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2010 January 3
The Envoys of Satan
And where your speeches come across resistance there you also clearly recognize the work of my adversary, and from those you are to separate and not to preach together with them, because they are not my representatives but envoys of Satan, who is very especially there at work where the light of truth gains acceptance. Read more >>

2010 January 15
The 69 Weeks
Daniel's prophecy when the Messiah will come relates to Artaxerxes, who gave order to rebuild Jerusalem. And 483 years, prophetic years, after this order the Messiah then also came. So Daniel's prophecy applies to the first coming of the Messiah. But it also applies to the second coming of the Lord. The man who about 476 years ago, years of our present way of counting, gave the order to rebuild Jerusalem was Süleyman the Magnificent. In the year 1537 the rebuilding started. And 476 years after that is the year 2013. Read more >>

2010 January 18
The Beginning of the End
Which are the circumstances which show that the times of the end have begun? Read more >>

2010 January 19
Acknowledgement of God's Plan of Salvation
In all clearness I pass on to you a knowledge, which grants you an insight into my rule and work, which informs you about your purpose of life, about the whole object of creation - a knowledge, which is so powerful and extensive as it could not be granted to you by human means - a knowledge, which can only be imparted to you by the work of my spirit. Read more >>

2010 January 21
The Father of the House Takes Over All Care
And when only one soul gets rescued from a renewed walk through the works of creation - then the work in my vineyard has not been in vain, und it will earn you blessings spiritually and also earthly. But because I can speak to you yourselves, you possess spiritual goods of immeasurable worth, spiritual goods, which speak to every willing soul, which can lead it to the faith and it now is rescued for eternity. And these spiritual goods you are allowed to pass on; you are allowed to receive my gifts of favour always afresh and work with them. Read more >>

2010 January 22
Explanation of Painful Strokes of Fate
Again and again I will reveal myself to you, even if often in a painful way, but you are always to recognize that you cannot determine your fate for yourselves; you are always to recognize a power above you, which intervenes into your life and, when there is no other possibility, with severity, to still snatch you back from the abyss, which you head for blindly. Read more >>

2010 January 23
Our Resistance Against God was Strong
That you men of the time of now are determined to experience the end also has its reason because your resistance against me was strong and did not allow an earlier embodiment as man. Read more >>

2010 January 24
Everything will be Destroyed
What you see around you, what exists and can be seen by you, that will cease to be. Everything will be destroyed, and you yourselves will also fall a victim to this destruction, when you do not belong to the ones who are mine, who will be lead away through my power and my will, as I have announced it - who I will rapture before the eyes of fellow men, because they belong to me and I can and will transport them on to the new earth, when the work of the reshaping will have taken place. Read more >>

2010 January 25
It is the Day of the Lord
May it be said to all of you that I will come again in the clouds - that I will come down to earth just as I once ascended to heaven - that mine will see me in brilliance and glory as once my disciples saw me, and that I will also fetch away from earth the ones who are mine, because the day of the end has come. Read more >>

2010 January 27
Let My Will to Love Become Stronger and Stronger
Father, help me, that I work in love, and let my will to love become stronger and stronger. Read more >>

2010 January 28
God Will Feed Us Supernaturally
And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Read more >>

2010 January 30
Thoughts of an End are Full of Blessings
When thoughts of the end come to you then do not chase them away but deal with them, and only think of that there is no end for your soul - and seek to create the state that you also do not need to shrink back from an end. Read more >>

2010 February 2
Passing On of Prophecies
World events are always only predicted so that men adjust to them spiritually. Read more >>

2010 February 4
God Speaks Through the Elements of Nature
A powerful natural event: Men will fear a repetition and therefore all of them have to prepare themselves for a sudden death. Read more >>

2010 February 7
Renewed Pointer to the Natural Event
You are approaching an event of unimaginable effect - that you men will experience something what in its extent has never before been since the beginning of this redemption period. A natural event so powerful that no-one can close his mind to the great tragedy, which this event means for men. The whole world will take part in this, and everywhere one will fear to be affected himself by the same event because no signs at all before let a thing such as this be expected and that is why the anxiety among mankind is very great. Read more >>

2010 February 8
Fulfilment of the Prophecy as Proof of Truth
A prophecy by Bertha Dudde from the year 1947 came true in the year 2008 and is therefore proof of the truth of her written down address. Read more >>

2010 February 15
The Thousand Year Kingdom
God's nature is eternally unchanging, and what he once saw as necessary and successful for the beings still separated from him, that he will also carry out and not let men determine him to change his plan, as it is built up on the will of men, which he saw since eternity as no longer being able to change on this earth. Read more >>

2010 February 16
The Desire for Earthly Things
Antichrist has great power over men because they still turn their eyes towards the earthly world. Read more >>

2010 February 17
The Desire for Truth
A certain prerequisite always has to exist, which is the longing for the pure truth. Read more >>

2010 February 19
Quantum Physics, the Soul and Extraterrestrial Communication
The quantum physical phenomenon of folding supplies the foundation for the breathtaking thesis that a physically describable soul exists. Read more >>

2010 February 22
God Fed the Man Supernaturally
'Suddenly I was warmed and felt as full as if I had eaten a large and delicious dinner. It is because of God's rescue that I am not hungry or sick.' Read more >>

2010 February 23
The Desire For the World
As long as still the smallest desire for the world clings to man. Read more >>

2010 February 27
God's adversary will embody himself in a ruler
The speech of the voice of one crying in the wilderness will be powerful and God's adversary takes action against all spiritual striving. Read more >>

2010 March 10
The Catholic Church Sinks Into Chaos
After the many cases of abuse at Catholic schools a new scandal shocks Germany since the weekend: The elite boarding school Odenwaldschule in Heppingen-Ober-Hambach sees itself confronted with massive accusations. Read more >>

2010 March 11
Attacks of the Opponent in the Times of the End
As long as the opponent of God is still able to upset us, to become impatient and angry, so long we will also be weak, and he will make use of his power. Read more >>

2010 March 13
Crime: Abuse Scandal Reaches the Pope
"Practices of the Inquisition". In their commentaries the newspapers take the Catholic church and the pope to task. They blame the church for the abuse scandal and demand comment, reforms and genuine clearing up. Read more >>

2010 March 15
Search on for Death Star that throws out deadly comets
Nasa scientists are searching for an invisible 'Death Star' that circles the Sun, which catapults potentially catastrophic comets at the earth. Read more under "2010 March 16: The Star that is in Advance."

2010 March 15 (2)
Priest's victims forced into vow of silence
The leader of the Catholic Church in Ireland resisted calls for his resignation yesterday, despite admitting that he took part in meetings where the victims of a paedophile priest were forced to take a vow of silence.

2010 March 15 (3)
Comment from a reader to:
Vatican considers scandal to be exaggerated

The heading of the article alone should already be enough in a constitutional state to send whole hordes of public prosecutors onto their hide, but not in this country, unfortunately.

2010 March 15 (4)
Vatican moves to distance Pope from abuse scandal
Critics say that Pope Benedict imposed secrecy on sex abuse cases as head of doctrine in 2001 by making them subject to "papal confidentiality" in a document called Sacramentorum Sanctitatis Tutela (Safeguarding the Sanctity of the Sacraments).

2010 March 16
The Star that is in Advance
This star is described as being of such a kind that anxiousness will attack men because they believe that the earth could become a victim of this unknown star. Read more >>

2010 March 16 (2)
Frequent earth falls:
In Thuringia the ground tears open
A geological phenomenon provides excitement in Thuringia: In many places the ground tears open, metre-great craters emerge. So called earth falls are extremely frequent this winter - and no-one knows, where the next hole opens up.

2010 March 17
Does Our Solar System Have Two Suns?
But suddenly and unexpectedly the first signs will show, that cosmic changes appear, that everything appears to get out of lawful order; strange observations will be made in the night sky. Read more >>

2010 March 18
Today, the 18th of March 2010, I remembered a news item, and I looked for it and found it. I saw it on 4th of January 2010 and it went like this:
Russians devising plan to deflect Apophis asteroid
The Russians have apparently seen the movie Armageddon a few times as they are preparing to devise a plan to deflect an asteroid that has a slim chance of hitting the Earth in 2029. Russia's Armageddon plan to save Earth from collision with asteroid. Russia 'plans to stop asteroid'.
May be the Russians are not worried about a movie but about Nemesis, the Death Star. I did not pay much attention to that news item when I first saw it, but since I learned about Nemesis, I got more interested.

2010 March 19
The relevance of Bertha Dudde's prophecies wins momentum
The Russians make a plan to safe the earth from a collision with asteroids, and God says that all these inventions, to beat back and to divert the heavenly body, will be of no use. Read more >>

2010 March 20
Confrontation in church service about previously convicted priest
Members of the parish had heard from the media that their priest is a previously convicted sexual offender and a repeat offender covered up by the Catholic Church. When there were euphemistic words during mass about the acts of the priest, they let out their anger. Read more >>

2010 March 20 (2)
A web of lies of greatest extent
Already through a long time they trot along as hangers-on in organisations and never once think of whether that can earn them an eternal happiness. But they only had to ask whether a God of love, wisdom and power would have erected such a building, which was presented to them as church, which makes them happy. All worldly building up works, also when they believe to lead men to spiritual life, are not wanted by God. And the more time passed, the less men dared to doubt the truth of that, what actually was a web of lies of greatest extent. Read more >>

2010 March 21
The knowledge about the forthcoming end
But moreover I supply them with knowledge about the forthcoming end and all previous events. For I let nothing come over men without having prepared them for it. But also these predictions will not be accepted by men, and only who are of awakened spirit know about the connections - and will pay attention to them and also live their life accordingly. And when men express doubts about such predictions, which concern the forthcoming end, then their spirit is also unawakened. And you may also conclude from that about their spiritual maturity because they do not recognize the voice of the father who only supplies them with pure truth. From B.D. NR. 8392.

