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2009 January 2
A Hardcore Opportunist
I am quoting from an article in the internet about the result of a presidential election: The truth many fail to see is that under this ornate mask lurks a hardcore opportunist who deliberately fought his way to the summit exploiting every available resource.

2009 January 5
Does He Aim at Achieving the Maximum Freedom of Action and Ideology?
An article in the internet reports that the man who is to become the next president of the United States was not just aiming for this position but for a lot more: to become the leader of the whole world. Read more >>

2009 January 10
How Art Thou Fallen From Heaven?
An article about the president elect of the US I read in an encyclopaedia states: His assigned Secret Service codename is “Renegade”. Is he Lucifer? Read more >>

2009 January 19
The Fight Between Light and Darkness
Mysterious Fire in the Sky lets North Europeans speculate. Read more >>

2009 January 21
Assumption of Office
German chancellor Angela Merkel sees many opportunities with Barack Obama's assumption of office and France's president Nicolas Sarkozy even said he wants to "change the world" with Obama.

2009 January 21 (2)
Restore Science to its Rightful Place?
Does the inaugural address delivered on 20. January 2009 in Washington give us some hints? Read more >>

2009 January 30
US President Writes to the People of Iran
Are there directions recognizable after 10 days in the White House? Read more >>

2009 February 2
Matter is Passing, Just Changing Into Something Else All the Time
Precious little "spaceship Earth" has a very limited life. Read more >>

2009 February 5
Cosmic Delivery Room
Gigantic star factory produces 1000 stars. Viewed from earth the galaxy is about as big as an one-Euro-coin at 18 kilometre distance. Still about 1000 stars are being born in it per year. In that just under 13 billion light years remote 'cosmic delivery room' about 1000 stars are born per year.

2009 February 7
How an Industry Collapsed
America's Broken Banks. Sketchy loans, financial blunders and a string of bad bets have left U.S. banks nearly insolvent. How an industry collapsed - and why nationalization may be the only way to save it.

2009 February 12
After the Divine Intervention the Debate Will Really Flare Up
Fight between atheists and Christians - in London in public on advertising space of the red city busses. Read more >>

2009 February 16
The Time That the Daily Sacrifice Shall be Taken Away, and the Abomination That Maketh Desolate Set Up
7 Years.

2009 February 20
An He Goat Came From the West on the Face of the Whole Earth, and Touched Not the Ground
Is Iran the ram mentioned by the prophet Daniel? Read more >>

2009 February 27
Power Vacuum in Iraq
Obama wants to withdraw troops from Iraq by 2010. Will this create a power vacuum that could tempt Iran to make use of it and push westward?

2009 February 27 (2)
Ghostly Imp Flashes
Weather phenomenon: Scientists want to solve imp lightning. Pilots believed them to be UFOs - but the ghostly imp flashes of lightning high above the clouds are everything else than extraterrestrial. A team of researchers now wants to observe them with automatic cameras and so reveal their secret.

2009 March 5
The Passing Away of an Earthly Ruler
The passing away of an earthly ruler will be the event that indicates the arrival of that point in time that is the beginning of the end. Read more >>

2009 March 16
Natural Disaster and its Effects
The earth upheaval wreaks havoc and many men are cut off from the world and the connection cannot be restored again that fast. The supply of electricity and the internet will partially be out of order and with it the access to information like it is contained on this website. It is advisable to download this information as long as everything still works. Read more >>

2009 March 19
Admonition of God to Receive His Word More Often
The right recipe to prepare oneself for the times of the end is to study the word of God. We will then not just advance spiritually but also make progress in all worldly things. Read more >>

2009 March 20
The End is Not Announced Without Purpose
"Not without purpose have I announced the end through seers and prophets and the purpose is alone that man is to keep the end as forthcoming constantly in mind and is to adjust the conduct of his life accordingly to not get lost on the day of judgement. That now so far long times have passed without having brought the end does not warrant the assumption that also men of the present time do not experience the end, it is rather more and more likely because one day my prediction comes true because my word is and remains truth - that therefore the time draws nearer and nearer." Excerpt from B.D. NR. 4651.

