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Love your neighbour as yourself.

Self-love - Comment on 2016 March 17 (3)

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And therefore God has granted to man a degree of self-love by which he can always measure how far he fulfils the command of neighbourly love. Read more:

Bertha Dudde:


Self-love. Love your neighbour as yourself.

14. August 1947. B.D. NR. 4105.

God has instructed you to love one another; he has given you a command, which you must fulfil, if you want to become happy. And this command demands nothing but love towards him and towards the neighbour. But it comprises the whole work about your soul, which you are to put into the degree of perfection as long as you still live on earth. All your thinking, speaking and acting is to be according to this love command; it must be expressed in wanting to give and to make happy, in helping, comforting, lifting and protecting – man must do for fellowman what would make him happy himself, if he would be needing help to the same degree. Love your neighbour as yourself. And therefore God has granted to man a degree of self-love by which he can always measure how far he fulfils the command of neighbourly love. If the love of man towards himself is great, then he also has the duty, to give to fellowmen in increased measure, if he wants to fulfil the will of God. Then his love activity must therefore also be increased. Is the self-love lesser and man cares about the fulfilling of the divine will, then neighbourly love will surpass the degree of self-love, and this will be easier for man, because he can easily separate himself from earthly good and give it to fellowman. But it is always demanded of you men, that you practise unselfish neighbourly love, and therefore you also must be able to renounce; you must be able to sacrifice in favour of fellowman, whom you want to make happy. And you will be able to do this the easier, the more love you feel to fellowman. But so that the feeling of love to fellowman awakens in you, you must imagine that you all are children of one father, that you all have started in the same power and therefore are all creatures out of God’s love. Then you will learn to consider fellowman as your brother; you will show love for him; you will want to help him if he is in trouble, and your willingness to help will make you happy, because it actually blesses and earns you spiritual knowledge. If you give to the neighbour what is desirable for yourselves, then also God gives to you what is his. He gives truth to you; he gives you light and power and favour – he makes happy and gives to you equally only goods, which come from his kingdom, which earthly cannot be offered to you. But also earthly he blesses your possessions by him increasing what you sacrifice if it is useful for the salvation of your soul. If you therefore give up in love to the neighbour, you will not need to live in want, because the love of God gives you equally if you are in need, and he does not give meagrely to his, but he hands out his gifts unmeasured – provided also you sacrifice without anxiously calculating what you can spare. If love drives you to give, then you will not hesitate or meagrely hand out and therefore also be given plenty by eternal love. And if you are not able of the feeling of love, then you must train yourselves to unselfish love activity; you must look around you, and where you see need, intervene and helpingly lend your support. So it is God’s will, and you are to make this will your own, then the love activity towards the neighbour will make you happy in every way – you will yourselves arouse the love inside you, until it becomes a bright flame, which seizes everything, what comes near it. Because love is divine; it starts from God and leads back to God. And for that reason the commandment of love towards God and the neighbour is the most distinguished commandment, which must be fulfilled on earth as in the hereafter, to be united with eternal love and to reach eternal happiness thereby. Amen. B.D. NR. 4105.


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