2010 March 22
Nemesis can act as a Death Star because it is the sun's companion star
When I first read in Bertha Dudde's prophecies about a sun approaching which causes destructions on earth, I had problems imagining this happening because I envisaged suns having their own solar systems and being far away from each other. Then on the 15th of March 2010 I read about the possibility of our solar system having two suns, that our sun might be part of a binary star system, and now it has become easier to envisage such a second sun coming closer and causing destructions.

2010 March 22 (2)
God becoming man in Jesus Christ
And you can believe it that a man does not walk in the truth as long as this problem of me becoming man in Jesus is still unresolved for him. Who does not himself recognized him or has not recognized him as God's son and redeemer of the world, in whom I have manifested myself, to be able to be a visible God to the beings created by me, he will also never - may it be on earth or from out of the hereafter - be able to inform you men truthfully because he himself does not yet stand in the truth, in the real recognition, and therefore he is also no real leader and teacher of men on this earth. Read more >>

2010 March 24
How do I pray for unbelievers?
If only every man would set himself the goal to rescue one soul, that he would turn his love towards this soul and asks me for rescue, so that it does not again get lost for endless times - certainly, men would change and get to a right kind of faith, and they would do everything to fulfil their purpose of life on earth. Read more >>

2010 March 25
No man can serve two masters
Only when your desire has died off, when you are gladly ready to give up everything earthly, can I let you have what you need for body and soul, because I, who know about all your needs, will also cover them, as soon as I see that you have overcome matter. Read more >>

2010 March 25 (2)
Abuse Scandal’s Ripples Spread Across Europe
According to a survey the abuse scandal has let the confidence of the German citizens in the pope and the Catholic Church fall apart dramatically. Read more >>

2010 March 26
Papal bull
The Rev. Lawrence C. Murphy admitted he sexually abused deaf boys at his boarding school for 22 years. Victims tried for more than three decades to bring him to justice, but documents show that the church neither defrocked him nor referred him for prosecution. Read more >>

2010 March 28
Scandal about the Catholic Church
And the ten horns which thou sawest upon the beast, these shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate and naked. Read more >>

2010 March 29
The web of lies
When I walked on earth to bring light to men, I foresaw which web of lies was erected on the part of those who called themselves my successors. I foresaw it that men were led completely wrong and were themselves too weak to free themselves of the confusion of erroneous teachings; I knew it that exactly there my opponent had to record many successes where allegedly the foundation has been laid by myself. For he succeeded in distorting all my teachings. And so a building up work came into being, which never had and could have me as a master builder, that I could never take part in a work where obviously my opponent had pushed his way in, because everything I taught on earth was distorted. Read more >>

2010 March 30
The world of quanta
It is an answer to the question raised by Erwin Schrödinger already in 1935 whether the quantum theory also remains valid in the classical world. Read more >>

2010 March 30 (2)
The real abuse in the abuse scandal
A stiff collar worn the wrong way around by a priest is as good as a free ticket to stay out of jail. Read more >>

2010 March 31
The real cover-up in the abuse scandal has two sides
A further reason why this church seems to be an establishment for the advancement of sexual abuse is the fact that sex offenders are drawn to it and try to seek employment there. Read more >>

2010 April 1
The leaving of the world
You must have completely freed yourselves of matter, but that does not mean that you are to withdraw as a hermit into the dessert. Read more >>

2010 April 2
The freedom of the will
To put man into a kind of forced state is a great offence against me who have given free will to all my creatures, for which they some day also have to answer. And this is very particularly significant because the upward development of souls is at stake, for which free will is a prerequisite. Read more >>

2010 April 3
The life of Jesus before his years of teaching
And above all he avoided contact with those who belonged to the temple and whose assignment it should be to lead men spiritually. Read more >>

2010 April 5
Move by British lawyers to prosecute pope over abuses
Although Benedict has not been accused of any crime, senior British lawyers are now examining whether he should have immunity as a head of state and whether he could be prosecuted under the principle of universal jurisdiction for an alleged systematic cover-up. Read more >>

2010 April 8
There will be peace between the super powers in the east and the west.
And there will be a long peace. In this period of peace there will be disarmament in many countries. The Third World War will begin in a way no one would have anticipated - and from an unexpected place. Read more >>

2010 April 10
The worst is probably yet to come
Cover-ups and lies about sex abuse by Catholic priests spark crisis in US. Read more >>

2010 April 12
Poland reeling from leader's death in crash
"When information reaches you about the passing away of an earthly ruler then you have arrived at that point in time that you can call the beginning of the end." Read more >>

2010 April 17
USA visit of chancellor
To a certain degree one can compare the present situation to that, which existed half a century ago, when the American voters decided - after the presidency of Eisenhower - to give the leadership of their country into hands, which could not really keep this leadership of the positive part of the world, and which then was kept by Charles de Gaulle, for 10 years, and today this role has more or less been taken over by Mrs Merkel. Read more >>

2010 April 17 (2)
"Smolensk Tragedy: Did Moscow just want to harass Kaczynski?"
"The life of leading polish heads, among them the acting - and one ex-president, lay last Saturday just before 9 a.m. in the hands of the only Russian air traffic controller. Whether he was drunk or sober ..."

2010 April 20
"Did Kaczynski have to die because of Polish gas?"
"Secret service at death flight - Did Russians manipulate?"
"Who conjured up fog in Smolensk?"
"Smolensk Tragedy: Radar unit disappeared?"

2010 April 23
"Abuse scandal"
"A quarter of Catholics think of leaving church"
"US lawyer sues Pope Benedict"

2010 April 23 (2)
The defence situation of the West
Up to 8 launching pads for ultramodern PAC 2 and PAC 3 missiles are to be set up in the tourist region Masuren. Read more >>

2010 April 29
Abuse and corruption in the Catholic Church
Late last month the Vatican accepted the resignation of the bishop of Cloyne, John Magee, previously private secretary to three consecutive popes, over his mishandling (read "cover-up") of clerical abuse, physical and sexual, in his Irish diocese. Read more >>

2010 April 29 (2)
Abuse and corruption in the Catholic church (2)
South Africa is not exempt from this problem. Local priests have faced allegations of various kinds of sexual misbehaviour and Johannesburg's Archbishop Buti Tihagale says if no major scandal has yet broken that is simply because the media is focused elsewhere.

2010 April 30
Paedo priest dumped in South Africa
Mankind will experience a great spiritual shockwave, a throne will collapse. God will shake a rock – a structure that has established itself on God’s word. And when the foundation is rocked the whole structure will cave in. Read more >>

2010 May 2
Review of the subject "spectacle" - abuse and corruption in the Catholic Church
On the 28th of January 2010 the spectacle began of the present abuse scandal with the news from Berlin about the Canisius College in Berlin, Germany, which is run by Jesuits, where teachers abused students, and for three months now this spectacle is happening: a web of lies of greatest extent is sinking. Read more >>

2010 May 4
God needs his servants
God will always make a point of taking away earthly worries from all his servants so that they can be unhindered active for him and his kingdom. Read more >>

2010 May 5
John's Revelation
And so there are also documents and have remained in existence until now, which tell of the sights of God's disciple John - documents, which will find their explanation in the last time before the end and which were also meaningless before for men, that is why they were also not understood by them. Read more >>

2010 May 7
Earthly flourishing. Speedy decline.
Do not be misled in your thoughts that you believe the earth can still count on a long existence in view of the many fulfilments of human plans, which mean worldly progress and high standard of living. Read more >>

2010 May 9
God's special care for his servants
And whatever befalls you, just always rely on me; seize my hand and let yourselves be guided, and indeed, you will be able to overcome everything with ease and be full of inner calm. Read more >>

2010 May 10
Leaving the opponent
Who earnestly longs for the union with me, he will also long for truth just as earnestly, because I am eternal truth. And this longing for truth is the most important prerequisite, and this also requires that man frees himself of a spiritual material, which my opponent offered to him as long as man still belonged to his following. Read more >>

2010 May 10 (2)
Demonstration against Polish government
An air crash on 10th of April 2010 in the Russian Smolensk killed Polish President Lech Kaczynski. Read more >>

2010 May 10 (3)
The man who fasted for 70 years
For two weeks the Yogi Prahlad Jani was observed by doctors around the clock. But how he could survive the whole time without water and food the medics still do not know. Read more >>

2010 May 10 (4)
Pope accepts resignation of German bishop
The Catholic Church sees the renunciation of the Augsburg Bishop Walter Mixa as chance for a new beginning. Pope Benedict XVI had accepted this resignation of 21st of April. Read more >>

2010 May 10 (5)
Russia celebrates, Merkel marches along.
The military parade for the 65th annual day of victory over Hitler Germany started on the Red Square in Moscow on Sunday morning. Among the guests of honour on the reviewing stand: Chancellor Angela Merkel. Read more >>

2010 May 11
Gathering of strength before the chaos
You are to seek to get free from matter for you have to give it away once, and the less your heart is set on it the easier the loss will be for you, the less you will be burdened by my intervention. Read more >>

2010 May 13
Plane crash on the 10th of April 2010 in Smolensk, in Russia
Parliamentarians in Poland want to know why right from the beginning only the version of an accident was investigated and why the Polish government also excludes every other possibility. Read more >>

2010 May 14
Kaczynski's death: Assassination attempt more and more likely
After the air disaster on 10th April near Smolensk very probably ultra secret codes, which are used by Nato armed forces for bug safe communication via satellite connections, are supposed to have fallen into the hands of the Russians. Read more >>

2010 May 17
Smolensk Disaster
Relatives threaten Tusk.

2010 May 17 (2)
US Missiles in Poland
Patriots on their way to Poland. Gdansk. In the idyllic little town of Morag (Mohrungen) in the west of the Polish district Ermland Masuren the first group of US soldiers will arrive, which are responsible for taking delivery and for the assembly of the US Patriot missiles, which will likewise shortly also set off for Poland. While the citizens of the town look forward to the Americans because the government in Warsaw had made this way an economic upturn appealing to the region, people from the only 40 kilometre away Russian Kaliningrad (Königsberg) squint very distrustfully at Masuren and rightly wonder what actually the meaning is of this provocation before the own front door.

