo links to tip power balance
Iran's hopes of using the Arab Spring to secure regional domination were boosted on Monday as it took a vital step towards strengthening relations with Egypt.
The two states prepare for the full-scale resumption of diplomatic relations in more than 30 years, a development that some observers believe could tilt balance of power in the Middle East in Iran's favour.

2011 May 10 (3)
The clearest sign yet that the leadership of Syria believes its crackdown will crush protests.
Syria proclaims it now has upper hand over uprising
The Syrian government has gained the upper hand over a seven-week uprising against the rule of President Bashar al-Assad, a senior official declared Monday, in the clearest sign yet that the leadership believes its crackdown will crush protests that have begun to falter in the face of hundreds of deaths and mass arrests.

2011 May 10 (4)
The clergy takes Ahmadinejad apart
The Iranian president is weakened through the struggle for power with the leader of the revolution. Read more >>

2011 May 11
Terrible night
When you see the sign in the sky do not think that all suffering is over but know that the wrestling for souls starts with renewed power and that you are to be his fighters on earth. Read more >>

2011 May 12
US sex abuse victim sues Vatican for cover-up
Several boys were abused after McCormack was allowed to continue working at a Catholic school following previous complaints and his 2005 arrest. Read more >>

2011 May 12 (2)
Culture of clericalism in Ireland: Fury as church withholds abuse complaints from own watchdog
The renewed calls for the State to subject the entire Catholic Church to a statutory investigation followed revelations yesterday that church authorities withheld a staggering 219 abuse complaints from its own independent watchdog. The monitoring has clearly being impeded by forces within the church, and the church has consistently failed to reveal the full story of child sexual abuse until it was forced to do so. Read more >>

2011 May 14
Ten years prison for priest in Chile
For sexual abuse of minors the Chilean judiciary has sentenced a Catholic priest to ten years in prison. Read more >>

2011 May 14 (2)
Priest in Chile accused of sexually abusing minors
A Chilean priest was arrested Friday on charges he sexually abused three minors, amid other high-profile cases that have shocked this predominantly Roman Catholic country. Read more >>

2011 May 14 (3)
USA diocese’s sex-abuse chair blasts cardinal
What will it take for bishops to accept that their attitude of superiority and privilege only harms their image and the church's? Church officials focus on lawsuits and liability concerns instead of ridding the church of pedophiles. Read more >>

2011 May 14 (4)
Disaster in Japan: Gigantic wall saves Japanese village from tsunami
But the disasters of the past vanished with most of the Japanese into oblivion. Even milestones which remind of devastating tsunamis in the Middle Ages, were ignored: Engravings on the monuments urged not to settle too close to the coast but on hills. Read more >>

2011 May 16
The 200 to 400 metre large celestial body hurries around the sun on the same orbit as earth.
Asteroid in horseshoe orbit - A faithful companion of earth
Not until last year researchers have discovered a 200 to 400 metre celestial body . . . and that on a very unusual orbit. Earth obviously has a faithful but shy companion. It has not yet a proper name; astronomers call it NEA 2010 SO16. From the designation it follows that it was discovered last year. The Nasa satellite Wise discovered the asteroid in September 2010. The researchers first discovered that SO16 was always exactly as far away from the sun as earth. It flew on a similar circular orbit which is unusual for an asteroid. The researchers have analysed its orbit via computer.
2011 Mar 24

2011 May 16 (2)
Richard Dawkins accused of cowardice for refusing to debate existence of God
Richard Dawkins has made his name as the scourge of organised religion who branded the Roman Catholic Church “evil” and once called the Pope “a leering old villain in a frock”. But he now stands accused of “cowardice” after refusing four invitations to debate the existence of God with a renowned Christian philosopher. Read more >>

2011 May 16 (3)
Priest held in Genoa on abuse and drug charges
Parishioners in Don Seppia’s Spirito Santo parish in the Genoa suburb of Sestri Ponente were surprised on Saturday when the Archbishop of Genoa, Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco, celebrated Mass in their church. Read more >>

2011 May 16 (4)
Google boss dreams of an all knowing super cell phone
Google boss can imagine a cell phone that remembers everything and knows everything about its owner. A kind of man machine symbiosis.
2009 Feb 16 and
Book of Life

2011 May 16 (5)
Catholic Church
Vatican suggests bishops report abuse to police
Vatican to bishops: report sex abuse to police.
2011 May 16 (3)

2011 May 16 (6)
Stunning video
Comet collides with the sun
Nasa's solar observatory captured a stunning video of a comet streaking towards the sun between Tuesday and Wednesday - and the aftermath when it collided with the tremendous ball of plasma.
2011 Mar 24

2011 May 16 (7)
Stephen Hawking says heaven is a myth
Stephen Hawking, the atheist, commits an elementary fallacy of logic. Read more >>

2011 May 19
Judgement of God
Earth will be struck by distress of all kinds a full year before, so that the mind of men turns – away from the world and on towards the true aim, so that he becomes believing and seeks God. Read more >>

2011 May 20
Space: Planets which do not orbit a home star.
Lonesome Rider: Planets without home star discovered
In arduous detail researchers have observed the short flaring up of light and discovered the astonishing: Lonesome vagabonds wander like ghost alone through the Milky Way – these planets do not orbit a home star.
Countless lonely planets rove through the Milky Way which are not or at best weakly bound to a home star. The discovery of this new category of planets is introduced by two international astronomer teams in the British specialist journal “Nature”. According to their calculations there are twice as much abandoned planets than stars.

2011 May 20 (2)
A former Catholic priest faces 25 charges in connection with the alleged sexual assault of young boys between 1974 and 1994.
Great Britain: Ex-priest faces 25 abuse charges
A former Catholic priest faces 25 charges in connection with the alleged sexual assault of young boys over three decades.
Alexander Bede Walsh, of Church Lane in Abbots Bromley, in Staffordshire, is accused of assaulting seven boys between 1974 and 1994.
He served in Coventry and the Cheadle area of north Staffordshire.
The charges he faces are 23 counts of indecent assault and two counts of serious sexual assault on seven boys between the ages of seven and 16 on various dates between July 1974 and December 1994.

2011 May 21
Real ancestor worship
We are to think quite often of the deceased. Besides of earthly activity our care on earth is to be for the activity in true neighbourly love and this should also apply to the ones who have departed from earth. Read more >>

2011 May 23
Bar chart end-time, Rev 3
Bar chart end-time: Displays different sections of the times of the end. Looking forward and listing of events that seem to lie ahead. Read more >>

2011 May 24
But do not seek splendour and glory, his name is low - unknown - he certainly calls himself John, but his body on earth does not have that form, which adorns him spiritually. But the country which holds him is blessed through his presence. But when he will come then also the hour of judgement is no longer far - he will bear all sufferings with patience and just always hear the voice of the Lord. Read more >>

2011 May 24 (2)
Catholic priest was member of paedophile promotion group
A priest of the Dutch Catholic Church was a member of a group which seeks to end the ban on paedophilia. This was well-known to the church authorities. Read more >>

2011 May 24 (3)
Dutch Salesian leader sacked for paedophilia comments
The head of the Catholic Salesian order in the Netherlands has been sacked because of comments about paedophilia. Read more >>

2011 May 24 (4)
Dutch Catholic order hit by pedophile group scandal
Yet another sicko hiding under a 'dog-collar' so to speak......Closer to Church, further from God....... Read more >>

2011 May 24 (5)
Trier, Germany: Monk conceded abuse.
Monk abused adolescents for years
A monk of the Trier monastery St. Matthias has abused at least three adolescents in the 70s and 80s. The now 78 years old minister has assaulted indecently the minors as curate at that time.
The incidents became known last year, announced the abbot of the monastery, Ignatius Maaß, on Sunday in Trier. After that the accusations were first checked internally. The monk has conceded the abuse, said Maaß. Up to now he knows about three afflicted persons.
2011 Jan 28

2011 May 28
Small pieces of melted Moon rock, which were brought back 1972 by "Apollo 17" at to this day last manned flight to the Moon.
Newest research results: Moon is clearly more well watered than thought
There could be much more water on the Moon than assumed until now. According to a study which was published on Thursday in the internet edition of the US science magazine Science, the water deposits in the interior of the earth's satellite are even hundred times as big as thought.
With these spectacular discoveries the up to now held opinion of a dust dry Moon was finally refuted.
2010 Sep 29 (2)
2010 Oct 29

2011 May 28 (2)
Three million times as bright as the Sun.
In neighbouring galaxy discovered: Lonesome super star poses riddle
In a neighbouring galaxy astronomers have discovered an unusual bright isolated star which is three million times as bright as the Sun. All other up to now discovered such "super stars" are in star agglomerations.
... part of Taranel Nebular in the Small Magellan Cloud. Very many young stars originate there. The now discovered, completely alone standing super star VFTS 682, ...
2010 Sep 12

2011 May 28 (3)
Israel waits and worries before Gaza border opening.
Egypt opens Gaza border
After four years, Egypt has permanently opened the Gaza Strip's main gateway, bringing an achievement to the ruling Hamas group and raising security fears for Israel.
Hamas praise 'courageous decision' to allow Palestinians free passage out of Gaza.
2008 Dec 30
2010 Sep 3 (3)
2011 Feb 04
2011 Apr 28 (3)
2011 Apr 29 (2)

2011 May 29
During the protests at the beginning of the year the Egyptian authorities had all Internet and some mobile telephone connections locked for several days.
Egypt: Mubarak sentenced - for an Internet blockade
An Egyptian court has sentenced Hosni Mubarak for the first time since his fall - for an Internet blockade. The former president has to pay a fine of more than 20 million Euro.
An administrative court in Cairo fined the 83 year old 200 million pound for an Internet blockade ordered by Mubarak.
During the protests at the beginning of the year the Egyptian authorities had all Internet and some mobile telephone connections locked for several days to stop further calls for demonstrations. In it the court saw an unlawful measure which "harmed the national economy."
2011 Feb 17 (2)
2011 Feb 25
2011 Mar 10
2011 Mar 31 (2)

2011 May 29 (2)
Germans are turning their backs on the church, simply leaving the congregation
Official numbers from the seven archbishoprics and 20 dioceses have not yet been released, but data show an increase ranging from 19 per cent in Magdeburg, to more than 60 per cent in diocese of Passau and Wuerzburg in the pope's homeland. Read more >>

2011 May 31
The Catholic church in Belgium said yesterday it is willing to pay compensation to victims of sexual abuse by clergy.
Belgian church will pay victims of sexual abuse
After a tumultuous year following the resignation of a Roman Catholic bishop who admitted sexually abusing children, the church in Belgium bowed to pressure on Monday and agreed in principle to compensate some of the hundreds who claim that they were also victims of clerics.
With the church's endorsement, a system will be put in place to deal with cases that have passed the 10-year statute of limitations in Belgium. By far the majority of the hundreds who have come forward fall into this category, with many of the incidents dating back decades.
2011 Apr 16

2011 May 31 (2)
Khamenei has called for an end to a split between ruling conservative clergy and Iran's president.
Iran's supreme leader backs Ahmadinejad
In an apparent bid to defuse a power struggle and months-long rift, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei publicly endorses President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, whose fiery populism has angered many in the powerful conservative clergy.
Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, giving a speech in Tehran, has called for an end to a split between ruling conservative clergy and Iran's president.
2011 May 10 (4)

2011 June 1
The struggle over the control of the oil ministry in Iran.
Iran deputies send Ahmadinejad's 'violations' to judiciary
Iranian lawmakers on Wednesday denounced President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad being a caretaker of the oil ministry and sent the report of this "violation" of the constitution to the judiciary, state television website reported.
It said Ahmadinejad violated the law by "not appointing a caretaker for the oil ministry and his maintaining (himself) as a caretaker," the website said.
The struggle over the control of the oil ministry comes with a month of Ahmadinejad's dismissal of Intelligence Minister Heydar Moslehi which was promptly vetoed by the all-powerful supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.
See previous entry and
2011 May 10 (4)

2011 June 1 (2)
Free will
God directs our earthly life according to his will, we are however allowed to use the spiritual freedom of will unlimitedly, both up and also down. Read more >>