2009 March 21
A Star is On the Advance
"And I want to give you a sign, you who distribute my word, so that you speak out full of conviction in favour of this. I want to let you know that a star is on the advance that approaches the earth exceedingly fast through its speed and that this phenomenon will happen shortly before I make the continual announcement come true. Then you insiders know what hour has come, then act in accordance with my will, inform the fellow human beings of what is forthcoming and draw all attention to it, connect yourself closely with me so that I can directly supply you with the power that you need in the hour of danger. Do not fear but believe only that I will save you from every trouble so that you can carry out your mission for which I trained you - so that you bring the Gospel afterwards to your fellow human beings because with a hungry heart many will take in my word that have emerged undamaged from these events. Know that you do not have much time until the end. And this end is preceded by what I have announced again and again. Believe it and prepare yourself for it because the time has expired und I appear very soon. Amen. B.D. NR. 4661." Excerpt from B.D. NR. 4661.

2009 March 26
There Will be a Rashness of Incidents
Excerpt from "Lack of Faith. Assurance of God's Help. 24. August 1949. B.D. NR. 4722:" "Prepare yourself for the great events that I again and again announce. But know that all suffering passes even if you believe to collapse under it. Everything will follow each other quickly, there will be a rashness of incidents, and shortly that will happen what I again and again point out to you."

2009 March 27
The Mistake is to be Sought There Where Truth is to be Represented
Search for the mistake there where truth is to be represented. We will experience it that a mistake is exposed, that a throne collapses that seemed to be secure. It will surprise us and then we are to pay attention only to what we will hear because it will inform us about much. Splendour and pomp will vanish. Read more >>

2009 April 3
Earthly Goods and Bodily Pleasures
Excerpt from "Grace. 12. March 1950. B.D. NR. 4860:" "And in this time both sides will apply the strongest means. Each of the power wants to own you; the means of my opponent are worldly promises, earthly goods and bodily pleasures. But I present myself to you and my nearness lets you give up all worldliness. When I reveal myself all earthliness loses its value, your soul feels the bliss of the spiritual kingdom and never again wants to miss it."

2009 April 6
An Important Purpose of the Last Times is the Decision-Making
Mr World visits Europe.

2009 April 8
Global Supremacy
Here a quotation to the visit of the American president in Europe, "It is not the job of a president to be popular overseas." Is this statement an indication that some observers feel that he actually strives for global supremacy?

2009 April 13
The End of a Great City
The announcement of the end of a great city. It is an earth-shattering event. Mankind will experience a great spiritual shockwave. A structure that was founded on God's word will be shaken. Read more >>

2009 April 25
Is the Sun on Strike?
Is the sun on strike? The sun is the dimmest it has been for almost a century, scientists say. Read more >>

2009 May 3
Great Dying, Recall of the Weak, Decision
Swine flu.

2009 May 4
Iran's Campaign for Regional Hegemony
As the U.S. Retreats, Iran Fills the Void. Lebanon could be one of the first moderate Mideast states to fall. Read more >>

2009 May 11
How Obama's America Might Threaten Israel. Determined fecklessness on Iran could lead to nuclear war. Read more >>

2009 May 13
The Opponent
"Because also my opponent fights with toughness and all means available to him. He is also not afraid to apparently accept the truth, to place himself likewise as servant of mine, in order to use it against me at the first best opportunity and to clearly go over to the opposite - to dismiss everything what he supported previously." Excerpt from B.D. NR. 5445.

2009 May 20
Strategies for Mideast
U.S., Israel Leaders Discuss Strategies for Mideast. Netanjahu presses Obama to anti Iran policy. Netanyahu stands firm against demands from Obama. Read more >>

2009 May 28
In Whom Will Antichrist Embody himself?
Today, 28th May 2009, I read something interesting about Antichrist: Antichrist will embody himself in a man who is completely in bondage to him, i.e., he will completely own his soul and for the time being will deceive men through proceedings (merits) of every description that will secure him exceedingly great popularity. And his speaking and acting will be a mask under which the most evil mentality is hidden. He will be a master in the art of understanding how to conceal arrogance, lying, profit-seeking, but lack of love will soon unmask him, i.e. only in front of the ones who are mine, because facing his followers he feigns understanding for all sufferings but he does not seek to alleviate them but only contributes to the increase of these sufferings. Read more >>

2009 June 1
The Decision Making Time
I read two news items today. The first, "Great Britain: Christians feel discriminated against." And the second, "Godless German Tour: On the way in the atheist bus. This Pentecost a group of atheists takes the offensive: In Berlin they start a nationwide bus campaign for a life without God." The decision making time for or against God seems to be in a stage where an escalation could be seen to emerge.