2010 May 18
You stand under my protection
And not only worldly powers take action against you but also on the part of church organizations hostility is declared on you, for as long as these do not have spiritual awakened leaders, they also more or less go along in error and do not want to accept pure truth. Read more >>

2010 May 20
Acquiring of virtues
You are to reach again perfection in life on earth and therefore must also again give up all bad qualities and take up your original nature; you must lead a life of love, which will awaken all virtues in you so that you are now again divine beings. Read more >>

2010 May 21
Poles angered about Russian air crash report
Members of the Polish air force, under which also falls the VIP squadron for the air transport of high politicians, expressed their outrage according to the paper «Gazeta Wyborcza» about the tone set by the inquiry report.

2010 May 21 (2)
Astronomy: A star devours its planet
The planet WASP 12b, which is about 600 light years away from us, is swallowed by its star. Read more >>

2010 May 23
We will be happy to be allowed to serve God
Men have to be informed about their earth life assignment; they have to be instructed in all truth when success is actually still to be reached. Read more >>

2010 May 24
Without love and faith no man can become happy
For a living faith establishes the connection with me, and every trouble can be repaired because man believes that I have the power to do it, and he is also convinced that my love determines me to help. But poor and unfortunate are those people to be called who lack all faith in a being, which is full of love, wisdom and power. Read more >>

2010 May 25 (1)
Bishop Küng
Homosexual networks threaten church
The Austrian Bishop Klaus Küng sees a danger of homosexual networks in seminaries and parts of the Catholic clergy. In the opinion of the Austrian Bishop Klaus Küng homosexual networks can endanger a monastery or a bishopric. Then an atmosphere is formed, which attracts certain persons, however repels others to the great harm of pastoral care, said Küng.

2010 May 25 (2)
Priests drive bank against the wall
Spanish savings bank has to be rescued by Central Bank - church loses control
The lasting crisis in Spain has taken a new toll. At the weekend the Spanish Central Bank had to take over the heavily shaken savings bank CajaSur, which belongs to the Catholic Church by a majority. The financial institution with headquarters in Andalusia Córdoba had overdone things with the allocation of building credits on the Iberian Peninsula.

2010 May 25 (3)
Bishop appeals to Catholics "Do not leave"
Bamberg Archbishop Schick: The believers are not to be discouraged
Christendom celebrates the Feast of Pentecost - and the pope keeps mum about the abuse scandal in the Catholic Church. Differently the Bamberg Archbishop Ludwig Schick. His appeal to the believers: "Do not leave." Despite the incidents, which had shaken the Catholic Church in the past months, the believers are not to be discouraged - and not to turn away from the church.

2010 May 25 (4)
Catholic Church asks Brits for donations
This year's Feast of Pentecost has a special taste in Great Britain: The British Catholics were asked for a collection contribution for the forthcoming visit of the pope. A deficit of 3.5 Million Euro is to be covered with it. The Roman Catholic Church has to pay only just half of the cost, in total 15 million pounds, for the state visit of Pope Benedict XVI. The other half is taken over by the treasury. Church opponents had at the approach criticized that the British tax payer had to pay for the visit of a religious head.

2010 May 25 (5)
Priest altered parsonage to sex prison
In the Brazil Rio de Janeiro a priest has been arrested. Police and prosecutors accuse him of having altered his parsonage to a sex prison and kept boys there for the satisfaction of his cravings. The police found there among other things a bed with handcuffs fixed to it. According a representative of the state authorities the 44 year old minister is a Polish citizen. Already several years he is to have abused children in Brazil and here partly proceeded very brutally. Since years there are worldwide and alarmingly increasing reports about homosexual paedophiles in churches of many religions. The number of unreported cases estimated for this should dramatically increase and let the suspicion arise that perhaps millions of clerics do not by any chance live in chastity but like in Sodom and Gomorrha.

2010 May 25 (6)
US Deploys Patriot Missiles in Poland
A battery of US Patriot missiles on Monday arrived in Morag, north-western Poland together with more than 100 soldiers that will be stationed there. Read more >>

2010 May 26
US Government against lifting of immunity of Vatican
The government of US President Barack Obama has come out against the lifting of immunity of the Vatican in connection with abuse accusations against a priest. The case does not merit a complete examination through the highest court of justice. In the federal state Oregon an abuse victim had demanded action of the US justice also against the Vatican because the Irish priest, who had abused it sexually in the sixtieth in the city of Portland, had already been known as paedophile. Already in Ireland and in Chicago abuse accusations had been raised against the minister. The victim in Oregon accused the Vatican of not having taken the necessary steps.

2010 May 26 (2)
Russia wants the reunite former Soviet republics
Kaczynski is dead, long live Kaczynski – The brother of the late Polish president acts moderately – and catches up. The brother of the head of state in Poland who was killed through the air crash in April, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, stands for election at the early presidential election and his opinion poll counts are climbing up. Read more >>

2010 May 26 (3)
Donald Tusk goes over to the Russians
Russian dissidents: Naive Tusk makes truth unimportant
Worried about the strange realization of the investigation into the air crash on the 10th of April in Smolensk, where nearly a hundred people got killed, among them the Polish President Lech Kaczynski and his wife Maria, show not only always more Polish citizens but also innumerable Russians who can very well imagine what really possibly happened to the Tupolew Tu-154M. Already hundred thousands of Russians have expressed their warm sympathy to the next of kin of the victims of the tragedy, many of these are already sure that there was a conspiracy ... concerned about the growing danger from Moscow about the freedom of Poles but also about the strange conduct of the Polish government after the disaster of Smolensk.

2010 May 27
Catholic Church: Jesuits admit abuse cover-up
Jesuits: Abuse systematically hushed up
Over decades the Jesuits have hushed up systematically sexual and bodily violence against children at the schools of the order. The culprits were covered up for in several cases by their superiors and transferred to other locations, says Ursula Raue, the abuse representative of the Jesuits. Andrea Fischer, the former federal minister of health, was engaged by the Jesuit order as the reliable person for the victims to compile a "second opinion." The order informed, that Fischer has been granted full inspection or records. Her report is expected in June.

2010 May 28
More will be achieve through eager detail work than through major campaigns
And you can believe it that I do not leave out one soul where the hope still exists that it willingly listens to me. And you, my servants on earth, will certainly achieve more through eager detail work than through major campaigns, which do not bring in the success which you expect. Read more >>

2010 May 28 (2)
How the world sees him.
Obama and the oil disaster: Powerless Messiah.
In times of need the Americans expect that their president saves them. The president is to save the Americans. For in times of crisis the Americans expect that their president saves them - an old delusion which the White House diligently nurtures: The Government centre cultivates "the myth that presidents are fatherly, almost omnipotent figures who protect us from evil." "Americans thirst after the protection of a messianic supreme commander."

2010 May 28 (3)
Russia Says U.S. Missiles In Poland "Don't Help Trust"
United States' deployment of Patriot missiles in Poland
A Patriot surface-to-air missile battery arrived in Monday in Poland and was to be deployed in the north of the country, close to the border with Russia's enclave of Kaliningrad (Königsberg). The battery, manned by up to 150 U.S. troops, will be stationed for about one month four times a year in Morag (Mohrungen), northern Poland, close to Kaliningrad (Königsberg). Its stated main mission is to train Polish military personnel.

2010 May 28 (4)
Exchange with Kremlin reveals Tehran's tenseness.
Ahmadinejad's uninvited advice to Medvedev
The Kremlin has reacted with visible annoyance to the advice of he Iranian president to his Russian colleague to handle Iran more carefully. Friend or foe?

2010 May 29
The allies of Russia
Besides Russia Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Armenia belong to the alliance. Read more >>

2010 May 30
Man has free will
This inner wanting you will always determine yourselves, also when it is impossible for you to carry out that which you want. Because you are not to mix up the will with the possibility of implementation. Read more >>

2010 May 31
Poland welcomes US Patriot missile battery and US soldiers, Russia grimaces
Deployment of Patriot missiles in Poland increase Poland's security and boosts cooperation with the United States, Poland's Defence Minister Bogdan Klich said when officially greeting around 100 US soldiers in northern town of Morag (Mohrungen) on Wednesday. The ceremony was attended by U.S. Ambassador to Poland, Lee Feinstein and director of U.S. Army logistics operations in Europe, Brigadier General Mark Bellini. The US 5th Battalion arrived from the U.S. base in Germany at the weekend. Since then troops have been unloading and assembling the Patriots. The deployment of US missiles, just 60 kilometres from the Russian Kaliningrad (Königsberg) border, has brought criticism from the Kremlin. Placement of Patriot missiles in Poland does not help security and trust, sources at Russian foreign ministry said.

2010 May 31 (2)
Three news items about volcanic eruptions
Iceland: Volcano Eyjafjallajökull for the time being no longer active.
Air traffic affected: Gigantic ash cloud over South Pacific. After Europe now the South Pacific region with its holiday islands suffers under a gigantic ash cloud. What triggered it off was the volcano Yasur on Vanuatu, whose ash cloud reached up to 1800 metres on Monday. On Vanuatu itself the picturesque situated volcano on the island Tanna was closed for tourists.
Volcanoes in Guatemala and Ecuador erupted. Ash layer on the streets – air ports closed. The eruption of two volcanoes in Central and South America has put thousands of people to flight and affected air traffic. The air ports of Guatemala City and Guayaquil were closed.