2011 June 4
Who cares what Obama says?
Indeed, Obama’s policy towards the Middle East – whatever it is – sometimes appears so muddled that it is scarcely worthy of study. He supports, of course, democracy – then admits that this may conflict with America’s interests. Read more >>

2011 June 5
Bar chart end-time, Rev 4
Bar chart end-time: Displays different sections of the times of the end. Looking forward and listing of events that seem to lie ahead. Read more >>

2011 June 6
Worms in millennia old enclosed water discovered, which comes from several mines in South Africa.
Threadworms live three kilometre deep below ground
Life is not bothered about extremes. Brooding heat, crisp cold, eternal night, cutting assets, hardly imaginable pressure, radioactivity – under all these conditions at least primitive forms of life thrive somewhere on this planet. The ability of the threadworms to thrive so deep under earth have to be taken into account with the search for life on Mars or other planets in our solar system, write the researchers now.
2001 Dec 06
2011 Jan 18

2011 June 6 (2)
Discomfort behind pomp and protocol
Merkel with Obama: Outside honour, inside emptiness
Obama gives Angela Merkel the really great reception: In Washington he honours the chancellor with a grandiose banquet and the highest civil order of the USA. But all the splendour cannot whitewash the differences between the two.
2011 Jun 04
2008 Nov 07

2011 June 6 (3)
Merkel and Obama
And they all who are responsible for the welfare of the people will acknowledge Antichrist. Read more >>

2011 June 8
Merkel and Obama headlines:
America's new best friends: Obama and Merkel get cosy
Merkel leaves for Washington to be regaled at state dinner
Barack Obama pays tribute to himself during Angela Merkel's White House visit
Merkel, Obama seek to bolster relationship
Obama welcomes Merkel to White House
Dinner focuses on Merkel friendship
Obama and Merkel accentuate the positive
Obama, Merkel stress unity

2011 June 8 (2)
Sexual misconduct with minors by Father Michael Tierney
Bishop has removed a priest from his duties as pastor in Kansas City and from all other public ministry
Bishop Robert Finn has removed a priest from his duties as pastor of Christ the King parish in Kansas City and from all other public ministry, the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph June 2.
In a statement released last week, the Roman Catholic diocese said its review board, which is charged with assessing sexual abuse allegations against priests, had received "credible reports alleging sexual misconduct with minors by Father Michael Tierney in the early 1970s and 1980s."
The Kansas City lawyer who filed the lawsuit last year against Tierney was stunned to hear about Tierney's removal as pastor last Thursday.
"Unbelievable," Rebecca Randles said. "We applaud the church's move in dismissing him from the ministry but wonder why it's taken so long."

2011 June 8 (3)
Catholic officials had moved McCabe to the United States after they became aware of complaints against him.
Ex-priest extradited to Ireland in sex-abuse case
A former Roman Catholic priest has been extradited from Northern California to his native Ireland to face charges that he sexually assaulted six boys from 1973 to 1981, authorities said Tuesday.
Patrick McCabe, 75, was handed over to officers from Ireland's national police service at San Francisco International Airport on Sunday night, said Michael Dyke, supervising deputy with the local U.S. Marshals Service.
A 2009 report sponsored by the Irish government on the Dublin Archdiocese's handling of sexual abuse said Catholic officials had moved McCabe to the United States after they became aware of complaints against him.
McCabe worked in churches throughout the Santa Rosa Diocese from 1983 until his forced resignation in 1987. He was living in an Alameda condominium when he surrendered in July to U.S. authorities, who then sought his extradition.
At least three former parishioners in Northern California have sued the Santa Rosa Diocese, claiming McCabe molested them.

2011 June 9
The Messiah and the Forerunner of the Lord
The most different rumours will emerge concerning the return of the Messiah. Read more >>

2011 June 10
Remote effect of thoughts
In the remote effect of thoughts man has the easiest way to recognize a supernatural power, because he then must see all assistance of man being switched off and admit that there is something at work that he would otherwise want to deny. Read more >>

2011 June 10 (2)
Mental influencing of the banished spiritual in matter
Look at everything what you see not as dead matter, but see through this only always the spiritual being. Read more >>

2011 June 10 (3)
Active will
Man always has to turn towards all spiritual out of free will. Read more >>

2011 June 12
Perfection of the spiritual
The victory over temptations of all kinds, the asserting of oneself in all desires and not least the giving oneself up to all tests is a climbing up from level to level to reach perfection. Read more >>

2011 June 13
The striving of the soul for perfection must find the driving power in itself
When the soul has asserted itself in the resistance against the power striving for its downfall and recognized its starting-point out of God then it certainly remains in the permanent care of its spiritual friends who stand by its side ready to help, but its striving for perfection must find the driving power in itself, its will must as it were remain uninterruptedly active to reach perfection. Read more >>

2011 June 14
Audible inner voice
In that night, which preceded his death, Jesus gave his disciples fullest knowledge through the audible inner voice. Read more >>

2011 June 16
Hearing the inner voice audibly and seeing the inner sight visibly
To open the inner eye: When the spiritual eye sees independently from the fleshly eyes and can observe, then is that clairvoyance. Read more >>

2011 June 17
Spiritual communication
About spiritual seeing and about spiritual hearing: clairvoyance and clairaudience. Read more >>

2011 June 18
Hacking attacks a fact of life
Freedom rules in the spiritual kingdom and therefore God’s opponent cannot force his will upon us from there. So he has to do it from here. An in order to be able to do this, he needs to be in charge here - establish a worldwide dictatorship. Read more >>

2011 June 18 (2)
Most galaxies, including our Milky Way, are thought to harbour black holes in their hearts.
Black hole shreds star
A monster black hole shredded a sun-like star, producing a strangely long-lasting flash of gamma rays that probably won't be seen again in a million years, astronomers reported yesterday.
First spied on March 28 by Nasa's Swift spacecraft, which is trolling the universe for gamma ray bursts, this particular flash has lasted more than two months and is still going on.
This kind of behaviour is different from what active black holes generally do, which is to suck in everything their vast gravity can pull in, even light. Most galaxies, including our Milky Way, are thought to harbour black holes in their hearts.
"We still don't understand how black holes and the universe grow."
2010 May 21 (2)
2011 Mar 24
2011 May 16 (6)

2011 June 21
Roman Catholic Church harbours priests who abuse children.
UK: Priest’s secret past revealed
A senior staff member sacked from a Roman Catholic children’s home in Market Weighton for sexually abusing boys went on to become a priest in the same diocese, it was revealed this week.
Father Joseph O’Brien, who was dismissed for abusing a number of boys at St William’s Community Home, went on to serve as a priest in Thirsk for 15 years.
The case casts another shadow over the Roman Catholic Church, which has been the subject of a series of accusations that it harboured priests who abused children.

2011 June 21 (2)
The Catholic parish priest's daughter Angela Merkel
Note of the editorial office: In an earlier version of the text there was talk of a "Catholic parish priest's daughter Angela Merkel." It is however correct, that Angela Merkel's father was a Protestant minister. We regret the mistake and have corrected it.

2011 June 22
New DNA profiling technology tells police who suspects are in under an hour
Other body parts giving away one’s identity and containing vital information are nail clippings and hair – a curl. That such parts of a body can be used to influence people is not limited to modern technology but is known for millennia – in black magic. Read more >>

2011 June 22 (2)
Roman Catholic order: Prominent Jesuit priest permanently barred
USA: Jesuits remove popular priest over alleged abuse
A prominent Jesuit priest has been permanently barred from public ministry for allegedly improperly touching a minor in the 1980s.
The Maryland Province of the Jesuits said Tuesday that it removed the Rev. James Glenn Murray from church work after an investigator hired by the Roman Catholic order found evidence supporting the allegation. Murray is living in a monitored Jesuit residence.
The Jesuits sent notice of their action to dioceses and high schools where Murray has served since his 1979 ordination.

2011 June 22 (3)
Catholic Church in Iceland
Case filed over sex crimes in Icelandic Catholic Church
The Reykjavik Metropolitan Police have completed their investigation of sexual offenses allegedly committed by a late teacher at Landakotsskoli, run by the Catholic Church in Iceland, and the case will now be taken to the courts.
... the investigation was also directed towards the school itself and the Catholic Church, where a priest has also been accused of sex violations, and therefore the case will likely not be dropped even though the teacher is dead.
Frettatiminn reported last weekend that two students at the school had been subject to mental and sexual violence by the teacher and priest.
A Dutch citizen who served as Catholic bishop in Iceland in 1996 was accused of sex offenses in the Dutch media in September last year. He left Iceland in 2007. His name did not come up in Frettatiminn's coverage.

2011 June 22 (4)
Catholic Archdiocese of Louisville, Kentucky.
USA: Couple appeal dismissal of lawsuit against Louisville Archdiocese
A former employee of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Louisville and her husband are appealing the dismissal of a lawsuit in which they allege she was wrongfully fired for complaining that an alleged sex abuser lived on church property.
The Weiters alleged she was wrongfully terminated last year for complaining about the presence of the Rev. James Schook, who was subject to an abuse accusation that the archdiocese later concluded was valid.

2011 June 22 (5)
Many MPs are ready to begin impeachment proceedings against Iran's president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.
Iran: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad faces impeachment threat
Iranian president under increasing pressure from MPs after supporting foreign minister's controversial appointment of deputy.
Impeachment proceedings were launched against foreign minister Ali Akbar Salehi for appointing a man close to Ahmadinejad's chief-of-staff, Esfandiar Rahim Mashaei, as his deputy.

2011 June 24
Course of upward development
The desire to come into earth nearness is expressed through weather precipitations of all kind, and so the beings staying in the atmosphere get into direct contact with the ground and through it go into grass, plants and flowers, and consequently the course through the plant world now starts, which again last endless times, however shortens the stay in each form through countless reshaping and therefore the being, which has thereby also increased itself considerably in itself, turns into always greater forms, to go, after a certain maturity, through the same course of higher development in animal life. Read more >>

2011 June 25
Pastor Jack Spaulding suspended over sexual-misconduct allegation.
USA: Catholic diocese suspends Mesa pastor in sexual misconduct investigation
One of the Valley's most prominent priests, the Rev. John D. "Jack" Spaulding, pastor of St. Timothy's Catholic Community in Mesa, was placed on administrative leave Friday after a Diocesan Review Board Thursday night determined there was a "credible" allegation of his involvement in sexual misconduct with a minor.
After being appointed St. Timothy's pastor in 2005, Spaulding stepped into a parish that had high loyalty to its previous pastor, the then-Monsignor Dale Fushek, the 20-year leader of the parish, who was put on administrative leave in late 2004 and resigned in June 2005 over accusations of sexual misconduct with minors.

2011 June 25 (2)
Jesuit priest convinced him to become an altar boy.
USA: Man sues Catholic diocese in Texas on abuse claims
A man who alleges he was sexually molested by a Catholic priest in the 1970s has filed a civil lawsuit against a West Texas diocese and the Jesuits, claiming the defendants knew or should have known of the abuses and didn't protect him.
The man, identified as John Doe 103, claims the Jesuit priest convinced him to become an altar boy at Sacred Heart Church in El Paso. The suit claims he was molested over a two-year span. The lawsuit says abuses occurred in the priest's vehicle on the way to church functions.

2011 June 25 (3)
Britain and Tanzania: BBC documentary exposed the horrific abuse.
England: Canadian leads abuse lawsuit against Catholic priests
After decades of quiet suffering and bottled rage, a Canadian man from Montreal is leading a group of 22 former residents of Catholic boarding schools in Britain and Tanzania, including four fellow Canadians from Quebec, B.C. and Alberta, in a multimillion-dollar lawsuit against Rosminian Order priests alleged to have physically, sexually and emotionally abused the children in their charge during the 1950s.
Francis Lionnet, a 63-year-old communications consultant, is spearheading a compensation bid that has already prompted a BBC documentary on the case and led this week to a formal apology from Britain's top Rosminian official.
The BBC documentary - a Canadian version of which is to be aired by the CBC - "exposed the horrific abuse of young children by members of the Rosminian Order at a time when they required, and rightly expected, that their physical and moral welfare would be paramount to those entrusted with their care," said the statement from Uppal Taylor. "It is perhaps more so appalling that those that espouse moral fortitude under the guise of religious cloths should have paid such little regard to the young lives that they ruined by their actions and depravities."