2009 June 3
Can One Calculate the Beginning of the Time of the End?
Today, 3rd June 2009, I was thinking about this 2012 business. Yesterday I again came across it. A week ago I received an email and there several website addresses were suggested. As I had a look at these I read on one of them "...and 2012, and so forth." So this stayed in my mind and today I was still busy thinking about it. It occurred to me that this seemingly important event could be the earth upheaval I was reading again and again about. Read more >>

2009 June 9
Where is Lebanon Heading?
I read in yesterday's paper: "Lebanon's US-backed coalition claimed a key election victory today over an alliance led by the Shiite militant group Hezbollah." Read more >>

2009 June 14
Peace, Unity and Harmony
We are looking forward to a new beginning. What is this new beginning like?
The faith and the love of God will now survive for a long time; the human race will live in peace and unity for a long time, in harmony with infinity, in constant union with God, and God's spirit will be able to flow into their hearts, and they will be able to hear God's word and will be happy.
Read more about this by going to "Redemption Period" and there to the chapter "New Redemption Period" and there search for 5743.

2009 June 25
Go to countdown4us.com
Here is an opportunity for you, the reader of this website, to participate in the work of this website and make it possible for others to also get information that is decisive for the future. Read more >>

2009 July 5
The Regiment of Antichrist
Prophecies from the 19. Century coming from Jakob Lorber describe the system of the apostolic succession and its followers as belonging to the regiment of Antichrist. Read more >>

2009 July 9
Duty as Source of Income
"Warning about false prophets: Watch out for the false prophets. But know that there are also genuine ones, otherwise I would not have warned against the false ones. But genuine prophets you can recognize by their nature and work. But many also seek in such an office to gain a source of income. They combine an earthly purpose with it and these are not servants of God but servants of Satan. Because my opponent wants to cause confusion among men and so also he will use my words, also he will talk about the end to make men believe that he talks on my behalf to then direct their thoughts to their earth life to cause them to pay tribute to the world more than ever and he will know how to describe the world in such vivid colours that the love of men more and more turns to the world. Many false prophets will appear before the end who all will make use of the message of the real prophets, who also announce the coming things but not in view of my kingdom but only always put their earthly goals before it, but who also make use of my words but are not selfless but seek to gain their own advantages. And that is why their speeches will not agree with the truth; that is why worldliness will still shine too much from their speeches because who still belongs to the world cannot deny it." Read more >>

2009 July 26
Denial of God
Another intellectual standard one wants to create for men, and so it is adamantly demanded of them to give up all previous thinking and knowledge and to endorse this openly before the fellow human beings. So clearly and unmistakably war is declared on God by his opponent, who only makes use of men to reach his goal to oust God from the hearts of men. Read more >>

2009 August 15
Preparing to Fight
"Keep yourselves in readiness so that God finds an army of prepared fighters when he will lead you into battle. Do not be deceived when it seems to be quiet around you, when world affairs seem to smooth out, and do not become lukewarm because of that in your spiritual striving." Read more >>

2009 August 30
Thought Activity
The origin of thought is the spiritual kingdom. They are radiations out of the spiritual kingdom, which circle round us men like waves to now be received or suppressed according to our will. Every thought is the expression of a being working for God or his opponent - but never the own product of man because even in the state of perfection one day in the spiritual kingdom the being always only radiates that what it gets from the source - from God himself - as love power, which includes highest wisdom. Read more >>

2009 September 1
Power Vacuum in Iraq
US starts its big pull-out from Iraq.

2009 September 12
Concerns End Predictions
Never will God give men the exact point in time of the end because such would not be useful for the spiritual development of man. Because in complete free will they are to strive upwards; of their own accord they are to seek to promote the maturity of their soul, but not out of fear, which would be caused by a certain announcement of the hour of the end. God will always leave us men in the dark about that, however this does not exclude that the end will once take place. Read more >>

2009 September 13
Advice for the End
"Do not be caught by surprise, but get used to the idea to only still be guests on this earth for a short time. Already this thought will let you live more consciously, and you will turn to me for help when you believe in me as your God and creator." Read more >>

2009 September 14
Signs and Evidences to the End
"The events are too enormous, which are announced to men; they are events which no-one is able to imagine and which also have not yet ever been experienced as long as men inhabit this earth, because all previous endings of a redemption period took place differently; the same events will never repeat themselves, and never will records be available for it, how such a process of dissolving of creations has happened." Read more >>

2009 September 15
God's Earnest Admonition to His Servants: World Affairs
"Whatever may come, do not get frightened, but always feel safe in my love - stand by me, so that I can also always be present with you and you are then protected from all adversity." Read more >>