2010 June 1
We are to change our self-love to unselfish brotherly love
Only through works of love we can again take on our original nature because we were radiated as pure love from God and were perfect. Read more >>

2010 June 1 (2)
A giant sinkhole gapes in the ground in Guatemala City
Nature phenomenon in Guatemala City: After a storm a giant sinkhole gapes in the city.

2010 June 2
Who is Gomer?
And the word of the LORD came unto me, saying, Son of man, set thy face against Gog, the land of Magog, the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal, and prophesy against him, and say, Thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, I am against thee, O Gog, the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal: And I will turn thee back, and put hooks into thy jaws, and I will bring thee forth, and all thine army, horses and horsemen, all of them clothed with all sorts of armour, even a great company with bucklers and shields, all of them handling swords: Persia, Ethiopia, and Libya with them; all of them with shield and helmet: Gomer, and all his bands: the house of Togarmah of the north quarters, and all his bands: and many people with thee. Read more >>

2010 June 7
Change of mentality
The change of mentality of Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the former prime minister of Poland and present contender for the presidency, marks the changed world political situation caused through the seizure of power, which took place last year in Washington. Read more >>

2010 June 8
Seizure of power
The fast-moving generational, cultural and racial turnover.

2010 June 21
The climax so far of the abuse scandal in the Catholic Church in Germany
There are co-workers who describe the today 69 year old as “level drinker” who has to keep his alcohol level over the day. Other witnesses describe homosexual infringements, “soft rapes”, of the bishop. Read more >>

2010 June 25
Child abuse in the headquarters of Belgium’s Catholic Church
Worldwide the Catholic Church was shaken in the past months by a wave of disclosures about cases of abuse in different countries, also in Belgium. At the end of April the scandal reached a climax when the bishop of Bruges, Roger Vangheluwe, stepped down. Vangheluwe was the first bishop, who officially explained his resignation with self committed child abuse. Read more >>

2010 July 2
Religion, the new racism
Report says religious minorities are being persecuted.

2010 July 2 (2)
To undergo chemotherapy
In his 2008 book God Is Not Great, Hitchens put himself on a collision course with major religions with his trenchant atheist views. Read more >>

2010 July 5
Catholic church raids deplorable, says pope
Groups representing victims of clerical abuse expressed outrage this week after the pope criticised raids on the Catholic church by Belgian police. Last week police raided the home of a retired bishop, probed graves and detained Belgium's nine current serving bishops for nine hours. Read more >>

2010 July 8
Cardinal has been brought to Brussels for police interrogation
On Tuesday morning Godfried Cardinal Danneels, the former archbishop of Mechelen-Brussels and Belgian primate has been brought to Brussels for police interrogation. Read more >>

2010 July 12
Search for war occasion
Rumours about attack preparations against Iran are not credible. Nevertheless a military conflict could closely lie ahead. Since the passing of the fourth sanction resolution of the UN Security Council on the 9th June rumours and guesses about a soon possible military attack against Iran started happening very fast. Read more >>

2010 July 12 (2)
Monastry Ettal in Upper Bavaria: Suspicion of beatings and abuse
Sexual abuse in Catholic Church
The monastery boarding school Ettal gets again in the headlines in connection with abuse suspicion. A tutor of the school has been suspended due to corresponding accusations. A tutor of the Catholic boarding school there has been released from duty as a result of abuse suspicion. At the beginning of the year it had become known that for decades children and youth are supposed to have been maltreated, tortured and also sexually abused in the boarding school of the monastery Ettal.

2010 July 16
Belgian Police Raid Offices of Church in Abuse Case
At 73, the Bruges bishop, Roger Vangheluwe, Belgium’s longest-serving prelate, tersely announced his retirement and acknowledged molesting “a boy in my close entourage.” Read more >>

2010 July 17
On Friday Maria Jepsen gave up her office as bishop of the North Elbe Church
And as on the Catholic side the figures with personal magnetism have either also stepped down like Bishop Mixa or are losing credibility like arch bishops Zollitsch and Marx, it is to be questioned what actually still has a convincing effect in the churches. The leading figures certainly rather not. It should be the message. But who wants to hear it when its announcers lay themselves open to suspicion? Read more >>

2010 July 26
Expert accuses Jesuits of complete failure
The abuse debate in the Catholic Church had been sparked off in the beginning of the year through the head of the Berlin Canisius College, Klaus Mertes, by him reporting numerous cases of sexual abuse within the prestigious Jesuit facility. Read more >>

2010 July 26 (2)
Gay priests celebrate erotic parties in Rom
Homosexual priests in Rom who visit parties of the gay scene in night clubs: During the day they give the sacraments, at night they celebrate erotic parties. Read more >>

2010 July 28
A web of lies of greatest extent shakes for six months
Only for the sake of men themselves I let this happen so that they get away from a force that made the thinking and wanting unfree and so obstructed the decision of the will for which man lives on earth. I want to shake a rock - and when the foundation is rocked the whole structure will cave in, i.e., men will no longer feel bound but will be free to think and act, they will no longer fear any power behind which they imagine God because now only they recognize me who is stronger than that power and does not side with it. Read more >>

2010 July 28 (2)
The beginning of the end is the death of an earthly ruler
When I read the first report about the death of the Polish president, who died on 10. April 2010 in a plane crash, I obviously had to think of this prophecy, and that is why I followed the development after this event in Smolensk to see whether this event indicates the beginning of the end time. Read more >>

2010 July 30
Roman Catholic Church: The worldwide abuse scandal
A news item about Chile mentions the recent revelations of sexual abuse by priests in Chile and this is therefore an indication how worldwide this scandal really is. Read more >>

2010 July 30 (2)
The search for Nemesis is getting captivating. Will WISE track down the star Nemesis?
The astronomers hope to track down in masses cosmic objects with the infrared cameras of the probe, which can hardly be found in visible light. Read more >>

2010 July 31
The quantum mechanics of time travel
The spiritual kingdom has no space and time restrictions - it is always and everywhere - because in it is God, and God is always and everywhere. Only the imperfect being will always have the awareness of time, on earth as well as in the hereafter, while the perfect being is neither under time nor space law. The soul only has the idea of time in the stage of imperfection. In the state of perfection it is outside of time and space. The idea of time is therefore the yardstick of the maturity of the soul. Read more >>

2010 August 4
Aggressive investigation of the Roman Catholic hierarchy in Belgium
The police staged extraordinary raids last month, holding bishops for nine hours at the church’s Belgian offices in Mechelen while scouring the premises for hidden material. It drew condemnation from the pope himself. Read more >>

2010 August 6
1500 Abuse victims have come forward
Germany: At the Round Table against child abuse 1500 victims have come forward since April.

2010 August 6 (2)
Marx: Abuse debate not nearly over
The abuse debate in the Catholic Church is according to the Munich archbishop Reinhard Marx not nearly brought to a close. "There are certainly some who would like to proceed to business as usual", said Marx. "But that is not that easy!" At the same time Marx admitted "structures of irresponsibility" within the church. As specially evil the archbishop called "that we have protected the culprits and the institution and paid too little attention to the victims".

2010 August 6 (3)
"Obama is a hypocrite. He is leaving Iraq to the wolves"
US troop pullout will destroy Iraq, says Tariq Aziz. Saddam Hussein's leading lieutenant accused the US of abandoning Iraq and leaving the country to die. Read more >>

2010 August 7
Bigger asteroids one would well discover 10 or 20 years before their impact on earth
The lorry size lump with the designation 2008 TC3 was the first asteroid which astronomers had already discovered before the collision with earth - when also only 19 hours in advance. It was a long time unclear whether fragments of the cosmic missile fell to the ground or if it burned out completely. Read more >>

2010 August 12
Joseph Ratzinger resisted the unfrocking of a paedophile priest
In the letter, Cardinal Ratzinger – who was at the time the head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, which has responsibility for tackling abuse by clerics – said the "good of the universal Church" needed to be considered in any unfrocking. He also urged "as much paternal care as possible" for Kiesle. Read more >>

2010 August 13
General against troop withdrawal from Iraq
And as it is the aim of the American president to become the saviour of the world, and then the supreme ruler of it, it can be assumed that he, with this withdrawal of his from Iraq, creates a power vacuum in Iraq that is to entice Iran to charge to the west so that he then can play the role of the saviour. Read more >>

2010 August 15
Joseph Ratzinger, the patron saint of child abusers
One news item reports about the accusation of the German justice minister, Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger, that the Vatican has been hindering the reappraisal of the scandals about sexual abuse. She stated a directive of the Faith Congregation of 2001, which was drawn up by cardinal Joseph Ratzinger before his appointment as pope and according to which also severe cases of abuse should first be subject to papal secrecy and not to be passed on to authorities outside of the church. Read more >>

2010 August 16
Preparations to take over world dominance are in full swing
The terrorist problem gives the American president an excellent legitimation to push his worldwide dominance everywhere ahead. Read more >>

2010 August 17
When do the 7 years begin?
And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast. Read more >>

2010 August 18
Confrontation with Iran
No wonder that both the Israelis as also the Arab allies are uncertain about the steadfastness of Washington. One of the biggest problems of the Arabs is that Washington leaves its intentions unclear. Read more >>

2010 August 19
The laager mentality of the Catholic Church
More and more cases of sexual abuse through Catholic laymen, priests and monks become known in Germany. Read more >>

2010 August 19 (2)
To divert celestial bodies to prevent them hitting earth
Here we have the proof that Bertha Dudde’s prophecies are true because her prediction regarding the existence of attempts to divert celestial bodies has come true. The deeper astronomers look into space the more the realization grows how vulnerable earth is. Read more >>

2010 August 20
Particle Physics and the Day of the Lord
Men have well being granted a certain degree of creation and likewise research can be undertaken in all directions. But as long as man is not yet in full possession of spiritual power, limits have also been set to knowledge as well as in the use of the powers of earth that always unfold and must be used with certain conformity with a natural law, with a certain order. When this conformity with a natural law is disregarded then these powers will be set off against the laws, then the effect is disastrous and a destruction of all matter is the inevitable consequence that cannot be brought to a halt by human will. Read more >>

2010 August 22
Iran is waiting quietly for the U.S. retreat, and then they will quickly fill the vacuum of power
Iran, a neighbour in the east, is gearing up to expand its regional influence and hopes that Iraq's serving Shiite government would continue playing a leading role in the political jockeying, observers said. Tehran wants Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and other Shiite leaders to reach consensus as soon as possible on nominating a new prime minister, said Ibrahim al-Ameri, a political professor with Baghdad University. "Obviously, Iran exerts the greatest influence upon Iraq. They are waiting quietly for the U.S. retreat, and then they will quickly fill the vacuum of power," he told Xinhua in an interview on Monday.