2011 June 25 (4)
He is now the archbishop of Dubuque, Iowa.
USA: Missouri abbey faces suit; former St. Cloud bishop accused of abuse cover-up
A lawsuit filed Thursday against a Missouri abbey accuses Catholic Church officials - including former St. Cloud Bishop Jerome Hanus - of covering up sexual abuse by a former monk who spent several years at St. John's University three decades ago.
The plaintiff, who filed the lawsuit under the name John Doe 181, claims the Missouri abbey knew Parry had sexually abused other students but took no action. Among those the lawsuit accuses of knowing about the abuse are Hanus, who at that time was abbot of Conception Abbey, and Jerome Theisen, former abbot of St. John's.
Hanus was abbot of Conception Abbey before becoming bishop of St. Cloud. He served in St. Cloud from 1987-1994. He is now the archbishop of Dubuque, Iowa.

2011 June 25 (5)
If there is water in such an unexpected place, it leaves possibility for the rest of the universe.
Icy Saturn moon may have ocean beneath its surface
Five years ago, scientists discovered that Enceladus, one of Saturn’s moons, had geyser like plumes spewing water vapour and ice particles.
At least four distinct plumes of water ice spew out from the polar region of Saturn's moon Enceladus.
“We discovered that the plume is stratified in a composition of ice,” said Frank Postberg, an astrophysicist at the University of Heidelberg in Germany. “And the lower you go, the more salt-rich ice grains you find.”
Enceladus, Saturn’s sixth moon, is icy and just over 300 miles wide. The presence of water makes it one of a few other places in the solar system where life could exist.
But even if this isn’t the case, it makes life beyond Earth seem more plausible, Dr. Postberg said.
“If there is water in such an unexpected place,” he said, “it leaves possibility for the rest of the universe.”

2011 June 27
Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq: Iranian efforts to increase its role in region.
Iran woos leaders of key U.S. allies
Iran moves to build ties with the leaders of three key American allies - Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq - highlighting Iranian efforts to increase its role in region as U.S. military withdraws troops.
2011 May 10 (2)
2011 May 7 (2)
2011 May 3 (2)
2011 Apr 29 (2)
2011 Feb 23

2011 June 27 (2)
On November 8 a 400-metre wide asteroid is expected to fly inside the orbit of the moon.
Giant asteroid to 'narrowly miss' Earth
A newly discovered asteroid the size of an office block will narrowly miss the Earth on Monday - coming 23 times closer than the moon.
The space rock will reach within 11,000 miles of the surface and give off a light bright enough to be seen through a small telescope, experts said today.
It was only spotted on Wednesday by a robotic telescope in New Mexico that scans the skies for such hazards. An alert was then put out yesterday by the International Astronomical Union's Minor Planet Center in Massachusetts.
On November 8, a 400-metre wide asteroid weighing 50 million tons, called 2005 YU55, is expected to fly inside the orbit of the moon.
Passing by at a distance of just 201,000 miles, the asteroid is the largest object to approach the earth so close that we have known about in advance.
2011 May 10
2011 Apr 15
2011 May 14 (4)

2011 June 27 (3)
US foreign policy
US message to Iran: We leave everything to you!
For 100 days Nato bombs Libya - with moderate success. The reserve of the USA is also remarkable in the conflict. Under President Obama a historic change of paradigm in international relationships can be observed.
"America, it is time to devote yourself to the forming of states here at home." That is the historic key message of President Barack Obama with which he justifies the start of the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan in the night towards Thursday - 10,000 soldiers until end of the year, 23,000 further until summer 2012 and almost all other 68.000 until 2014. The withdrawal happens much quicker and more extensively than military leadership of the US under General David Petraeus as leaving commander of the US troops in Afghanistan and Foreign Minister Hillary Clinton had requested. Obama's decision is rather a political one than a military.
This key message ushers in a change of paradigm of American foreign policy. Turning away from international interventionism towards new contemplation of isolationism of the solution of problems at home.
2011 Jun 4

2011 June 29
The storm
In the storm and in danger we must speak in the heart and not alone in the mouth, then God's protection will be and become beneficial through our faith and through our fervent trust; but when we start to despair in danger then God's protection would just not really be of too particular use! Read more >>

2011 June 29 (2)
Sai Baba’s estate
Sai Baba was an embodiment of simplicity and did not even have a bank account of his own. He never kept anything for himself. Read more >>

2011 June 30
Former Memphis Catholic Diocese employee charged with raping student.
USA: Catholic school employee accused of having sex with student
A former teacher with Catholic Schools is accused of having sex with a student on school property in 2009.
31-year-old Jose Garcia was arrested this weekend, more than a year after a warrant was issued.
As authorities were closing in on him last year for the rape of a 15-year-old boy, former Memphis Catholic Schools employee Jose Garcia fled to Brazil.

2011 June 30 (2)
Convicted LA priest had record in Italy.
USA: Despite priest's dark past, he was given ample time to find new victims
Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles: A visiting priest who was convicted of multiple sex abuse counts had a prior criminal history in Italy and was rejected by another Southern California diocese because of concerns about his past.
Rev. Fernando Lopez Lopez pleaded guilty in 2000 to repeated sexual violence on a minor in Italy before he left the Diocese of Tivoli and arrived in Southern California.
Some of the worst of the abuse took place in the six months after L.A. Archdiocese officials were warned about the Rev. Fernando Lopez Lopez. With his record, he should never have been hired.
According to an Italian court official, Lopez Lopez pleaded guilty in 2000 to repeated sexual violence on a minor.
So Rev. Lopez Lopez ends up in California, where he seemed to have no trouble finding new victims.
Los Angeles church officials did not confront Lopez Lopez with the information for two months.

2011 July 3
Spiritual seeing
Spiritual is hidden in any matter, and therefore this spiritual inevitably has to come into operation. And it is this activity which appears visibly to the spiritually seeing man. Read more >>

2011 July 4
To make the will of God one’s own will
To make the will of God one’s own will, that truly is the key to all wisdom and to all spiritual success – and so man does not have to fear the slightest resistance of any being as soon as he gives up his will, i.e. has made the divine will his own will because now not man himself steers his will but divine care has so to speak taken all thinking and acting in its hand, and man now as it were lives so, as it is his purpose from eternity. Read more >>

2011 July 4 (2)
Bishop allowed predator priest to flee.
USA: Calif. bishop quits amid abuse cases
A Catholic bishop in Northern California whose diocese has been embroiled in priest sex abuse cases resigned yesterday from his post after 11 years.
The Vatican announced that Pope Benedict XVI accepted the resignation of Bishop Daniel Walsh of Roman Catholic Diocese of Santa Rosa.
The diocese has been hit with several lawsuits under Walsh's tenure involving alleged child sex abuse by former priests.
In 2006, Walsh was threatened with criminal charges for failing to report accusations of misconduct against the Rev. Xavier Ochoa for five days after the priest admitted the abuses to Walsh. Authorities said the delay allowed Ochoa time to flee to Mexico before he could be arrested.

2011 July 4 (3)
The Archdiocese of Louisville's Sexual Abuse Review Board concluded that claims against Schook were valid.
USA: Catholic priest indicted on seven sodomy charges
A Jefferson County grand jury indicted a Roman Catholic priest Thursday on seven felony charges of sodomy, alleging he sexually abused two boys in their early teens in the 1970s.
The Rev. James R. Schook, 63 - whom the Archdiocese of Louisville removed from ministry last year - faces three counts of sodomy in the second degree and four counts of sodomy in the third degree.
Six of the charges involve one boy and incidents alleged between 1971 and 1974. The seventh charge involves a second boy with an incident alleged between 1974 and 1975.
Archbishop Joseph E. Kurtz temporarily removed Schook from ministry in July 2009 - when he was serving as pastor of St. Ignatius Martyr Church on Rangeland Road - after the archdiocese received the first in a series of complaints alleging that Schook had committed sexual abuse in the 1970s and 1980s.
The Archdiocese of Louisville announced in March 2010 that Schook's suspension from ministry became permanent after its Sexual Abuse Review Board concluded that claims against him were valid.
2011 Jun 22 (4)

2011 July 4 (4)
Clergy abuse in Kansas: Diocese to investigate sexual misconduct claims against priests and others.
USA: Weeks of turmoil in the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph
A lawsuit was filed alleging sexual abuse by a Kansas City priest removed from his duties in June for what the diocese called credible allegations of misconduct with minors.
"Regardless of an individual's background, if he or she is picked and paid by the bishop, and answers to the bishop, little will change, kids, parents and families need independent professionals in law enforcement to step up here. They don't need the bishop bolstering his staff and calling that 'reform.'"
The lawsuit filed Thursday was the second against the Rev. Michael Tierney in nine months that alleges sexual abuse.
The suit, filed in Jackson County Circuit Court by Edward Sandridge, 52, accuses Tierney of sexually abusing Sandridge at a YMCA in the early 1970s. It says the diocese knew of Tierney's misconduct with children and covered it up.
The lawsuit names both Tierney and the diocese as defendants. It seeks unspecified monetary damages.
"For more than six months we repeatedly urged Bishop Finn to suspend Tierney and launch a thorough, independent investigation into the allegations against him. The bishop has promised a 'one strike and you're out' policy. But it took three men to accuse Tierney of abuse before Finn finally suspended him."
2011 Jun 8 (2)

2011 July 4 (5)
The priest threatened the victim that her family would be expelled from the church if she told anyone.
Ireland: Priest apologises for abusing parishioner
A Catholic priest has apologised in court to a former parishioner for the 'torture' of sexual abuse he subjected her to.
A 79-year-old Catholic priest has apologised in court to a former parishioner for the 'torture' of sexual abuse he subjected her to over a number of years.
Paul McGennis had pleaded guilty to eight sample counts of sexual abuse against the young girl in the 1980s.
The abuse began when she was aged ten and continued for a number of years.
The victim said she lived in fear of the priest who threatened that her family would be expelled from the church if she told anyone.
The abuse took place in the priest's house at a Dublin City Centre parish and continued after he moved to another parish in Dublin.
He has previous convictions for indecent assault and has served a prison sentence.

2011 July 4 (6)
A 17-year-old high school student is accusing a Catholic parish priest of rape.
Philippines: 17-year-old girl in Agusan Norte accuses Catholic priest of rape
A 17-year-old high school student in Tubay town in Agusan del Norte is accusing a Catholic parish priest of rape, a human rights group said Friday.
According to Dr. Naty Castro, secretary general of human rights group Karapatan-Caraga chapter, the victim also sought the help of women's group Gabriela and the Missionary Sisters of Mary (MSM) in making her complaint against Tubay parish priest Fr. Raul Cabonce.
Also, Castro said Gabriela is helping the victim and her family amid alleged threats to their lives.

2011 July 4 (7)
Otto von Habsburg is dead
He was the oldest son of the last Emperor of Austria and King of Hungary: Otto von Habsburg died at the age of 98 in his house at the Starnberg Lake. He is to have “passed away peacefully” in the early hours of the morning. Read more >>

2011 July 9
He has been in prison since January 2006 for gang-raping the nun five times after drugging her.
Italy: Catholic priest jailed for repeatedly raping a nun
A court in southern Italy Wednesday jailed Catholic priest Fedele Bisceglie for nine years and three months for drugging and repeatedly raping an African nun. His secretary received a six year and three month prison term for the crime.
After the sentences were read out, Bisceglie, a flamboyant figure in the Calabrian city of Cosenza, yelled out in court that the verdict was "shameful".
He has been in prison since January 2006 for gang-raping the nun five times after drugging her, according to the prosecution.