2009 September 16
Faith Struggle, Hostility, Antichrist
"This time lies ahead of you where not only the representatives of false doctrine will be hostile towards you but where all belief is to be wiped out, no matter if it is wrong or fulfils truth because my opponent now thinks of handling the sharpest weapon: to oust all knowledge and all belief in me and my work of redemption and to be replaced with materialistic ideas and plans." Read more >>

2009 September 18
The World Offers Great Dangers
Get the world out of your system.

2009 September 19
Change of Character: Fight Against Wrong Love
Yesterday we saw how dangerous it is to love the world, and today we want to see what we actually should love, what the object of our love should be. As soon as we are intellectually busy with God, we unite ourselves consciously with him. The most important and also most difficult fight on earth is the fight with oneself, the fight against the wrong directed love. Read more >>

2009 October 1
State After Death
After our death we enter a kingdom which is like the one we have left, i.e., our surroundings are now also corresponding to the state of our soul. If only matter filled our thinking then also the world, which we now enter, appears material; it will put all things before our eyes at which our senses are still aimed, only that it is a world of appearance, which passes as soon as we want to take possession of it. Read more >>

2009 October 5
No Sunspots
Since the sun is weak at present, the cosmic radiation in the solar system has increased heavily. Researchers know exactly the reason for the record of the cosmic radiation: Solar activities have, beginning from 2007, reached a minimum; there are practically no sunspots. "At present we experience the absolute minimum of solar activities of the past hundred years." Because of that the solar wind is also especially small, the stream of protons, electrons and heavy atomic nuclei, which emits from the sun. The solar wind also forms a great bubble around our solar system because it expels interstellar matter - the so-called heliosphere. See also entry 2009 April 25.

2009 October 6
Calm Before the Storm, Pretence of Peace
The announcement which reaches us about the sudden recall of men, about blows of fate and sorrowful events of every description are to remind us all of a sudden end. Read more >>

2009 October 7
The Man Who Pays Tribute to the Destructive Principle
<<"Yes, we can!" With this catchy message he got into the White House. But in hard reality Barack Obama runs behind his promise so far. One political setback chases the next.>> Read more >>

2009 October 10
Earnest Pointer to the End and the Transitoriness of the Earthly
When we just once earnestly imagine that after a short period of time things no longer exist which now our heart is full of, which control our thought and wish, when we imagine that every day brings us closer to this time where we have to give away everything, even if we still keep our life, then we will have the good sense to no longer worry about these temporary things but only strive to gain goods which are lasting. Read more >>

2009 October 12
The Vision of the Woman from Valdres
1968 Prophecy by 90 Year Old Woman in Norway. "TV will be just like the radio where we have many ‘stations,’ and it will be filled with violence. People will use it for entertainment. We will see terrible scenes of murder and destruction one of the other, and this will spread in society. Sex scenes will also be shown on the screen, the most intimate things that takes place in a marriage." Read more >>

2009 October 24
Also the Smalest Event has its Roots in the Love and Wisdom of God
"Because also the dark world is under my will, and even if their powers pursue the worst intentions, so still for the time being my permission has to make the carrying out possible for them, and also such permissions I sometimes recognize as being beneficial for you, which is why I therefore do not completely put a stop to the activities of those powers." Read more >>

2009 October 26
The Man Who Wants to be First
Antichrist will be a man who loves to have the preeminence among his feollow men, who wants to be first, and when there is such a person and when this person even openly declares that the wants to be first, that he loveth to have preeminece, and when he is even already very much on the way of achieving this aim, on a worldwide scale, to become the world leader, then we would be foolish to ignore such signs. Read more >>

2009 October 27
The Unusual Raced Down the Sky Lasting Several Seconds
Heavenly Spectacle: Mysterious Light Above Northern Germany. 14.10.2009. A special light phenomenon caused a stir in the night to Wednesday in the north west of Germany. Eye-witnesses saw a ball of fire and alerted the police. Possible cause: A rare shooting star or a meteorite. Many people in Bremen, Lower Saxony und Hamburg saw an unusual spectacle in the sky. The police received numerous phone calls of concerned citizens. "The callers reported a ball of fire, smoking objects or burning balloons", a spokesman of the police in Bremen explained. Many had excitedly explained that they had seen how a greenish gleaming sphere had crumbled and fallen to the ground. The sphere had raced down the sky with a train of light without a sound and lasting several seconds, a caller reported. According to the police the phenomenon in the sky appeared above all in the Bremen area. Nevertheless it was also seen as far as Osnabrück and also in the Hamburg area.