2010 August 22 (2)
Two years Antichrist
That is the spirit of antichrist that approaches men under the cloak of the saviour but is of a will that is completely turned away from God insofar as he does not acknowledge a God of love as he on the whole rejects everything that is spiritual as supernatural and therefore not provable and therefore rejects as non-existent. Read more >>

2010 August 24
Obama wants to become the first global president
Obama is a mystery but many millions of people in the world have fallen victim to his style, his rhetoric, the calmness, which he radiates, and the romantic utopian sphere, which radiates from the complete phenomena Obama. Read more >>

2010 August 24 (2)
Conspiracy theories will not be of great help
The key question is, whether one remains in opposition to God or turns around and makes his peace with God. Read more >>

2010 August 25
The ultimate revolutionist
So his aim is not just to become global president but to also quash all rule of law, to establish complete dictatorship and become undisputed ruler of the world. Read more >>

2010 August 26
Netherlands: 900 Reports to Abuse Commission
Since the middle of March about 900 probable victims of sexual encroachments through Catholic priests have come forward in the Netherlands. Above all abuse victims themselves, but also relatives of those concerned got in touch with the commission specially established for this. Also some of the culprits had already come forward. 1600 of those concerned turned to an advice centre of the Catholic Church for abuse victims during the same period of time according to its spokesman Ben Spekman. On the 9th of March the Netherlands bishop conference had announced a comprehensive and independent investigation of suspected encroachments on children through Catholic clergymen. The former minister of education, Wim Deetman, was entrusted with the management of the commission.

2010 August 26 (2)
Lebanon: Tanks enter Beirut after fights
After fights between followers of the Shiite Hisbollah and a Sunnite group in Beirut, government troops with tanks entered the fought for quarter. The soldiers were to calm down again the situation on Wednesday after the heavy fighting, which cost four men their life. Security forces corrected the number of victims up after there had been talk of three victims only on Tuesday.

2010 August 26 (3)
Russians: The truth can be bitter for Poles
The Russian daily newspaper "Wremja Nowostei" translates in its Wednesday issue under the title "The truth about the crash can be bitter for Poles", above all quotations and statements of the Polish minister of the interior Jerzy Miller to the unsolved air crash on 10th of April on the outskirts of Smolensk, where Polish president Lech Kaczynski and 95 further passengers of his Tupolew 154M are supposed to have been killed. Miller last had expressed himself in a newspaper interview to the effect that he manages the government commission which has officially the assignment, independent of the likewise investigating military prosecutor's office, to clear up the causes of the disaster, but is pressed here through military prosecutors, which are rather inclined already before the clarification of the crash cause, to identify and determine the responsible persons. The newspaper therefore thinks to establish that there is an unhealthy competition between the different investigating committees, which produces reciprocal distrust as a result, which is now also still in addition fuelled through a further investigating committee, which was created by members of the opposition party Law and Justice (PIS).

2010 August 27
This spiritual area is inexhaustible
And this stream can only pour when contact is made, which you have to make yourselves, because you once voluntarily had broken it off. But then an area will be opened up to you which you cannot set foot on as nothing but man, when this contact with me does not exist. Everything is then lying clearly before you; you understand the spiritual connections; you comprehend my rule and work; my plan of salvation from eternity is unveiled to you, and it is intelligible to you. Read more >>

2010 August 28
Conscious voluntary union with God is perfect happiness
God’s love light radiates incessantly into the whole infinity; it touches both the already perfect spiritual and increases permanently its perfect happiness but it also illuminates everything still being unhappy, only meeting with opposition, and therefore remains without effect. Read more >>

2010 August 28 (2)
England: Crop circle in 3D discovered
In England, in Hampshire county, a crop circle was discovered. What is so special about it is that the pattern is made up of overlapping circles and so causes a 3D effect.

2010 August 30
Catholic church in Belgium
Catholic church leader in Belgium offered to hush up sex abuse case against bishop

2010 August 30 (2)
German Chancellor Merkel is in Europe's Driving Seat
There are countries that would love a budget deficit for this year as low as 3.5% of GDP. Britain (11.5%), Spain (9.4%), Greece (8.1%) and France (7.8%) can only dream. In Germany it's a reality, according to official figures published on Tuesday. Now, in European terms, she's very much in the driving seat.

2010 August 30 (3)
Merkel 1, Obama 0
The Chancellor followed a simple economic rule: Do no harm—or at least not too much.

2010 August 30 (4)
Inside USA: Obama, Superstar ret.
He was the cheered leader of the American left, the epitome of good America, the anti-Bush. Today even the own party avoids Barack Obama. For months the opinion polls of Obama plunge incredibly like a meteorite. Only just 40 percent of Americans feel that he is doing a good job. Two years ago still honoured as election campaign guru Obama now looks like the black sheep of the Democrat family. He belongs to it. But none of them wants to be on the photo with him. "The Obama voters are simply disappointed." In blogs the political left rails openly against their former idol. Only a terror attack of the size of 9/11, the World Trade Center Inferno, could probably restore the "trustworthiness" in the leadership ability of the US president.

2010 August 30 (5)
Iraq's ex-prime minister: Allawi expects a war against Iran
Iraq's ex-prime minister Ijad Allawi compairs the present situation with the Cuba crisis of October 1962. The politics of the West are wrong. Iraq's ex-prime minister Ijad Allawi hardly sees a chance for a peaceful solution of the atom conflict with Iran. About that it will come to a war "with a very high probability," said Allawi ... Everywhere in the region and also in America fear is rife.
Many therefore criticize the withdrawal of all combat troops until the end of August arranged by US president Barack Obama as being too early.

2010 August 31
Religion: Cardinal offered to hush up sex abuse case against bishop
Belgian Bishop abused the victim as a youngster for years, both while serving as a priest and a bishop. Police questioned Roman Catholic Cardinal in the case and raided his home and office, confiscating documents and a personal computer. Read more >>

2010 August 31 (2)
Iranian commander reveals plans for possible retaliatory strike
A commander of the Iranian revolutionary guards told a newspaper in Kuwait how the Islamic Republic will react to a possible attack on the Iranian nuclear program. No matter from where the attack would come, the first step of the retaliatory strike would be directed against Israel.
According to that Iran will bombard all Israeli cities with missiles. There will be no exception for the reactor in Dimona. In addition the Iranian revolutionary guards would consider the whole Gulf region as being involved in the total war, therefore also countries like Jordan and Iraq.
The USA have more than 100 military bases in the Gulf region, which all are in the range of the Iranian weapons, so the commander. The USA have presently Patriot missiles stationed in Kuwait. Observers see this as a sign that a military strike against Iran is not cleared out of the way.

2010 August 31 (3)
The Warmonger
Many criticize the withdrawal of all combat troops out of Iraq until the end of August arranged by US president Barack Obama as being too early. Read more >>

2010 September 1
The beginning of the end was the 10th of April 2010
The 10th of April 2010 was the day when the death of an earthly ruler was announced. On the 10th of April 2010 information reached the world about the passing away of the Polish president Lech Kaczynski - that he perished in an aircraft crash in Russia. The prophecy says that when information reaches us about the passing away of an earthly ruler then we have arrived at that point in time that we can call the beginning of the end. So the 10th of April 2010 is probably this day that marks the beginning of the end. Read more >>

2010 September 2
They are surrendering the country to the Iranians
"The situation will not improve. They are surrendering the country to the Iranians." "Obama didn't think about Iraq's interests. He should wait for a new government to be formed, one that is strong and can establish the rule of law." ... an official in the agriculture ministry, dismissed US claims that Iraq forces were ready to fill the void.

2010 September 2 (2)
US elections
Mid-term elections for Congress are looming and many Democrats elected on President Barack Obama's coat-tails two years ago are fretting about losing their seats.

2010 September 3
US judgement: Authorities are allowed to fix GPS direction devices to private cars
The newest decision of an US court ensures again outrage. According to that government investigators are allowed to attach GPS direction devices to cars of US citizens. Should the vehicles stand on a private property the investigators are allowed to set foot on the private property without a search warrant to attach the direction device to the car. Although other courts have decided differently in similar cases, this judgement of the Court of Appeal for the Ninth Circuit is effective in the states Washington, California, Arizona, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada as well as Oregon and Alaska.

2010 September 3 (2)
Mass protests in Iran against Middle East talks
Ahmadinejad demands withdrawal of Israel from Palestinian territories.
In Iran hundreds of thousands of regime followers have protested against the resumption of Near East peace talks. The Iranian leadership demands with it a withdrawal of Israel from the Palestinian territories.
They shouted «Death to USA» and «Death to Israel». Iran does not recognize Israel and has repeatedly appealed for the destruction of the Jewish state.