2011 July 9 (2)
Schook remains a priest but has been forbidden to do public ministry or present himself as a priest.
USA: Sex abuse case - Roman Catholic Louisville priest
Rev. James R. Schook, 63, was arraigned in Jefferson Circuit Court on three counts of second-degree sodomy and four counts of third-degree sodomy. The Archdiocese of Louisville removed him from ministry last year.
Six of the charges involve one boy, with the incidents alleged to have occurred from 1971 to 1974. The seventh charge involves a second boy with an incident alleged from 1974 to 1975.
The difference in degree reflects the ages of the boys. Second-degree sodomy involves "deviate sexual intercourse" with a child who is 12 or 13, while third-degree counts involve victims who are 14 or 15.
A grand jury has been investigating Schook for several months. Louisville Metro Police first investigated him in 2009.
2011 Jun 22 (4)
2011 Jul 4 (3)

2011 July 11
Intercessory prayer
But the sudden enlightenment can also be the result of an intimate prayer, which has been sent up in love for this soul to the father of the universe by a fellow man to assist this soul in the earth struggle – in the struggle about life in eternity. Read more >>

2011 July 12
The power of intercessory prayer
A being from the hereafter asked Bertha Dudde to further think of him in prayer and to give to him the love which she gave to him on earth and which he respected little; in life he did not find the right connection to her but then he sought every opportunity where he could attend the spiritual exchange to earth. Read more >>

2011 July 14
The sounding divine voice
The voice of the heart sounds delicately and faint in you, but you do not hear it before you do not have removed all impurity out of you. Where the Lord wants to stay and announce himself audibly there light and brightest clearness has to be; the sounding divine voice must not be resisted, and it will audible ring in the hearts of those who abandon themselves listening to this voice – it will sound like a fine little bell and will be proof of intimate fatherly love to the earth child. Read more >>

2011 July 14 (2)
Not one church official faced criminal charges.
Ireland: New report into priest child abuse
The Irish government is publishing a new report into the Catholic Church's concealment of child abuse by priests, a long-running scandal that has ravaged the church's once-exalted position in Ireland.
The report details how church leaders in the County Cork diocese of Cloyne suppressed evidence of complaints against 19 priests from 1996 to 2009.
"This report covers the suppression of much more recent crimes than those covered in previous investigations. It will show that the church has continued to ignore its child protection policies," said Maeve Lewis, director of a support group for child abuse victims called One in Four.
This will be the fourth government-ordered report into Catholic abuse cover-ups in a country that has suffered waves of public uproar against the church since 1994. That year, the Irish government collapsed over its failure to extradite one of the priesthood's most rampant paedophiles, Brendan Smyth, to Northern Ireland to face child molestation charges there.
Two commissions have forced church authorities in Dublin and south-east Wexford to hand over their secret files on paedophile priests stretching back to the mid-1970s. In all cases, investigators found that church leaders protected their priests.
A third report published in 2009 showed that thousands of children suffered sexual, physical and psychological abuse in workhouse-style schools from the 1930s to 1960s - and not one church official faced criminal charges.
2010 Mar 15 (2)
2010 Apr 29
2010 May 26
2010 Oct 26 (2)
2011 Feb 11 (3)
2011 May 12 (2)
2011 Jun 08 (3)
2011 Jul 04 (5)

2011 July 15
State of weakness of spirit
Truth is to be desired with a hungry heart to be recognized as such. Read more >>

2011 July 15 (2)
Mental influence
The struggle will be far more difficult in the hereafter to reach truth because they rejected spiritual help in life on earth, they now must suffer want and now have to exert all effort on their part to achieve that what they could reach on earth effortless. For the struggle in the hereafter is far more difficult than on earth. Read more >>

2011 July 16
The majority, unfortunately, don't ever report their abuser
Canada: Student says he revealed abuse in confessional
Another former Saskatoon high school student who has come forward with an accusation of sexual assault against a Catholic priest says he reported the abuse to another priest during confession.
Bob Kloshinsky says he was sexually assaulted by serial pedophile Father Hodgson Marshall when he was a student at St. Paul's High School in the early 1960s.
"I was a victim. The worst thing is the other priest knew and did nothing," said Kloshinsky in a telephone interview this week from his home in British Columbia.
Meanwhile, the first two Saskatoon men to come forward, Tim Ryan and Gary Mulligan, say they've given statements to police about Marshall and an investigation is underway. Marshall, now 89 years old, declined to comment for this story, said an Ontario corrections official.
Kloshinsky and the other victims learned in late May that Marshall had pleaded guilty to abusing 17 Ontario students both before and after his time at St. Paul's. And they want everyone to know what he did in Saskatoon. Kloshinsky's account of the abuse is similar to the experiences of the other Saskatoon victims.
Marshall went on to victimize boys across Canada for the next 30 years.
Staff Sgt. Jean-Marc Voisard of Saskatoon Police Service personal violence section, said .... The majority, unfortunately, don't ever report their abuser, he said.

2011 July 16 (2)
Religious war
The last attempt will be, irrespective of denomination, wanting to induce man to renounce the old teaching and to join a new direction, which is however incompatible with the teaching of Christ and consequently has to have a ruin-bringing effect on mankind. Read more >>

2011 July 18
Brunswick country - Catholic priest - sexual child abuse.
Germany: Salzgitter - priest admits abuse.
For strong suspicion of sexual child abuse police in the area of Salzgitter have ... a Catholic priest ...

2011 July 19
Arrest of a parish priest for suspected sexual child abuse.
Germany: Diocese Hildesheim - The parish priest has stated to have abused other children.
Minister already a year ago under suspicion
Police in the area of Salzgitter have arrested a Catholic priest for strong suspicion of sexual child abuse. In the meantime the man is in prison awaiting trial; in his questioning by police he conceded the charge accusation.
The mother of the apparent victim had brought a charge with the police. The probable case of child abuse ... is supposed to have happened when the accused was still chaplain in Brunswick. Scene of the crime is to have been Brunswick.
Originally the seizure was supposed to have taken place only next week. But as the parish priest was to set off this weekend with minors for a church holiday vacation, the arrest was brought forward. At a search of the flat on Friday several data carriers were seized in addition. The man is supposed to have also worked in a Wolfsburg parish years ago.
The man obviously not only abused the boy who reported to the police. The parish priest has stated to have abused other children.
The 46-year-old has conceded the accusations at the weekend, the police announced on Monday in Brunswick ...
2011 Jul 18

2011 July 19 (2)
Under eternal divinity one has to understand the inseparable spirit, and everything coming out of it is spirit out of God. Read more >>

2011 July 21
German priest arrested on sex abuse charges
German police have arrested a 46-year-old priest who has admitted sexually abusing three boys in the past four years. Read more >>

2011 July 21 (2)
Abuse in Germany: Minister slept with boy in bed
For five years the minister has followed the clear announcement of the church. In the meantime he has confessed the abuse of three boys. Read more >>

2011 July 21 (3)
Brunswick jail
Abuse Salzgitter: Priest in imprisonment while awaiting trial beaten up
Sexual offenders stand at the very bottom in jail hierarchy. All the more when they have assaulted children.
That also had to experience the priest from Salzgitter who was arrested for abuse suspicion. He was attacked in the Brunswick jail by a masked stranger and beaten up.
The ministry of justice announced this on Wednesday. Warders had found the 46-year-old on Sunday in his cell in a distraught way.
The minister stated that a masked man had hit him during the unlock phase. The place of detention now looks for the culprit. The minister was not injured.
The masked man has hit him during that time in which the prisoners are allowed to leave their cells, the minister stated.
2011 Jul 18
2011 Jul 19
2011 Jul 21
2011 Jul 21 (2)

2011 July 21 (4)
«Out of touch with the real world, elitist and narcissistic»
Irish premier makes severe accusations against Vatican
The Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny has criticized the Vatican with severe words for its dealings with cases of child abuse. The raping of children is played down, however the power and reputation of the church emphasized.
2011 Jul 14 (2)

2011 July 23
Ireland: The Taoiseach
Catholic Church in Ireland: Any other organisation, revealed to have had, over decades, an official policy of covering up such vile crimes would be disbanded, its leaders put on trial, its assets seized. No decent person would want anything to do with it. Rupert Murdoch felt in necessary to close the News of the World. Even now, even in Ireland, no-one is quite suggesting that fate for the Roman Catholic church. Read more >>

2011 July 26
Mental activity. Heart. Brain.
The mental activity of man is actually a normal feeding through spiritual power. Man is enabled to receive and so to speak to divert this power current into the heart, which, as the receiving station of all spiritual power, constantly utilizes the food which is supplied to it and so then utilized gives it back into the brain centre and from there sets the mechanism of man as it were in motion. Read more >>

2011 July 26 (2)
Nuncio recalled
The Vatican is really falling apart – they realize there is no support at all for them. Read more >>

2011 July 26 (3)
Germany: Catholic Church obviously covered-up abuse case in Salzgitter
In the case of the priest from Salzgitter who confessed, the diocese leadership has already 2006 pronounced a contact ban to a ten-year-old – though only church internally. Neither other parents nor the prosecution authorities were informed. The diocese even let the minister carry on working with minors. Read more >>

2011 July 28
1.5 Years of Catholic abuse scandal
Imagine the conditions in a Catholic country. Imagine that someone there would report a Catholic priest to the police. Such a person would have to fear for his life and that is the best guarantee for people who rape other people to be able to continue calmly. And this danger, to be killed because of reporting a Catholic priest, exists everywhere, also in so-called civilized countries. There are plenty of people who just wait for the opportunity to get rid of such a person for “the honour of God.” Read more >>

2011 July 28 (2)
Ireland: The Taoiseach – Part 2
Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny's attack.

2011 July 30
After abuse cases
Germany: Catholics leave church in droves
It is a sheer unprecedented membership decrease: After the abuse cases clearly more believers resigned last year from the Catholic Church than 2009. For the first time more people left the church than were newly baptized. Especially huge is the church flight in Bavaria.
2011 Jul 28

2011 July 30 (2)
Plasma waves heat up sun
How is the atmosphere of the sun heated up to millions of degrees? Researchers did not know this until now. Now new observations suggest that plasma waves play an important part. With this a theory from the year 1942 might by confirmed.
It seems absolutely paradoxically: The surface of the sun is with about 5500 degrees Celsius clearly cooler than far out lying atmosphere regions. How these are nevertheless heated up to millions of degrees is not quite clear to researchers. An international team of astronomers has now presented a new explanation for the heating up of the corona. Strictly speaking it is of course an old one - though proven with new, fascinating observations.
2010 Sep 06
2010 Sep 25

2011 July 30 (3)
Only a very small percentage of abuse cases becomes known
Because only a very small percentage of abuse cases becomes known the legitimate assumption exists that practically all Catholic ministers, priests and bishops and cardinals and popes, are sex criminals. The Catholic Church wants the world to believe that 4% of its ministers are criminals and so wants to achieve that the real situation is not recognized, that this percentage is not much less than 100%. Read more >>

2011 August 4
50 Years Antichrist
Satan puts well a mask on, he hides behind lies and misleading speeches that are to feign piety but love never speaks out of his behaviour and also not out of the words that men speak who are influenced by him. Read more >>

2011 August 5
Bar chart end-time, Rev 5
Bar chart end-time: Displays different sections of the times of the end. Looking forward and listing of events that seem to lie ahead. Read more >>

2011 August 6
No weapon formed against me shall prosper
And every tongue that shall rise against me in judgement I shall condemn. Read more >>

2011 August 6 (2)
They fought tooth and nail to prevent these victims from having any legal recourse.
USA: Religious order pays $24.8 million to settle Delaware priest abuse lawsuit
A Roman Catholic religious order agreed Thursday to pay $24.8 million to settle lawsuits filed by 39 survivors of priest sex abuse in Delaware.
The settlement follows the Diocese of Wilmington's recent $77.4 million settlement with 154 victims.
"They'll say pleasant platitudes in public now, but the truth is that they fought tooth and nail to prevent these victims from having any legal recourse and prevent these predators from being known to parishioners, parents and the public."

2011 August 7
What has intercessory prayer to do with the times of the end?
Intercessory prayer has much to do with the times of the end because we all, we here still living on this surface of planet earth, and also those who have left us already, are heading for a countdown, and that might be counted out quite soon. Read more >>

2011 August 8
Nemesis - invisible companion star of the Sun
The phenomenon of an approaching star is to be expected soon. Read more >>

2011 August 9
How Antichrist completely exposes himself to the power of Satan
How Antichrist completely exposes himself to the power of Satan Read more >>

2011 August 10
But very few people will be accessible to spiritual explanations. And think about what light basically is - and where therefore also the light of the sun has its origin. Read more >>

2011 August 11
The priest was sentenced to 18 years in prison for abusing two boys.
Colombia church ordered to pay abuse victims $240,000
A Colombian court has ordered the Catholic Church here to pay the parents of two children abused by a priest $240,000, a first in this devoutly Catholic country, church officials said.
The church has appealed the judgment handed down by a court in the city of Ibague against the dioceses of Libano and Honda, the secretary general of the Colombian conference of bishops said.
"The priest has already been punished, and there is not a contractual relationship between him and the church. It is not a work relationship, but a spiritual one. This is a private matter related to personal conduct," he said.
The priest, Luis Enrique Duque Valencia, was sentenced to 18 years in prison for abusing two boys, ages 7 and 11.