2009 November 13
The Time After the Event
And your word will not fall on stony ground because through my intervention the ground - the hearts of men - is already prepared for the taking in of seeds, which you can now generously scatter wherever it is. Then you will also be able to openly come out and pass yourselves off as my messengers because no-one will hinder you because the misery is so great that every glimmer of hope will be seized and men willingly listen when you preach of my love, wisdom and power. Read more >>

2009 November 20
An Elaborate Calendar System
Worries that the world will end on Dec. 21, 2012, when a 5,125-year cycle known as the Long Count in the Mayan calendar supposedly comes to a close. Read more >>

2009 November 26
Short Thoughts Have to be Enough
You are to accept much spiritual bread because the time of dryness will still come where you will not be able to establish a close relationship with me for a longer time, where you can count yourselves happy when your thoughts can stay with me for a short time, and where you will have difficulties to make it possible to listen to my address in close composure. Then these short thoughts have to be enough to fill you with strength, which I will not refuse you. Read more >>

2009 November 27
Until the Day has Come
The rapture therefore takes place before the Last Judgement and both events seem to follow each other shortly one after the other. Read more >>

2009 November 29
Living Faith
To believe livingly means to know in the bottom of your heart that it is truth what you believe - to believe livingly means to not doubt one moment the success of what you plan or request, and to believe livingly means furthermore to let the power of faith have an effect in my will - which will also sometimes result in unusual activity where the power of faith is especially strong. To have a living faith is already bliss on earth because man needs no longer to fear anything because he believes or knows that there is always a way out for him, because for him there is also nothing insurmountable because he is constantly connected with me. Read more >>

2009 December 1
Time and Space Concept
Once however this state comes to an end; once also for you the idea of time and space changes - as soon as you have entered the state of perfection, which no longer knows limitations. Then everything is the same for you - past, present and future - and you experience everything where and when you want it, as present, a state, which you likewise are not able to imagine. Read more >>

2009 December 4
New Earth
And even men will no longer feel their earthly dress so heavily - it is so to speak already a more spiritualized form, which covers them, even though it is still earthly material substance, but they feel no bodily weaknesses and aches and pains and can spend their life on the new earth in a state, which can really be called paradisiacal. Read more >>

2009 December 5
Fate of Life Conducive to Maturation
Everything what fatefully overcomes a man must have its good effect for a man who joins me cosely because he will not be left by me and get over every seeming difficult experience because I myself stand by his side through his close union with me. Read more >>

2009 December 6
You Do Not Know the Day and the Hour
But even if you reach a high age, earth life is only to be called short, compared with the time of your preparatory development. Read more >>

2009 December 7
A Prayer in Cases of Extreme Trouble
The advice is given, to get help in cases of extreme trouble, for example with burns, through a short prayer spoken in full trust. This prayer says: "I thank you for it, Lord Jesus Christ!" Read more >>

2009 December 10
The Girl Angela and the Jesus Child
A report about the return of Christ, which - in this case - has already taken place und gives us a foretast of what we can expect during his return at the times of the end. Read more >>

2009 December 14
The Belief that the Announced End Lies in the Far Future
But everyhting will always happen within the framework of the natural, and that lets you also always hope that the end will still be a long time in coming. Read more >>

2009 December 17
The Maya Calendar
The end of the world was postponed to the winter solstice 2012, which allegedly according to an old calendar of the Maya marks the end of a cycle at the same time with a rare planet constellation. Read more >>

2009 December 19
The Kings of the Whole World Gather Against God
About the Copenhagen summit, the climate talks in Denmark. Read more >>

2009 December 26
Earnest Testing of Spiritual Goods with God's Support
Every man has the right to refuse what he cannot acknowledge, provided that he is of good will and checks unbiased. He is not to believe blindly; he is to think over what is demanded of him to believe, and is to ask the support of God for it; he is to know that the spirit in him teaches him. Then also real desire for truth is evident, and then truth will also be offered to him, and he will also be able to recognize it as truth. Read more >>

2009 December 28
Earnest Desire for Truth Guarantees Truth
Also the spiritual kingdom contains beings, which still belong to darkness or which, as imperfect, stick to their erroneous knowledge, which they have taken with them from earth to the other side and advocate it in the kingdom on the other side exactly as eagerly as they did on earth. Because what a man loves from that he is also not able to separate in the kingdom on the other side. And that is also significant for his course of development because it can last eternities until such a soul has freed itself, until it finally begins to accept the truth. But it can do harm to men in the kingdom on the other side when it finds willing men to whom it can impart its wrong knowledge through thought transfer or also through expression onto men inclined to be a medium, which consciously establish a union from earth to the spiritual kingdom. Read more >>


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