2010 September 3 (3)
Ahmadinejad predicts the removal of 'Zionists' from the world
Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has predicted the failure of the Middle East talks and the removal of "the Zionist regime from the world scene".
The hardline leader told the annual Palestinian solidarity day rally in Tehran that a popular revolt by the people of the Middle East would extinguish the Jewish homeland even if the governments reach a peace agreement. "If the leaders of the region do not have the guts, then the people of the region are capable of removing the Zionist regime from the world scene," he said.
Iran is implacably opposed to the new peace talks and has given strong support to the Islamist Hamas movement which controls Gaza ...

2010 September 3 (4)
Governed by a woman who started her political career as secretary of agitation and propaganda with Free German Youth in the GDR.
"We write the year 2010. Almost 21 years ago the wall came down. For 20 years Germany is reunited. For the first time of its history it is governed by a woman and one who started her political career as secretary of agitation and propaganda with the Free German Youth of the GDR. German troops stand at the Hindu Kush, patrol at the Horn of Africa, in Sudan, on the Balkan and before the coast of Lebanon. Germany is represented by a gay foreign minister; the representative of Christ on earth is a German. In football we are the world champion of hearts and in mechanical engineering export world champion."

2010 September 4
Will the Large Hadron Collider cause the Big Bang at the very end of days?
A new book of Stephen Hawking and some very polite statements about the stupidity of scientists and especially about that of Stephen Hawking. They will set off powers still unknown to them, with the no longer imaginable result of a total destruction of the surface of the earth. Read more >>

2010 September 4 (2)
Crop circles
But whether God also works obviously, whether he also tries to recall himself to men's mind by unusual phenomena - it is difficult to make an impression on them because they have explanation for everything, although these also differ widely from the truth. Read more >>

2010 September 6
Is the Sun really as science fools us?
Why is the sun's outer atmosphere so much hotter than the sun's visible surface? Does the sun really produce light or does it just reflect it just as the moon does? Are the other celestial bodies of our solar system, like the other planets and our moon and also the sun itself, really uninhabited? Read more >>

2010 September 9
Tapes made by the Belgian victim
The tapes, which church authorities have verified as accurate, are among the more revealing documents in the continuing scandal of sexual abuse by clerics and subsequent cover-ups by the church: having a record of a cardinal entreating an abuse victim to keep his silence is another embarrassment for the Catholic Church. Read more >>

2010 September 9 (2)
Many Kinds of Universes
Every celestial body has probably its own natural laws or states of consciousness, and they are probably all populated but this life might not be perceivable by our state of consciousness here on earth. Read more >>

2010 September 9 (3)
Two large asteroids narrowly miss earth
What spectacular effects an impact of a large cosmic object can have on a planet astronomers saw last during past summer. At that time an asteroid or a comet struck Jupiter - and at times had left a scar as large as the Pacific Ocean. Read more >>

2010 September 11
Church in a quandary
The Catholic Church seems to carry on to prevent the becoming known of abuse cases. And this behaviour will probably cause much more damage to the church than when it would disclose and admit everything because now the whole hypocrisy and the whole web of lies will come to light more and more and this church, and then the whole of orthodoxy, will be destroyed. Read more >>

2010 September 12
Gigantic suns
Suns are supposed to exist which are so large that our solar system almost goes into them. Some had a size of about 2000 sun diameters and that would be about the size of the orbit of the planet Saturn. Read more >>

2010 September 12 (2)
The theory for everything
The weird stuff that goes on at quantum level that particles are in two places at the same time and that seem to know if a human being is watching them stands in no contrast to spiritual teachings, on the contrary, it only points to the fact that the spiritual is that which governs everything, and not matter. Read more >>

2010 September 13
The Collider and the Collision
Scientists are far from acknowledging the designer to be God and that is the crucial point and that is the point where science will end up using something like a Large Hadron Collider for experiments that will finally kill them and destroy everything on the surface of this planet. Read more >>

2010 September 13 (2)
Jaroslaw Kaczynski and the 10th of April 2010
According to prophecy the times of the end begin with the death of an earthly ruler and something like this happened on the 10th of April 2010 and therefore this date can be the start of the end. Read more >>

2010 September 15
The victims are angry as Belgium responds to church abuse
Thirteen people are thought to have committed suicide as a result of abuse, the report said. Read more >>

2010 September 15 (2)
Church fears a flood of claims
The day after the Roman Catholic Church in Belgium responded to its crisis over sexual abuse, a senior bishop said the church had not made a clear apology because it feared opening the door to a flood of claims for financial compensation. Read more >>

2010 September 15 (3)
The pope and the money in the UK
In a controversial step the church requested at the same time a “financial involvement” from the participants of the church services. They now have to pay up to 25 pound for one mass and five pound for a night watch with the pope. Read more >>

2010 September 17
Worshippers are expected to cough up 20 pounds (€24 or $30) to attend the mass.
The pope and the money in the UK (2)
A look at Bellahouston Park in Glasgow reveals the yawning chasm between the two pontiffs. John Paul II's mass there 28 years ago was attended by 300,000 worshippers. This time, for Benedict, organizers have arranged for just 100,000 spots -- even though they've also lined up British television and singing sensation Susan Boyle as a sort of opening act. By the end of last week, only 75,000 tickets had sold. One obstacle might be the fact that worshippers are expected to cough up 20 pounds (€24 or $30) to attend the mass, only to then put up with uncomfortable conditions. They will have to wait for hours, umbrellas are banned and there is no seating.

2010 September 19
What is the Large Hadron Collider?
A technique in high-energy physics whereby two beams of particles are made to collide head-on. Read more >>

2010 September 19 (2)
Religious war
The materialists are just a religious denomination like all the rest of the denominations. Read more >>

2010 September 20
The pope and his accuser in the UK
For decades, priests have sexually abused thousands of children, in this country and in many others. These are serious crimes. The hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church has been systematically instrumental in covering up these crimes, hiding people who committed them from public prosecution and in numerous cases allowing the abuse of children to go on. The conspiracy has gone all the way to the top. Read more >>

2010 September 22
Development of man
Man can never be considered to be a product of natural development, because he is a creation on his own. Read more >>

2010 September 23
Kaczynski qualifies the identification of his brother
The qualification of the identification of the corpse of his brother is the point in the statement of Jaroslaw Kaczynski. So far it was only him, who wants to have actually identified a victim of this alleged air disaster, namely his brother, the president of Poland. He now legally invalidates this statement himself by claiming to have been under the influence of drugs at the identification. Now there is nobody left who wants to have recognized even a single victim of the alleged air plane disaster. Read more >>

2010 September 25
The heat of the sun
Only there where simultaneously pure spiritual knowledge is aimed for, enlightenment about this can be given because only in the effect of these spiritual powers lies the explanation of these wonders of creation. Read more >>

2010 September 26
Appearance of Antichrist
And exactly that all unbelieving men acknowledge him as ruler und saviour out of earthly trouble proves that my opponent himself is involved, that he as my opponent makes use of an earthly cover to now be able to freely do as he likes. Read more >>

2010 September 27
The difference between animal and man
The abilities man possesses lie hidden in no animal, because man is the only being in creation, which possesses intelligence, the powers of reason and free will. Read more >>

2010 September 28
US wants right to police online services
The administration of President Barack Obama wants to make it easier for the US government to eavesdrop on internet and e-mail communications like social networking websites and BlackBerries. Federal law enforcement officials say new regulations are needed because terrorists and criminals are increasingly communication online.

2010 September 28 (2)
The second coming of the Lord
This act of the rapture is a process completely adverse to nature. Read more >>

2010 September 29
Billions Damage
Münchener Rück laments many natural disasters
Nature goes berserk. The insurance giant Münchener Rück assesses anxiously that 2010 exceptionally many disasters ...

2010 September 29 (2)
Caves on the Moon
New satellite pictures show entrances to an assumed system of caves on the Moon. Read more >>

2010 September 30
Earth-like planet discovered
That life comes from the spirit, and from the spirit only, is for so-called scientists unthinkable and therefore it is also unthinkable for them that the spirit can produce material life under completely different conditions, as for example on the moon or on the sun or on the other neighbouring planets. Read more >>

2010 October 3
The hypnagogic state
The beings we see when we drift off to sleep cannot hide their bad habits. The moment we perceive them we have a more or less complete picture of their situation, of their personality and of their intentions. It is somehow their spiritual body we see but this picture gives us an impression of what their spirit is like. Read more >>

2010 October 4
The very ancient language Sanskrit and Jakob Lober
In the work God’s Household by Jakob Lorber is also that contained what one can find in the works of Sanskrit and of Zoroastrianism, of Zarathustra, only that it is much easier to come by as it is presented in a current language. Who wants to study Sanskrit or Zarathustra has in the works of Jakob Lorber a much easier way to get access to wisdom teachings of antiquity. Read more >>

2010 October 7
Roman Catholic acolyte and church youth director sexually abused children.
Child abuser jailed
A German court has convicted a former Roman Catholic acolyte and church youth director of sexually abusing children and sentenced him to four years and nine months in prison. The court in Darmstadt found the 32-year-old man guilty of abusing six boys, aged 11 to 13.

2010 October 11
Nasa touched up universe pictures
Nasa has Photoshopped a rainbow coloured aura out of the way around the Saturn moon “Dione”. Conspiracy theories were expressed when this was recognized at YouTube by a user. Why has Nasa touched up? The answer is: for aesthetic reasons. Apparently without the colourful aura one could recognize a clearer picture of the moon. For the time being the conspiracy theorists are silent now. But the question remains: Did Nasa want to cover up something completely different?