2011 August 11 (2)
Diocesan officials knew that Kownacki sexually abused other children, but continued to assign him to different parishes.
USA: Illinois diocese pays $6.3 million after failed appeal of sex-abuse case
A clergy sex abuse case with misconduct dating back to the 1970s finally ended Wednesday when James Wisniewski's attorney was handed checks totaling $6.3 million.
Though the case during trial shed a disturbing light on how disgraced priest Raymond Kownacki was assigned to minister at different parishes, it brought little resolution to a set of uncertainties facing the Roman Catholic Diocese of Belleville.
Kownacki recently moved to a small apartment in Dupo, Ill., to an assisted living home in South St. Louis. He could not be reached for comment Wednesday.
Weilmuenster, the attorney, said priests have approached him in support of the case that was paid out Wednesday. Both he and his client, Wisniewski, are still Catholics.
Church documents and witness testimony presented during the trial showed that diocesan officials knew that Kownacki sexually abused other children, but continued to assign him to different parishes.
The diocese has argued it is not responsible for telling parishioners about sexual misconduct involving priests including Kownacki.

2011 August 11 (3)
The Vatican is yet to respond, despite repeated calls on it to do so from the Irish government.
The Vatican and the Irish government
The Vatican is yet to respond to the Cloyne report, despite repeated calls on it to do so from the Irish government. Sources in Rome said in July that senior clerics were "crafting" a response, but it is yet to be issued. However, the papal nuncio to Ireland Giuseppe Leanza was withdrawn and transferred to the Czech Republic.
Meanwhile, it's emerged a new report from the National Board for Safeguarding Children in the Catholic Church will document hundreds more cases of abuse in the diocese of Raphoe, in Co Donegal.
The report to be published later this month details hundreds of abuses by 20 priests in the diocese over 40 years, and states the Church was "uncooperative, obstructive and misleading when gardai became involved in a number of investigations".

2011 August 12
Bring the array out of hibernation.
SETI resumes operations
The resumption of operations at California's Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute (SETI) was made possible by donations from celebrity supporters.
Following an appeal on the website of the Allen Telescope Array project, named after its first financial backer, Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, donations from more than 2,200 supporters - known as SETIStars - meant the institute easily reached its $200,000 initial fund-raising goal.
"We need to return it to the task of searching newly discovered planetary worlds for signs of extraterrestrial intelligence."
2011 Apr 28 (2)

2011 August 12 (2)
Two Catholic priests were given prison sentences.
Malta: Priests given prison sentences for abuse
Two Catholic priests were each given five and six years prison sentences in Malta. They were charged for sexual abuse of several minors.
Carmelo Pulis was given a six years prison sentence for abusing eight boys in the home St. Joseph in the small town of Santa Verena, Godwin Scerri got five years prison.
It is the first time that priests are given prison sentences in Malta. Malta is regarded as Catholic stronghold in Europe. 98 % of the circa 400,000 Maltese are Catholic and more than half of them go regularly to church.

2011 August 13
Turkey is not ruling out international intervention in Syria.
Turkey gives Syria ultimatum to stop violence
President Gul sends President Assad letter demanding immediate cessation of all violence; warns relations between states may be at risk.
Turkey is not ruling out international intervention in Syria, if President Bashar Assad's regime continues its military crackdown against civilians, a senior official in Ankara told Turkey-based Hurriyet paper on Saturday.
The source said that Turkish President Abdullah Gul sent a letter to his Syrian counterpart through Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, in which he delivered an ultimatum to Damascus, demanding to end all violence against protesters.

2011 August 13 (2)
The Syrian port city of Latakia.
Report: Iran to fund Syrian army base
Iran has agreed to fund the construction of a military base in the Syrian port city of Latakia, British newspaper The Telegraph reported on Saturday.

2011 August 13 (3)
Rebellion in Syria.
Lebanon: Hezbollah spins
Rebellion in Syria brings the Lebanese Hesbollah into a spin.

2011 August 13 (4)
Obama, the unscrupulous contractor of debts.
Obama lets the country go to the dogs
Michele Bachmann wants to win the US president election 2012 for the Republicans - and experiences at least at the moment great popularity within the party. But also the Texan Rick Perry wants to be involved.
Bachmann: We need someone who knows how to handle money. "Barack Obama knows nothing about that."
She is 55, mother of five own and 23 adopted children and acts as dynamically as a fitness trainer.
Obama, the unscrupulous contractor of debts - a bit like this goes Bachmann's leitmelody.
"The pioneers have built up America. Obama lets it go to the dogs."

2011 August 13 (5)
The associations of the victims of the church estimate the number of unreported cases of abuse to be many times higher.
Germany: Catholic Church pays compensation: A lifelong abuse victim.
With 3000 to 10 000 Euro the Catholic Church compensates 560 victims. The Gelsenkirchen Wilfried Fesselmann, who was abused as a boy by a pastor, says: That is not enough.
It is a satisfaction for many abuse victims when they now get a few thousand Euro from the Catholic Church. Not so for Wilfried Fesselmann, who as boy had to satisfy orally a chaplain and was pursued by the memories of this traumatic experience his whole life. For the Gelsenkirchener this compensation, redress, settlement or whatever one calls it, is not enough.
For 15 years the family father is not able to work, driving a car is difficult for him, he cannot get at all into a plane. Post traumatic panic disorder the doctors call his sickness; Fesselmann takes psychiatric drugs.
This admission of the church, this concession towards the victims, whose associations estimate the number of unreported cases of abuse to be many times higher, is not enough for Fesselmann.
At the end of August he wants to go to the county court in Bonn, with his US American lawyer Jeff Anderson. The experienced jurist from Minnesota has already achieved a gigantic success in compensation cases: In a case of 200 deaf who were abused in childhood in a church home, Anderson achieved several million Dollar damages.

2011 August 13 (6)
Benedictine brother in Trier has obviously abused more youth than known until now.
Germany: New abuse allegations against Trier Benedictine brother
A today 78 year old Benedictine brother of the Abbey St. Matthias in Trier has obviously abused more youth than known until now.
According to details from Abbot Ignatius Maaß three further men reported of having been indecently assaulted by the order man in the 1970 years.
"One of them was an acolyte, another one belonged to a Catholic youth group."
2011 May 24 (5)

2011 August 13 (7)
Statistics of sexually abused children.
Germany: The Federal Detective Office estimates the number of unreported cases ten times as high
Every year more than 15 000 children are sexually abused in Germany, the Federal Detective Office estimates the number of unreported cases as being ten times as high.

2011 August 13 (8)
Catholic priest had even planned a holiday with his youngest victim (13).
Germany: Andreas L 46 - Sex pastor planned luxury holiday with 13-year-old boy
Hildesheim/Lebenstedt - The trust in God, which parents of his charge showed for him, he exploited shamefully: Andreas L. (46), the Catholic priest from Lebenstedt confessed sexual abuse of three children. Searching for possible further victims the special commission "Sin" interrogated him now for the second time. In the inquiry L. admitted that he had even planned a holiday with his youngest victim (13): Two weeks at the palm beach of Bayahibe (Dominican Republic) for 2335 Euro - in the "superior" room with sea view.
The pastor wanted to start with the child on the 29th of July at 9:05 o'clock from Brussels to Punta Cana. Return trip on the 12th of August. Andreas L. had already booked in the middle of March, but on the 27th of June he suddenly cancelled the holiday, but had to pay a 933 Euro fee for it.
Superintendent Joachim Grande (56), police Braunschweig: "We are dealing here with one of the known victims which was abused by him over a long time."
2011 Jul 18
2011 Jul 19
2011 Jul 21
2011 Jul 21 (2)
2011 Jul 21 (3)
2011 Jul 26 (3)
2011 Jul 28
2011 Jul 30 (3)

2011 August 13 (9)
Kerkhoff is to have abused children and youth in 37 cases in the years 2002 to 2006.
Germany/South Africa: Town Willich: Trial against Pastor Kerkhoff to be continued in South Africa
In the case of Pastor Georg Kerkhoff coming from Willich, who 2007 took over the ministry in the German language Catholic parish St. Bonifatius in Johannesburg on behalf of the German Bishop Conference, the trial in South Africa continues since the weekend.
This was announced by Johannes Heibel, chairman of the initiative against violence and sexual abuse with children and youth, with reference to authority circles in South Africa.
Kerkhoff is accused having assaulted children at a camp for Communion children. He disputes the accusations. As Heibel further announces, at the beginning of the week the hearing of evidence was continued. Possibly it is to be finalized today. According to earlier announcements of the South African investigators one can reckon with an end of the trial in South Africa earliest at the end of August. But it can also still stretch into next year.
An international warrent for arrest from the prosecution authority Krefeld is available. He is to have abused children and youth in 37 cases in the years 2002 to 2006. Kerkhoff had reported himself to the authorities in spring 2010. The accusations brought against him would be true in many points, the priest had confirmed according to details of the diocese Aachen.
2010 Apr 29 (2)
2010 Apr 30

2011 August 13 (10)
Laibach Arch Diocese: Child abuser moved to a diocesan education home for school children.
Slovenia: Paedophile priest transferred to youth home
The Slovenian Roman Catholic Church obviously does not take the prosecution of suspected child abusers in its ranks too seriously. As the daily paper "Dnevnik" reports, two priests, who got under paedophile suspicion, were only half-heartedly disciplined contrary to Vatican instructions. One priest could even move to a diocesan education home, in which also holiday programs for school children took place. A small parish in the Upper Krain was entrusted to the second priest.
Laibach is now Ljubljana in Slovenia.

2011 August 13 (11)
The Father revealed himself in the course of the abuse scandal in the Catholic Church. He reported himself.
Germany - Abuse accusations: Drama in presbytery
A Marburg priest is to have abused the son of the housekeeper. There was now a settlement before court. For the judge in the industrial tribunal Hans Gottlob Rühle the Marburg presbytery housekeeper is a "victim of circumstances".
In the 90-years the today 54-year-old Father has presumably abused the son of the housekeeper. According to her details the boy was then between five and eleven years old. But she obviously only heard about the sexual interferences in March 2010 when the Father came forward himself in the course of the abuse scandal in the Catholic Church. He reported himself to the abuse representative of the German Order. The Father, a priest of the German Order, was immediately suspended. He first came into the psychiatry and in the meantime lives in an order monastery in Bavaria.

2011 August 13 (12)
Abuse of a 13-year-old girl is to have happened.
Germany - Church - Sexual abuse: Father is under suspicion
Bavaria, Diocese Augsburg, Deanship Aichach.
Diocese suspends order minister who worked in parishes Willprechtzell and Gundelsdorf, and involved prosecution authorities. Abuse of a 13-year-old girl is to have happened more than ten years ago near Aresing.

2011 August 15
In the Tea Party all those came together to whom Obama is a kind of Communist Antichrist.
To them Obama is a kind of Communist Antichrist
The Straw Poll in Ames has no binding effect. Hardly any candidate who wins here has ever become president. But definitely no one who lost here. And that is why the entire America looks at Ames.
The victory of arch conservative Congress member Michele Bachmann gave a first indication of the Grand Old Party’s (GPO) mentality. Bachmann, who represents the state Minnesota in the House of Representatives, is leader of the inner party group Tea Party Caucus. In the Tea Party all those came together to whom the main stream Republicans are too far on the left. And to whom Obama is a kind of Communist Antichrist.
It was the Tea Party, which forced Obama to a not very helpful compromise in the budget disput.

2011 August 18
Prayer of intercession for the deceased
Less perfect beings in the hereafter have found the visible proof of the connection from the hereafter to the earth through our spiritual work. Read more >>

2011 August 18 (2)
Parishes are close to collapse due to child abuse payments.
Irish diocese on brink of bankruptcy
Leaked document shows many Dublin parishes are close to collapse due to child abuse payments.

2011 August 18 (3)
Bertha Dudde’s prophecies have become true:
Scientist to fire spacecraft at asteroid in Earth defence test
Scientists plan to fire a spacecraft into an asteroid in an effort to prepare for one being on a direct collision course with Earth.
Plans for a test mission to prevent an asteroid colliding with Earth come from Nasa’s cousin, the European Space Agency.
The trial, dubbed Don Quixote, will see two spacecraft launched. One will attempt to push the asteroid of its course while the second will collect valuable data from the impact.
A potential target for the mission is a 1,600ft-wide asteroid called 99942 Apophis, which has a remote chance – roughly one in 250,000 – of hitting earth in 2036.
2010 Mar 18 – Russia devising plan to deflect Apophis asteroid
2010 Mar 19 – The relevance of Bertha Dudde’s prophecies wins momentum

2011 August 18 (4)
“It will not be easy to explain these phenomena naturally what science however will try.”
Crop circles ‘created using GPS, lasers and microwaves’
Crop circles are now made using lasers, microwaves and GPS technology to create ever larger and more elaborate patterns, scientist claims as days of using planks and rope long gone
More than 10,000 examples have been documented in the past 500 years, with one new pattern now appearing somewhere in the world every summer evening.
2010 Aug 28 (2) – England: Crop circle in 3D discovered
2010 Sep 04 (2) – Crop circles

2011 August 18 (5)
Thousands of Spaniards demonstrated against pope visit.
Demonstration against pope
Thousands of Spaniards have demonstrated on Wednesday against the occurring visit of Pope Benedict XVI at world youth day in Madrid

2011 August 18 (6)
25 Priests in the diocese have substantiated allegations against them.
USA: Trenton diocese pays $1 million settlement in sexual abuse case
The Catholic Diocese of Trenton, New Jersey, has agreed to pay $1 million to five men who said they were molested by a priest when they were altar boys, their attorney said on Wednesday.
The molestations involved the Reverend Ronald Becker. Becker was a priest at Incarnation Church and school in suburban Ewing, New Jersey, where he would take the boys out of church school classrooms to molest them.
Becker was accused by his own niece, Jenni Franz, of molesting her numerous times, and the diocese paid out $325,000 in that case.
The Trenton diocese previously paid out $926,000 in settlements and victim counselling cost and 25 priests in the diocese have substantiated allegations against them.

2011 August 18 (7)
Lawsuit has forced the Vatican to turn over records.
USA: Portland case forces Vatican to release priest abuse documents for first time
A Portland man’s lawsuit has forced the Vatican to turn over records for the first time in a case alleging sex abuse by a priest.

2011 August 20
Truth – To listen to the voice inside of us
For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God. Read more >>

2011 August 20 (2)
Many abuse cases.
USA: Abuse compensation: The highest amounts
USA – Illinois: 6.3 Million dollar for abuse victim.
Also in the past US dioceses again and again had to pay high compensation amounts to victims of abuse through priests. The arch diocese Boston agreed 2003 with 552 victims to 85 million dollars. 2005 the diocese Covington, Kentucky, paid 120 million euro to many abuse victims. 2007 the Catholic Church in Los Angeles agreed to pay the record sum of 660 million dollar to more than 500 abuse victims.
2010 Aug 11 (2)

2011 August 20 (3)
Hezbollah in a spin
Rebellion in Syria brings the Lebanese Hezbollah into a spin. Read more >>

2011 August 24
The soul itself chooses its stay
The being even has received a description of earth life before; the way on earth has been introduced to it, in like manner also the degree of maturity, which can be reached in the very same life, and consequently the being has put on the flesh body in fullest consent and consciously became that to what it had given its assent before. Read more >>

2011 August 25
Drop with the formation of new stars.
Soon the universe runs out of stars
An investigation of the light density of far away galaxies points to a dramatic change: The number of new star births goes down drastically.
According to Australian scientists there are less and less stars. "We see a drop with the formation of new stars of a factor of more than ten, but probably rather 20 or even 30", said the space expert at the Australian research institute CSIRO, Robert Braun.
Reason being that there is less and less molecular gas, which is responsible for the formation of stars. A third of the necessary gas is already used up.

2011 August 25 (2)
What holds the world together in the innermost.
Higgs-Boson: New riddle about the God particle
The Higgs Boson is to give matter mass – but does it really exist? New data of the Geneva particle accelerator LHC increase the doubts. When the so-called God particle does not actually really exist, one would need another explanation for what holds the world together in the innermost.

2011 August 26
The raw material of Saturn also does not agree with that of earth – it is transparent, light glittering metal of unimaginable illuminating power. All beings in the range of this shining matter are in a state that they agree with the radiating light. Read more >>

2011 August 26 (2)
The Higgs particle can – in case it then exists – only just hide in a mass sector between 115 and 145 GeV.
The encircled Higgs particle
Experiments at Cern exclude further mass sectors.
The search for the Higgs particle is at the moment the subject of elementary particle physics. But they are still not as close on its heels as until now thought. This is shown by the presentation of new data at a particle physics conference in Mumbai.
Only few weeks ago the two great experiments at Cern had considerably narrowed down the mass sector in which this hypothetic particle can hide.
Apart from some small loopholes, which are though excluded through indirect measurements, the Higgs particle can – in case it then exists – only just hide in a mass sector between 115 and 145 GeV.

2011 August 26 (3)
Wiping out of Israel as firm aim of Iranian politics.
Ahmadinejad utters again gloomy threads
Iran’s President Mahmud Ahmadinejad has again provoked with anti Israel instigation. Iran is determined to wipe out Israel, said Ahmadinejad Thursday in an interview with the Lebanese television station Al-Manar according to the Iranian news agency Isna.
"Iran believes: Who is for humanity must also be for the wiping out of the Zionist regime (Israel) as a symbol of oppression and discrimination", Ahmadinejad was quoted. In a further talk with the Hezbollah station he said: "Iran pursues this subject (the wiping out of Israel) with determination and will never deviate from this point of view and its politics."

2011 August 28
Miracles of strong faith and power of prayer
In an earthly quiet period turn every thought towards the divine saviour. He rewards you your love and will give you unusual power when you talk about his word and are active rescuing erring souls. Read more >>

2011 September 5
Bar chart end-time, Rev 6
Bar chart end-time: Displays different sections of the times of the end. Looking forward and listing of events that seem to lie ahead. Read more >>

2011 September 7
Prediction of a great event
He will remain untouched who walks in the spirit of the Lord, but the earth will be hit within the Reich which counts the days and boasts of its power. Again a turning point of time has come, and the world again looks upon this country, and the spark which shows the divinity begins to fall on the country. Read more >>

2011 September 8
Nature of matter
And it is now the task of these beings to break through the cover, therefore to become free of all cover – i.e., to overcome matter. Read more >>

2011 September 9
First semester costs insurance industry 70 billions according to estimates.
2011 already now second most expensive disaster year
The disaster in Japan burdnes insurance industry hard.
Natural disasters and accidents caused by the hand of man claimed worldwide about 26,000 dead between January and June. The greatest part of victims died in the tsunami and earth quake disaster which struck Japan in March.
The first half year costs the global insurance industry 70 billion dollar according to the reinsurer Swiss Re. That is twice as much as in the previous year and makes already now 2011 the second most expensive year in history as far as insured disaster damages are concerned.
Alone for natural disasters the insurance industry forked out 67 billion dollar according to Swiss Re. The previous year cost it 27 billion dollar, as a report published on Friday points out. Because of the quakes in Japan and New Zealand costs caused by earth quakes are so high as never before in the current year, calculated Swiss Re.

2011 September 9 (2)
Ahmadinejad has asked Asad to enter into dialogue with opposition.
Iran criticizes violent action
The Iranian president Ahmadinejad has asked the Syrian president Asad to enter into dialogue with the opposition.

2011 September 9 (3)
Prime Minister Erdogan again increases pressure on Israel.
Turkey wants to accompany next Gaza fleet with warships
Turkey wants to escort aid delivery from the own country to cordoned off Gaza strip in future with warships. Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan announced this Thursday according to TV station al-Jazira.

2011 September 9 (4)
Long-distance effect.
Particles of the quantum world cooperate
The quantum world and the macroscopic world differ strongly when it is about measurements. Macroscopic systems are not influenced by it. Example: The speed of a car does not change when its speed is measured. A quantum object however changes its state when one measures its qualities. A light particle for example can take up different polarisation states at the same time. As soon as the polarisation is measured it "decides" and takes up a concrete state. Not enough with this also remote quantum objects "decide" at this moment for a clear state.
Cause for this are socalled remote effects. The discord is a measure for how distinctive such long-distance effects are. All quantum systems in which remote effects exist have a discord value which is greater than zero.

2011 September 11
The work of Bertha Dudde
And this work is then to remain in existence throughout endless times and perpetually testify for the infinite love and goodness of God towards his children, for the forbearance, patience and compassion of his. Read more >>

2011 September 12
The plagues of the end-time
Through God’s own country, one could think in the face of the disasters, the apocalyptic riders were passing and cut a lane of destruction. Many Bible loyal Americans actually see the rule of supernatural forces in the concentrated natural disasters. Read more >>

2011 September 12 (2)
The child abuse by Catholic priests was sickening
The Christian Brothers knew they could get away with it. Read more >>

2011 September 14
Vatican taken to world court over sex crimes.
Pope taken to world court
Abuse: call for ICC to probe pope.
Vatican inaction under fire.
A group representing sexual abuse victims is accusing Pope Benedict and three top Vatican officials of crimes against humanity in a formal declaration lodged with the International Criminal Court.
The group said yesterday it had filed a complaint with the ICC alleging Vatican officials tolerated the systematic concealing of rape and child-sex crimes.
... the global church has maintained a "long-standing and pervasive system of sexual violence" ...
The complaint also accuses Vatican officials of creating policies that perpetuate the damage, constituting an attack against a civilian population.
... the complaint covers alleged abuse in countries around the world ...

2011 September 15
The eighth chapter in Romans
All creatures, all plant world and all rocks groan under the burden of their outer form, and mankind could give to all these beings much when it would set itself into spiritual solidarity and would impart the power current flowing towards it also to all spiritual in the surroundings. Read more >>

2011 September 16
Scientists find planet orbiting two suns
What man is able to see always suits his intellectual capacity, however the whole of creation shows so diverse miracle works which are of complete different kind and form than earth. Read more >>

2011 September 16 (2)
A series of seismic activity across the globe.
A whole lot of shaking going on
A magnitude-7.2 earthquake rattled Fiji in the Pacific Ocean at 7.30am this morning, the US Geological Survey reported.
This follows a series of seismic activity across the globe since Wednesday.
Yesterday in Cuba, a magnitude-6 quake occurred in the Caribbean Sea. A 6.0 quake was recorded in the Pacific Ocean east of New Zealand. In Japan, a magnitude-6.2 quake struck off the coast 22km east of Tokyo.

2011 September 17
Physics and chemistry.
Particle physics
In the no-man's-land between seeking and finding.
There is still no new physics in sight at the research centre Cern in Geneva. The protons collide in the Large Hadron Collider with always higher energy, but now, after the Higgs particle also the super symmetry has evaded proof.
2010 Aug 25 (2)
2010 Aug 26 (2)

2011 September 18
Devastating sickness
The Earth will quake; water gushes forth and floods the land with roaring and raging. A messenger of God goes through the country and lets his warning cry sound first. Full of horror the world will first shun the country, which transmits trouble and misery to all men through sickness and pestilences of all kind. Read more >>

2011 September 19
No new physics in sight
That the current theory building of particle physics is not the final end of truth is already presumed for a long time. So in two years’ time scientists will let the protons collide with twice the energy. Read more >>

2011 September 21
Coming in the clouds
He will come in the clouds of heaven; visibly he will descend and enter the hearts of those who love him and trust him believingly. And this entering will be like a coronation. Read more >>

2011 September 23
Finding sheds new light on speed.
Sub-atomic particles travelling faster than light
An international team of scientists said yesterday that they had recorded sub-atomic particles travelling faster than light – a finding that could overturn one of Albert Einstein’s long-accepted fundamental laws of the universe.
Antonio Ereditato, their spokesman, said that measurements taken over three years showed neutrinos pumped from CERN near Geneva to Gran Sasso in Italy had arrived 60 nanoseconds quicker than light would have done.