2010 October 14
Mankind would need a second planet in 20 years
Over fishing, destruction of the environment, dwindling animal and plant life: Uncontrolled exploitation of nature has according to a WWF study assumed dramatic proportions. Mankind consumes so many resources that two earths would be necessary to meet the demand.

2010 October 14 (2)
Chunk out of space
Mini asteroid races only just past earth
A small asteroid passed earth. It probably would not have brought death and destruction in case of a collision. Still the cosmic rendezvous reminds one that the danger of an impact is real.

2010 October 19
Australian whistle-blower on sexual abuse excommunicated
An Australian nun was 1871 excommunicated from the Catholic Church because her order uncovered a case of sexual abuse of a boy by a priest. Read more >>

2010 October 22
The permanantly changing knowledge of science.
Moon contains gigantic water reservoir
In the end the analyses reveal above all how sparsely the knowledge about the earth companion still is. "That there is such an amount of water nobody would have thought possible still five years ago."

2010 October 24
Changes in Cosmos
Through the informing about possible impacts of celestial bodies on earth science causes men to think about the end of this earth and about their own end and perhaps even turn towards God. Read more >>

2010 October 25
Church attacked after paedophile priest jailed for sexual abuse
The court heard Robinson continued to be paid up to 800 pounds a month by the Archdiocese of Birmingham until December 2001, despite officials being aware of the allegations. Robinson told the court he had been unable to afford to return to Britain, but the jury later heard that in February 2000 the archdiocese sent him a cheque worth 8,400 pounds. Read more >>

2010 October 26
New report into Catholic Church's cover-up of child abuse details "horrific acts"
It covers the cases of 46 priests implicated in abusing hundreds of children - and, in almost all cases, being transferred to new parishes by bishops who did not tell police or other child-protection authorities about the crimes or dangers. The 46 cases were drawn from a much larger pool of priests suspected of harming children. Read more >>

2010 October 26 (2)
Suing the Pope
He even tried to sue the Pope arguing that, by moving paedophile priests to different parishes and deliberately concealing their actions from the local authorities, the Vatican had failed to protect children like him. He was outraged when the Pope claimed diplomatic immunity but, undaunted, continued to campaign that the authority of the Irish church should not be above that of the State. Read more >>

2010 October 28
Three quarters of year of abuse scandal
But the criminal prosecution authorities do not seem to be ready yet to prosecute this church as a whole as an organisation committing crimes, and not just individual officials. Read more >>

2010 October 29
Minerals suggest Mars was wetter than previously thought
Mars rover stuck in the mud
Nasa uncovers new 'life on Mars' evidence after rover got stuck in the mud. Fresh evidence that water formed on Mars in potentially life supporting environments more recently than previously thought has been uncovered by Nasa scientists. Researchers at the American space agency made the discovery after the Mars Exploration Rover Spirit became stuck in wet ground on the red planet earlier this year. Astronomers have become excited by the latest discovery, which they say proves that water favourable for life formed on the red planet more recently than previously thought. The soil exposed by Spirit's spinning wheels carries clues that Mars may still be wet.

2010 October 31
Obama the Atheist
Obama has become a parody of the Ivy League liberal smugly content with his own intellectual superiority and pitying the poor idiots who disagree with him. Read more >>

2010 November 1
All fallen beings fell into the deep and were dissolved in their original substance and were reshaped to creations of different kind. The light bearer, Lucifer, also fell, but remained in his nature and became God’s counter-pole. Read more >>

2010 November 3
That sinking feeling
A crater some 20m deep opened up in a residential area of an eastern German town swallowing a car and a garage door but causing no injuries. Emergency services were called to the scene in Schmalkalden yesterday morning by a resident who reported hearing unusual noises. Six houses and 25 people were evacuated. It was not immediately clear why the ground gave way. The crater measures 30m by 30m.

2010 November 3 (2)
The Diocese of San Diego
The files show what the diocese knew about abusive priests, starting decades before any allegations became public, and that some church leaders shuffled priests from parish to parish or overseas despite credible complaints against them. Read more >>

2010 November 3 (3)
The Diocese of Rome
Sixty-seven deaf-mute children at the Catholic institute in the city of Verona were allegedly abused by priests and lay staff between the 1950s and 1980s. Read more >>

2010 November 3 (4)
The Diocese of Rome (2)
Survivors of clergy sex abuse march to the Vatican. Read more >>

2010 November 4
Two years Antichrist
A man who accelerates the dissolving, so to speak, who pays tribute to the principle of destruction, who therefore does not act constructively but destructively. Read more >>

2010 November 11
That country that will be affected
The great event will very soon convince men that we have spoken truth. But they will then also believe in the soon to follow end when that event takes place, which comes from above – out of the cosmos, which is therefore not caused by men’s will. Read more >>

2010 November 11 (2)
Pope to hold summit on Sex Abuse
Pope to discuss sex abuse at meeting with cardinals
Pope Benedict XVI called a world-wide meeting of cardinals to discuss the Vatican's response to sexual abusive priests.
Italy: Cardinals to ponder response by church to sexual abuse cases.
More than 200 cardinals meeting at the Vatican later this month ... will participate in a Nov. 19 "day of reflection and prayer" on pivotal issues facing the church, inlcuding its repsonse to cases of clerical sexual abuse, the Vatican said in a statement on Monday.

2010 November 15
The differences between the white man and the Negro
Lack of faith is the greatest evil which can stick to a man because he is still standing in a bad fetter of him who pulls him down. Read more >>

2010 November 16
An Earthquake will come as big as the world has not yet experienced. Read more >>

2010 November 17
Belgian Archbishop
Bishop Roger Vangheluwe of Bruges, a once-respected leader, admitted this spring to raping his nephew for years. He resigned and currently is in hiding. Read more >>

2010 November 18
Miracles of creation
You yourselves – as the greatest miracle work of my creation – you can think, and you only apply this privilege to create all that for yourselves what would be given to you freely in addition when you would think about the meaning of creation and yourselves and would now live according to this purpose. For so as I preserve the whole of creation, so do I also preserve your bodily life and all worry about it would be useless. Read more >>

2010 November 18 (2)
To unite with God
Only do not let the world gain the upper hand over you because then he will serve you who is lord of this world, and then I can only wait until you find the way back to me. Read more >>

2010 November 19
Despised because of the race
Spiritually they still stand far below a man who is despised because of his race and still can ignited love in the heart, who still believes in a God. Read more >>

2010 November 20
The spirit of Antichrist
This is how you can know God’s spirit: One spirit says, “I believe that Jesus is the Christ who came to earth and became a man.” That spirit is from God. Another spirit refuses to say this about Jesus. That spirit is not from God but is the spirit of the Enemy of Christ. You have heard that the Enemy of Christ is coming. And now he is already in the world. Read more >>

2010 November 22
Achieve your remodelling to love
And all of you are to make good use of this time; you are to exercise love constantly which itself again and again imparts power to you; you are to think only of your soul because you do not know how much time you are still allowed to stay on earth. Read more >>

2010 November 23
The Catholic's disaffection.
One-third of Americans born and baptized Catholic have left the church
Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan of New York, elected president of the nation’s Roman Catholic bishops last week, said Monday that the bishops faced the urgent task of stopping the huge exodus of Roman Catholics from the church of their birth. But he said there was now a movement among them to confront internal problems like the “sobering study” showing that one-third of Americans born and baptized Catholic have left the church.

2010 November 23 (2)
The particle accelerator LHC
CERN defends itself against end of the world critics
Shortly before an with exitement expected experiment in the world's biggest particle accelerator near Geneva the European nuclear research centre CERN has once again rejected objections of critics. CERN president Rolf-Dieter Heuer said on Monday ..., that the proton collisions with up to now never achieved energies, planned from Tuesday, would not produce black holes.

2010 November 23 (3)
North Korea secretly built nuclear plant.
North Korea threatens peace
With reports about progress of its nuclear programs North Korea put East Asia into a great stir. On Monday the USA and its allies described the communist governed country as a danger for the whole region.

2010 November 23 (4)
North Korea (2).
North and South Korea Exchange Dozens of Artillery Shells
North and South Korea exchanged artillery fire on Tuesday after artillery fired from the North struck a South Korean island near the countries disputed western sea border.

2010 November 23 (5)
North Korea (3).
North Korea Shells South Korea Island
North Korea fired artillery rockets at South Korea's Yeonpyeong island near a disputed border, setting houses on fire and prompting the south to return fire and dispatch fighter jets to the area. One South Korean marine was killed.

2010 November 24
The difference of heavenly bodies
You will also know about the difference of the heavenly bodies, which are so many-sided because they all also hold differently matured souls and – as I had innumerable ideas and could execute them – I therefore also formed every celestial body according to other thoughts (laws), but which all are to serve the return of the once fallen (spiritual). Read more >>

2010 November 25
Pressure on North Korea.
South Korea and USA announce sea manoeuvre
Demonstration of strength: One day after the artillery attack of North Korea the forces of the USA and South Korea have announced a joint sea manoeuvre. The USA send the nuclear driven aircraft carrier »USS George Washington« into the Yellow Sea, as the American forces in Korea (USFK) announced on Wednesday. South Korea wants to stronger arm the island Yonpyong in the Yellow Sea, which came under fire. Four people got killed by the attack on Tuesday.