2011 September 23 (2)
Neutrino, electric neutral elementary particle with a much smaller mass that an electron – possibly it even has the mass zero. Read more >>

2011 September 23 (3)
Cern scientist says he sees 'no striking evidence of anything that could resemble a discovery' in hunt for Higgs boson.
Higgs boson signals fade at Large Hadron Collider
"We see no striking evidence of anything that could resemble a discovery."
One of the main objectives of the collider is to discover what gives mass to elementary particles, something many physicists credit to the Higgs boson. The LHC has two large, multipurpose detectors, Atlas and CMS, and last month both teams independently reported signals that suggested the Higgs boson might weigh between 120 and 140GeV (gigaelectronvolts), the units of mass used in particle physics. One GeV is roughly equivalent to the mass of a proton, a subatomic particle found in atomic nuclei.
Results so far suggest that if the most simple version of the Higgs boson is real (some theories call for multiple Higgs particles), it must have a mass between 114GeV and 145GeV.
“We are months away from really solving one of the major mysteries in fundamental physics.”
"If the Higgs boson is not there, then a completely new scenario opens up: there must be something else that plays the role of the Higgs boson." See
2011 Aug 25 (2) – Higgs- Boson: New riddle about the God particle
2011 Aug 26 (2) – The encircled Higgs particle
2011 Sep 17 – Particle physics
2011 Sep 19 – No new physics in sight

2011 September 23 (4)
Atom smasher. From an article dated 22 July 2011.
Cern scientists suspect glimpse of Higgs boson
Scientists may have caught their first glimpse of the elusive Higgs boson, which is thought to give mass to the basic building blocks of nature.
The world's most powerful atom smasher hunts for signs of new physics by slamming subatomic particles together at nearly the speed of light in an 18-mile round tunnel beneath the French-Swiss border.
The long-sought particle was first postulated in 1964 by Peter Higgs, a physicist at Edinburgh University, in a theory that described how fundamental particles gained mass from an invisible field that pervaded the cosmos.
The field has been compared to a snowfield that clings to particles and slows them down to different extents. Light particles pass through the field swiftly as if they have skis on, while heavy particles trudge through as though walking barefoot.
The boson was nicknamed the "God particle" in 1993 by the Nobel prize-winning physicist, Leon Lederman. The monicker is detested by Higgs. "I find it embarrassing because, though I'm not a believer myself, I think it is the kind of misuse of terminology which I think might offend some people," he said.
From previous work, the Higgs boson was thought to have a mass somewhere between 114 and 185GeV (gigaelectronvolts) - one GeV is roughly equivalent to the mass of a proton, a subatomic particle found in atomic nuclei.
2011 Aug 25 (2) – Higgs- Boson: New riddle about the God particle
2011 Aug 26 (2) – The encircled Higgs particle
2011 Sep 17 – Particle physics
2011 Sep 19 – No new physics in sight
2011 Sep 23 (3) – Higgs boson signals fade at Large Hadron Collider

2011 September 25
Peter Higgs
The long-sought particle was first postulated in 1964 by Peter Higgs, a physicist at Edinburgh University, in a theory that described how fundamental particles gained mass from an invisible field that pervaded the cosmos. Read more >>

2011 September 27
Weird relativity and quantum physics
And whichever way it is going, its twin will start spinning the other way, instantly, even if it is on the other side of the universe. Read more >>

2011 September 30
Thoughts – emanation
Because thoughts are just spiritual transmissions of those beings, which influence you, and that spiritual power gains control over you to which you hand over yourselves. Read more >>

2011 October 1
Star will approach Earth
A star detaches itself from the firmament and changes its course. This star will have an illuminating power which exceeds all others by far; it will brightly shine forth at night and approach earth. Read more >>

2011 October 1 (2)
The cosmic speed limit
Scientists cautious over major challenge to relativity.

2011 October 1 (3)
The end for Tevatron at Fermilab: An era ends.
Legendary particle accelerator Tevatron at Fermilab starts drawing its pension
After 25 years it is enough: Power will be cut off at the US particle accelerator Tevatron near Chicago.
Once the most powerful particle accelerator of the world, Tevatron stood in the shadow of the European relations in the end: The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at the nuclear research centre in Geneva is seven times stronger than the US plant. “With great speed the LHC puts in the shade what we could do with Tevatron”.
Far back are the times when Tevatron dominated the headlines of particle physics. That was for example in the year 1994 the case when the standard model of particle physics could be completed with the proof of the top quark. But also after the end of the Tevatron era the research at Fermilab will continue. Only quite 40 of the 1800 employees will leave the institution according to an official statement. Voluntarily, it is said.
Also another test arrangement at Fermilab will stand in the focus of the public after the end of Tevatron. The researchers at the Minos experiment want to check reports of their Geneva colleagues, who want to have measured over light fast neutrinos. Should the results be confirmed it would be a physical revolution, but the experts are sceptical.

2011 October 2
Neutrinos and science
The radiation from God penetrates everything. It is well capable to also shine through the whole earth; that there is no body for it, which would be capable to stop the brightness. Read more >>

2011 October 6
No country will escape from it
And no country will escape from it; all men will have to bear suffering because the meaning and purpose of suffering is the return to God because the thoughts, which have separated from God, are to again turn towards him. Read more >>

2011 October 7
Conscious soul work
And that is working on the soul, constantly observing oneself, constantly striving up and acquiring an extremely strongly developed feeling for truth – all this is conscious soul work. Read more >>

2011 October 9
Quantum physics. The reality that does not exist
The teaching that finally once brings quantum physics clearly to the philosophical point. Read more >>

2011 October 10
The physicist
Once you find the right principles to describe nature at the very highest energies, all else follows. Read more >>

2011 October 10 (2)
The Atheist
God is Great: How Religion Poisons Everything.

2011 October 15
The Roman Catholic bishop of Kansas City-St. Joseph, Robert Finn.
U.S. bishop is charged with failing to report abuse
The indictment of Robert Finn is the first of a Roman Catholic bishop in the 25 years since the scandal over sexual abuse by priests first became public in the United States.
Bishop indicted; charge is failing to report abuse.
Charge against Catholic bishop unprecedented in sex abuse scandal.
Bishop of Kansas charged with turning a blind eye to child abuse.
Robert Finn, the Bishop of Kansas City-St. Joseph in the state of Missouri, became the highest ranking US church official charged in a long-running series of clergy abuse scandals.
2011 Jun 8 (2)
2011 Jul 4 (4)

2011 October 21
The earth will split, and masses of water will break through; a work of destruction of catastrophic extent will take place, and this will bring nameless misery over mankind which is affected by it. Read more >>

2011 October 23
Why is the spiritual world not visible to us?
Because it would certainly be easy for God to announce his will audibly to men but the results of this would not be people desiring him of their own free will but creatures fulfilling his commandments in fear and blind obedience. But when God uses a mediator to whom he reveals his will – these revelations now perplex fellow man on the one hand, but on the other hand do not force him to accept them as divine revelations, then man is left with free will that way; no compulsion makes man unfree, and this is of greatest importance. Read more >>

2011 October 30
The omnipotence of God
The adversary has no power at all over the God’s works of creation; therefore he uses the free will of men to destroy divine works of creation. Read more >>

2011 October 31
Catholicism in Germany.
Germany: Fallen away from faith
Development of Catholicism in Germany 1990 to 2010.
Source: German Bishops Conference.
Catholics -12.7 %
Church service attendence -42.5 %
Marriage ceremonies -58.3 %
Baptisms -43.2 %
Priest candidates -62.1 %

2011 October 31 (2)
Rebellion in Dublin
The Vatican resists accusstions it covers paedophile priests.
And so everything crumbles at present: the number of churchgoers, the income of dioceses, the reputation of dignitaries, even the ancient subservience of Irish politicians towards Rome. The system staggers.

2011 October 31 (3)
Preparations for possible confrontation in Iran.
US military wants to strengthen presence in Gulf region
The American President Barack Obama plans a strengthening of the military presence in the Persian Gulf after the withdrawal of his troops from Irak according to a press report.

2011 November 2
The present spiritual state
An unusual low is noticeable insofar as no moves are made at all on the part of men to prepare themselves for a spiritual life after earthly death. Read more >>

2011 November 3
Catholic priest from Salzgitter.
Germany: Catholic priest charged - abuse in 280 cases
A Catholic priest from Salzgitter is accused having assaulted three boys for over seven years. In the trial, which is to start soon, also the role of the church is to be examined - because it had obviously alreay early indications of the "lack of distance" of the priest.
2011 Jul 26 (3)
2011 Jul 28

2011 November 3 (2)
Divine intervention
And now it will be up to every individual to recognize the hand of God and to submit to it or to oppose the fate affecting him. Read more >>

2011 November 5
Bar chart end-time, Rev 7
Bar chart end-time: Displays different sections of the times of the end. Looking forward and listing of events that seem to lie ahead. Read more >>

2011 November 7
Military strike against Iran draws nearer and nearer.
Israel's president Peres: "An attack on Iran becomes more and more probable"
For days Israel intensifies the tone towards Iran; now also the moderate State President Peres says, an attack is becoming more probable.
A military stike of Israel and other states against the Iranian atom programme becomes more and more probable according to the assessement of Shimon Peres.

2011 November 7 (2)
Heavenly body of the size of an aircraft carrier.
Asteroid is to come quite close to Earth
In the night to Wednesday (8. November 2011) it gets tight for Earth. A largre asteroid misses the planet by just about 325 000 kilometres. That is what scientists calculated. The celestial body comes closer to us than the Moon with this. Though nothing is to happen there we are assured.
2011 Jun 27 (2)

2011 November 7 (3)
Collision course: the space rocks that threaten our lives
The asteroid which astronomers saw already in space and then found pieces of it in the Nubian dessert. This was the first time in human history that Man had been able to foretell an asteroid’s imminent impact with Earth. Read more >>

2011 November 8
Massive: The hunt for the God particle
Like some people's idea of God, the Higgs field is postulated to fill the whole universe and to be essential to the way it all works. Read more >>

2011 November 8 (2)
Germany's biggest Catholic-owned publishing house sells porn.
Germany: Church and porn
Germany's biggest Catholic-owned publishing house has been rocked by disclosures that it had been selling thousands of pornographic novles with titles such as Sluts Boarding School with the full assent of the countries leading bishops.

2011 November 10
Over-light-fast neutrinos in headwind
End of September researches reported they had found indications of over-light-fast neutrinos with the Opera experiment. Particles which move faster than light are not allowed to exist. They contradict the special theory of relativity of Einstein and call a cornerstone of modern physics into question. Up to now no really convincing argument against the experiment has been brought forward. Read more >>

2011 November 10 (2)
Three nuns were arrested for allegedly beating children.
South Africa: Nuns in court on assault charges
A convent near Greytown was shut down yesterday and three nuns were arrested for allegedly beating children who were in their care.
The nuns from the Community of Jesus Mission at New Hanover have been charged with assault and the 24 children, who had been living there, were taken to places of safety.
It is believed that the children, who were between the ages of 3 and 17, were beaten with a pipe and were also forced to assault each other.

2011 November 10 (3)
The great harlot Babylon, the mother of prostitutes and of the abominations of the earth
The Catholic Church not only sells pornographic books, it also produces them. Read more >>

2011 November 11
Sex abuse set to cost millions.
Britain: Church held liable in court ruling
The Roman Catholic Church faces having to pay millions to sex abuse victims after the British High Court yesterday (8th November 2011) ruled it could be liable for priest's crimes.
In a landmark ruling, Justice MacDuff said the church could be held responsible for the sins of its clergy because of the immense power it gave them.
His judgement could lead to thousands of claims by people in England and Wales who say they were sexually abused by priests, perhaps decades earlier.
2011 Jun 25 (3)

2011 November 11 (2)
Paedophile priests in the Netherlands.
Netherlands: Compensation for abuse victims
The Roman Catholic Church in the Netherlands must provide more than just money to victims of sexual abuse, an independent commission appointed to investigate such crimes said.
"Financial compensation alone is not enough. Nor is aid alone," said the commission, named after its chairman Wim Deetman, a Protestant former education minister and former mayor of The Hague.
The Netherlands has one of the worst records in a scandal that has rocked the Catholic Church in Europe and the US, and which has forced Pope Benedict to apologise to victims of sexual abuse by priests.
In a report published last year, the Dutch commission said 1 975 people had come forward saying they were victims of sexual and physical abuse while in the care of the Catholic Church in the Netherlands.
That put it second only to Ireland in terms of the number of cases.
2011 Feb 11 (2)

2011 November 12
The contradiction of scientists
But this leads to a paradox in the situation devised by Einstein: Because the two particles are correlated, with the measuring of the one at the same time the measuring result of the other is realized – and even immediately, no matter how far the particles have already gone away from each other. But that contradicts the theory of relativity according to which one event at one location can only become noticeable with time delay at another. Read more >>

2011 November 13
Power out of God
The power out of God has to be desired to be able to be received; it does not reach man without being asked. Read more >>

2011 November 13 (2)
In a period of time of few hours one powerful explosion will follow after another and this will occur early in the day and continue until the next morning. Read more >>

2011 November 14
Connection between end time disasters and negative spiritual state of mankind
But the stage of free will is for these beings, which are still in the bound state, a great danger insofar as men can use their will in a way that is working against God and now bring the bound beings in great misery by them ending the course in a form prematurely which still has not ended, therefore certainly freeing the being from the respective form, this however has not yet reached the state of maturity which is prerequisite for the next form. So this now unbound spiritual is so to speak relieved of its activity, which it had to achieve before, cannot yet enliven the next form and therefore has to be inactive inevitably, which is a painful state for the being. Read more >>

2011 November 16
The tokoloshes are partially visible, not everyone can see them. They are often seen by children. Small children cry when they see this creature, and the older ones will point at it. Read more >>

2011 November 18
Catholic bishop indicted by a grand jury.
USA: Bishop Robert Finn faces criminal charges
The suit is one of a string of legal actions against Father Shawn Ratigan and Bishop Robert Finn, the leader of the 134 000-member Catholic Diocese of Kansas City - St Joseph.
Ratigan has been charged with multiple counts of child pornography. The 46-year old priest is in jail awaiting trial.
Finn was indicted by a grand jury in Jackson County last month on a misdemeanor charge of failing to report Ratigan to police.
Finn is the highest-ranking Catholic official ever to face criminal charges in the US in a child sexual abuse case.
The allegations against the bishop are tied to evidence that even after Finn was made aware of the Photos found on Ratigan's laptop, he did not report it to police or to the parents of children who interacted with Ratigan.
2011 Oct 15

2011 November 18 (2)
The Large Hadron Collider a £6 billion white elephant.
Discovery of Higgs could turn LHC into white elephant
The Large Hadron Collider risks becoming a £6 billion white elephant once the search for the Higgs boson is complete, the man who first proposed the existence of the so-called "God particle" has suggested.

2011 November 18 (3)
2011 most expensive natural disaster year.
"The weather machine changes into a higher gear"
2011 will probably become the most expensive natural disaster year. Until now. Heat periods, storms and severe rains could soon be normality.

2011 November 18 (4)
Finding that contradicts Einstein
Neutrinos still faster than light in latest version of experiment
Finding that contradicts Einstein's theory of special relativity is repeated with fine-tuned procedures and equipment.
Scientists working at the Cern laboratory have again recorded neutrinos travelling faster than light.

2011 November 21
Is the end of the world really nigh?
The world's great religions: all of them have some idea about how humans will meet their maker. Indeed, "the end" (or judgement day) is usually a deity's way of cleansing our planet, to allow a fresh race of people who are morally purer to repopulate the resulting clean slate. Usually, there is too much sin or debauchery and the time has come to start again. Read more >>

2011 November 21 (2)
Cause and effect
The physical world was and is created by the spiritual world and is run and managed and sustained by the spiritual world. Read more >>

2011 November 22
Finding the Higgs boson
Finding the Higgs boson, exactly as postulated in the Standard Model, would be a triumph. Ruling it out would be revolutionary, requiring textbooks to be rewritten. Read more >>

2011 November 22 (2)
Centre of the Milky Way
The centre of our Milky Way is covered by veils of gas and dust. Read more >>

2011 November 22 (3)
Most scientists simply ignore this issue
One such odd feature is that, according to quantum physics, the act of observation changes the universe. An unobserved event, according to quantum lore, has neither happened nor not happened: it exists as a mathematical object called a wave function, which describes all possible versions of realities, and which only breaks down into one or other when we make an observation. Read more >>

2011 November 22 (4)
What Peter Higgs has to say
It remains far from certain that the theoretical particle even exists but Prof Higgs, 82, said it plays such an important role in the Standard Model of particle physics and how the universe is put together that there can be little doubt it is real. Read more >>

2011 November 22 (5)
It is about neutrinos
Neutrinos can quasi fly through the entire universe without being influenced on their trajectory by planets. Read more >>

2011 November 23
Pope accepts cardinal's resignation
Church officials had reports of priests molesting children, but kept the complaints secret and shuffled priests from parish to parish rather than remove them or report them to police. Read more >>

2011 November 25
Now that's what I call instant communication!
In at least one respect, the speed of light has already been knocked into a cocked hat by tangled particles. It has already been proven experimentally that if separated and fired off in opposite directions, at any distance apart, solar system, galaxy, universe, if one is deflected, the other will deflect exactly the same in the same instant, however far apart. Now that's what I call instant communication! Read more >>

2011 November 28
Course of the disaster
But darkness prevents them, and the misery becomes greater all the time, the noise gets louder and louder, the earth shocks more and more vehemently, the earth opens, and powerful masses of water force their way out of the interior of the earth. Read more >>

2011 December 2
A long-running scandal that has ravaged the Catholic Church's standing in Ireland.
Ireland: Six more reports into child abuse
Irish investigators are publishing six more reports into child abuse and its cover-up in Roman Catholic dioceses, a long-running scandal that has ravaged the church's standing in Ireland.
Yesterday's mass publication of investigations into the child-protection records of six dioceses is expected to shed more light on the church's shielding of abusive priests from Irish law.
The reports are the work of the Irish church's own child protection unit, the National Boards for Safeguarding Children.

2011 December 5
Hamas returns to Gaza from Damascus.
Hamas wary of Syria
Dozens of Hamas operatives had quietly returned to Gaza from Damascus as the Islamist group reduced its presence in Syria and ganged the future of President Bashar al-Assad, diplomats said yesterday.
Officially, Hamas denies it plans to quit Syria.

2011 December 9
The natural event and the end
You will very soon be caught out by the natural event and can then also reckon with the end just as certainly. But do you know if you will survive the former or fall a victim to the natural event yourselves? That is why this likewise counts as end because many men will find their end with it, and their life will no longer last long. Read more >>

2011 December 10
To prompt to renounce the world
But the adversary will again and again turn the thoughts of man towards the world. Often he will also appear as angel of light, but you will be able to recognize him because he does not encourage to the turning away from the world, but will again and again give the world special emphasis, so that men become slaves to him who are not totally united with me. Read more >>

2011 December 12
The separation between past, present and future is only an illusion.
The fundamental laws of physics are reversible. We always assume that the past influences the future. But that is not necessarily true in physics. Read more >>

2011 December 13
A dozen weather disasters that each caused at least $ 1 billion.
USA: 2011 saw record number of high-cost weather disasters
The United States had a dozen weather disasters that each caused at least $ 1 billion in damages in 2011, the greatest frequency of severe...

2011 December 13 (2)
Pummel Obama.
USA: Which candidate will be able to pummel Obama
Romney didn't bargain for a bitter fight.
He counted on his business background winning favor with GOP voters concerned about the economy. But now victory seems to rest with whichever candidate will be able to pummel Obama.

2011 December 15
Spirit over matter
In the beginnings of quantum theory some scientists really supported the “spirit over matter” interpretation: human consciousness, so they claimed, is not subject to the rules of quantum mechanics, because these are only valid for matter. Read more >>

2011 December 15 (2)
String theory
What however makes the string theory so attractive: It is candidate for the last great theory with which all forces can be described. So in the standard model of particle physics gravity until now remains outside. String theory could take it into the boat. Read more >>

2011 December 15 (3)
The end of US military operations in Iraq.
US to lower flag to end Iraq war
The US flag is to be lowered in Baghdad, formally marking the end of US military operations in Iraq after nearly nine hears of war.

2011 December 17
Insight into the eternal kingdom
And therefore man has then overcome the terrors of death when he consciously tried to penetrate into that field during earth existence, which is the stay of all spiritual after termination of earth life. Read more >>

2011 December 17 (2)
Soul and body
Everything what has come out of God is spiritual substance, only the degree of maturity is different, and therefore a difference has to be made between the spiritual situated inside the form and that spiritual, which has become form. Read more >>

2011 December 19
North Korean ruler dies
When information reaches you about the passing away of an earthly ruler then you have arrived at that point in time that you can call the beginning of the end. Read more >>

2011 December 19 (2)
A spaceship would have to moor with a harpoon to a comet.
Space travel: Nasa wants to harpoon comet flying past
As comets normally have a diameter of few kilometres their gravity is too small to land on them with a spaceship.
A spaceship would not actually land on a comet. It would have to, somehow, probably with a harpoon moor at it.
That is why the idea came up to take soil samples with this harpoon at the same time.

2011 December 19 (3)
Comet lost its tail with its contact with the Sun.
Million degrees Celsius: Comet survives rendezvous with the Sun
Astronomers of NASA with their telescopes became eyewitnesses of a spectacle in space: On Thursday a comet survived the approach of the Sun in an area in which millions of degrees Celsius are prevalent.
Only ten per cent of its mass survived the hot contact, in addition "Lovejoy" lost its tail.

2011 December 19 (4)
We think there is something called a Higgs field which is everywhere in space.
God particle: why Cern scientists have been using the Large Hadron Collider to look for it
Dr Malcolm Fairbairn from King's College London explained why it would be important if the Higgs Boson was found.
"The Higgs Boson is a particle that we think exists because we think there is something called a Higgs field which is everywhere in space.
"The Higgs field is responsible for giving other particles mass."

2011 December 22
Earth in Upheaval
It is a matter of becoming more aware of the fact that a comet coming toward us and threatening us is a possibility. Read more >>

2011 December 23
Is this God?
Ohne Masse würde das sub-atomare Teilchen mit Lichtgeschwindigkeit durch den Kosmos fliegen, unfähig, Atome zusammenzubinden. Read more >>

2011 December 24
Prof Higgs’ suggestion
Prof Higgs suggested that an invisible field lying across the entire cosmos interacts with the tiny particles that make up atoms to give them weight and prevent them from zipping around space at the speed of light. Read more >>

2011 December 24 (2)
Christopher Hitchens, an atheist
Many of his adversaries had expressed a hope or an expectation that this most trenchant of unbelievers would repent on his deathbed. Read more >>

2011 December 24 (3)
Star of Bethlehem
Astronomers were sure it would be vaporised by the extreme heat, but after losing its tail in the close encounter it miraculously re-emerged and developed a new one as it streaked away from the star. Read more >>

2011 December 24 (4)
Large Hadron Collider finds new particle
The particle had been widely predicted but had never actually been observed by physicists. Read more >>

2011 December 24 (5)
End of the world speculation after new Mayan discovery
A Mayan god associated with both war and creation, will "descend from the sky" at that time. Read more >>

2011 December 24 (6)
England: Church of England orders child abuse inquiry
Archbishop of Canterbury: Paedophile priests were allowed to continue working despite being accused of sexual abuse. Read more >>

2011 December 24 (7)
Canada: Sexual abuse lawsuit with Catholic priest, archbishop
Priest Rev. Paul-Henri Lachance was sentenced to 18 months in jail for the crimes. Read more >>

2011 December 27
Fulfilling the commandment of neighbourly love without love
Love is the only way on which you take possession of the most exquisite power out of God; therefore you first have to try to awaken this feeling in yourselves; you have to consider your neighbour as your brother who emerged from the same as you yourselves. Read more >>

2011 December 28
The Vatican Secret Archives
The Vatican Secret Archives have been jealously guarded for centuries. Read more >>

2011 December 28 (2)
Dutch Catholic Church
In third world countries the church still reigns supreme and abuse is much harder to tackle. The damage these victims suffer at the hands of priests who are supposed to be paragons of virtue is incalculable. Read more >>


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