2010 December 3
Natural Disaster
This change of will I intend through my intervention, of which numerous men will certainly be victim, but to whom the gates into the other kingdom will still be open, to be able to still mature there. But to those men who remain alive a still over great favour is granted to be able to make this change of will still on this earth, to then be rescued for eternity. Read more >>

2010 December 3 (2)
The forerunner of Jesus
He will have the ability that he goes near to you even if his body is elsewhere. Read more >>

2010 December 4
Paedophile priest has to go to jail
Seven years imprisonment for hundredfold sexual abuse of children. Read more >>

2010 December 4 (2)
Archdiocese Munich
The abuse affair in the Catholic Church causes further explosive stuff. Read more >>

2010 December 6
Life exists in extreme heat, cold, acidic environments and airless, underground pockets
Is the sun really producing energy or is it just reflecting it, and is the sun, and the rest of the solar system, inhabited just like the earth? Read more >>

2010 December 8
The end.
Always make men aware of the near end
And so I now also announce to you the near end of an earth period and have done this already always so that even my disciples expected this end still during their earth life. But my prophecies were always so worded that no exact time was given to men, that they also could constantly reckon with it because this was also my intention to always make men aware of the near end. B.D. NR. 9008

2010 December 9
True ancestor worship
Pay attention to every thought which reminds you of a deceased; see it as a call for help which you are not allowed to reject, and then consciously call him near to you, and the first step upward has been done because as soon as a person assists such a soul through intercession I can therefore also supply the soul with power. Read more >>

2010 December 10
Dutch Catholic Church
With one legal case starting this week, and accusations against two former bishops, the reaction of the church appears to have fuelled the crisis. Read more >>

2010 December 10 (2)
Child abuse in Germany
500,000 to 800,000 people were abused in Germany
In February 2008 the "Round Table Hostel Education," set up by the Bundestag, constituted itself with Antje Vollmer in the chair. It was to clear up accusations after which numerous children in state and church hostels were ill-treated or exploited until the middle of the seventieth in the area of the old Federal Republic. According to estimates 500,000 to 800,000 people were affected.

2010 December 11
Long before first men dwelled on earth, which were equipped by God with free will and intellect, man-like beings existed already. So these pre-men – the Pre-Adamites – could therefore not be considered as proper men, because their nature, their appearance and everything they do corresponded more to an animal, which is still far behind in its development, only the form was like that of a man, and so it happened that later these creatures were called pre-men, but which could not stand a comparison with man, who was in possession of free will and understanding, which he was now to also use properly intellectually. Read more >>

2010 December 12
Time estimation
But so much is certain that already many earth periods are lying behind you, but that man has always remained the same work of creation, which he is still today – that he also could make use of his intellect from the beginning and that always the same problems moved him, which also still worry men today, as far as they concerned the cause of existence and its purpose. Read more >>

2010 December 13
The time of Adam’s creation
This chronology shows that one can determine when Adam was created. Read more >>

2010 December 13 (2)
Bar chart of the lives of the 22 patriarchs
This bar chart emphazises more visibly the difference of the length of life before the flood and the much shorter length of life after the flood. Read more >>

2010 December 14
Bar chart of the lives of Israel's patriarchs
The lives of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph shown in a timeline. Read more >>

2010 December 17
Increasing the degree of love
You are to always only seek to increase the degree of love so that brightest recognition surrounds you at your entry into the other kingdom. Read more >>

2010 December 18
World fire – natural disaster
Do not let the signs pass unnoticed for you for they admonish all of you that you live in the times of the end. Read more >>

2010 December 19
The simple way
To completely enter into God’s will relieves us of all responsibility. Read more >>

2010 December 20
Priest to have assaulted boy indecently
New accusation of abuse
Archbishopric investigates against this Berlin priest. A new sex scandal shakes the Catholic Church in Berlin. Again a priest is suspected of having abused a youth. The minister from a parish in Tegel is given leave. Yesterday cathedral provost Dr. Stefan Dybowski informed the members of the parish about the accusations. Priest ... has asked Cardinal Sterzinsky for a time off for health reasons. Through the sex scandal in January at the Berlin Canisius College a whole wave of abuse cases became known within the Catholic Church. Alone at the elite school were over 200 victims.

2010 December 20 (2)
Wave of withdrawals at the Catholics
Catholic Church: Number of withdrawals increasing
The number of church withdrawals increases dramatically. Abuse cases obviously the main reason. Abuse: The believers run away from the church. Because of the many black sheep among the priests the church's lambs run away in crowds: The abuse scandal triggered a wave of withdrawals from the Catholic Church. In some bishoprics the blood-letting is dramatic. Most important motives are obviously the abuse cases in Catholic establishments and the dealings with it. The movement 'We are Church' accused the church to sit out the crisis. According to ... more and more Catholics cross to the Protestants. The Protestant District Church in Bavaria alone recorded till the end of November more than 5,000 joinings; during the past years it were about 3,000 on average. After the abuse scandal became known several ten thousand believers withdrew from the Catholic Church this year. Even more dramatic is the development ... in the diocese Rottenburg-Stuttgart where until mid November 17,169 Catholics turned their back on their church (2009: 10,619).

2010 December 20 (3)
Revelations of abuse in 2010 reached "an unimaginable dimension."
Pope: Church must reflect on what allowed abuse
Pope Benedict XVI says the Catholic Church must reflect on what is wrong with its message and with Christian life in general that allowed for the widespread sexual abuse of children by priests. Benedict said revelations of abuse in 2010 reached "an unimaginable dimension" that required the church to accept the "humiliation." The sex abuse scandal, which first exploded in the U.S. in 2002, erupted on a global scale this year with revelations of thousands of victims in Europe and beyond, of bishops who covered up for pedophile priests and of Vatican officials who turned a blind eye to the crimes. Questions were raised about how Benedict himself handled cases both as archbishop in Munich and as head of the Vatican office that handled abuse cases.

2010 December 20 (4)
The deployment of US interceptor missiles of the type "Patriot" in Poland.
US army ends Poland tour
... so the small town Morag (Mohrungen) was anyway glad to be able to permanantly accommodate in the end at least a few hundred US soldiers with mobile Patriot carriages. Though all hope was unfortunately in vain because the last American again left the region on Wednesday. With him of course also all equipment, which tonight can be viewed at the Autobahn border crossing Frankfurt-Oder, before it goes on to the home base of the "Rough Riders", the 7th Air Defense Artillery Regiment in Kaiserslautern. ... another spoke of a growing American-Russian co-opperation, which excludes mutual threats already in the near future.

2010 December 21
Today is solstice
And in two years’ time from today is the Maya event. Read more >>

2010 December 24
Unsuccessful search at Cern. New dimensions as last hope.
Black holes dead loss
As physicists some years ago speculated small black holes could possibly be produced with the new accelerator at Cern, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), they probably did not suspect what they triggered with that. All declarations that these things would be extremely short-lived and therefore harmless did not help: Cern was accused it puts the existence of the whole of mankind at stake. Last week members of the CMS work group at Cern have announced the results of a first search for the microscopic black holes at the LHC. It went unsuccessfully. That today the possibility is at all taken into consideration the LHC could produce black holes, has to do with younger developments in particle physics. Some physicists, inspired by string theory, believe that next to the three dimensions known to us further space dimensions with an expansion of up to one millimetre could exist.

2010 December 24 (2)
Plane crash in Poland - the way the crash happened
Prime Minister called the Russian investigation report as "unacceptable."
The twin brother of the Polish president who got killed in a plane crash in Smolensk, publicly doubts that the person buried in Cracow is really his brother. Kaczynski's youngest accusation comes only a few days after his political opponent, Prime Minister Donal Tusk, has called the Russian investigation report about the way the crash happened as "unacceptable." Recently Russia had handed over to Poland the report about the cause after months of investigations. Both sides still keep the paper under lock and key.

2010 December 24 (3)
Mr. Bossi is now a key cog in the Italian establishment.
Bossi once said that the Catholic Church will go down the "toilet bowl" of history
The Northern League's Umberto Bossi is a key ally of Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. He has called for Italy's northern regions to secede. And here, in this nation of Catholics, he once said that the Catholic Church will go down the "toilet bowl" of history. Mr. Bossi is also one of the most influential politicians in the land. He is a government minister and one of conservative Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's closest allies, and he leads Italy's third-largest party, the Northern League. The League was also ratcheting up its attacks on the Catholic Church, which Mr. Bossi had long criticized for being too close to the centre of power in Rome. During a rally in 1997, Mr. Bossi railed against the Church, saying the League would push it "down the toilet bowl of history."

2010 December 26
Bar chart of the first Israelites
This bar chart shows details in the life of Jacob, also called Israel, and his eleventh son Joseph. Read more >>

2010 December 27
Bar chart of the Israelites
This bar chart shows the different existences of the Israelites. Read more >>

2010 December 28
A comparison of the Flood with the Rapture
The story of Mahal, the brother of Noah, and why he was not taken along in the Ark. Read more >>

2010 December 31
Looking back on 2010.
The year of disasters - "This is the end of the world"
The year 2010 was a very serious disaster year. Apocalyptic pictures from Haiti, Pakistand and Russia dominated the media for weeks. According to estimations of an expert 2010 was a "very serious disaster year." 35 Seconds were enough to let a world collapse. On 12th of January at 16:53 local time a violent earthquake shook Haiti. The end result of the disaster: More than 220,000 dead, 310,000 injured and 1.2 million homeless. The capitel Port-au-Prince is in ruins. Nine months later moreover still the highly infectious cholera breaks out.

2010 December 31 (2)
An area of Germany and France.
In the North East of Australia 200,000 are affected by floods
In the North East of Australia are in the meantime 200,000 people affected by the floodings. 22 Towns or villages are concretely standing under water, or are cut off from the surroundings. Evacuated people are brought to reception centres.

2010 December 31 (3)
Torrential rains in Queensland play havoc with Australian operations.
Anglo American declares force majeure at coal mines
Anglo American declared force majeure yesterday at its coal mines affected by heavy rains in Australia's Queensland state, adding to the list of coal producers experiencing production problems at their operations there. Companies declare force majeure when an event happens that is beyond their control and prevents them from fulfilling contractual obligations. In this case it would be the delivery of coal sold to customers.


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